NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Chinese cities on lockdown over fears of deadly COVID-19, Democrats focus on abuse of power in second day of opening arguments in Trump’s trial, and actress Annabella Sciorra gives powerful testimony in Harvey Weinstein trial.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
1:30 Deadly Virus Quarantine Impacts 25 Million As Toll Rises
3:02 New Suspected Cases Of Deadly Virus Discovered In U.S.
4:33 Actress Annabella Sciorra Testifies Weinstein Raped Her
6:56 Democrats Make Abuse Of Power Case In Trump's Trial
9:21 American Firefighters Killed Battling Australia Wildfires
10:36 Grammys Bombshell: Ousted Chief Says Awards 'Rigged'
13:22 'Pillowcase Rapist' Suspect Identified Using Son's DNA
15:08 Ex-Wells Fargo CEO Banned From Banking, Fined $17.5 Million
15:22 Fedex Warns Customers About Growing Growing Text Message Scam
15:49 Trump Administration Cracks Down On 'Birth Tourism'
17:42 Student Says He Can't Attend Graduation Unless He Cuts Hair
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 23rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News"


  1. Richy Cartel

    Richy Cartel3 napja

    If the school has no dress code specifically stating the prescribed length of a students hair, and the school is a public school(hence, government), then, the long haired hippie can legally: (1) draw-up a Writ Of Habeas Corps and file it in-court to obtain a judge's written order to the principle of the school(who imposed the ban upon him) to let him walk for his high school deploma based on the principle gross misuse and abuse of his authority to implement a unwritten/unposted written notice 10 days in advance of any such polic(ies), practice(s), custom(s) and/or guidelines that a student is: (A) prohibited to participate in the schools graduation ceremony based on anything in the frist place; (B) only the independent school committee board has authority to create rules and prohibit any student from participating in graduation ceremony of what he, himself had earned upon the schools committee board had in written practice for him, if he graduates from the very frist day when he frist started going to school there, which, back then, pertains to no refusal to allow a student to walk/participate in the graduation ceremony that he, himself had earned; (C) no such hair code that prescribes(written in also specifically describing exactly) include's the punishment imposed be cannot walk/fully and completely participated in the graduation ceremony entitlement(s) that he, himself, had earned; (D) their is no prescribed hair code; (E)deprived of his 14th Amendment Due Process and Equal Treatment to the Law Rights to the Constitution of the USA, "before" punishment be imposed of the principle refused to permit him to participate in the school graduation ceremony beneficiary that he, himself, had earned, the principle is mandatory required, at a bare minimum of furnishing the student with each/every: (a) a 24 hour in advance written notice of the date/time, that includes, but not limited to: (i)all of the underlying facts to the charge (ii)a copy of the displanary Report (b) a hearing with the accused present, that furnish the accused: (i)10 days in advance to prepare for the hearing; (ii)a compulsory process (iii)to produce documentation and witnesses on his behalf; (iv) to testify on his own behalf; (v)innocent untill proven guilty; (vi) the hearing officer is mandatory required to produce any/all evidence, frist; (c) acopy of the hearing record with the written verdict, sentance imposed upon the student and a written statement by the hearing officer upon the hearing Report as for the reason why the punishment was imposed. All in all, the student push the said Writ and the principle would have to "Let him walk" in participate in his graduation ceremony.

  2. Richy Cartel

    Richy Cartel3 napja

    True Congress has no authority to "alter" the wording in the body of the Constitution of the USA, or whats the purpose to obtain 3/4 of all Congress members vote in favor "frist" before having any authority with a US Constitution AMEND- MENT be granted to "amend/supersede any "word" in the body of the Constitution that is specifically worded in the body of the Constitution to do frist, or the process is wholy unconstitutional. Therefore, U.S. Congress border baby Act is unauthorized and unconstitutional. Nevertheless, U.S. Congress manipulating Amendment 14, Section I of the Constitution in permitting foreign terrorist families to become automatic U.S. citizens do directly violates Article IV, Section 2, of the Constitution of the USA, by creating a highly significant threat to national security and the health/safety of the American people right in their homeland, hence US Congress border baby Act during the Obama years is wholy unauthorized and unconstitutional to it's entirety! Do you want suitcase nukes going off hours apart all across the nation just because of a border baby Act by US Congress called DACA( Since illegal immigrants had their baby born "in" the USA, the parents are deported and the baby stays in America, and when the baby reach 18 years of age, then, said border baby can make it's parents automatic U.S. citizens in getting all around the Green Card, just because the parents snuck-into American to have their baby at U.S. tax-payers expenses...just like winning the lotery! And encouraging more and more illegal immigration into the USA continuing on escalating in threatening U.S. national security and the health and safety of all the American people totally unnecessary. I Remain, BILLY THE KID 23FEB2020; 11:47 H.H.

  3. Richy Cartel

    Richy Cartel3 napja

    Academy Awards must be riged where they offered her million's of dollars to just keep quiet.

  4. Richy Cartel

    Richy Cartel3 napja

    Well, she kept quiet until Weinstein had enough money for her to get over 25 years later.

  5. Richy Cartel

    Richy Cartel3 napja

    They are declaring war on the long hair hippies!

  6. Richard B

    Richard B16 napja

    NBC you are slow on Corona Virus.. You are spending too much time bashing Trump

  7. Doris George

    Doris George23 napja

    Trump is taking about his father because that is what his father is.

  8. Мирэнас

    Мирэнас29 napja

    а я думал обсасывать проституток в новостях уже устарело, а нет все по старой программе работаете

  9. fatboymig1


    Dont cut your hair...

  10. My Bub

    My BubHónapja

    Oh look more, more crimson red colors with all virus viedos

  11. marc dorfner

    marc dorfner28 napja

    I know. If little, green aliens landed, no one would worry because they're not red.

  12. DL Southwell

    DL SouthwellHónapja

    Schools still have dress codes? Coulda fooled me....

  13. marc dorfner

    marc dorfner28 napja

    Not any of the schools shown on t.v. All the girls are in cut off shorts whereas, in my h.s. I got suspension for having my skirt and inch about my knees. Only way to go now is, over dressing, I guess.

  14. Kate Gainer

    Kate GainerHónapja

    The Senate child needs to have witnesses and evidence

  15. Kate Gainer

    Kate GainerHónapja

    No one is above the law

  16. Kate Gainer

    Kate GainerHónapja

    Donald Trump is so corrupt needs to be impeached and take an out of office

  17. marc dorfner

    marc dorfner28 napja

    You're too kind.

  18. Old man yelling At TV

    Old man yelling At TVHónapja

    it sure is funny how Nightly News and all the Nightly News shows and the morning shows have become self phony phony phony phony

  19. Not Applicable

    Not ApplicableHónapja

    Anyone want to buy live porcupines? I didn’t even know there was a market for that. I live in Alaska I will sell you them cheap. No bs. Hit me up.

  20. ClarksoninJapan


    This filthy news outlet is such a waste of time. .. Trash.

  21. ClarksoninJapan


    DeAndre - your hair is very nice.. You will graduate, right? Who cares if you walk with your class. Not so important. I think. Too bad those boring, pasty, old white administrators are giving you a hard time.

  22. ClarksoninJapan


    Janis Mackey Frayer doesn't seem to need protective gear.. Is she not reporting from China? I see all these reporters, reporting from Wuhan - and they don't have protective gear.. Seems suspicious to me. Is this a hoax? Am I allowed to ask such a question in 2020, or must we believe everything NBC tells us?

  23. marc dorfner

    marc dorfner28 napja

    EVERY thing photographed is staged, one way or nutter.

  24. Business Files

    Business FilesHónapja

    The “dress code” is nothing more than racist BS!!! Sickening absolutely sickening

  25. Debra Bond

    Debra BondHónapja

    It should be a cut off stage that schools shouldn't cross at all.

  26. Mary Soto

    Mary SotoHónapja

    Makes no sense cut his hair. We raise our children to be independent and stand strong. This is embarrassing on the school. Cuts ones hair WHY!

  27. Rickey Robinson

    Rickey RobinsonHónapja

    Both Biden’s will sink Barry AKA Obama under the prison and Killary Two We can’t wait see this , This is how you clime up the Leader And it’s working great Fingers will start pointing. Bullets will star flying, people will start Dying And we get to watch it all go down We Expect the Dems to start killing each other Ha Ha

  28. Matt May

    Matt MayHónapja

    BARBERS HILL independent school district...Does anyone listen to the words they hear? Barber school District wants to cut his hair. LOL. People need to lay off what ever it is that makes them stupid and gullible.

  29. Matt May

    Matt MayHónapja

    "In school suspension" is called Detention. LesterHolt is a Shill w an underbite. Poor guy takes it in the rear for his paycheck.

  30. Matt May

    Matt MayHónapja

    The PillowCase Case is Closed. What a joke. Look at the comments below..Are people really that stupid(zombies)? Did they already Forget the Amari Allen Sgt.Spice(curry) Story? Did Lester ever apologize for the school shootings that never happened? Morons!

  31. KOKO BEE

    KOKO BEEHónapja

    look up 100,000 infected

  32. KOKO BEE

    KOKO BEEHónapja


  33. KOKO BEE

    KOKO BEEHónapja

    devils 1 million are dead

  34. KOKO BEE

    KOKO BEEHónapja

    lies lies million dead

  35. Melisa Witz

    Melisa WitzHónapja

    President Trump has Russian Nationals come to give birth at his condos

  36. Melisa Witz

    Melisa WitzHónapja

    Travel to China Should be shut down

  37. Cassandra Agnew

    Cassandra AgnewHónapja

    They meant to say “predominantly white Jews call the shots”. These guys always mix up labeling Jews as white people.

  38. William Anthony

    William AnthonyHónapja

    You know it's interesting times we're living in, when the impeachment trial is the FOURTH story of the night!

  39. Earth 'n

    Earth 'nHónapja

    HALF STORY - you can't tell they are pregnant - wearing heavy thick top they come 4 months pregnant as "visiting scholar" then medicare pays for it!! My neighbor of 5 months asked for a drive to the hospital, she had $7,000 cash to pay bill but hospital said "no, wait for medicare to clear" and would not take her money. She was back in China the next week. If Chinese can do this then our friends south of the border should also have the chance.

  40. Mellow Seller

    Mellow SellerHónapja

    Where is the Fonz when you need him?

  41. Nick Walker

    Nick WalkerHónapja

    Any American tuning this out is un-American.

  42. Mary Russell

    Mary RussellHónapja

    Someone please explain why now we have this new virus once the president put new sanctions on China? Can we say bio-terrosisim?

  43. Skankin dub

    Skankin dubHónapja

    Stay strong dread. Babulylon is falling and clutching at straws, before gasping for air, before falling dead. Your just caught in they're madness. It's your world little brother. Act accordingly. Blessed

  44. Rains Randall

    Rains RandallHónapja

    Famine.. beginning of the end

  45. 215mookies


    Year of the rat 🐀

  46. Blah blah Baby

    Blah blah BabyHónapja

    Scary huh. I would go to counter and put ask for refund. On lew of cash. Hold and pay for rental car. Let pwople know. I'm going to be late.

  47. Alfonso Munoz

    Alfonso MunozHónapja

    18 dead...in a world of SEVEN BILLION! That's kind of not a pandemic. I'll bet more people died of a stubbed toe.

  48. William Jones

    William JonesHónapja

    I have NOT given 1 second of thought to the Democrats claims. I think they should use their time to work for US citizens instead of themselves

  49. Roy Schreyer

    Roy SchreyerHónapja

    Accept that youth always will differ! If he is passing grades, you've done your job as teachers, congrats! Now go and congratulate this fine student in a way he's earned!!!!

  50. Peter Schissel

    Peter SchisselHónapja

    Fake news

  51. S H

    S HHónapja

    Threatening a child he cant advance in his education equally along side his peers unless he cuts his hair which has cultural significance is complete and utter ridiculousness. That school should be ashamed.

  52. Matthew Eitzman

    Matthew EitzmanHónapja

    Annabella Sciorra should cut her hair.

  53. Naked Eye

    Naked EyeHónapja

    Kid you are a badexample to other youngsters WHO DO FOLLOW THE RULES. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR PARENTS.!!!

  54. Naked Eye

    Naked EyeHónapja

    You go toaschool with specific dress code...you can't follow??? Go to another ghetto school that let's you do whatever you want. Simple.

  55. Naked Eye

    Naked EyeHónapja

    Adriana Grande...will sleep with anyone!!! For fame. That is why this NO PERSONALITY self proclaimed artist got noticed. Take off your clothes is what America is condoning.

  56. Tyler Barker

    Tyler BarkerHónapja

    Dude i will never forget stormy daniels, it means alot of things to me about money spent sorta like the system

  57. Linda Orlandi, PHR

    Linda Orlandi, PHRHónapja

    Texas is pitiful. What does it matter. Just like airlines didn't allow women to marry and my boss weighed me weekly after I returned from maternity because of weight restrictions. These rules are barbaric and moronic. Idiots.

  58. Kara Belles

    Kara BellesHónapja

    So Drumpf is now scared of babies.

  59. Chauncey Sullivan

    Chauncey SullivanHónapja

    Hey donkey! Want some real news ? hu-gos.info/video/eMOmg3-4ic_Xd5s.html

  60. Nirgal Valles

    Nirgal VallesHónapja

    Everyone in that trial is an actor or actress. They all traded sexual favors for advancement in their job and now want more. Hollywood is a cesspool.

  61. Martin Salvatierra

    Martin SalvatierraHónapja

    They are "tuning this out." That is the problem with your base.

  62. Lizzy Chrome

    Lizzy ChromeHónapja

    Texas never struck me as particularly being part of the Bible Belt, yet so many stories of radical fundaloon antics like this "cut your hair or don't graduate!" one seem to come from Texas. I know Texas is huge...is there some section of the state that's more hickish than the rest?

  63. Dani Anold

    Dani AnoldHónapja

    "Nas says there is war against love", I say would it be ok if black folks demand that you cut your hair, it's really quite different to what we have. A letter to the sick mind

  64. marc dorfner

    marc dorfnerHónapja

    Dred Locks Mother: "OMG What we've had to go thru!" "O, the humanity!" ....jesus k women, get a life.