APRIL 7TH at 12pm Pacific time!! :]


  1. Hannah Griffin

    Hannah Griffin11 órája

    jaiden: "at 12pm" me: *......ZOOMS THROUGH HOME SCHOOL WORK*

  2. Marica Terzic

    Marica Terzic11 órája


  3. rayquazui niko283

    rayquazui niko28311 órája

    Ill see if i could make it.

  4. Bacon and Eggs

    Bacon and Eggs11 órája

    You posted this on your TikTok, right?

  5. •saint sanity•シ

    •saint sanity•シ11 órája

    WOW this video is the number 1 trending !

  6. Mars bar's 445

    Mars bar's 44511 órája

    I'm gonna guess new 💫merch💫

  7. Johnson Family

    Johnson Family11 órája

    I’m sorry, but what the FRICKIN FRICK FRICKS WAS THAT ART STYLE?!?! It so good!!!!

  8. Aaden Gruber

    Aaden Gruber11 órája

    Can't wait

  9. Dr. FouFou

    Dr. FouFou11 órája


  10. The Kid Squid

    The Kid Squid11 órája

    love the new art style!

  11. Quack Noir

    Quack Noir11 órája

    Is the stream on HU-gos

  12. Orange Giraffe

    Orange Giraffe11 órája

    Her secret: she knows obamas last name

  13. Luciano M.

    Luciano M.11 órája

    Jaiden biggest secret is Jameden

  14. Headless

    Headless11 órája

    Big secret?... you're pregnant!

  15. Llama Gamer

    Llama Gamer11 órája

    50% of comments:Jaiden says this... i say that Other 50%:i ThInK tHe SeCrEt Is bLa BlA bLa...

  16. Juana Herrera

    Juana Herrera11 órája


  17. DiamondMoonin

    DiamondMoonin11 órája

    ITS FLIPPIN <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="439">7:19</a> IN PACIFIC TIME ME:YEETS A TABLE

  18. Phanic! at the Disco

    Phanic! at the Disco11 órája

    will i wake up at 5 am just for this? yes.

  19. GaMEs_INsiDe

    GaMEs_INsiDe11 órája

    Interesting art style what happened to the og

  20. Most Used Name

    Most Used Name11 órája

    I'm confused is it on twitch or youtube :'(

  21. Mia Jerry

    Mia Jerry11 órája

    today is the day

  22. Caden McKinney

    Caden McKinney11 órája

    but ill be in cyber school...ah who cares, i rather have fun than an educaation

  23. shellyangel gacha ferns

    shellyangel gacha ferns11 órája


  24. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept011 órája

    Secretly she’s that guy from animal Crossing that gives out loans to everyone the moment the game starts, cause now she wants all yo money LUL

  25. Michael Bruce Ochoa

    Michael Bruce Ochoa11 órája

    1 on trending nice Jaden

  26. POTATO

    POTATO11 órája

    I woke up at 5 pm by accident and I think I missed the streem

  27. Maxi García Ω

    Maxi García Ω11 órája

    Did someone else wave their head at the end with the 4 dudes or was it just me?

  28. Crystal Pokeball

    Crystal Pokeball11 órája

    I'm gonna miss the first hour of this stream due to work ;w; I'll do my best to be there and support 👍

  29. Galaxy The Fox

    Galaxy The Fox11 órája

    :0 Jaiden you’re first on trending!

  30. Kees de Haan

    Kees de Haan11 órája


  31. Yaya Yani

    Yaya Yani11 órája

    And i live on the other side of the country

  32. Yaya Yani

    Yaya Yani11 órája

    Err i cant join because thats past my bedtime

  33. McNugget Funkyturd

    McNugget Funkyturd11 órája

    1 on trending!

  34. Obscurally

    Obscurally11 órája


  35. gumball

    gumball11 órája

    It's the day!😄

  36. Panicky Idiot

    Panicky Idiot11 órája

    How do I watch it

  37. RatRat 2010

    RatRat 201011 órája

    When is it and where???

  38. Tala Gamer

    Tala Gamer11 órája

    This was posted 18 hours ago and i dont know were is the live stream is it on twitch or youtube

  39. ABRAHANM664

    ABRAHANM66411 órája

    No entendí nada pero me gustaron los dibujos:)

  40. herobrine christian

    herobrine christian11 órája

    why why 12 pm :( i need to sleep for online class :v bruh

  41. Savannah Banana

    Savannah Banana11 órája


  42. penguin gaming

    penguin gaming11 órája

    somone called themselves jaiden gaming on human fall flat and i am mad at them

  43. Xxxxme

    Xxxxme11 órája

    What platform

  44. Waddles The penguin

    Waddles The penguin11 órája


  45. Sheharyar Khan

    Sheharyar Khan11 órája

    #1 on trending

  46. sourcegear420

    sourcegear42011 órája

    Jaiden this Livestream anouncement is #1 trending

  47. Monisha Patel

    Monisha Patel11 órája


  48. Alliyah Herrera

    Alliyah Herrera11 órája

    where is the stream going to be?

  49. Mr. Obaid

    Mr. Obaid11 órája

    Who gives a F*ck

  50. no not

    no not11 órája

    *about you

  51. Ms. Apherix

    Ms. Apherix11 órája

    Is she streaming on Twitch or HU-gos?

  52. Minitrain

    Minitrain11 órája

    Jeff bezos spill your money out jaiden needs this for a fundraiser!!!

  53. Maya White

    Maya White11 órája

    Oh. My. Gosh! I can't wait to see you there! I'm so excited!

  54. Robert Vargas

    Robert Vargas11 órája

    in which network will be the transmission

  55. The little Explorer Channel Nouran Mahmoud Ezzat

    The little Explorer Channel Nouran Mahmoud Ezzat11 órája

    Yay my b day is then but cant come i also wont be celebrating 😢😢

  56. Nicole Temple

    Nicole Temple11 órája

    I really wish this stream will last a day cuz 12pm pst is 3am for me

  57. UJustGotGamed

    UJustGotGamed11 órája


  58. UJustGotGamed

    UJustGotGamed11 órája

    ok thanks jaiden

  59. General Grievous

    General Grievous11 órája

    Where are you WHERE ARE YOU

  60. Starglim 02

    Starglim 0211 órája

    12pm pst is in the middle of the night for me and I have school tomorrow but I'll see if I can watch it

  61. Montequie

    Montequie11 órája

    Was ist pm time ?

  62. Caucasoid,Negroid,Mongoloid.What's your race?

    Caucasoid,Negroid,Mongoloid.What's your race?11 órája


  63. UJustGotGamed

    UJustGotGamed11 órája


  64. duck

    duck11 órája

    Duck will do the deeds

  65. Starlo Legend

    Starlo Legend11 órája

    Les fo

  66. Vanesa Perez

    Vanesa Perez11 órája


  67. Asl Ruonavar

    Asl Ruonavar11 órája

    I can't donate to you sadly

  68. Dominik Finta

    Dominik Finta11 órája

    What's the twitch name? Can't find it.

  69. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez11 órája

    It's on Jack's HU-gos channel, he is live right now!^^

  70. LordConnord

    LordConnord11 órája

    And where do I watch that?

  71. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez11 órája

    It's on his HU-gos channel, he is live right now!^^

  72. Sean Buchhalter

    Sean Buchhalter11 órája

    Psicologist: pelo jaiden doesn’t exist she can’t harm you Pelo Jaiden:

  73. TigerGamer64 •

    TigerGamer64 •11 órája

    I dont think anyone will see this but does anyone know on what the stream is gonna be (youtube, something else, etc.)

  74. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez11 órája

    It's on Jack's youtube channel, he is live right now^^

  75. Christina Dean

    Christina Dean11 órája

    idk what pacific time is (I live in canada)

  76. Gavin M

    Gavin M11 órája

    I’ll be there

  77. dayanna torres

    dayanna torres11 órája

    Will the stream be on yt ?

  78. Sadfong -

    Sadfong -11 órája

    Put milk before your cereal!

  79. Tetric GamingYT

    Tetric GamingYT11 órája

    Finally a new video jaiden ya need to post more often (sorry if I spelled your name wrong)

  80. Naomi Taylor

    Naomi Taylor11 órája

    This is a 1 minute vid. AND ITS #1 ON TRENDING!!??

  81. Vince Custodio

    Vince Custodio11 órája

    Jaiden where are you lol?

  82. Gacha Mousie

    Gacha Mousie11 órája

    My mom said they can pay her butt xd Sorry

  83. jamok 66

    jamok 6611 órája

    Your number 1 on trending

  84. TheGameChannel

    TheGameChannel11 órája

    Jack has already raised 150,000 dollars and it's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> in Ireland

  85. Behanan Alex

    Behanan Alex11 órája


  86. Ella Mc Cutesie

    Ella Mc Cutesie11 órája

    Where is she streamingggg