Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Live From The AMAs / 2019)

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I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you
Land in Miami
The air was hot from summer rain
Sweat dripping off me
Before I even knew her name, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la
Yeah no
Sapphire moonlight
We danced for hours in the sand
Tequila sunrise
Her body fit right in my hands, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la, yeah
I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for ya
Locked in the hotel
There's just some things that never change
You say we're just friends
But friends don't know the way you taste, la la la
'Cause you know it's been a long time coming
Don't you let me fall
Ooh, when your lips undress me
Hooked on your tongue
Ooh love, your kiss is deadly
Don't stop
I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you
All along I've been coming for you
And I hope it meant something to you
Call my name, I'll be coming for you
Coming for you, coming for you, coming for you
For you (ooh, she loves it when I come)
For you
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you


  1. Taylor Carney

    Taylor Carney9 perccel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> when Shawn says hey to her.... I die

  2. Andrea Sawada

    Andrea SawadaÓrája

    Taylor was so funny 😂

  3. I am a parson not a UwU 1355

    I am a parson not a UwU 1355Órája

    He's so freakn hot there so amazing together could you imagine how gorjeaus there kids would be

  4. Jose Gutierrez

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  5. carlos b

    carlos b3 órája

    Guau 👍👍👍

  6. Jessam Covers

    Jessam Covers10 órája

    Hey! Would you check out my dance cover of this song please? 💜

  7. George G

    George G10 órája

    Hey! Check out My COVER of Lost in Japan ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Archana Samantaray

    Archana Samantaray11 órája

    Shawn!you just so amazing

  9. Sarai Medina

    Sarai Medina12 órája

    Shawn why are you so freakin Hot!!!! Dayummmm

  10. manjitkaur09051976

    manjitkaur0905197613 órája

    I thought this was PG man

  11. manjitkaur09051976

    manjitkaur0905197613 órája


  12. manjitkaur09051976

    manjitkaur0905197613 órája

    In the first but why did she look at the camera like that

  13. manjitkaur09051976

    manjitkaur0905197613 órája

    This song is trash

  14. LT gaming beach buggy master

    LT gaming beach buggy master16 órája

    😢😢anazing music

  15. Abrar Amilasan

    Abrar Amilasan20 órája

    Ey cmon man resoect the lovers, turn off the damn camera, people are trying to make out here

  16. Isabel Moreno

    Isabel Moreno21 órája

    I love this performance, but just watch Taylor. I love how she looves Shawmila relationship 😍😍😍

  17. Saniya Goyal

    Saniya Goyal23 órája

    Taylor at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> aww my baby girl ❤️❤️she is a true friend

  18. Jannatul Ferdous

    Jannatul Ferdous23 órája

    Taylor literary was waiting for them to kiss...aww taylor I was waiting for that too😭😭😍😍😍

  19. Kuon Yew Fong

    Kuon Yew FongNapja

    Shawn is handsome i love shawn 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖

  20. Kuon Yew Fong

    Kuon Yew FongNapja

    Cool? But is ewww

  21. carola castro

    carola castroNapja

    When i see someone kiss it make me pee

  22. maitê


    se forçar mais caga

  23. Tiannie Lee

    Tiannie LeeNapja


  24. Marcelina Suma

    Marcelina SumaNapja

    I watched this live, like the day it came on TV, and I LOVED Taylor Swift's reaction😍😍, and Sean and Camilla should be SO CUTE

  25. Ana Clara almeida pontes

    Ana Clara almeida pontesNapja

    Shawm Mendes and Camila Cabello perfection ❤️❤️

  26. Чед ОТ

    Чед ОТNapja

    Who is here in end of quarantine?




  28. Shanaya Vaz

    Shanaya VazNapja

    While everyone's focus was on Taylor's reaction did anyone notice Taran Killian praying at the back😂😂

  29. ItzStar


    I want the original Shawn Mendes with less romance , better voice cracks , better voice loudness and being a boy than this one

  30. Emma Breed

    Emma BreedNapja


  31. Its Tiffany Playz

    Its Tiffany PlayzNapja

    Camela is trying to be sexy ew

  32. Luca


    Camilla is short.

  33. theonewhosleptin


    it's official Taylor Swift is a fan girl!!!😂

  34. Maria Nell Victoria

    Maria Nell Victoria2 napja

    I just saw Taylor fangirling for Shawn and Camila at the end. Aw such a cutieee 💙💙 ShawnMila really have a good chemistry and harmony. They're so lovely 😭💙

  35. Tania Torno

    Tania Torno2 napja

    they are so cute together- i cant!

  36. Ruth

    Ruth2 napja

    This makes me believe in love, honestly 😭😭😭😭❤😍

  37. Chevelle Simonsen

    Chevelle Simonsen2 napja


  38. Chevelle Simonsen

    Chevelle Simonsen2 napja

    *IT LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN!!!😇😇😇😍😍😍

  39. recette cuisine

    recette cuisine2 napja

    I louve your musicale in I louve your🥰🥰💋❤❤❤

  40. Crissy Reyes

    Crissy Reyes2 napja

    Came to see Taylor's reaction 🤭🖤

  41. Mackenzie Sampson

    Mackenzie Sampson2 napja

    My god Camila. Drop dead great

  42. Mauricio Campos

    Mauricio Campos2 napja

    E beautiful music bonita musica me encanta

  43. I hAtE mY LiFe

    I hAtE mY LiFe2 napja

    Guys lets admit that is better than notebook

  44. Chyn Dain

    Chyn Dain2 napja

    I made Senorita Cover beat to the best I can. is it good? 🙃🙃🙃

  45. Esther Osei

    Esther Osei2 napja

    two racists begging for attention, beautiful

  46. Esther Osei

    Esther OseiNapja

    @Roe Ada came up on my page, but carry on defending racists, if that's what we're doing in 2020 lmao

  47. Roe Ada

    Roe AdaNapja

    Then fuck off 😂


    AKASH PARMAR2 napja

    Who else is during lockdown Like

  49. Bahar Mukherjee

    Bahar Mukherjee2 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> you guys cant miss taylor s reaction!!! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> again u cant miss tay s reaction!!!!! precious

  50. the majestic

    the majestic2 napja

    Taylor was not shocked, her expressions were fake

  51. Amina Zhiyenbayeva

    Amina Zhiyenbayeva2 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> literally Taylor hoping for them to kiss 😂

  52. Tawio Emery

    Tawio Emery2 napja

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> Lil Nas X looking like he is having the time of his life XD

  53. Rasika Walia

    Rasika Walia2 napja

    ur birth day is on the same day and month as me.

  54. Emiliano Gatica

    Emiliano Gatica3 napja

    Mi primer cover en cajón 💃🥁 (llevo una semana tocando, no me liquiden 😆)

  55. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover3 napja

    This is why Taylor is my favorite

  56. Zuhal Hakimi

    Zuhal Hakimi3 napja

    Who is here from TikTok?? Just me? Ok

  57. Syaza Kamilla

    Syaza Kamilla3 napja

    taylor is all of us



    Tayler the whole time though 😭

  59. CaptainAutism

    CaptainAutism3 napja

    Trash, absolute garbage. Listen to KSI. This is the whitest shit I have every heard in my life.

  60. Alla Nazarova

    Alla Nazarova3 napja

    Wow 🤩

  61. Leslie Knight

    Leslie Knight3 napja

    Why is it that whenever I watch an AMA video or a BMA video people are always talking about Taylor Swift's reactions and not the actual performance? Can we forget about her for a second and just enjoy the good music? Gosh.

  62. Amy Cranfield

    Amy Cranfield3 napja

    Chemistry makes performances 💁🏽‍♀️❤️

  63. Sam Smiles

    Sam Smiles3 napja

    So everyone's gonna ignore the fact what happened before this? I-

  64. Amy Misch

    Amy Misch3 napja

    You can hear him smile when he sings!

  65. Hollie Parson

    Hollie Parson3 napja

    This is Shaun Mendes and Camila Cabello senorita

  66. Joel Vite

    Joel Vite3 napja

    -Diablo señorita.jpg :u

  67. selin kaya

    selin kaya3 napja

    Shawn mendes ❤Camilo coballa LOVE

  68. syahnin khosta Muninggar

    syahnin khosta Muninggar3 napja

    Simple, perfect

  69. Sa Fa

    Sa Fa3 napja

    If shawn and camilla break up i'm never gonna believe in love again



    The biggest third wheel audiences

  71. A little luulyashl

    A little luulyashl3 napja


  72. puta

    puta3 napja

    their chemistry goddamn

  73. Ahmedh Shaihan

    Ahmedh Shaihan3 napja

    Shawn MENDES suck

  74. İklim Erdoğan

    İklim Erdoğan3 napja

    A unique couple

  75. Zoran Pejcic

    Zoran Pejcic3 napja


  76. Lanay Starks

    Lanay Starks3 napja

    They way Shawn was looking at her Jesus

  77. Hope Mazyck

    Hope Mazyck4 napja

    and the moves shit girlllllllll

  78. Hope Mazyck

    Hope Mazyck4 napja

    thats is camila but damn girl aot of damn mackup i love it

  79. Joel Paiz

    Joel Paiz4 napja

    Comprobado las mujeres de ves en cuando prefieren los feos hay esperanzas

  80. SupraNova

    SupraNova4 napja

    She has the sexiest voice

  81. Valentina Appiolaza

    Valentina Appiolaza4 napja

    Quiero ser como voz shanw

  82. Ryam Lee

    Ryam Lee4 napja

    Imagine the shock and horror of ts after they didn’t kiss