Pops Explains the Ways of 'Old Black Magic' - black-ish

Pops (Laurence Fishburne) is more excited for a day at the museum than Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin) would have guessed. Then he explains how he passes time in museums by lying to people who assume he's wise. From 'O Mother Where Art Thou,' season 6, episode 8 of black-ish. Watch black-ish TUESDAY 9:30|8:30c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


  1. Elisabeth Fanfan

    Elisabeth Fanfan17 órája

    I wonder if pops was ever called Lawrence Fishbourne

  2. Jae Croe

    Jae Croe4 hónapja

    Dang Black-ish can't you keep some things to yourself?!? We don't need the whole world knowing everything about us!!

  3. jimjimmyjames59

    jimjimmyjames595 hónapja

    Love this scene. I am so old that I recognize the white actor from when he was a young actor. Oy, the pain...

  4. 13th Evergreen

    13th Evergreen5 hónapja

    Truth be told... Any time as a white Man I do this in front of an older Black Man, I'm just being nice and making him feel as if he's special. When in reality I hate everyone equal everyone but Asians... F U old and young Jacky Chan's

  5. Michael Huynh

    Michael Huynh5 hónapja

    How many times has Morgan Freeman played God anyway!?

  6. OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'

    OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'5 hónapja

    god i love this show and I'm not even a brotha. Did I see u opening for Herbie Hancock!! hahaha.

  7. Feras Angel

    Feras Angel5 hónapja

    but you are wise

  8. Daniel Whyatt

    Daniel Whyatt5 hónapja

    “Why do you think Morgan Freeman’s played God so many times. Because he’s got that black magic.”😂 So true so true

  9. Nzambi

    Nzambi4 hónapja

    @sean swift 😂😂

  10. sean swift

    sean swift5 hónapja

    I thought it was because he was the only one God would lend his voice to.

  11. monde made

    monde made5 hónapja

    Laurence Fishburne is the main reason why I this show other than that....this show sucks😒

  12. mogad100

    mogad1005 hónapja

    Could someone please explain what does he mean by "did i see you open for henry Hancock"

  13. thereign

    thereign5 hónapja

    Herbie Hancock, is a legendary jazz pianist. So the White guy is assuming pops is a famous musician, who was an opening act for Herbie Hancock.

  14. Mayas Vlog

    Mayas Vlog5 hónapja

    Why are there 5 biracials and 4 black people on this show?

  15. Elisabeth Fanfan

    Elisabeth Fanfan17 órája

    Why does that matter they are actors who play their roles just fine

  16. Magnolia Lady

    Magnolia Lady11 napja

    @ryan shannon That's not what the title is supposed to mean. Ross explained it's supposed to be about a Black family dealing with their "ish". And also a Black family that's adopted mainstream values.

  17. ryan shannon

    ryan shannon14 napja

    The hint is in the name Black-ISH

  18. Journi2Me

    Journi2Me4 hónapja

    Their called "ACTORS"!

  19. Lizwe Wadi

    Lizwe Wadi5 hónapja

    I mean it is called Black-ish

  20. boss girl

    boss girl5 hónapja

    She not even the first woman to bring me to this museum 👀👀wild

  21. Lil Nicki

    Lil Nicki5 hónapja

    -White people does assume your wise💀💀💀

  22. Lori Ann White

    Lori Ann White5 hónapja

    Laugh- free comedy. Sigh!

  23. Muteteli Harvey

    Muteteli Harvey5 hónapja

    The magical negro is definitely a trope. I was a big fan of Stephen king in jr high and high school and although I didn't know the name of it, it really annoyed me that almost every damn book of his had a older black woman or man and they were called niggers throughout the whole book, yet they were the saviors. I felt like he had a love hate relationship with black people. Then I learned of his past and tropes. Smh, this ish runs DEEP!

  24. Journi2Me

    Journi2Me4 hónapja

    @that part indeedily Shit up idiot

  25. The Melanated Nomad !

    The Melanated Nomad !5 hónapja

    I need to go watch Key and Peele’s magical negro episode to feel better.

  26. that part indeedily

    that part indeedily5 hónapja

    Maybe like 2 out of 100,000

  27. that part indeedily

    that part indeedily5 hónapja

    @LaLa Icyling not all of em.

  28. LaLa Icyling

    LaLa Icyling5 hónapja

    Wait are you saying old black people aren't magical 😲 😲 😲

  29. Johnny Williams

    Johnny Williams5 hónapja


  30. Mel

    Mel6 hónapja

    is this a legit museum in L.A.?! I'm searching but getting dead ends😭

  31. Amber Jae

    Amber Jae5 hónapja

    Mel i doubt it.

  32. Nick BM

    Nick BM6 hónapja

    Adele Webber!

  33. Simlicity09

    Simlicity096 hónapja

    Loretta Devine is awesome

  34. Gigi's Storytime World

    Gigi's Storytime World5 hónapja

    She can play any role. She was a believable stud in Being Maryjane.

  35. Nagini Riddle

    Nagini Riddle5 hónapja

    She's Divine

  36. It's Just A Leap Of Faith 333

    It's Just A Leap Of Faith 3336 hónapja

    This is very true once a black man gets grey hair and carries his self in a respectful manner people do think he is wise. I've spoken to many old fools who people thought to be wise.

  37. DJ Everest

    DJ Everest4 napja

    It's not just the hair it also helps to have a deep but soothing voice and polite candor

  38. queen crown

    queen crown4 hónapja

    That goes for females too

  39. Yesika Narvaez

    Yesika Narvaez6 hónapja

    You ain't that slick old man

  40. FADAIM A.

    FADAIM A.6 hónapja

    who else think jack looks like that little dood in Simpsons,(bart)?

  41. Gigi's Storytime World

    Gigi's Storytime World5 hónapja


  42. RagamuffinBabyDoll

    RagamuffinBabyDoll6 hónapja

    Oh, I'm sure Pops knows a lot about Vietnam. (Apocalypse Now reference)

  43. shelby namels

    shelby namels2 hónapja

    @Avril Golden Few people realize this. They were all so young back then - Martin Sheen, Harrison Ford, and Pops.

  44. tyso921

    tyso9215 hónapja

    And WWII

  45. Avril Golden

    Avril Golden6 hónapja

    Yes, all star cast in that movie.

  46. Bao Han Huynh Pham

    Bao Han Huynh Pham6 hónapja

    So basically now pop's RUNNING the Matrix

  47. Zen Musiclover

    Zen Musiclover5 hónapja


  48. African Mophethe

    African Mophethe6 hónapja

    Da 1st nigga to comment from South Africa.