Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!! 📱📞

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  1. ZHC

    ZHC2 hónapja

    I literally surprised MrBeast and the crew with custom iPhone 11s! Gonna be giving more away on my IG and Twitter! Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates! IG: @zhcomicart Twitter: @hsieh_zachary Giveaway ends on 12/10 Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid!

  2. Xxskulsharkxx Xx

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  3. XxfoxX


    all the other guys when seen phone: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT jimmy:Noice

  4. Omar Medina

    Omar MedinaHónapja

    ZHC, I love lords mobile

  5. twin bro

    twin bro2 hónapja

    I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

  6. Troopers Guy

    Troopers Guy2 hónapja

    Who won???

  7. erin eisentrager

    erin eisentrager6 órája

    That’s so nice of you

  8. Roksana Tasmi

    Roksana Tasmi6 órája

    In the background there is a paper that said zhc is chubby 😲😧😣😣

  9. Malphite Poro

    Malphite Poro6 órája

    can i have pcplz

  10. Victor Miranda

    Victor Miranda7 órája

    I want it because I always do stuff for you

  11. Mia Brandonisio

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  12. Mark Hine

    Mark Hine8 órája

    i liked and subscribed and i love your vidz

  13. Maddi UwUchan

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  14. Elsa Sarkissian

    Elsa Sarkissian10 órája

    The my hero acadamia outfit is the best

  15. Jawad Moussa

    Jawad Moussa10 órája

    I got it

  16. Marcos Melo

    Marcos Melo11 órája

    I realy want a iPhone

  17. Jeffy_ Paul67

    Jeffy_ Paul6713 órája

    I reallllllly want a iPhone 11

  18. Josh Lundie

    Josh Lundie13 órája

    Try hydro dip nike air force 1

  19. Dxsano

    Dxsano14 órája

    I love how you care about your fans first,u have a cracked iPhone X but u give IPhone 11’s for ur fans,that is so nice of you.I haven’t seen a youtuber who would care so much for their fans.God bless u I hope u have the biggest luck in the world and I rlly wanna win the iphone🥺 Bye god bless you!

  20. Brayden Brown

    Brayden Brown14 órája

    Your so cool I really want to phone

  21. Charles Mordecai

    Charles Mordecai14 órája

    Ok I know it’s a nice thing to do but why buy it for someone who probably has the money to buy it himself

  22. KingAlex gayahan

    KingAlex gayahan15 órája

    Damn I wish i could have that phonee😔

  23. Noncebo Mlambo

    Noncebo Mlambo15 órája

    Yo plz customize a gucci one

  24. Vishakh’s toy fun

    Vishakh’s toy fun16 órája

    -I got lord mobile from your discription Zack (ZHC)-

  25. Lolita Tubiera

    Lolita Tubiera17 órája

    Do u know prestonplayz

  26. Cato Leeuwenburg

    Cato Leeuwenburg19 órája

    I love your vids

  27. neot

    neot19 órája

    Wait does iphone 11 give you Air pods? What?

  28. Marinette Agreste

    Marinette Agreste21 órája

    Mr. Beast's laugh at 10:11

  29. Αντωνης Αρβανιτακης

    Αντωνης Αρβανιτακης21 órája

    Can you bring me airpids pro

  30. ilyas joseph

    ilyas joseph21 órája

    Me:can you make me one? ZHC:nnnnnoooooo

  31. Ted Sowers

    Ted Sowers22 órája

    I want a I phone 11 pro max because I have an I phone 5

  32. Life on Dv

    Life on Dv22 órája


  33. Billbill Redmond

    Billbill Redmond23 órája

    Can I get and I phone

  34. Blank Yuza

    Blank Yuza23 órája

    Garret wore the Preston styles merch hoodie. 9:37

  35. Nimita Soni

    Nimita Soni23 órája

    My mom's birthday is coming soon I would love to give her a gift for all she did for me♥️

  36. Wapi Smart

    Wapi SmartNapja

    I wish I can win something in my life please let me win one

  37. Bloodthirsty.7


    On fire as alwayssss

  38. Jayceedeem


    But what if they want to put cases on them so they don’t accidents break them?

  39. Alfaacadamy Presents

    Alfaacadamy PresentsNapja

    Can I have a iPhone 11 I been trying so hard to get the money but. I can’t 😭

  40. Jonah Smith

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    Can I get one

  41. souss souss24

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    I Ned some meny I speak arabic if you want to help me colle me 0611575164 I from moroco

  42. Aubrey Ingram

    Aubrey IngramNapja

    This literally makes me want to send my iPhone XR to him and have him customize mine. 😭😭😍🥺

  43. Maximiliano Hernandez

    Maximiliano HernandezNapja

    Quiero un iphone 11

  44. Anish Kunapareddy

    Anish KunapareddyNapja

    Still wish I had a bank account like his

  45. Maksi Hoxha

    Maksi HoxhaNapja

    Love theme

  46. Kacey Fitzpatrick

    Kacey FitzpatrickNapja

    Is that Preston styles merch 🤔🤔??

  47. Emilio Estrada

    Emilio EstradaNapja

    At 2:41 I thought garret said “ewww”

  48. Jadennx22 Roblox fan and BTS Jin

    Jadennx22 Roblox fan and BTS JinNapja

    I need a iPhone please give me a iPhone and love ur videos ur drawings are cuter then my dog

  49. wafle 2.0

    wafle 2.0Napja

    Harold artist

  50. azael sanchez

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    Yo I got some air pods I want to customize can you help me whit it or can you do them for me for a vid

  51. Jami Hammond

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    can i please get one

  52. Stathis Economides

    Stathis EconomidesNapja

    I want rhat iphone 11

  53. Carolyn Harris

    Carolyn HarrisNapja

    So you bought 20 iPhone 11’s and you don’t have one and you don’t have yours customized😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  54. William Houston

    William HoustonNapja

    Garret’s wearing Preston styles

  55. Silver Fang

    Silver FangNapja

    Second Mr. Beast

  56. Wrinkled fresh snake granola With rips of wallpaper

    Wrinkled fresh snake granola With rips of wallpaperNapja

    This guy needs to get 10mil subs am I right if he dose he should do a song about drawing

  57. Jordan Heykoop

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    U should costume airforces

  58. TheRubberDuck


    I did it all👏👏👏

  59. Dragok Gamer

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    Best artist I’ve ever seen

  60. pewdiepie fan

    pewdiepie fanNapja

    garret why are you wearing prestonslye hodie the flame one

  61. Fiona Zehra

    Fiona ZehraNapja

    Did you edit the glitch in 4:49 because I can't realise that because my phone is very old

  62. peter monaghan

    peter monaghanNapja

    When mrbeast gets donated to Oh how the turns have tabled

  63. peter monaghan

    peter monaghanNapja

    Boi get urself a new one if its cracked

  64. peter monaghan

    peter monaghanNapja

    Then Chandler dropped it and lost that challenge as well

  65. Happy Holland

    Happy HollandNapja

    Man!!! I’ve been waited for the iPhone 5s for long long years but didn’t happen to me..