Package Thief Caught in the Act || ViralHog

Occurred on November 28, 2017 / Everett, WA 98208
Info from Licensor: "My dear friend and nanny Kate Anderson chased down and apprehended a thief stealing packages from my front door. Kate restrained her for almost 10 minutes until the police came and arrested her. Notice that our large black dog, Mona, did little to help."

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  1. Ma Chatte

    Ma Chatte2 napja

    The crackhead still waiting for across the street.

  2. Shaun Moorcroft

    Shaun Moorcroft2 napja

    What was the outcome? Did the Police make an arrest? Also, I don't understand the way parcels are simply left on doorsteps! In the UK, if you're not in, you get a card through the letterbox saying: returned to depot/left with neighbour/redelivery...... doesn't this happen in the US?

  3. Julian Gastelum

    Julian Gastelum3 napja

    Love the way the driver left her behind. We are partners in crime But once we get caught we are all on our own.

  4. R Anderson

    R Anderson4 napja

    Give that worthless Democrat 25 years.

  5. Larry DeLeau

    Larry DeLeau8 napja

    1:03...I was checking your address...oh ok..sorry bout the take down..have a good one..bye

  6. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay8 napja

    Satisfying to watch 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Sergio Amathon

    Sergio Amathon8 napja

    Did anyone called the police?.

  8. lukesterification

    lukesterification8 napja

    Pathetic thief starts whining like a little biotch.

  9. Money Bus

    Money Bus10 napja

    And my pharmacy wants me to sign up for mail delivery. Let me think about it no. That little ghost dog cracks me up!

  10. Donovan

    Donovan10 napja

    The driver doesn't know her, doesn't know her name and has never seen her before.

  11. Anthony Gilbert

    Anthony Gilbert10 napja

    This has happened to me a few times over the years. Wish I would've caught the person.

  12. the sludgehammer801

    the sludgehammer80111 napja

    cue GTA5 "wasted" SFX!!!😂😂😂😂 That lady ate asphalt!!😂😂

  13. Catherine Agostino

    Catherine Agostino11 napja

    I just like that he just drove off without her

  14. TheODLawson23


    It's not him. It's her that drives off. The thief girl named Rhieanna Schindler was arrested and she confessed her friend driver was a she.

  15. Hugh Hammell

    Hugh Hammell11 napja


  16. Material Girl

    Material Girl11 napja

    The way the getaway driver drove off 😂😂🤔

  17. George S

    George S11 napja

    Fricken nice ! The pieces of shit pull up in a Cadillac SUV too

  18. Roblox Gamer

    Roblox Gamer12 napja

    Are we really gonna ignore the fact that the guy with the red sweater is probably talking to the police😂🤣🤣

  19. Mohammed Hussain

    Mohammed Hussain13 napja


  20. Trisha Jetson

    Trisha Jetson13 napja

    I would of given her 2 black eyes and an old fashioned ass beating

  21. Power Tech

    Power Tech13 napja

    Did the police came?

  22. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez13 napja


  23. AmayZing I Am

    AmayZing I Am14 napja

    The funniest thing. That piece of crap wouldn’t escape the death grip haha

  24. wan wan

    wan wan15 napja

    Punch her face and hand please

  25. Anthony P. L.

    Anthony P. L.15 napja

    Whoelse waiting for the cop to show up?

  26. Anthony P. L.

    Anthony P. L.15 napja

    Serves her right

  27. superanimegal

    superanimegal15 napja

    wish i had a neighbor like this when my medical supplies got stolen

  28. me AND mines

    me AND mines15 napja

    I'm glad somebody caught these thieves in the act.

  29. TheODLawson23


    The police officially confirmed that two girls were arrested. The thief girl's name was Rhieanna Schindler and she has been arrested more than 20 times since 2010. Search Google.

  30. Shannon J

    Shannon J16 napja

    She got 58 days in jail for that! One of the packages had $5k of prescriptions in it. This lovely lady is homeless, on disability, & has 3 kids...that her mother takes care of 😒 Round of applause for Super Nanny! I’d let her watch my kids!

  31. Bawngtim Kh

    Bawngtim Kh16 napja

    Nothing pisses me off more than package thieves.

  32. AmbblyPuff

    AmbblyPuff16 napja

    Would've liked to see the arrest

  33. Jo

    Jo16 napja

    oh my god this is literally how my 47 year old mother acts... i’m seeing this more and more and i despise her more and more every day.

  34. Irish legend

    Irish legend18 napja

    Should of broke her nose forget about tue police

  35. Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel Hernandez18 napja

    The driver got the package and left that b****

  36. Dj 1

    Dj 118 napja

    Haha!! That homeowner is GANGSTA!!

  37. Tony Graham

    Tony Graham19 napja

    Driver left her ass lol

  38. Mari Hearndon

    Mari Hearndon20 napja

    The driver never came back

  39. GM504

    GM50420 napja

    Guess that's not a guard dog huh???

  40. Amy GÜRKAN

    Amy GÜRKAN21 napja

    Way to go nanny! Mona the dog will get them next time!!

  41. Lidinator

    Lidinator21 napja

    Her loyal friend just dipped

  42. BMW W.

    BMW W.22 napja

    Hahahahahaha wtf so gooood ty

  43. drmachinewerke1

    drmachinewerke122 napja

    Throw her out into traffic

  44. Hitcher

    Hitcher23 napja

    Looks like Snohomish’s an epidemic here, or somewhere else in Washington state

  45. Valarie's SunShine

    Valarie's SunShine23 napja

    LMMFAO 😂🤣😂🤣😂!!!!!!!!

  46. Wilma Phillips

    Wilma Phillips23 napja

    I hope someone called 911

  47. Brenda Walker

    Brenda Walker23 napja

    Damn her partner in crime almost ran over her

  48. RizGames

    RizGames24 napja

    The driver did a good job tho

  49. geeksquad smarty

    geeksquad smarty24 napja

    That homeowner had balls citizen's arrest. 😂😂😏😂😏

  50. QueenA Save

    QueenA Save24 napja

    I loved watching this I think she couldn't get up fast bc her partner in crime ran her foot over (I think)

  51. Square Bidnez

    Square Bidnez24 napja

    She kicks ass!!!

  52. Jigglin Jubblies

    Jigglin Jubblies24 napja

    Thief: If i get caught im just going to say over and over and over. Crying I didn't do anything. The other Thief: Yeah dude that will work. We just keep saying that. We got this my dude.

  53. Dee Cee

    Dee Cee25 napja

    Someone finally got caught FOR REAL!!! It's about time!! I hope the police showed up and she was charged.

  54. Arthur Artrip

    Arthur Artrip25 napja

    Soooo. Did the cops show?

  55. Sol Castro

    Sol Castro25 napja

    Poor girl

  56. Jose Soto

    Jose Soto25 napja

    I know this video is about the THEIF but that dog seemed really interested in that cat.

  57. Patty Cakes

    Patty Cakes25 napja

    Lol!!! That’s what you get for stealing people’s shit.

  58. rachel183321

    rachel18332125 napja

    Who is this girl what’s her Facebook?

  59. Luis Dominguez

    Luis Dominguez25 napja

    Haha at least the driver kept the package lmao...dick move

  60. Zenomorph

    Zenomorph25 napja

    I wonder if she was sued for attacking this innocent spark of divinity? (Sarc)

  61. Sabrina Domingues

    Sabrina Domingues25 napja

    lol she was nice to

  62. Valbona Cerra

    Valbona Cerra25 napja