Ruby Teaches Jack How to Play 'The Game' - black-ish

Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) has been coaching Jack (Miles Brown) on 'the game' so that he can land the girl he likes at school. But does Jack have what it takes to pull it off? From 'The Gauntlet,' season 6, episode 15 of black-ish. Watch black-ish TUESDAY 9:30|8:30c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


  1. kissfan7


    See, when white people think of The Game, we think about the game where you lose if you think about The Game. And if you read this, you just lost The Game.

  2. Laura White

    Laura White3 hónapja

    When is she coming

  3. Tash Moore

    Tash Moore3 hónapja


  4. Chastity Pittman

    Chastity Pittman3 hónapja

    "Don't forget ya lactaid." 😂😂😂 Story of my life!!!!

  5. MusicWithJess.

    MusicWithJess.3 hónapja

    This is why this generation is so fucked up

  6. It's Just A Leap Of Faith 333

    It's Just A Leap Of Faith 3333 hónapja

    I played the game when you young it's fun. But when you get older it's just a waste of time. I see dudes in their 30's still trying to play the game I just shake my head. The energy you put out into the Universe comes back to you 10 fold.

  7. Doris Barkler

    Doris Barkler3 hónapja

    Is she encouraging her 12 year old grandson to cheat? Or quickly drop one girl for another like they are toys? Jeez grandma.

  8. DJ Everest

    DJ Everest3 napja

    Best to make the beginner mistakes early when theres fewer stakes. That way a misplay has less of risk of you losing half your stuff

  9. Deepthi DB

    Deepthi DBHónapja

    @Nzambi actually women are the one who gets cheated definitely she can speak

  10. Deepthi DB

    Deepthi DBHónapja

    @Only playas eat tacos with their hoes loser

  11. Deepthi DB

    Deepthi DBHónapja

    @Nzambi first of all, woman*..and Baboo sounds like a man's name..not a woman's

  12. Nzambi

    Nzambi3 hónapja

    @Heisenberg B.B Who are you to tell men what a real man is if you (women) are unable to identify and Choose the good guy?

  13. Jai Norman

    Jai Norman3 hónapja

    I bet that young girl taste so good

  14. K B

    K B22 napja

    You’re disgusting . Get you’re life together please and get some help

  15. Mbc ‍

    Mbc ‍3 hónapja

    fbi this comment right here

  16. livingmybestlife LivingintheNow

    livingmybestlife LivingintheNow3 hónapja

    I love this show however I don't enjoy Ruby character especially while living in her son and daughter in law home ..writers should find another way to make her funny without disrespect daughter in law.. cause in the real world she would have been gone. In the black community...

  17. grass flowerz

    grass flowerz3 hónapja

    yeah the whole in-law thing would be a no go

  18. jaymillymills

    jaymillymills3 hónapja

    Not true

  19. jaymillymills

    jaymillymills3 hónapja


  20. Autour d'un Thé

    Autour d'un Thé3 hónapja

    Just relax and enjoy the show

  21. TatzRules Yay

    TatzRules Yay3 hónapja

    “In the black community” never have I laughed this much

  22. Joshua Ratliff

    Joshua Ratliff3 hónapja

    I hate recommendations of color. Lol

  23. Cute Drawings

    Cute Drawings3 hónapja

    There is no Black ish... Anyone found !!!!!😐😄😄

  24. Ziel M

    Ziel M3 hónapja

    Where can we watch black ish

  25. K S

    K S3 hónapja

    Wild Ziel soap2day

  26. Lisa Braziel

    Lisa Braziel3 hónapja


  27. Lite2010

    Lite20103 hónapja

    Is jack really related to ruby they def look.alike or i jus watch this show to much

  28. Only playas eat tacos with their hoes

    Only playas eat tacos with their hoes3 hónapja

    Just watch too much

  29. Angie New

    Angie New3 hónapja