Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar


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  1. h3h3Productions

    h3h3Productions5 napja

    Watch Part 1: Watch Part 3:

  2. real hypedxc

    real hypedxc2 napja

    Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your HU-gos career

  3. Jaden Yuki

    Jaden Yuki2 napja

    Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar

  4. Adrian Lacey

    Adrian Lacey2 napja


  5. Mike Clark

    Mike Clark4 napja

    Man I want that hat where can I buy it?

  6. BoltaSlo

    BoltaSlo4 napja

    Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison

  7. Brian Quint

    Brian QuintÓrája


  8. randar ansco

    randar anscoÓrája

    Every you tuber that I grew up seeing and loving so far has had some connection to Keem and all of them have been taken down and ruined. I remember seeing Bashur in Sky’s videos, and loving the character he was, the laugh.. It was weird, he suddenly disappeared. Toby, sky himself. The list goes on and it really destroys me.

  9. Gianluca Broccoli

    Gianluca BroccoliÓrája

    Ethan ur a fkn legend best Chanel on HU-gos by far the realest

  10. bilias hour

    bilias hourÓrája

    Please don’t let him get away this time Ethan. This is awful. We are relying on you.

  11. JustSkiipex


    Teddy fresh is cool ass company. I like them :)

  12. bilias hour

    bilias hourÓrája

    to primitive reflexes of the crowd swaying their opinion without involving critical thought and excluding the fact that there are many components to ethics, all of varying weight. S

  13. Mr. Popo

    Mr. Popo2 órája

    How does Alex jones get banned but this keem dude is still aloud to influence kids.


    ITS JUST ALEX JY2 órája

    this video was good but you opened a pandora's box you can't close the evidence you showed was very good and solid but attacking people's sponcers no matter what is bad

  15. The Real Lohzy

    The Real LohzyÓrája

    you cant even spell sponsor, if you do bad shit you shouldnt have a sponsor. That simple

  16. Nurul Qusyairah

    Nurul Qusyairah2 órája

    how is he still allowed on this platform? he shouldn't be given any kind of platform.


    THE WALRUS2 órája

    Honestly I was on the Ethan side of the drama but I watched a very eye-opening video called the death of H3H3 Ethan keeps taking it down but people are reuploading it I recommend everyone watches it

  18. Michael Burgess

    Michael Burgess2 órája

    This Keemstar seems like a real jerk!

  19. Javari Vian

    Javari Vian2 órája

    yo someones gotta accuse keem of pedophilia

  20. Morpon

    Morpon2 órája

    It's like fnaf. All the victims of the purple guy (keemstar) are now getting back at him after years of suffering.

  21. oliverhite

    oliverhite2 órája

    Keemstar needs karma

  22. Siouxfan28

    Siouxfan282 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1004">16:44</a> Did he say "Hobophobic"??

  23. legalizethegreen

    legalizethegreen2 órája

    hobophobic streamers should lose their g fuels

  24. Arctis Tyriva

    Arctis Tyriva2 órája

    Wait, so is this bieng caused by Keemstar constantly fucking people up and questioning why people are pissed at him?

  25. Genrotto

    Genrotto2 órája

    Ethan should just drop the personality part of this content. His editing is great but the personality sections feel shoehorned in with TONNES of audio peaking. Great video though

  26. ckisamazing

    ckisamazing2 órája

    how come keemstar's video gets taken down for harrasment but not any h3h3's many videos on keemstar were taken down

  27. Jes Web

    Jes Web2 órája

    Keemstar has always been a scumbag. Why is this news now?

  28. Igy Delacruz

    Igy Delacruz2 órája

    When I used to be younger I enjoyed watching basher with skydoesmincraft and pure honesty as now growing up and understanding more, I’m astonished by how just under the hyped up mincraft player he is or was but, not sane(sorry if this seems mean.) it’s just that I should watch out for people in my life too and care. Thank you sincerely.

  29. Hayden

    Hayden2 órája

    Keemstar's videos are full of expletives. Whenever he couldn’t stand his point, he just go like " u are a piece of f**king garbage".

  30. Y0

    Y02 órája

    (to Gokunaru) About your latest video: I don't agree with your video being taken down, I think everybody's opinion should be heard. I disagree with the fact that you are not criticising Keemstar because you are pushing the mechanism by which he perpetually justifies his toxic, highly immoral behaviour, discrediting anybody who questions his behaviour. I think Keemstar is much more worthy of criticism as it's not about the specifics of our actions as much as the degree to which we're willing to reflect on them and ourselves for the sake of becoming a better person and making the world a better place. It is in this respect where Keemstar and H3H3 are lightyears apart. Keemstar's fundamental niche on the platform says it all and it has become apparent that he is willing to do anything to anyone to avoid self reflection and has fallen into a vicious cycle of turning impulses for self criticism into hatred for others. This cycle needs to be broken so that he will stop destroying peoples lives and setting an example for others to do so. This applies not nearly to the same extent to H3H3. You are using the instinct of the people against them by focussing on the specifics as a means of character assassination instead of putting the emphasis on the big picture, which holds the much more important information about the willingness for self reflection, like a populist demagog appealing to primitive reflexes of the crowd swaying their opinion without involving critical thought and excluding the fact that there are many components to ethics, all of varying weight. Self insight is the single most important characteristic and at the very heart of ethics. Self insight is the only hope for humanity. And you are not taking the gravity of self insight into consideration.

  31. Igy Delacruz

    Igy Delacruz2 órája

    Although this is out place, I enjoy the fact that H3H3 used the theme of ‘nuke’ and big boom boom. It’s very cleaver and whenever I would write I would try to look for things like this. Very good job and nice :) , sorry about keestar showing hate, hope everything becomes better. Stay safe! 👍👍👍

  32. CodyS777

    CodyS7772 órája

    So there is a difference between 13 and 15? Naw both are illegal!

  33. Gsed _

    Gsed _3 órája

    i didnt even know keemstar had friends

  34. 48th Chromosome

    48th Chromosome3 órája

    LOL he actually got keem fucked out of g fuel deal. GOT EM

  35. mastermomo

    mastermomo3 órája

    i remember the bashurverse video i feel bad for him

  36. James Kelliher

    James Kelliher3 órája

    These are two grown ass men with families

  37. Espen Totland

    Espen Totland3 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> Keem is the one ALWAYS playing the victim whenever something is going against him

  38. d9sire

    d9sire3 órája

    banks is so down to earth fucking love that dude

  39. Sun

    Sun3 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="873">14:33</a> I hate HU-gosrs and this kind of behaviour, like JC man is supposed to be better than keemstar

  40. Kevin Duggan

    Kevin Duggan3 órája

    I almost forgot this Channel existed.

  41. Krampus

    Krampus3 órája

    I honestly think that this dude should rot in prison. isn't really anything we can do to send this psycopath in prison for the rest of his life?

  42. Daniel gonzalez

    Daniel gonzalez3 órája

    His channel needs to be deleted

  43. Calum McKenzie

    Calum McKenzie3 órája

    Keemstar is an internet bully with a wide reaching platform. It's that simple/dangerous

  44. alex williams

    alex williams4 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> hobophobic lol

  45. memestealer69

    memestealer694 órája


  46. ZombieApples

    ZombieApples4 órája

    Garbitch. I watched his video and he can't talk normally, his tone doesn't change at all. Just because you're shouting it doesn't make it true.

  47. over here feeling like an entity

    over here feeling like an entity4 órája

    keem literally committed one of the first logical fallacies almost straight away in his video.

  48. Kaptain Khorneflakes

    Kaptain Khorneflakes4 órája

    Ethan, loved the vid my dude but I still don't believe going after Keem's sponsors was the right thing to do. If you do it are you any better than him?

  49. medusa blue

    medusa blue4 órája

    It seems like keemstar attacks people to remove competitors

  50. SoCalKilla 8

    SoCalKilla 84 órája

    Remember when Ethan invited a mental I'll and unstable shoenice onto his podcast putty for entertainment? Ethan is such a hypocrite. Keem is a bitch and terrible person but Ethan needs to have some more self awareness as well

  51. Matt R

    Matt R4 órája

    Keemstar is obvi just an idiot that doesnt know hes an idiot. do people watch him for news or just to laugh at an idiot with a mouth

  52. AnimeTiddie

    AnimeTiddie4 órája

    I mean I don’t really care it’s the internet all of you peoples are feeding into each other by responding lol it’s like a bigger version of playground insults but with money involved and images to build (or destroy) n it sucks to see this shit being brought up again dawg cmon leave this shit in 2016 :/

  53. Martin Dennis

    Martin Dennis4 órája

    Idubz need to join this fight

  54. riley stown

    riley stown4 órája

    It can never be enough for the internet to move on from bad content creators, first we must spectical ig

  55. AbzoluteGaming

    AbzoluteGaming4 órája

    h3 is winning the war

  56. jondysnach

    jondysnach5 órája

    I think there needs to be a class action law suit against keemstar, for deformation, based on everything that he has done. Most of what he has done is the defination of what defamation is.

  57. MehmeTunceaux

    MehmeTunceaux5 órája

    Both of them are idiots

  58. Viscount Lordington

    Viscount Lordington5 órája

    Bad ethan, you false flagged baaaad ethan!

  59. Caitlin Rose

    Caitlin Rose5 órája

    Keem can't say shit about the mentally ill, but you can mock Shoenice who is a crippling alcoholic and that's ok? It's not okay for SOG to make a bad guy out of you, then "try to dox you". But you can talk about Keems sponsorship with G-Fuel because it's integral to him after making him out as a shitty person and it's ok because Keem did it before. Keem making false pedophilia allegations is bad, but when you do it it's in the name of justice. You cannot criticize someone, then do the exact same thing and ingore it because they also did other shitty things you hypocrite.

  60. Zoom Thawne

    Zoom Thawne5 órája

    drama like this is why I don't like taking sides

  61. Melvin Leong

    Melvin Leong6 órája

    not gonna lie.. but when they started focusing on Fossey.. i kinda tuned out.. boring as fuk

  62. Lil Tabz

    Lil Tabz6 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> is nobody gonna mention that keem said “hobophobic”

  63. Jr Davies

    Jr Davies6 órája

    Bro, keems audacity knows no bounds.

  64. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy6 órája

    Why did you have Gokaranus video taken down ?

  65. Wyatt Gunner

    Wyatt Gunner6 órája

    Q sent me Go h3h3 Fight .

  66. TommyAck102

    TommyAck1026 órája

    All i hear is Gar-bitch.... weird he cant say gar-bage normally...

  67. TommyAck102

    TommyAck1026 órája

    Also needs more :O faces during the tobuscus accusation narration.....i don't think he displayed enough edgy emotions....

  68. TheMisterSaxy

    TheMisterSaxy6 órája

    I’m totally going to start supporting tony and watching his streams. We need the internets rad grandpa

  69. Tom Parmenter

    Tom Parmenter6 órája

    Frankenstein was sort of like a necromancer!

  70. Colten Crumback

    Colten Crumback6 órája

    Eathan.. I'm on your side, I always have been through it all... But you're kinda sounding a little bitchy & "Triggered!!" nowadays..... What happen to you man!!

  71. diego

    diego6 órája

    Why are you taking down videos homie?

  72. Hunter Hofman

    Hunter Hofman6 órája

    EVERYONE SHOULD UNSUBSCRIBE TO KEEM? how funny would that be seeing his channel goto 100k haha

  73. Cholethechill

    Cholethechill6 órája

    Ok but didn't we all already know keem was kinda whack? He runs a drama channel on HU-gos so he kinda has to be a piece of shit to keep up the drama right? I know the point is keemstar is actin whack and needs to change but if we don't give him attention he might change for reals

  74. Hunter Hofman

    Hunter Hofman7 órája

    maybe thats how he got the name killer keem?

  75. YaBoiPawl

    YaBoiPawl7 órája

    I'm not siding with anyone but why "cancel" keemstar in 2020? The equivalent to that is canceling hitler in 2020. Beacuse it'll always end the same way. Nothing will change. No one will win beacuse in the end its just two old man trying to expose each other, which would've been done ages ago. It really does feel different when you're not getting attention anymore.

  76. Luca Toffolo

    Luca Toffolo7 órája

    Imagine taking down a expose video because you know your just as guilty as keemstar

  77. Icer Ikazu

    Icer Ikazu7 órája

    DIE KeeeemmStarrr!!!

  78. the llama foundation

    the llama foundation7 órája

    Good job Ethan, keep it up

  79. Overdosed Teddy

    Overdosed Teddy7 órája

    Love the video, but I have a theory. Keemstar is also extremely depressed and one of his parents (or who ever) drilled this idea into his head that it's not real and if you feel sad to ignore it and distract yourself.

  80. Solomon

    Solomon7 órája

    That ending was a wrap for Kemstur

  81. Green Saint

    Green Saint7 órája

    Honestly I dislike all of you drama channels because you all promote hate and twist the truth to carry a false narrative for views. Or simply harass other people and bully them, nudging them to fight back to create drama. Get this. memeology101 posted a video revealing the real sauce on Ethan and it just got susan'd out of existence after an hour. It's sad to see people like keem and Ethan create such toxic communities. I'm certain there are others like this but it doesn't matter

  82. kamikyu

    kamikyu8 órája

    I can't even look at keemstar's face when he talks. hes such a vile human being.. and anyone who still supports him, is just as vile.

  83. ᗩᑎᗝᑎƳᗰᗝᑌᔕ

    ᗩᑎᗝᑎƳᗰᗝᑌᔕ8 órája

    -H3H3 can’t take criticism-

  84. Soggy

    Soggy8 órája

    I can't take this beef seriously both of you guys take shit out of context and always. None of you guys realize people come from different places. No one is perfect. I'm not saying any of this is dismissable on keemstar or h3h3s side. But like both of this is just more comedy than beef. This is just sad to watch. Let keemstar be keemstar, and h3h3 be h3h3. Watching both of keemstars and your videos makes me thing u are just trying to profit off keemstar. Not financially but from the clout. I just think this beef is dumb, I'm not a supporter of any side but I think you should let keemstar do keemstar and you do you. Like bruh if keemstar ruins himself let him.

  85. Kayla

    Kayla8 órája

    Narcissistic personality disorder: Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it Exaggerate achievements and talents Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations Take advantage of others to get what they want Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others Be envious of others and believe others envy them Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious Insist on having the best of everything - for instance, the best car or office

  86. Nobody Cares

    Nobody Cares8 órája

    I dont wanna talk about keem murdering his wife, i will let him tell the story

  87. Joshua Guerra

    Joshua Guerra8 órája

    yahhhh lets go Ethan!!! take down keemstar

  88. Dane

    Dane8 órája

    thank you Ethan