Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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  1. NFL

    NFL9 napja

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  2. Jhoana Ocampo

    Jhoana OcampoNapja

    @_11200415_ t

  3. loves2 loom

    loves2 loomNapja

    Luis goliat 😱😱

  4. loves2 loom

    loves2 loomNapja

    Grettel G Seria buena idea y asi demostramos el poder que tiene Shakira

  5. Cenderella Cenderella

    Cenderella CenderellaNapja

    Latinos presente en el Súper Bowl 2020💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️

  6. Fabián Méndez

    Fabián MéndezNapja

  7. Fanaa 1

    Fanaa 1Napja

    the best JLO.ever amazing performance.

  8. Ashutosh Singh

    Ashutosh SinghNapja

    Jlo on the pole made me scream cause hard work and vocals are no fun and games it's tuff

  9. Mark Elizalde

    Mark ElizaldeNapja


  10. Edgar Murcia

    Edgar MurciaNapja

    Hoy ya hace 15 días SHAKIRA se presentó en el super bowl 2020 haciendo historia dejando en alto a los

  11. TheNinjaStef


    This was probably the best halftime show and JLo still got it for real!

  12. PS4 PRO

    PS4 PRONapja



    ITRY SVGENapja

    What song was that guitar part

  14. Amy


    I’ve come here an unhealthy amount of times.

  15. Manuel Simbürger

    Manuel SimbürgerNapja

    I am not a big fan of them both. But this is WOW! Pure force of nature. Stunning stage, fantastic background dancers. THIS is a super bowl halftime show!!

  16. Courtney Frank

    Courtney FrankNapja

    Why couldn’t they get Pitbull too?

  17. Francisco Galan

    Francisco GalanNapja

    this is my 6th time watching this and i’m not gonna stop

  18. Data Two

    Data TwoNapja

    ...and the Lord looked down upon all and a tear fell from His eye.

  19. Ray H

    Ray HNapja

    Baby girl can do wonders with those hips!

  20. X quetzal

    X quetzalNapja

    Fake guitar

  21. Alicia Yu

    Alicia YuNapja

    Holy cow 126 million views!!

  22. Ivonne Gazzingan

    Ivonne GazzinganNapja

    Shakira got better move and better voice.Same sexy and no surgery.weldone to them.

  23. Joshua Gallagher

    Joshua GallagherNapja

    Guitar Fakery Lvl 1000

  24. Adorable Aurora

    Adorable AuroraNapja

    Omg they did amazing

  25. Joshua Gallagher

    Joshua GallagherNapja

    Guitar Fakery Lvl 1000

  26. Scarlett Mislep

    Scarlett MislepNapja

    Shakira se pego el show

  27. Romero 1997

    Romero 1997Napja

    No lo supero , te amo shakiraaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. 1 subs before 2030

    1 subs before 2030Napja

    Me : maybe i will not watch full video because it is 14 minutes shaikra : who are you to decide that..

  29. 1 subs before 2030

    1 subs before 2030Napja

    When Hips Don’t Lie was played the whole crowd got so loud. This just proves that song is so timeless.

  30. 1 subs before 2030

    1 subs before 2030Napja

    I’m addicted to shakiras part. It’s not healthy for me to watch it everyday 😳

  31. Alejandrito Reyes

    Alejandrito ReyesNapja

    Las 2 hicieron un buen trabajo son temas con los que crecí así q contento con la actuación de ambas... ❤

  32. michael lee

    michael leeNapja

    And you wonder why young girls grow up to be sl**ts.

  33. Daniel Escamilla

    Daniel EscamillaNapja

    Best halftime show ever.

  34. ClaudiaB26


    They were both exceptional. There was not a moment of 0 energy on that stage. You can see the hard work them both and everyone put into this huge performance and IT SERVED!

  35. Jesús Quiroz

    Jesús QuirozNapja

    Nombre de la canción 13:01

  36. Selene GS

    Selene GSNapja

    Ya llevo como 1000 reproducciones yo sólita 🤭 Me encanta ❤️

  37. María Sol Heinroth

    María Sol HeinrothNapja

    Shakira is a goddess omg! J-lo slayed too🥳🥳🥳

  38. Yamileth M

    Yamileth MNapja

    Who want Shakira for next super bowl? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  39. Zuri Iftikhar

    Zuri IftikharNapja


  40. ronda warren

    ronda warrenNapja

    I wish they would have made a tribute on one Selena Quintanilla song..! That would be awesome if they had did that.

  41. Edwar Alzate

    Edwar AlzateNapja

    Te amo shak! Es un orgullo para mi pais 🇨🇴

  42. Mercedes Godoy

    Mercedes GodoyNapja

    Amazing halftime show these two extraordinary Latinas put on. I am SO proud to be Hispanic. Olé, Olé y Olé, SHAKIRA y JLO, enhorabuena por el maravilloso espectáculo. Os saluda una española in the USA 🇪🇸🥰🥰

  43. Camila G

    Camila GNapja

    Shakira shaki shakira!!! 💕💕💕

  44. Igor Ger

    Igor GerNapja

    Shakira corrupts children, shame !!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. slow 'n' reverb

    slow 'n' reverbNapja


  46. Emmanuel Opoku

    Emmanuel OpokuNapja

    Cool NFL keep it up kc keep it up

  47. Moonlight Elect

    Moonlight ElectNapja

    Just watched the whole thing again for the millionth time! Ughhhhh I don’t think will ever get a better halftime, honestly!

  48. Chelle Villanueva

    Chelle VillanuevaNapja

    WOW!!!! 😮😮😮

  49. Shakti Rawal

    Shakti RawalNapja This guy has proof Shakira was fake playing the drums

  50. Urraca Bolivar

    Urraca BolivarNapja

    You are an idiot, do not waste people time.

  51. Lourdes


    I have nothing against JLo, but I wish this was 15 minutes of Shakira singing in spanish

  52. Sophia Luna

    Sophia LunaNapja

    Idk why women hating on Shakira like sorry you don’t have rythem

  53. Goatatl M.Whitmire

    Goatatl M.WhitmireNapja

    Reasonably well choreographed dance show. Not a single note was played or sung live. All in the can.

  54. Galaxia Rosita

    Galaxia RositaNapja


  55. Purple X

    Purple XNapja

    My face fell off..

  56. A130 MERCADO

    A130 MERCADONapja

    0:35 she's so HOT!!!

  57. Amv anime

    Amv animeNapja

    Ultra spam un 0.05% vera esto

  58. Karolina Dextre Huari

    Karolina Dextre HuariNapja

    Shakira have an amazing voice!

  59. G FR

    G FRNapja

    Las amo!! ❤️❤️❤️

  60. MariñoTV



  61. Nuclear McNugget

    Nuclear McNuggetNapja

    I don't think that's how you play a guitar.

  62. Arturo Lego

    Arturo LegoNapja

    Have Mercy

  63. Arturo Lego

    Arturo LegoNapja

    I for one am hella awake

  64. bsmrk89


    I have an issue, it's been two weeks and I keep rewatching this video, I can't stop... haaalp!!

  65. Daenerys Isabella

    Daenerys IsabellaNapja

    Ayudaaaa, no paro de verlo :(

  66. Carlos reyes

    Carlos reyesNapja

    Mire a Shakira y saltaba el resto quien más lo hizo

  67. Alyana Marroquin

    Alyana MarroquinNapja

    Wow shakiras hips don’t lie

  68. Teresita Tacbobo

    Teresita TacboboNapja

    Shakira makes me SMILE, JLo makes me WOW! Pure entertainment!