NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump officially on trial as impeachment proceedings kick off, Hillary Clinton unleashes on one-time rival Bernie Sanders, and first U.S. case of deadly mystery virus confirmed.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:09 Trump's Impeachment Trial Begins With Fierce Senate Battle
5:11 McConnell Unveils Last-Minute Surprise In Rules Debate
6:09 Trump Calls Impeachment Trial A 'Hoax' At Davos Conference
6:52 Trump Clashes With Climate Activist Greta Thunberg At Davos
7:43 Ukraine's President Expected At Davos Summit Tomorrow
7:57 Opening Arguments Expected In Trump's Trial Tomorrow
8:50 Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders: 'Nobody Likes Him'
10:11 First U.S. Case Of Deadly Mystery Virus Confirmed
12:21 Oprah Winfrey Breaks Silence On Controversial Documentary
14:10 Dangerous Deep Freeze & New Storm Threat On The Move

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 21st, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


  1. Michael Portwood

    Michael Portwood26 napja

    Lol. Same thing they did to Trump. never let him in the room to defend himself. What a bunch of morons.

  2. Louis Braille

    Louis Braille28 napja

    She so hot i will love to do her

  3. Zombie Prep Armory

    Zombie Prep ArmoryHónapja

    This whole impeachment is a joke. The "authorized crimes" that happen on a daily basis would probably make you lose sleep. But the wrong person gets elected and they spend a billion and waste years of time doing everything possible to keep him from getting elected again.

  4. Cristopher James

    Cristopher JamesHónapja

    Mark my words. Hillary will get in on a vice presidency to whoever democrat wins over trump. I believe something bad will happen to him. I hope not. But I have a feeling. Just watch

  5. RUCookoo Jackson

    RUCookoo JacksonHónapja

    Shumnar like Wienstein and Epstein is just making a bad legacy for his heritage.

  6. James Perez

    James PerezHónapja

    She sounds like the girl from rResident Evil

  7. best wishes

    best wishesHónapja

    Wow Gretta is a little puppet!

  8. lv amv

    lv amv26 napja


  9. Robotic Husky

    Robotic HuskyHónapja

    Go back to school Greta.

  10. Stanley Jones

    Stanley JonesHónapja

    This drama is an attempted coup.

  11. Pablo Solorzano

    Pablo SolorzanoHónapja


  12. The Duke 71000 71000

    The Duke 71000 71000Hónapja

    Greta Thunberg = Clueless Bimbo that's got the wrong end of the Scientific stick.

  13. Chris Simpson

    Chris SimpsonHónapja

    What with everything breaking news with NBC when they start off you haven't did breaking news and I don't know when not realbreakingnate you're the real breaking news breaking news Obama arrested

  14. God's Wrath mf

    God's Wrath mfHónapja

    We need global warming it's cold.

  15. Gary Norden

    Gary NordenHónapja


  16. Jet Fire 3000

    Jet Fire 3000Hónapja


  17. Jet Fire 3000

    Jet Fire 3000Hónapja

    Fake global warming!!! We don't need to protect ourselves from thugs, we need to put the sun behind bars before it burns the world up, S.O.S.

  18. Robotic Husky

    Robotic HuskyHónapja

    Yes we must impeech the sun, otherwise the world will end in 100 seconds.

  19. John Bryant

    John BryantHónapja

    Oprah has No credibility within the Black community Facts

  20. 融阪馬



  21. Debbie Cooper

    Debbie CooperHónapja


  22. Ella Huddleston

    Ella HuddlestonHónapja

    This girl who is in the spotlight can't wear something nice?

  23. EMV



  24. HilarityBribo


    Libbabies and fake news have been crying about Trump for so long ... easy to forget about this coup attempt

  25. Dan Vicary

    Dan VicaryHónapja

    As the public pays, with money and their lives. Conservatives both Democrat and Republican, spit Democratic Socialism as a bad taste. The public watch, conservative's attempt to hide the truth of corporate exploitation in their scapegoats demonized as enemies. This misdirection gives our Democrats and Republicans, room to protect corporate interests with endless war and secret coups, under the guise of national security. We are not told the back story of how these wars create refugees, and the resulting growing hate for Americans. We create Terrorists as U.S. troops leave nations in chaos to protect U.S. corporate interests. Elected officials, our lawmakers hide these details with propaganda of evil leadership in far off lands. The result, our U.S.Government continues to put troops in harm's way, in an endless cycle of violence. People around the world are forced to unearth American profits. These Nations are directed to comply with U.S. companies or face military wrath. As the public hear narratives that either demonize human rights violators or eminent American national security, mercenaries strongarm compliance protecting corporate financial interests. The American public, promised personal gain if aggression and violence is made law reap less and less of what fewer and fewer enjoy as promised privilege to pursue the American Dream. As the public pays, with money and their lives.

  26. Himanshu Yadav

    Himanshu YadavHónapja

    CDC is a joke they knew it was coming they were at 3 airports. WOW there is a case in the USA..GO FIGURE. To More information in this video. The website of this channel www.trandingnewsexpress.com the latest updates of news

  27. peter kreisler

    peter kreislerHónapja

    Children telling Adults what to do? This childs country is based on the Oil revenue. The hypocrisy is astounding, this childs parents are middleclass elites who have never had a proper job And anyone who listens to this should be ashamed, you people cannot last an hour without your iphones and privileged lifestyles. I would sort you lot out in a day, you would stack shelves in a supermarket for 5 years and see how liberal you are.

  28. Joe Ross

    Joe RossHónapja

    If sanders wasn't constantly trying to pick lint out of the air, he would come off as more credible.

  29. Lance Mclaughlin

    Lance MclaughlinHónapja

    Woooohaaaa got you all in check ! Goodbye to rosie the queen of Corona Me and Julio down by the school yard

  30. Lance Mclaughlin

    Lance MclaughlinHónapja

    Shut up Greta, your part of the problem stop breathing! Those cloths on your back and you sneakers the busses and plans an cars you ride in and on . Yeah ok kid you got a long way to go . Dam you can talk the talk but you cant walk the walk kiddo.

  31. Lance Mclaughlin

    Lance MclaughlinHónapja

    I'll tell ya the Democrats had rule in the house . Now that it's in the Senate , well shifty the shoes are on the other feet ya bug eyed waste of oxygen!

  32. Peter Schissel

    Peter SchisselHónapja

    Why argue and try to find ways to excuse the President. Your wrong and won't change nothing. The more you deny the stronger it gets. Re-elect Donald trump

  33. bryan boyce

    bryan boyceHónapja

    boring no evidence

  34. bryan boyce

    bryan boyceHónapja

    witch hunt

  35. First Private

    First PrivateHónapja

    the DEms would have all AMERICANS believe that there is no SWAMP EVEN after the whole EDward Snowden story Trump is all we got I trust him no matter what DEms Say

  36. gwendolyn smith

    gwendolyn smithHónapja

    Intimidation is not a part of the legal process. Will corruption ever end?

  37. Loretta Newton

    Loretta NewtonHónapja

    Trip 2020

  38. James Reedy

    James ReedyHónapja

    So thats the news huh? Liars!

  39. Loretta Newton

    Loretta NewtonHónapja

    Funny cannot post what I want with a Republican or Democrat view because I'll be targeted no matter what I post. Let's just all be ok d this is our future.

  40. Checko_O7



  41. Darrell Beam

    Darrell BeamHónapja

    Does anyone actually watch this dreck?

  42. Jeff Orr

    Jeff OrrHónapja

    Why don’t the climate control kid take her case to China frist then come back and let us know how she made out.

  43. gary robinson

    gary robinsonHónapja

    That little girl is being impacted in the rest of her life by her parents. Who is financial supporter behind them? Like I have to ask George Soros. She is ignorant and has learned mimic what she is taught. President Trump is the best President ever

  44. Benjamin White

    Benjamin WhiteHónapja

    Al is Mr Glass now.

  45. Zyzynm


    Can someone wtf is happening to trump like ?I’m 16 and watching politics



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  47. PC SUCKS

    PC SUCKSHónapja

    Oprah is a farce.

  48. Bert Sturgeon

    Bert SturgeonHónapja

    Can i borrow ur car ...

  49. Bert Sturgeon

    Bert SturgeonHónapja

    Can i get u some cake ..

  50. Bert Sturgeon

    Bert SturgeonHónapja

    I love the world today..

  51. John Slap-a-ho

    John Slap-a-hoHónapja


  52. Anna Cabella

    Anna CabellaHónapja

    How can Crooked Hillary scrutinize anyone; what have she gotten done but pout because she did not win. Everyone should wash your hands and be clean whether there is an outbreak or not. Oprah should be ashamed of herself. She Knew Weinstein, Epstein and others but she want to zero in on the black man. Oprah should be ashamed of herself, same way she destroyed Bill Cosby because he did not play their Hellywood games. These women should get over themselves; how about some of the men going with the me too, when women put themselves on them. Wake up People!!!!

  53. John Doe

    John DoeHónapja

    Mr. President, please quit giving this silly little schoolgirl acknowledgement. She has no clue about anything. Soon she will discover boys, and then we will never hear from her again.

  54. lv amv

    lv amv26 napja

    She seems to know more than you

  55. october71777


    300 confirmed cases. Out of a population of 11 million? Got it. Chicken Little time again?

  56. october71777


    Why are we here? Because of political shenanigans? A president attempting to gain political advantage by blackmailing an ally? Just for starts.

  57. Jeffrey Paasch

    Jeffrey PaaschHónapja

    VOTE FOR; "Election by Lottery" with "Legislation by Public Vote" And STOP wasting my God Damned money!!!

  58. Paul Parker

    Paul ParkerHónapja

    #Batshitkid Greta Thornburg..

  59. Roger Wilco

    Roger WilcoHónapja

    The dim Senate candidates should recuse....obvious bias.

  60. PJ Brown

    PJ BrownHónapja

    🚅 TRUMP2020 🇺🇸 =💨 rollin' rollin' rollin'..

  61. Johnny yuma

    Johnny yumaHónapja

    people actually watch nbc???

  62. Mickey Valor

    Mickey ValorHónapja

    I love how they are preparing the kingdom for me. One day you all will worship me!

  63. Chris Clark

    Chris ClarkHónapja

    Greta Thunberg is nobody.