THANK YOU LOUIS VUITTON FOR HAVING ME!!!!!! i don't know how i keep getting invited to these things but i am so grateful :,)
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  1. Alberta Grown

    Alberta Grown3 órája

    Your dad is fucking gorgeous. 😍

  2. Amelie Li

    Amelie Li4 órája

    Emma asks for stuff, phone: “sure... sure... sure... 😂”

  3. Tammy Bond

    Tammy Bond9 órája

    Yess go emma

  4. Aviana Rodriguez

    Aviana RodriguezNapja

    The alarm noise triggered me 😂😂 anyone else? (I was like oh boy time to go to work)

  5. Elena Stanojkovic

    Elena Stanojkovic3 napja

    You should do a merch collab with LV

  6. Aditi Pawar

    Aditi Pawar3 napja

    I love you and I appreciate you 😛❤

  7. Rhiannon Canonge

    Rhiannon Canonge5 napja

    Where did she get that white turtleneck? It's bangin'.

  8. Ella Cremins

    Ella Cremins5 napja

    Anyone know what lipgloss she’s wearing? Tia xx

  9. J P

    J P5 napja

    What lipstick did she use !!!!!! ASKING FOR A FRIEND !!

  10. Insta'Lives Fashion

    Insta'Lives Fashion5 napja


  11. Marni Kramer

    Marni Kramer5 napja

    I honestly felt like I was kinda there with her at the red carpet. It’s nice to feel brought along with 😂😆 14:21 and 14:26 I’m sorry but the faces she made 😂😂

  12. Ella Bee

    Ella Bee6 napja

    She sat next to itzy

  13. Hannah

    Hannah6 napja

    this is beyond cool.... literally wtf is any other youtuber under the planet sponsored by LV?! congrats emma :") (YES I GET IT IM RLY LATE OKAY) edit: FIRST!

  14. Hannah

    Hannah6 napja

    update update: i'd literally shit my pants walking out of the car to take pix....... thats on god

  15. Christina Parajuli

    Christina Parajuli6 napja

    15:08 LMFAO

  16. Esther CHANG

    Esther CHANG6 napja

    any one know where Emma's lip product is from I loveeeee it

  17. Sarah Weiler

    Sarah Weiler7 napja

    Why does your dad sound like Steve Carrell?

  18. Sophie J

    Sophie J8 napja

    At least it’s a better outfit than last time

  19. Danny Targaryen

    Danny Targaryen8 napja

    I’m so confused. Why is she at fashion week and working with LV? Just because of her channel? Is she a model?

  20. KaiAriesXO

    KaiAriesXO9 napja


  21. smiley• flower

    smiley• flower10 napja

    you know your dad’s coming to Paris with you because he must’ve watched taken and doesn’t want to be Liam neeson rn

  22. Anneliese 50508

    Anneliese 5050811 napja

    How come Emma say," can I get..." before EVERYTHING when she's ordering??

  23. Claytoof

    Claytoof12 napja

    Awww this is so cute

  24. Madison Scarrow

    Madison Scarrow12 napja

    i seriously love emma’s dad so much, i can see how her mom and dad are married cause there so much alike 🥰🥰

  25. Madison Scarrow

    Madison Scarrow6 napja

    simona j i didn’t know that ):

  26. simona j

    simona j8 napja

    her parents are divorced

  27. Laura Mahan

    Laura Mahan12 napja


  28. Saige Ryan

    Saige Ryan13 napja

    Why ur dad look like Michael Scott doe?

  29. Sara Beth Hobbs

    Sara Beth Hobbs14 napja

    dude i love your dad lmao

  30. Nina Torrens

    Nina Torrens14 napja

    The outfit she was wearing is one of the outfits she tried on last year

  31. Mallory Lynn

    Mallory Lynn15 napja

    this is random but the guy on the phone sounded soooo nice 🥺🥺🥺

  32. Leslie Guzman

    Leslie Guzman15 napja

    11:23 I love her Fuck necklace

  33. shreya khanna

    shreya khanna15 napja

    guy at 11:54 and 13:47 ?

  34. awiee glossy

    awiee glossy15 napja

    No one: Emma’s Dad: yO wHaT uP

  35. Ella Dunn

    Ella Dunn16 napja

    The handshake with that guy tho

  36. Niah Dashe

    Niah Dashe16 napja

    *You should have done French tip nails since you were in France*

  37. castanedaosss

    castanedaosss16 napja

    3:31 bro that sound triggered me so bad 😂

  38. Jcheng Seong

    Jcheng Seong16 napja

    4:39-4:41 asmr

  39. Sudhiksha Pinisetti

    Sudhiksha Pinisetti17 napja


  40. Zoe White

    Zoe White17 napja

    3:18 Betty cooper has entered the chat

  41. Zoe White

    Zoe White17 napja

    Not even kidding I have the exact same glasses as her just like a lot cheaper

  42. Princess-Eva

    Princess-Eva18 napja

    Does your Dad support the LGBT Community??

  43. Nina

    Nina18 napja

    I like emma as a celebrity

  44. Ruby Mckenzie

    Ruby Mckenzie20 napja

    When she was walking and everyone was saying her name that made me anxious as shit

  45. iiOrlxndo

    iiOrlxndo20 napja

    Learn the figure 8

  46. Susan Ellington

    Susan Ellington21 napja

    All of the 3k thumbs down are all the people who are jealous that they did not get invited to Paris fashion week like if u agree

  47. Samanta Ciunele

    Samanta Ciunele21 napja

    Am from france and seems like u love france.

  48. andrew blogg

    andrew blogg21 napja

    Why the f*ck you always promoting your merch.... but i love u emma

  49. julia sitz

    julia sitz21 napja

    omg i can see ur ribs when u scratched ur back and u pulled ur shirt up

  50. julia sitz

    julia sitz21 napja

    r u okay?

  51. sofia alvarado

    sofia alvarado22 napja

    well emma was sitting next to ITZY im jelous

  52. Natalia Herrera

    Natalia Herrera22 napja

    Hey! Why don't u send ur skincare rutine to mixedbeauty? They do a series where people send videos of they doing they skincare routine and a dermatologist tell them what they are doing wrong and can improve. I love watching those and it may help u ♥️♥️♥️

  53. Fausta Ru

    Fausta Ru23 napja

    Me with a face mask watching emma putting on a face mask... Can't relate.

  54. Devan George

    Devan George24 napja

    I love those glasses on her though

  55. Rotondwa Phophi

    Rotondwa Phophi24 napja

    Ngl I want Emma chamberlains dad to be my dad 🥺

  56. Neil Boss

    Neil Boss24 napja

    Dell me y ur dad has no top lip

  57. Roy H

    Roy H27 napja

    Does fing boots!❤️❤️❤️

  58. Franki Bees

    Franki Bees28 napja

    The room service guy kept saying “sure!” All the time

  59. Marko Dejanović

    Marko Dejanović29 napja

    I found myself binge on your videos. What are you doing to meee. Stooooop!!!🤣🤣🤣

  60. Noel Alvarez

    Noel AlvarezHónapja

    Emma: Yo what up Bro Dad: Yo what up! 😂😂

  61. Melrian


    Emma: don't eat nail polish Simplynailogical: *hold my nail polish cake*

  62. josie W

    josie WHónapja

    sjsu qi is dais

  63. Veronica Ardissone

    Veronica ArdissoneHónapja

    i have to learn a better woah

  64. Cierra Necole

    Cierra NecoleHónapja

    I love this channel man . You inspire the crap out of this old lady man . Being yourself has never been so amazing . You make me love me