Paul and Alicia Push Back on Denise's Splurge - mixed-ish

After Alicia (Tika Sumpter) got a big bonus at work, Denise (Christina Anthony) convinces Alicia that their wealth should be shared with the family, and Alicia buys Denise a new car she said she needed but couldn't afford. But suddenly, Denise has a lot of extra spending money, and Alicia and Paul (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) are not pleased. From 'She Works Hard for the Money,' season 1, episode 16 of mixed-ish. Watch mixed-ish TUESDAY 9|8c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


  1. Kevin Fox

    Kevin FoxNapja

    This is the kind of husband I want to be lbr

  2. Rebecca

    Rebecca9 napja

    "Come again." 💀💀💀


    CRYBABY10 napja

    "this wouldnt be the first time i was standing naked in somebodys living room" me too, denise. me too

  4. JustSomeRando OnTheNet

    JustSomeRando OnTheNet11 napja

    HeRe c0mEs The PeTty !

  5. Xx_kikiplayz_xX

    Xx_kikiplayz_xX14 napja

    Come again heheheheh

  6. Christine

    Christine20 napja

    "Thanks Sis. I really enjoyed shopping at JC Petty." "Come Again."

  7. Mariela Hernandez

    Mariela Hernandez29 napja

    "Babe her shoes are new" 🤣👍

  8. fabuluv


    I hope at JC petty all day long!



    Wait, Zack and Lisa got married?

  10. VLP infinity

    VLP infinityHónapja

    Tika Sumpter looks really good in dark blue.

  11. Khloe Fisher

    Khloe FisherHónapja

    Jcpetty hahahahahaha

  12. Brianna Mcmahon

    Brianna McmahonHónapja

    Every white man's actual dreams

  13. Candice Walker

    Candice WalkerHónapja

    I’ve watched this scene so many times

  14. It’s just me, Leena

    It’s just me, LeenaHónapja

    Am I the only one who didn’t recognise him as Zack Morris

  15. Stefanella Sizzarettia

    Stefanella Sizzarettia14 napja


  16. Halo 〈3

    Halo 〈3Hónapja

    Is this Zack's redemption for being trash to his high school peers? Jokes aside he has an interesting role here. Cool show.

  17. sanisha Ramdhanee

    sanisha Ramdhanee2 hónapja

    God please give me a man that backs me up and supports me like Paul does ! He is a whole vibe !!!

  18. Keenan Thomas

    Keenan Thomas2 hónapja

    Non of that dialogue was from the time period they’re supposed to be the in. Which is why I hate period pieces. What’s the point if you’re going to remove the context of the era?!

  19. iftlatlw

    iftlatlw2 hónapja

    this is what it means to have your partner's back

  20. Turquoise Snowflake

    Turquoise Snowflake2 hónapja

    I need a man like Paul in my life

  21. College Struggles

    College Struggles2 hónapja

    get you a man like Paul

  22. Jonathan Cineus

    Jonathan Cineus2 hónapja

    JC Petty... I gotta use that lol

  23. L A

    L A2 hónapja

    When is this show on?! Is that zack and Lisa?!

  24. Amber Adams

    Amber Adams2 hónapja

    Why does the language so like 2020?

  25. Shalahea Reed

    Shalahea Reed2 hónapja

    Thank you for shopping at JC Petty 😭😂😭😂😭

  26. jaden_gaming 1

    jaden_gaming 12 hónapja

    JC Petty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Sebs Ignat

    Sebs Ignat2 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a> is that a cast or crew in the back ground

  28. Sebs Ignat

    Sebs Ignat2 hónapja

    katnismellark behind the sister in the kitchen

  29. katnismellark

    katnismellark2 hónapja

    The back side of someones head, i think paul's

  30. katnismellark

    katnismellark2 hónapja

    Its hair

  31. Nessa M

    Nessa M2 hónapja

    So Aunt Denise doesn’t shave her armpits!?

  32. Jr BLACK

    Jr BLACK2 hónapja

    This show is VERY NECESSARY!

  33. SN SN

    SN SN2 hónapja

    Is that Dawson playing the Dad? Are my eyes seeing correctly?

  34. SN SN

    SN SN2 hónapja

    @lala blu Haha yeessssss. Omg, the face looked familiar just couldn't place it.

  35. lala blu

    lala blu2 hónapja

    No that's Mark Paul aka Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell its on Netflix or Hullu now

  36. Jehu Strachan

    Jehu Strachan2 hónapja

    I really enjoyed shopping at J.C.Petty come again lmfao this whole 1.46 was funny asf

  37. MontiTheGuruHD

    MontiTheGuruHD3 hónapja

    Do people not know that petty is an actual word, and not some new trend? You people need an education. The French invented the word in the 16th century.

  38. Michelle Marie

    Michelle Marie3 hónapja

    Jc petty lmfao that's good

  39. KC Nwokoye

    KC Nwokoye3 hónapja

    great show! great cast!

  40. AstoldbyAja

    AstoldbyAja3 hónapja

    I’m very attached to Black ish but could not get into grownish. Is mixedish any good?

  41. GAs honeybear

    GAs honeybear9 napja

    It's a slow burn, but it's better than grownish in my opinion.

  42. Kenny B

    Kenny B3 hónapja

    If I am being honest after the first few episodes Mixed-ish became my favorite of all of them

  43. No Name

    No Name3 hónapja

    Ok so abc here’s a suggestion- can y’all make the titles more generic and interesting for people who don’t watch the show so they can get into it like those Kdrama and anime channels do? I’ve never seen this show and I just got this in my recommended and I’d appreciate if you did that because I’d be able to get into more good shows

  44. Roxann Poor

    Roxann Poor3 hónapja

    Bow's dad gotcha back babe

  45. Hannah Cameron

    Hannah Cameron3 hónapja

    Bow's moms work clothes are amazing!!!!!

  46. b2kzangelalwayz

    b2kzangelalwayz3 hónapja


  47. Mariana DeSilva

    Mariana DeSilva3 hónapja

    Her shoes are new too.

  48. katnismellark

    katnismellark3 hónapja

    Lorddd 🙌🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾 get me a man that has my back like Paul does his wife 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Caleb Grill

    Caleb Grill3 hónapja

    Denise can be such a wet sandwich.

  50. kaipieces

    kaipieces3 hónapja

    Petty was not a thing in the 80s

  51. T Jackson

    T Jackson2 hónapja

    @Aeleks Johnson THANK YOU! IN NY TOO.

  52. blemelin

    blemelin2 hónapja

    Please. Back in the 80's, petty was a huge thing. "Is your name Tom? Because you are so petty! Tom Petty!" I got so sick of that one I wanted to puke.

  53. Aeleks Johnson

    Aeleks Johnson3 hónapja

    Stop the nonsense. I was a teenager in the 80s and we used that word a plenty in California.

  54. kaipieces

    kaipieces3 hónapja

    Kamille King what ever make you feel happy at night I don’t care

  55. Kamille King

    Kamille King3 hónapja

    @kaipieces oh honey don't blame me for your stupidity.

  56. Elle Brown

    Elle Brown3 hónapja

    Eh 🙄 cant believe this show made it past the pilot

  57. lilian makori

    lilian makori3 hónapja

    If your man doesn't have your back like Paul, he ain't your man.

  58. Chanel bags

    Chanel bags2 hónapja


  59. Amber Cherise

    Amber Cherise3 hónapja

    lilian makori WORD. ☝🏾

  60. maroonoasis

    maroonoasis3 hónapja

    This is like a lame version of "Everybody Hates Chris"

  61. Chynasmom

    Chynasmom3 hónapja

    Not even close

  62. Kamille King

    Kamille King3 hónapja

    Then why are you watching, take you negative, soul crushing, trifling self and get to stepping. Ain't nobody asked you.

  63. Brandon Davidson

    Brandon Davidson3 hónapja

    I love how Denise looks at Paul carrying all her clothes like "Since when did these two change from being such hippies?"

  64. The asiatic Lion

    The asiatic Lion3 hónapja

    I wish they put more 1980s references in the show.

  65. T h a t k i d d d _ r i i a

    T h a t k i d d d _ r i i a9 napja

    @ Juan Manuel Penaloza I don't think that's what he/she means maybe like the clothing and the retro things

  66. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel Penaloza26 napja

    Like video games and movies?

  67. WinstonS84

    WinstonS843 hónapja

    Now ya know! okur?

  68. Bev McCormick

    Bev McCormick3 hónapja


  69. Rob Moutoux

    Rob Moutoux3 hónapja

    I really believe this is about what if Zack Morris Married Lisa Turtle

  70. Chanel bags

    Chanel bags2 hónapja

    I thought the same thing to

  71. Melissa Clark

    Melissa Clark2 hónapja

    they dated IRL

  72. GenesJewel

    GenesJewel2 hónapja

    Was JUST thinkin that

  73. Nic Nico

    Nic Nico3 hónapja

    Reunion would be good

  74. Its Eunice O

    Its Eunice O3 hónapja

    Zack Morris is traaasshh!

  75. kimmieknowsrealestate Better Homes and Gardens MB

    kimmieknowsrealestate Better Homes and Gardens MB3 hónapja

    Babe her shoes are new to 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Candice Walker

    Candice WalkerHónapja


  77. Anthony F Johnson

    Anthony F Johnson3 hónapja

    Oh yeah.. I'm gonna need u to step outta those.. My favorite line.. Lol

  78. Q O

    Q O3 hónapja

    I love Bows dad 🥺he gets the best dad and husband award 🥇

  79. Feliciatanktop

    Feliciatanktop3 hónapja

    Q O the way he had her back ❤️

  80. Ronica Williamson

    Ronica Williamson3 hónapja

    Was the "petty" a thing in the 80s, though?

  81. T Jackson

    T Jackson2 hónapja

    Yes, it was bc petty is a real word. I remember calling this girl named Betty, Petty Andretti when I was in school during that decade.

  82. Queen E-star7

    Queen E-star72 hónapja

    It was used long before this era lol

  83. Aeleks Johnson

    Aeleks Johnson3 hónapja

    Yes. Petty is a word that's always been used.

  84. TheLighthouse

    TheLighthouse3 hónapja

    Most of this vocabulary was used exclusively by black people back in the day. Social media just makes things viral. Everyone acts like it's new.

  85. Debra Battle

    Debra Battle3 hónapja

    Most of the words you think were popular in the 90"s were being used by black gay men ten years before they became popular to the masses.

  86. mrscwhite18

    mrscwhite183 hónapja

    Love this show

  87. babybree175

    babybree1753 hónapja

    Jc petty... Lol

  88. bumble b33

    bumble b333 hónapja

    Jcpetty not gonna lie that was a good burn

  89. Violeta D

    Violeta D3 hónapja

    This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve stayed naked in someone else’s living Room

  90. J

    J3 hónapja

    She needs a spin off ASAP cause I need details😂😂🤣

  91. Playfulpanthress

    Playfulpanthress3 hónapja


  92. Amber Cherise

    Amber Cherise3 hónapja

    “And it probably won’t be the last!” Someone should’ve written that line.

  93. Britney Abensits

    Britney Abensits3 hónapja


  94. Kat Brax

    Kat Brax3 hónapja

    J C Petty🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. thomas obuya

    thomas obuya3 hónapja

    The blackness coming out of each and every person on that scene is funny AF

  96. Ed Brewer

    Ed Brewer3 hónapja

    Black-ish is good progressive TV. This is bad progressive TV. The performances are good, even a few stand-out performances, but the writing for this "ish" show is bad.

  97. Amber Cherise

    Amber Cherise3 hónapja

    underablackgaze A Different World got a makeover after the first season and made it better .The same could happen here!

  98. Amber Cherise

    Amber Cherise3 hónapja

    underablackgaze I agree!

  99. underablackgaze

    underablackgaze3 hónapja

    @Amber Cherise They may need to add some older writers to the staff to get the tone right.

  100. Amber Cherise

    Amber Cherise3 hónapja

    They need to find their niche before this show gets cancelled. I think this representation matters, especially with the bond that Paul and Alicia have, but they need to make this more authentic for the time period, and not just visually.

  101. underablackgaze

    underablackgaze3 hónapja

    @Kamille King All they're saying is you got actors in 80's clothes, hairstyles, and home decor but they TALK like folks from 2019/2020. The setting of the show and the characters' words DON'T match.

  102. Brendan YZF

    Brendan YZF3 hónapja

    Lmao 😂

  103. Karina Johnson

    Karina Johnson3 hónapja

    Tika's acting in this is iconic

  104. Zion Bhola

    Zion Bhola3 hónapja


  105. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi3 hónapja

    Bro, Bow's mom is looking FRESH with all those tricked out clothes!

  106. Ella Mhlongo

    Ella Mhlongo2 hónapja

    I know right, her style just makes me want to get in debt😂😂😂

  107. Ruby Catmandoo

    Ruby Catmandoo2 hónapja

    Hello there

  108. Akosua Fire

    Akosua Fire3 hónapja

    Yeah. And she’s super easy on the eyes. I can look at her all day😍

  109. Matthias Prime

    Matthias Prime3 hónapja

    I hated her in black ish but this version I love

  110. JB Lyles

    JB Lyles3 hónapja

    #JCPetty Gonna have to use that one...

  111. Myc'kala Ross

    Myc'kala Ross3 hónapja

    JB Lyles me to lol 😂

  112. DONT label me part of your party

    DONT label me part of your party3 hónapja

    Zack an lisa TOGETHER

  113. Elisabeth Fanfan

    Elisabeth Fanfan14 napja


  114. DONT label me part of your party

    DONT label me part of your party3 hónapja

    Bad joke....still a good looking couple.

  115. Rachael M

    Rachael M3 hónapja

    Sorry hon. No.

  116. Kariyne Thomas

    Kariyne Thomas3 hónapja


  117. purple. afro

    purple. afro3 hónapja

    My penis is hungry