I let animals take over my house (Update)

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Lizard video: hu-gos.info/video/rs-CmXu8qavFnZc.html
Bee video: hu-gos.info/video/r5Kkp6GUiY6baXU.html
Lizards Frog video: hu-gos.info/video/jamOmXvHZaW1mIk.html
Magpie Video: hu-gos.info/video/e7qQnWSohLDWpnk.html
Cat Video: hu-gos.info/video/fsWKfpaRZci1m6M.html


  1. Lunatic Alias

    Lunatic Alias9 órája

    Shoot the cats

  2. Gentleman Driver

    Gentleman Driver22 órája

    If I had spiders that big in my house I would let them have it. I rather would live outside with the cats.

  3. Guilherme Campolina

    Guilherme CampolinaNapja

    get a freaking Hotweiller and train him to kill cats, ez

  4. Guilherme Campolina

    Guilherme CampolinaNapja

    My cat never leaves my house, cause i fucking spayed him, thats what everyone should fucking do

  5. Alekzandah


    Honestly? If there were cats killing native (and probably endangered) fauna in my backyard, I'd pull out the .22

  6. joob joob

    joob joobNapja

    googled the size of a huntsman spider, saw 0.7 inches, was all good till i realized that that is there body... not including there legs. fuck wherever you live, imma stay at home, with my reasonably sized araneae's.

  7. lolwut

    lolwut2 napja

    If you want to get rid of algae just introduce some native freshwater water snails to your pond.

  8. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith2 napja

    Just burn that house there are so my bugs and spiders 🐝

  9. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine2 napja

    I've been catching my neighbors cats and releasing them deep into the woods for years If I see a missing cat poster I call them and let them know it was their fault I am within my legal rights to KILL the cats for attacking my chickens But I am a nice guy So instead I catch and release them in Bear and coyote territory

  10. default kid

    default kid19 órája


  11. reman

    reman2 napja

    *anarchy reigns over the land*

  12. Andrew Bias

    Andrew Bias3 napja

    99% of people in my country usually appreciate suburban predators eating invasive species in our yards... But then again, 99.9% of the people in my country don't turn their homes into multiple independent ecosystems.

  13. Order of Azarath

    Order of Azarath4 napja

    what about lizard poo?

  14. Pokemonfeak1

    Pokemonfeak14 napja

    Maybe you should vacuum, that'll help some.

  15. Brandon DeBella

    Brandon DeBella4 napja

    Look at my place it's a mess but on purpose, yes very interesting. Good luck!

  16. Nothing Moon

    Nothing Moon4 napja

    u should burn those spiders with a flamethrower

  17. Hope you dont find this

    Hope you dont find this4 napja

    you need to clean your house at least a bit

  18. Phillip Marquez

    Phillip Marquez4 napja

    Hmmm well most things are edible...get some recipes for the things you dont like coming into your yard. Maybe a few geckos for the spiders.

  19. Flutist not Flautist

    Flutist not Flautist4 napja

    It boggles me that people still have outdoor cats

  20. Blanka Bontovics

    Blanka Bontovics5 napja

    Okay but why does he look like the adult version of Varian from Tangled?

  21. Owne Barlow

    Owne Barlow5 napja

    If the cage doesn’t work use claymore land mines they work amazingly

  22. Chris D'oulmeth

    Chris D'oulmeth5 napja

    what about geckos do you have them in your area

  23. Filthy Bank

    Filthy Bank6 napja

    if the cats are squeezing under your fence, then block off the entrance with a piece of wood

  24. 99 Red Balloons 🎈

    99 Red Balloons 🎈6 napja

    i am never going to australia

  25. Ghxzt

    Ghxzt6 napja

    Next thing you know is that a ton of shit is smeared everywhere because of the animals shitting everywhere.

  26. Axolotl Boi

    Axolotl Boi7 napja

    Bro he soaked me on his foot. (Because the name.

  27. Pyrotechnic 17

    Pyrotechnic 177 napja

    Instead of repelling the cats, why dont your train them too? hoping that they can attack people in the future.

  28. BlackBrain45

    BlackBrain457 napja

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: The vid: 3:25 Me: closes HU-gos

  29. Alpine the Husky

    Alpine the Husky8 napja

    I didnt know you are a furry. How long is it ago since you were converted?

  30. SA M

    SA M8 napja

    You are amazing! Ilove this Channel so much. You are kind to animals and funny as hell.The music in the background is dank and not obnoxious.I always leave your videos feeling better then before:)

  31. I did a thing

    I did a thing7 napja

    Thanks mate :)

  32. Fleggaard

    Fleggaard8 napja

    that hummus is a disgrace to hummus

  33. Codex Adventures

    Codex Adventures8 napja

    Catch catch, take them to the shelter. Say you suspect they're strays coming at your birds. worst case they get re-homed to better owners. best case, your neighbors have to pay to get them out of cat jail so much they stop letting them out. It's a win for everyone, even the cats.

  34. meggarox

    meggarox8 napja

    I didn't come to watch the video, just compliment you on your foot, good day.

  35. Hellboy2109

    Hellboy21098 napja

    Im glad ur not my neigbour

  36. Cat Poke

    Cat Poke8 napja

    Huntsman spiders are definitely beneficial to have, since they'll help the lizards out with the real important job- killing roaches. Roaches spread disease, and eat your food, but spiders do neither. So I'd say I'm pretty glad that the lizards ignore/can't reach them.

  37. AKLM

    AKLM8 napja

    Yes the Samoans wohoo

  38. M.J. Wilk

    M.J. Wilk8 napja

    why don't you just start putting cat food at various random points on the other end of the neighborhood?

  39. Wesley Andrade de Borba

    Wesley Andrade de Borba8 napja

    You must find that suicide bravous rat, make a huge training room on that cage and train they ass off to beat all those dumb fat cats. Give the rat a purpose, or get one much bigger, bigger enough to scary all those cats.

  40. I did a thing

    I did a thing8 napja

    sounds good. ill do it

  41. Idris Owen

    Idris Owen9 napja

    Your are fucking legend. Please please please keep letting people know cats need to be contained and keep away for Australian natives.

  42. ciri L

    ciri L9 napja

    Maybe you can try to buy a robot to sweep your floor

  43. SlipperyFence

    SlipperyFence9 napja

    Animals already took over your house, you don't notice it yet because you're the animal. You gigantic rat.

  44. Reign

    Reign9 napja

    Lizards are veteran trippers 🤤

  45. Luuuke

    Luuuke9 napja

    Why is no one talking about how disgusting his house looks?

  46. Luuuke

    Luuuke7 napja

    Severin Hagstrøm actually I did clean my house today and not bc of your comment, just a schedule lmao

  47. Severin Hagstrøm

    Severin Hagstrøm7 napja

    welcome to the real world, have fun cleaning today :)

  48. Maju's ost mashups

    Maju's ost mashups9 napja

    "The lizards are veteran trippers"

  49. Christopher Turnbull

    Christopher Turnbull9 napja

    Get some komodo dragons to eat the cats

  50. ItsRyanHello

    ItsRyanHello9 napja

    Reminder to shoot your local feral cat also dont let your cats outside if you own a cat because then its feral

  51. OneSarcasticBoi

    OneSarcasticBoi10 napja

    How about making a Net at the gate so those cats cant get in or put a shotgun there that is triggered by a wire this would work definetly

  52. I did a thing

    I did a thing9 napja

    yeh that is a good idea

  53. Skylander Enthusiast

    Skylander Enthusiast10 napja

    F in the Chat for that lizard and those Birds Hope you get them back dude

  54. let's illuminatiHD

    let's illuminatiHD10 napja

    You need a dog so the smell of him scares the cats away

  55. Doc Acher

    Doc Acher10 napja

    My absolute favourite videos of yours are the updates on your animal buddies. Thank you for taking such good care of the native animals in your backyard. ❤️

  56. Bailey Phillips

    Bailey Phillips10 napja

    Do a face reveal

  57. Erik Moore

    Erik Moore10 napja

    Please do more updates I really enjoyed this and I'm new to the channel

  58. World Citizen

    World Citizen10 napja

    To do list : invent a serum that stops people from thinking cats are just cute and see them as the actual threat they are.

  59. Skate wins Or hits

    Skate wins Or hits11 napja

    Put house geckos in your house to eat the spiders

  60. larsmonsen88

    larsmonsen8811 napja

    How can you be mad at your neighbour for not LOCKING their cats up?? lol

  61. Keriel Watson

    Keriel Watson11 napja

    Your council should fine owners of nuisance cats and if you bitch loud enough might consider further legal action. Cats who aren't claimed by owners are usually sent to shelters for rehoming, but different councils have different methods. If your council refuses to help with unidentifiable cats, take them straight to a vet and explain. If the vet won't take them go to various shelters. Someone somewhere will take them off your hands.

  62. Keriel Watson

    Keriel Watson11 napja

    You're the best bloody Aussie online. BTW, huntsmans eat other spiders and are only dangerous if you're an insect, small mammal or very unlucky and tiny lizard. Unless you're one of the unlucky minority who are sensative to huntsman venom, a bite will likely only cause locised pain and swelling. Huntsmans are also cowards and much prefer running away to biting. You're pretty safe with those 8 legged house guests. If however you really can't have them around and natural control methods just don't work, find your local invertebrate lovers and you could end up with strangers offering to rehome the crawlies free of charge. I myself have rehome many huntsmans in the past year. One female I actually kept myself and fed her fat on various roaches, flies, crickets and grasshoppers. Most I released into the outer areas of bushland recovering from fire. Many of the insect rehome I do end up in such places as a way to help the bush life recover. Other invert lovers might keep or sell what they collect. I'm too rural for selling to be an option and there's only so many bugs a girl can keep ;p

  63. Canopi

    Canopi11 napja

    7:21, 41 °C - 105 °F??? Fuck off! It can't be that hot in Australia.

  64. Handy Gift

    Handy Gift11 napja

    BRO he gots the magnetix 2:41

  65. Dragunovski

    Dragunovski11 napja

    Australia is weird. Imagine wanting to take a shower and you see 3 hunstmen spiders in front of you and just chilling there out of spite

  66. amy reddacliff

    amy reddacliff11 napja

    you do realise spiders are killing the mosquitoes and flies for you so killing the spiders is giving you more pests.

  67. Nunayah Buisness

    Nunayah Buisness8 napja

    Yes that’s why he said as much in his vid