Schmitt Turns the Cafeteria Into a Ballroom - Grey's Anatomy

After Schmitt (Jake Borelli) has to deliver the news that his patient, Irene (guest star Shannon Wilcox) is dying from cancer, her husband, Norman (guest star George Gerdes) asks him to arrange one last dance for them. Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' THURSDAY 9|8c on ABC.


  1. Conan Edogawa

    Conan EdogawaHónapja

    I’m watching an old disney 😍

  2. Ava Plays05

    Ava Plays05Hónapja

    Did anyone else think Meredith was thinking of Derek in this scene because I did, the way she looked at them when they were dancing. Sad Derek isn’t here anymore. I really hope for there to be a future episode where Meredith talks about Derek to her kids, like maybe Ellis asks about him because she never met him and imagine if Zola said something about him that she remembers. That would be so cute, obviously can’t forget Bailey as well.

  3. Christina Z.

    Christina Z.Hónapja

    That would be amazing! Especially with Ellis. Maybe Meredith can show her Derek's last voicemail (if she kept the phone) so that Ellis can hear his voice.

  4. Emilio Kolb

    Emilio KolbHónapja

    I start liking levi

  5. Janaya Anderson

    Janaya AndersonHónapja

    Haven't heard that song since I was 10yrs old.

  6. Noah Voris

    Noah VorisHónapja

    Why is it the best parts of the greys episodes these days are involving Levi? He’s just a star!

  7. Sabsemade


    Because he´s the relatable one ... no one sees themselves as the overachierver Meredith who got basically everything but still lost her true love, or Baily who just lost a child, or Carassik sho is basically an ass at this point, or Richard and his relationship drama, or Amelia, who can´t decie whom she wants to be her baby-daddy ... Levi is insecure and questions himself and is still brilliant whe push comes to shove ... people want to be him, and that´s why they like him so much

  8. Ilahmae Cunanan

    Ilahmae CunananHónapja

    I almost cried in this scene

  9. Jamila Jamila

    Jamila JamilaHónapja

    Schmitt is the sweetest😍🥰

  10. M & T

    M & THónapja

    Just realized he is "supposed to be" George. Just like they had George the new doctors have him

  11. A_Noelle


    @WaltZ015 okay. I understand now you made your comparisons. I still don't think the two characters are similar. I've probably just put them in separate boxes in my mind. 🙃 I do want to point out though, that T.R. Knight didn't leave the show due to anything homophobic going on on set. It was Isaiah Washington was fired for using a homophobic slur towards T.R. Knight. (I was so very sad to say goodbye to Burke) T.R. Knight left the show several seasons later because he wasn't happy with the character's storylines and lack of growth. He was ready to move on from playing George. Though it was hard to tell - with him being hit by a bus and all - he left on good terms and has worked with Shondaland since. (Briefly on The Catch)

  12. WaltZ015


    A_Noelle awkward, klutzy, prone to mishaps in the OR, doesn’t think much of themselves of having value, and have had thoughts that they weren’t cut out to be surgeons. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but I kind of see the similarities. Also, I don’t if this was intentional as well, but one of the reasons Knight (George’s actor) left Grey’s was because of homophobia going on on the set, and now they have Schmitt, who is both gay in film and in real life, a character similar to George. It seems like Grey’s way of trying to redeem themselves for their past mistake.

  13. A_Noelle


    I actually don't find any similarities between Schmidt and George. Can you tell me what makes them similar to you?

  14. Ophelia Calazans

    Ophelia CalazansHónapja

    O episódio décimo terceiro eu só assisti porque ainda tem a Meredith e ainda continuo na esperança de nossa Cristina Young aparecer na série,seria o máximo

  15. Zaniyyah Jacobs

    Zaniyyah JacobsHónapja

    Moon river is one of my favorite songs of all time. It just gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling

  16. Jasonslittlesister1


    Oh how much we wish for Mer to get that kind of happy ever after, too 😢

  17. Faith Caroline.

    Faith Caroline.Hónapja

    I almost cried when Meredith walked in. And that smile, the sparkles in her eyes when she saw Irene and Norman danced, I can only imagine, that it was only then that she wished it was her and Derek😭😭😭😭 #TeamMerDer

  18. Christina Z.

    Christina Z.Hónapja

    @Ava Plays05 yess!! They deserved better! Derek had to die at 110 in Meredith's arms! I'm ranting so hard right now - sorry

  19. Ava Plays05

    Ava Plays05Hónapja

    Faith Caroline. Their love story was 11 seasons as if I am going to ever move on they were each other’s love of their lives!

  20. Faith Caroline.

    Faith Caroline.Hónapja

    Ava Plays05 I’m never over it. It’s too big of a love story to forget.

  21. Ava Plays05

    Ava Plays05Hónapja

    Faith Caroline. Andrew and Meredith really suck together. Meredith and Derek were AMAZING

  22. Ava Plays05

    Ava Plays05Hónapja

    Omg you are so right. I wish Derek didn’t die and I know I need to get over it but I can’t 😭

  23. Faith Caroline.

    Faith Caroline.Hónapja

    I know “moon river” by heart. I sing “moon river” by heart, word for word. SO OF COURSE I’m gonna jump up from my couch and sing my heart out and dance along with them. It’s just one of those Greys night reminds me of Christina’s last dance, I danced with them and that was my last.

  24. oscar alonso

    oscar alonsoHónapja

    Why are they giving Schmidt so much attention. He is a flat boring excuse for a character. He does not deserve the screen time he is getting. If they are only putting him on screen to gain gay points with the lgbtq crew ,they made a terrible choice. Parker is a much more interesting character with an actor whom I frankly believe is better. Parker keeps the lgbtq representation points and does so in a better way. We already explored plenty of gay relationships and hot intern attending sex on the show, but the story of a transexual soldier with both a doctorate in medicine and an advanced degree in computer science sounds like a revolutionary story to tell. It is a truly unique form of representation and its potential is being wasted in favor of a gay couple who have over stayed their welcome on screen. The scene between Schmidt and Nico in the ambulance was one of the best moments in the recent seasons and god knows these moments are rare now days. However, Schmidt and Nico already had their time to shine. The other interns deserve just as much attention and screen time. Also, why is this intern class so fucking gay. It seems as if half ,if not more, of this intern class is gay or trans or non conforming and frankly it seems a bit unrealistic. This show has lost its charm. Just let it die.

  25. Lorena sanbau

    Lorena sanbauHónapja

    He deserve like all .

  26. mama's gotta dance

    mama's gotta danceHónapja

    Honestly I like Levi. He's a good person and I've come to like his relationship with Nico. I did not like it in the beginning because Nico honestly treated him so shitty but I like how their relationship has become and I'm hoping it's gonna get better....Well as long as they don't kill one of them off. Levi has grown alot as a character because of Nico and I wish people wouldn't treat him like shit. But can Greys please stop making the interns seem incompetent when it comes to surgeries, thank you very muchhhh

  27. Sheera Abd

    Sheera AbdHónapja

    Agreed. I like Parker!!

  28. Then We Are Decided

    Then We Are DecidedHónapja

    @oscar alonso ps: Qhadri was fired cuz the actress was leaving, that's why we won't see her anymore, they wrote her off

  29. Then We Are Decided

    Then We Are DecidedHónapja

    @oscar alonso you lost me when you said the gay community is very sexual lmao, considering there's a ton of asexual gays and lesbians (and even bi's), I just can't take you seriously anymore

  30. min Kung channel

    min Kung channelHónapja