Package Thief VS Bounty Hunter with a Gun

A homeowner turned the tables on a porch pirate.
Video shows Alex Mazzola chasing after the suspect with a gun in hand.
Mazzola says he knew something wasn't right when he saw an SUV pull up to his driveway on his ring camera and a man get out.
What the porch pirate didn't know is that Mazzola is a former bounty hunter.
"I was a bounty hunter. I've arrested MS-13 guys," said Mazzola. "He chose the wrong house at the wrong time. It was just perfect timing."
Mazzola chased one of the thieves down the street while the other man drove off and ditched the stolen vehicle nearby.
Police say the SUV was stolen and found other packages inside. Both suspects got away.


  1. YourBroBlogan


    As much as I would like to see him 6 feet under, you can’t shoot someone who’s fleeing. But...If you put yourself in front of their vehicle and you feel like they are gonna run you over while you attempt citizens arrest; you have full rights to defend yourself.

  2. datboyjeff


    Shoulda killed his ass

  3. Joshua Norris

    Joshua NorrisHónapja

    He needs a bat :) to break the windows.

  4. Reaper Grim

    Reaper Grim2 hónapja

    Should a shot him my dude I woulda

  5. Techno Smart

    Techno Smart3 hónapja

    He should've shot him right there

  6. Lupe Moreno

    Lupe Moreno10 hónapja

    He,s Probably Demrats,Good Job,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. TheTTVCrew

    TheTTVCrew24 napja

    Lmfao what

  8. DyslexicStoner240


    I doubt it. Fat white guys are Republicans.

  9. Mr. S

    Mr. S2 hónapja

    Sure, republicans are saints.

  10. Leonardo Ramos

    Leonardo Ramos9 hónapja

    Yes, he is one of the dem rats

  11. Spencer Romero

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  12. Benty Baroon

    Benty Baroon10 hónapja

    Democrats steal. It’s a fact.

  13. TheTTVCrew

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  14. Spicy Bunny

    Spicy Bunny10 hónapja

    if that's a fact, I'm a jew

  15. Bean Bandit

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    Hell yeah