Package thief caught by bad ass neighbor

Greasy Grinch type caught mid heist by local bad ass. The neighbor spotted someone stealing a package off of our porch after realizing his car had been broken into. He chased the guy through the neighborhood for 10 minutes before delivering him to the cops.


  1. StonksManShip Guy

    StonksManShip Guy7 napja

    what’s the song name

  2. Erik Markle

    Erik Markle11 napja

    Benny Hill though 😂😂😂😂

  3. ryne quiroz

    ryne quiroz26 napja

    Give the neighbor a 6 pack

  4. Falafel Sandwich

    Falafel Sandwich26 napja

    What kind of camera are u using? I know this is year old but recoding looks great.

  5. lovelyblkwoman Brown

    lovelyblkwoman Brown27 napja


  6. kathy Turner

    kathy Turner27 napja

    Love the music!

  7. Why do I need a channel to comment

    Why do I need a channel to comment28 napja

    Everything is funnier to the Benny Hill theme.

  8. QUick Joe

    QUick JoeHónapja

    Jump scare at the end

  9. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserHónapja


  10. koolio0900



  11. Phoebe Pingspoof

    Phoebe PingspoofHónapja

    As a European, I’m confused. If a parcel is delivered and the person is not there, it just gets put with a neighbour and given a note saying which neighbour and proof that they have it to that neighbour ... or they just send it to the nearest post office for you to pick up?? Surely Americans by now realise that leaving a package outside is not a good idea..

  12. Tsar


    That AUDI is fucking hot!!! i'd fuck it

  13. Adam


    Honestly, this might have been even remotely funny if that stupid "music" wasn't playing

  14. Hayden Mckinney

    Hayden MckinneyHónapja


  15. Jackie Garcia

    Jackie Garcia2 hónapja

    I like the background music

  16. Letmehealyouxo

    Letmehealyouxo2 hónapja


  17. semensnotbubble

    semensnotbubble2 hónapja

    God that audi s4 tho 😍

  18. ßaron

    ßaron2 hónapja

    Is that an RS5? Either way, that’s a sexy car you’ve got there!

  19. Gulherme Alexandre

    Gulherme Alexandre2 hónapja

    I'll make a package that shoots a shotgun bullet when opened.

  20. New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7A

    New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7A2 hónapja

    Can you please turn that music off

  21. Host Animus

    Host Animus3 hónapja

    Lmao thanks for the upload! This is pure gold.

  22. AKMguy

    AKMguy3 hónapja

    LOVE the music from Benny Hill and LOVE the fact that this asshole got caught!!!!!

  23. Jesse Alcantar

    Jesse Alcantar5 hónapja

    Now that’s a fucking Naber good job

  24. Blood Legion

    Blood Legion5 hónapja

    Benny Hill? Lol

  25. GLING

    GLING6 hónapja

    LMAO! The Benny Hill theme song made this even funnier! 🤣😂

  26. Andre Martens

    Andre Martens6 hónapja

    In Russia package deliverers you

  27. Backyard Detailing

    Backyard Detailing6 hónapja

    Fake video. So called thief turns left at top of stairs. Clock timer is 01:51:58. So called neighbour appears at 01:55:59 from out of the middle of the road. The neighbour is not even in the footage prior to this, not in yard. The best package thief trap video I saw a few years ago was when a thief lifted a package off the ground, which triggered a trapdoor that he fell through into a pool of bright pink dye. Climbing out, he triggered a device and he was covered with 'Fart Spray."

  28. foreignwhipcrasher

    foreignwhipcrasher7 hónapja

    Lmao everything about this video is hilarious. That smart car was the cherry on top

  29. Steve

    Steve8 hónapja

    I just disliked the Video.

  30. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee8 hónapja

    I spent 1:11 watchinh the Audi

  31. Bud McSmoke

    Bud McSmoke9 hónapja

    One of the best package theif video's I have seen so far!! Great video.

  32. Bob Mchugh

    Bob Mchugh10 hónapja

    I nearly lost it with the music playing then did lose it when the Smart Car drove by. How appropriate! 😂😂

  33. Jay Vee

    Jay Vee10 hónapja

    What's the music's name?

  34. justakidwithbigdreams wang

    justakidwithbigdreams wang10 hónapja

    that car looks clean af

  35. meme lord

    meme lord10 hónapja

    So funny

  36. Rafid hassan oney

    Rafid hassan oney11 hónapja

    In our country if we can catch them , they are about to have broken hands or legs and if we catch them stealing something like motorbikes or expensive stuff , they are dead ! NO 911, NO Lawsuits , Direct to the GRAVE !

  37. Dale Edwards

    Dale Edwards11 hónapja

    anytime a Smart Car is on video, this music should be playing.

  38. EarthNatureArt

    EarthNatureArt11 hónapja

    Glad he was caught, but that Audi 😍🙈

  39. femaleonthecreek

    femaleonthecreek11 hónapja

    The Benny Hill music is wonderful!!

  40. Babar Pervez

    Babar Pervez11 hónapja

    In the middle eastern countries for theft no jury, no bail bond, no judge.... they chop off your hands Baby

  41. DarkWolf76

    DarkWolf7611 hónapja

    The music only added more comedy to the scene lmao fucking Epic!!! You owe that neighbor a big cold beer.

  42. Atheistically Speaking

    Atheistically Speaking11 hónapja

    If you're worried about a parcel being stolen if you're out, from outside your door/porch simply ask the company/seller to put the words 'Police Tracked Bait Package' on the items..

  43. Richard Joe-Leonn

    Richard Joe-Leonn11 hónapja

    Music was perfect for this video Yakety Yak

  44. Ravichandran Rajendran

    Ravichandran RajendranÉvvel

    That chase, whole new level😁😁

  45. Alex


    Damn that RS5 is truly stunning

  46. happymemories


    Benny Hill theme song as my ringtone LOL

  47. Kermit


    *Note to self: if someday living in the land of the free/home of the brave, get a frucking PO Box for packages.*

  48. Puddles


    Mail boxes are awesome. :)

  49. java blade

    java bladeÉvvel

    Benny Hill always wins

  50. barenjager66


    I would have probably got an assault charge also. Cops wouldn't have got there before I beat that thief's ass first.

  51. Fran Perez

    Fran PerezÉvvel

    That seriously made my day! Thanks for sharing!

  52. Moo Kitty

    Moo KittyÉvvel

    Seems excessive but if you don't do this kind of things, they will keep doing it

  53. cierrablue


    Oh yes!!!! That was so satisfying to watch.

  54. gage4g


    LMAO the music.

  55. Paul Ⓥ Gregory

    Paul Ⓥ GregoryÉvvel

    Thief's = Scum

  56. Carlos Parra

    Carlos ParraÉvvel

    I lived in the US in the 90s, and it was such a different country. This kind of stuff didnt happen. How low this once beautiful country has gone.

  57. LEPKA


    YES! Gosh so many people say "mind your own business" and all this other nonsense to deter people from getting involved. Good on your neighbors for standing up for whats right catching that jerk.

  58. Skreamies


    Should cut the thiefs hands off so he can never do it again, scumbag

  59. StrawberryCopper


    That's a male??? Must be one of those pussy-men.....

  60. Jedi Knight

    Jedi KnightÉvvel

    Top neighbour👍 Top music.