Lil Nas X, Cardi B - Rodeo (Official Audio)

Official audio for "Rodeo" featuring Cardi B by Lil Nas X
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Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
Creative Direction by Blake Kathryn (@blakekathryn)
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  1. GeChLaNgX_X

    GeChLaNgX_X14 órája


  2. spooks


    why did i listen to the cardi one, what is wrong with me

  3. Joshdary Polanco

    Joshdary PolancoNapja

    yo is that real

  4. The Ghost of Youtube

    The Ghost of YoutubeNapja

    This what my dreams are like

  5. Melody Baby

    Melody BabyNapja


  6. Melody Baby

    Melody BabyNapja

    Oh here we go

  7. SMTX Crimson

    SMTX CrimsonNapja

    Wonder if the video would’ve been different if Cardi B was in the video

  8. The Aymaazing

    The AymaazingNapja

    Lil Nas X should do a remix to Old MacDonald

  9. Arianna Parker

    Arianna ParkerNapja

    “If i gave you everything and everything is what i bought, i can take it all back, i never cared bout what you thought” We all need to remember that.

  10. Indy Majer Willson

    Indy Majer WillsonNapja 🎥 Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas) [Official Video] - HU-gos

  11. Izzy Leonel

    Izzy Leonel2 napja

    Lil Nas X #Fire Cardi B #Blah

  12. Germaine Drummond

    Germaine Drummond2 napja

    This is how many times he touched his hat. l l v

  13. Supreme Nation

    Supreme Nation2 napja

    Just end the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>

  14. Bianca Aponte

    Bianca Aponte2 napja


  15. Matt5480

    Matt54802 napja

    Hope everyone’s healthy during carona. Feel free to check my channel out, drop some likes and sub. I’ll do the same back to your channel, let’s help eachother grow!

  16. pklmiguelyt TM

    pklmiguelyt TM3 napja

    Before: Gunshot, gunshot After: Corona Virus!

  17. Simp Destroyer

    Simp Destroyer3 napja

    the whole video is just a gif

  18. Соавик Ращенко

    Соавик Ращенко3 napja

    Lil Nas: totally normal part of soundtrack Cardi B:*Farts in mic*

  19. soft serve pudding

    soft serve pudding3 napja

    Cardi's verse be hittin different at speed 2

  20. kendu L

    kendu L3 napja

    Trash 😍

  21. izyaboitripple OG

    izyaboitripple OG3 napja

    Idc if lil nas x be gay he still gangsta

  22. Queen Mia

    Queen Mia4 napja

    Really all y'all need to get off this man case because they both make more money then all y'all and who ever else shii my self included ok 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️👅👅👁️👁️ 👅

  23. Kenia Aguilar

    Kenia Aguilar4 napja


  24. 2003 Toyota Corolla

    2003 Toyota Corolla4 napja

    Cardi B's is good, but I prefer Nas.

  25. skegmok

    skegmok4 napja

    Русские?someone 2020?

  26. Jeff the killer

    Jeff the killer4 napja

    Im the first person to notice this it's sounds like he said " if I took u to every wedding then u wouldn't know how to walk.🤔

  27. cute koala joonie

    cute koala joonie2 napja

    Ohh lol i hear it😂... now i cant unhear it😑

  28. Baby Duck

    Baby Duck4 napja

    Who loves old town Road and panini????

  29. Baby Duck

    Baby Duck4 napja

    congrats lil nas x your a amazing singer!

  30. Gordon Muortat

    Gordon Muortat5 napja

    From a cowboy to a vampire

  31. AM Bros

    AM Bros5 napja

    Cardi b trash



    C'est bon

  33. Beaks

    Beaks5 napja

    Silver Chariot... *R E Q U I E M*

  34. NF - 05DG - Clarkson PS (1306)

    NF - 05DG - Clarkson PS (1306)5 napja

    Lil Nas X: Baby "girl" dont you forget imma take you from this party we might go and have some sex. Me when I heard someone say they thought he was gay: .-. My mind: x_x

  35. Arianna Parker

    Arianna Parker5 napja

    Cardi B has the sassy parts in every song she’s in 😂

  36. Joelma Silva

    Joelma Silva5 napja

    rodeo adoro


    KING TOMAS5 napja

    Algún español? 😂

  38. IDropMyHotPoket7

    IDropMyHotPoket75 napja

    Cardi B ruined the whike vibe for me

  39. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff6 napja

    Dislike cardio spoiled the song

  40. Microwave Games

    Microwave Games6 napja

    dang howard the alien lookin fresh bro

  41. silver polerbear

    silver polerbear7 napja

    Funny how he says hes gay but then talk about fucin cardi b i mean my nigga

  42. XyMaZ

    XyMaZ7 napja

    oh yes baby! that's raytracing

  43. Zachmartinsmusic

    Zachmartinsmusic7 napja

    i found a glitch, look at the back of his hat when he's taking it off

  44. Wee woo

    Wee woo3 napja

    Well yes, but actually no.

  45. shola SANI

    shola SANI7 napja

    Cardie b brhooooo, gg lil nas x is beautiful

  46. Logan Crawford

    Logan Crawford7 napja

    This song is fiyaaaa

  47. Aykut Elmas Vineları

    Aykut Elmas Vineları7 napja


  48. LUKUM

    LUKUM7 napja

    Whaaat the sh***t?

  49. Fiazan Rana

    Fiazan Rana7 napja

    I thought this isn't repeated until <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a>

  50. Laurinda Rodrigues Ambrosio

    Laurinda Rodrigues Ambrosio8 napja

    Vingadores alcoólatras 🇺🇸🏹🔨🤖🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 Br ?

  51. Le buzz de youtube

    Le buzz de youtube8 napja

    woh man ye ye comone gars

  52. Mark Livings

    Mark Livings8 napja

    This is what the future is going be like.

  53. Xavier Williams

    Xavier Williams8 napja

    I like both versions.

  54. R

    R8 napja


  55. shafrah 88

    shafrah 888 napja


  56. Eligamz_mobile

    Eligamz_mobile8 napja

    I’m tired of y’all hating on cardi y’all just mad you a blow up with yo so call rap career

  57. Eligamz_mobile

    Eligamz_mobile5 napja

    Klutzy Joe no

  58. Klutzy Joe

    Klutzy Joe6 napja


  59. Ana Viajes El Molí

    Ana Viajes El Molí8 napja

    incredible video

  60. Sevgi Eminoglou

    Sevgi Eminoglou9 napja

    My crush says what is this song called I'm I love you the new wann is better and that's you relodeo

  61. Overlord Thraka

    Overlord Thraka9 napja

    I like the good version. Cardi ruined this one just like she ruins everything she lays her drug-lacing crap on

  62. Will Cook

    Will Cook9 napja


  63. Jahmai Zabdi

    Jahmai Zabdi9 napja

    Cardi b Fcuking screwed the song. Next time keep her out.!*^@^@^@/!*>:((((((((((

  64. All inclusive

    All inclusive9 napja

    Bağımlılık yaptı 🇹🇷 #turkishpower


    DRAGON GAMING9 napja

    Sound a lot like meet again This <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> Meet again <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>

  66. 502sienpreserasthumibaby S

    502sienpreserasthumibaby S9 napja

    You. Have the. Bast. Muis

  67. Latoya Coleman

    Latoya Coleman9 napja

    can I be in this video

  68. you fool i di o t

    you fool i di o t9 napja

    Lil nas x is...: Cowboy Robot Vampire Metalman



    🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this every day This performance is amazing <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> 💞🔥💃 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

  70. Eduardo Soares Vitalino

    Eduardo Soares Vitalino10 napja


  71. mixed african on the west

    mixed african on the west10 napja

    I love country rap

  72. savage _gamer104

    savage _gamer10410 napja

    I can hear this all day a the back round its so ok

  73. Nyjhae Culler

    Nyjhae Culler10 napja

    Yall real life buggin if yall thought Cardi's verse on this is 🔥.

  74. Nyjhae Culler

    Nyjhae Culler10 napja

    Nas was definitely a better choice. Cardi has no delivery smh.

  75. ItsMe Prince

    ItsMe Prince10 napja

    You sure this is only audio?

  76. Sharri Abendano

    Sharri Abendano10 napja

    you are so gooooood

  77. ⱧⱫ ⱤɄⱠɆӾ

    ⱧⱫ ⱤɄⱠɆӾ10 napja

    Jadoliveın videosundan görüp gelenler +1

  78. Nile Porter

    Nile Porter10 napja

    I ain’t gonna lie I fucks wit this

  79. Guss

    Guss11 napja

    Vete a la mierda pinche HU-gos de cagada, ojala se muera la directora ejecutiva olor a culo con mierda y miados

  80. GSN194 Aka Garrick

    GSN194 Aka Garrick11 napja

    the nas version was way better lmao

  81. Wild Vince

    Wild Vince11 napja

    it would have been cool to see cardi B do a country accent

  82. Bacon Hairs are cool

    Bacon Hairs are cool11 napja

    I like the beat

  83. mó chavão FF d e l i c i a

    mó chavão FF d e l i c i a11 napja



    YC_DEFLEKT11 napja

    Next song- cock