Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.
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Produced by: The Superiors
Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
Additional production by: Priority Beats
Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER
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  1. Jesus15 Saborido

    Jesus15 Saborido7 órája

    Is a very god god song but the 2pac changes is more best, my respects for Polo G... R.I.P 2pac and George Floyd💔✨🙏

  2. Troy Skull

    Troy Skull7 órája

    We cant change what color we are

  3. Michael Salinasss

    Michael Salinasss7 órája

    Polo, u don’t need a hero u are one already

  4. Лёха свотин

    Лёха свотин7 órája

    Does someone know the name of the rapper at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a>?

  5. Evan YU

    Evan YU7 órája

    wrd if u not our color

  6. Lola Parkerson

    Lola Parkerson7 órája

    Rip GORGE

  7. Vincent Vu

    Vincent Vu8 órája

    Chauvin, Thou, Kueng, and Lane needed to be on trial for murder, but they got a paid vacation. Disgusting.

  8. Enjoy Life

    Enjoy Life8 órája

    We kill each other then we protest

  9. Godly guy

    Godly guy8 órája

    the dislikes are people who are racist. I pray for you to be nice a d every one should get along 🙏🙏🙏📿🤲

  10. Enjoy Life

    Enjoy Life8 órája

    You don’t understand youtube

  11. CNB 1K

    CNB 1K8 órája

    This man is taking over the game, so young and so talented. Some inspirational shit right here



    This song too real.

  13. Alpha 7

    Alpha 78 órája

    *RIP George Floyd*

  14. Subscribe to my dog I’ll subscribe to you

    Subscribe to my dog I’ll subscribe to you8 órája

    Who is here after George Floyd so sad and messed up

  15. SK8 METRO

    SK8 METRO8 órája

    The dislikes are because the song ended trust me


    ITZ PRODIGY8 órája

    yaw see von not from 63rd ass

  17. Morgan Bay

    Morgan Bay8 órája

    This is the best album I’ve ever heard, god has something for you polo g🤞🏾🖤

  18. Panaot Hd

    Panaot Hd9 órája

    I ain't your color but man this song made me cry..everything you say is just facts and really touched me..

  19. Bikelife Jet

    Bikelife Jet9 órája

    Tupac is jamming to this in heaven 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

  20. lil yosi

    lil yosi9 órája

    rip gorg flord

  21. Tawseef Hasanat

    Tawseef Hasanat9 órája

    in some parts he sound like he crying :(

  22. Antreon Coley

    Antreon Coley9 órája

    He hit all points

  23. Hashtag Serkan

    Hashtag Serkan9 órája


  24. Aka Savage Vazquez

    Aka Savage Vazquez9 órája

    This shit my made me sad 😢

  25. Monkeymoose

    Monkeymoose9 órája

    If you don’t know who 2 pac is you are too young or you not awake

  26. Shilohkid999

    Shilohkid9999 órája

    Im sorry but after all these deaths i feel like this man needs to watch his back i just have a horrible feeling he's next just because of where he's from. Keep that strap on you homie!!!! STAY SAFE!

  27. Monkeymoose

    Monkeymoose9 órája

    2 pac?

  28. Edison Arana

    Edison Arana9 órája

    It’s crazy how this was posted just a week before this situation rip George Floyd

  29. Naum Riskovski

    Naum Riskovski9 órája

    The kid is awsome, but the flow was 2 pac's. Did he steal it for the sound, or because 2 pac was killed. Song is awsome

  30. Ruan Meiring

    Ruan Meiring9 órája

    Rising Legend ❤️

  31. Sean Wilbur

    Sean Wilbur10 órája

    the timing of this song was unreal, like a week later riots happened. rip George Floyd

  32. dc squad g

    dc squad g10 órája

    I like the acts

  33. remedyshanx

    remedyshanx10 órája

    this deserves more than three mil. polo g is really a goat. real sh*.


    R.i.p KOBE AND GIANNA10 órája

    This is America ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  35. Ludvig krois

    Ludvig krois10 órája

    "Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?" hits diffrent after all this stuff going around in the media

  36. Onmz

    Onmz10 órája

    2pac remix❤️

  37. Yoboy Soosmoove

    Yoboy Soosmoove10 órája

    Love this song Man U out here preaching ✊🏿

  38. one chap

    one chap10 órája

    If you not my colour then you dont know the struggle of being cops kill us and we protest what type of shit is that. Polo tha goat he is a living legend. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

  39. Abriasya Sanney

    Abriasya Sanney10 órája

    The goat 🐐❤️✊🏾🔥‼️

  40. Hassib Boudkhil

    Hassib Boudkhil10 órája

    2pac was right when he said America is a big gang

  41. Jason Price

    Jason Price10 órája

    Who in the world would dislike?

  42. Dreamer on yt

    Dreamer on yt10 órája

    He predicted the future :(

  43. Knee ger

    Knee ger10 órája

    2pac is probably proud right now

  44. SPM18

    SPM1810 órája

    I literally listened to this song every day since it came out

  45. Zorkenz

    Zorkenz11 órája

    The only one that can save us now is God ✝️

  46. dj pocket

    dj pocket11 órája

    RIP george floyd man

  47. Adil

    Adil11 órája

    Who's here after the George Floyd murder #blacklivesmatter

  48. Crxzy Ron

    Crxzy Ron11 órája

    Biggie smalls is looking down and is proud

  49. keone williams

    keone williams11 órája



    XENTITIEX11 órája

    That was king von

  51. James Everette

    James Everette11 órája


  52. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája

    Goat this guy is

  53. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája

    Goat this guy is

  54. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája

    Goat this guy is

  55. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája

    Goat this guy is

  56. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája

    Goat this guy is

  57. Fine Tye

    Fine Tye11 órája


  58. Lucky You

    Lucky You12 órája

    Artist like these have special gifts

  59. Alexander Lie

    Alexander Lie12 órája

    We should be playing this song for the streets now🙏

  60. aclanderos.21

    aclanderos.2112 órája

    Petition to make this the official anthem of the protests.


    SOLOMON RADMIN12 órája

    R>I>P George Floyd

  62. Big Dadd Pink

    Big Dadd Pink12 órája

    This one hit me to the heart

  63. lf jske

    lf jske12 órája

    The best rapper from chicago since young pappy. Lots of respect for this man, he the only rapper that i know supporting the black community without violence.

  64. Beppe

    Beppe12 órája

    Man i got goosebumps... this is more than rap

  65. Young M

    Young M12 órája

    "We go to school telling us what we cant be"

  66. PedroC Levinson

    PedroC Levinson12 órája

    "they killed martin for dreamin and now i cant sleep"

  67. PedroC Levinson

    PedroC Levinson12 órája

    "Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?" so powerful

  68. chris Pap4

    chris Pap412 órája

    the one and only GOAT Polo G we have to keep him safe boys

  69. IkonicGOD YT

    IkonicGOD YT13 órája

    What about the Mexicans? Not trying to start nun but like us Mexicans been through a lot of shit too i haven’t seen my dad in 10 years and our people getting robbed (again not trying to start nun) our people getting deported our family’s separated and shit life is tuff right now.

  70. FatBoy 41

    FatBoy 4113 órája

    Damn mad vibes from 2 pac from the beat music and the bars Rest In Peace all the black people getting murdered on public streets past few weeks my heart is out for all y’all and yalls families

  71. Lakshman Baraik

    Lakshman Baraik13 órája

    This the song to be played at Minneapolis protest.

  72. CPR Skits

    CPR Skits13 órája

    This is fire yo

  73. Vixtry

    Vixtry13 órája

    bruh this hits hard in me my best friend and his mom got killed by to white cops

  74. _imstillcire :

    _imstillcire :14 órája

    Yo this deep

  75. Samuel Deck

    Samuel Deck14 órája

    Bro respect 🔥🐐

  76. Jack ROGGE

    Jack ROGGE15 órája

    if anyone uses this beat, you know that they are not messing around anymore. they are serious and upset


    SK PRODUCTIONS012115 órája

    killed the tupac beat fire

  78. Foltic_Luzix

    Foltic_Luzix15 órája

    Polo g 4ever❤

  79. K3NHD

    K3NHD15 órája

    Majority Polo g’s songs really pay a lot of relevance towards the current situation - DND - Wishing for a hero - FTG And more...🐐

  80. Ibbi Lak

    Ibbi Lak15 órája

    ''We dying young, so I can't picture an older me'' 😔

  81. Dee Dylan

    Dee Dylan15 órája

    Polo the real goat