Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Seoul Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS

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  1. ONe BiT¡

    ONe BiT¡10 órája

    *fornite dance*

  2. bυllэτproof gίrl

    bυllэτproof gίrl10 órája

    It's 1000000% better than the one with Billie Ray Cyrus!!! And of course, because of Namjoonie... 😜🤭

  3. Michelle Cannon

    Michelle Cannon15 órája

    isfaun pmyas

  4. Michelle Cannon

    Michelle Cannon15 órája


  5. Gabbriela Salvo W

    Gabbriela Salvo WNapja


  6. Words. Can.hurt.Others.

    Words. Can.hurt.Others.2 napja

    Thank you L’l Nas X for doing this collab with RM and for being so generous in having BTS perform with you and other artist at the Grammy’s. I know it was awhile ago, but during this pandemic and quarantine, it is so nice to have songs to listen to that lighten the mood. If you were feeling hurt or saddened by anything, (cause artist are not immune to hurt) - I hope this comment brings a bit of sunshine in your day.

  7. Venus Lys

    Venus Lys2 napja

    Yo sigo diciendo que esto es arte, gracias.♡

  8. Michelle Cannon

    Michelle Cannon4 napja


  9. Trailers Land

    Trailers Land5 napja

    Who can I came bad a song? -Bts Call us

  10. Trailers Land

    Trailers Land5 napja

    Bts is so bad

  11. Jung Rayan

    Jung Rayan4 napja

    You're so bad bitch

  12. Бумажный Рай

    Бумажный Рай5 napja

    BTS!?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  13. Michelle Cannon

    Michelle Cannon6 napja

    Moab. mnas

  14. Michelle Cannon

    Michelle Cannon7 napja

    mid. macymarlee

  15. Inri Salmoran

    Inri Salmoran8 napja

    I love it

  16. катя ли

    катя ли8 napja

    МОЙ БЕАС!!!! СУ. КА КАКОЙ RM АХ. ЕННЫЙ!!!!! БЛ. ДЬ!!!!

  17. Alejandro Pena

    Alejandro Pena9 napja

    I’m sorry but this song is 💩

  18. Jung Rayan

    Jung Rayan4 napja

    No one want know you fucking opinion 😊

  19. King Vegeta

    King Vegeta11 napja

    This really wtf why bts tho like you could’ve done anyone else like nikkleback

  20. JungLucy

    JungLucy6 napja

    Why not tho? btw, it's not bts. It's a member of bts, RM.

  21. marija djaković

    marija djaković11 napja


  22. Fredy Elias Garcia

    Fredy Elias Garcia11 napja


  23. Boy Kulot

    Boy Kulot12 napja

    This is cool but i like texas more

  24. Ярик Фонарик.

    Ярик Фонарик.13 napja

    Вы специально на английском пишите

  25. Eyyy Skrrrt

    Eyyy Skrrrt14 napja

    I’m waiting for highway road with BTS V.

  26. 최연우

    최연우15 napja

    진짜 좆같이 못하네 국악도깨비새끼

  27. Lil Big Bua

    Lil Big Bua17 napja

    Everybody gansta till bts starts coughing 💀

  28. Yuleika Hernandez

    Yuleika Hernandez3 napja

    It does not mean they have the coronavirus jeez

  29. Yuleika Hernandez

    Yuleika Hernandez3 napja

    Lil Big Bua -.- leave them be bruh

  30. Blink Studio

    Blink Studio18 napja

    OMG J hope r u

  31. Maxie

    Maxie19 napja

    When atleast he didn’t named it “Pyongyang Town Road” lol

  32. 10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ

    10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ19 napja


  33. Park_Mar 04

    Park_Mar 0420 napja

    Purple horse💜

  34. Wilfredo Hernandez

    Wilfredo Hernandez21 napja

    Porque es tan corta

  35. arran rex

    arran rex21 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> is the best.

  36. OSWALDO Game pro

    OSWALDO Game pro21 napja

    En fin la hipocresía :v

  37. 수빈

    수빈23 napja

    한국인이 이걸 들으며 한국댓글을 찾고있다면 yes라 답해주길...

  38. Dora Burciaga

    Dora Burciaga23 napja

    Cool song

  39. منوعات عربية

    منوعات عربية23 napja

    This Is The Collab That We Didn"t Need But It Was Like Why not 🤷‍♂️

  40. *WINNE THE POOH* -v-

    *WINNE THE POOH* -v-23 napja


  41. *WINNE THE POOH* -v-

    *WINNE THE POOH* -v-23 napja


  42. Daybtid

    Daybtid23 napja

    only in china you can find a purple horse

  43. Ger_SrbHit

    Ger_SrbHit25 napja


  44. Rohini Rohini

    Rohini Rohini25 napja

    BTS x justin x taylor swift x ed sheern

  45. Ali As238

    Ali As23826 napja

    F gg Subhan was ethe was a time cue day I

  46. Ali As238

    Ali As23826 napja

    Suspect I will send a Pictor with aiQANT

  47. brookie namjinsopevminkookrules

    brookie namjinsopevminkookrules26 napja


  48. toxicheart

    toxicheart26 napja


  49. KNP4040 et le monteur c'est CeperAnt

    KNP4040 et le monteur c'est CeperAnt28 napja

    I want to pretend this is bad because it's related to kpop but I can't

  50. Milagros Núñez

    Milagros Núñez28 napja

    Me encanta 💖

  51. BANGTAN India

    BANGTAN India28 napja

    *I got horses in a bag* TaeKook: Did you see my bag? RM: hihihi ! I gave it to Lil Nas X

  52. BANGTAN India

    BANGTAN India28 napja

    King Namjoon

  53. гей 226

    гей 22628 napja

    бтс говно

  54. Rafael djaković

    Rafael djaković29 napja


  55. 민결민결

    민결민결29 napja

    호미라고 하는데 너무 진지하게 잘불러서 더 빵터짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  56. Claudi' H.

    Claudi' H.Hónapja

    I need the music video for this, please and 감사합니다

  57. Brick Man

    Brick ManHónapja


  58. thic boi

    thic boiHónapja

    i dont like bts

  59. Jung Rayan

    Jung Rayan4 napja

    @*i’m a bandito* exactly 💜

  60. thic boi

    thic boi17 napja


  61. *i’m a bandito*

    *i’m a bandito*25 napja

    No one cares

  62. Hëlö ·Gacha·

    Hëlö ·Gacha·Hónapja

    Br alguém?

  63. Rafael djaković

    Rafael djakovićHónapja

    love love 😘😘😘😘💋💋💋❤❤❤

  64. BTS ARMY Forever

    BTS ARMY ForeverHónapja

    Rm's voice is heaven

  65. Ngân Hồ

    Ngân HồHónapja

    Hi guys. I am here cuz our Namjoonie oppa

  66. Magic 13

    Magic 13Hónapja

    thank you for support:)

  67. April Donaldson

    April DonaldsonHónapja

    I love your video

  68. Bempy Madd

    Bempy MaddHónapja

    I did a remix also you can check out here


    TITAN GAMESHónapja

    Really nigga like wtf

  70. *i’m a bandito*

    *i’m a bandito*25 napja

    ?? jealous huh

  71. ami hszihk

    ami hszihkHónapja

    ang sexy talaga ng boses ni RM. gaaahd BTS! i love you Kim Namjoon!

  72. Ana Machuca

    Ana MachucaHónapja


  73. it's bangtan sonyeondan time

    it's bangtan sonyeondan timeHónapja


  74. Paolo,Roblox,craft games Tap game App

    Paolo,Roblox,craft games Tap game AppHónapja


  75. Paolo,Roblox,craft games Tap game App

    Paolo,Roblox,craft games Tap game AppHónapja

    Old town road Vs Soul town road

  76. *i’m a bandito*

    *i’m a bandito*25 napja

    Seoul town road is better and that’s the fact

  77. Ilsan Boi

    Ilsan BoiHónapja

    I love RM 😍😍😍❤️💜 best guy

  78. hii bye

    hii byeHónapja

    the purple is bec BTS ARMY = purple?

  79. *i’m a bandito*

    *i’m a bandito*25 napja


  80. 도둑냥냥이


    한국인 댓글 찾는사람?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  81. Cranberry Sauce

    Cranberry SauceHónapja

    Bts ruined the song

  82. Swine Razor

    Swine Razor16 napja

    Fuckk youuu

  83. Mikayla bounds

    Mikayla boundsHónapja

    What I heard: I'm going ride till I can't no more Some Cringe dude: I'm going fart till cant no more 😂😂

  84. Barbara Vidales

    Barbara VidalesHónapja

    Yeaaa im gonna take my horseeeeeee

  85. 우준리



  86. SC Williams

    SC WilliamsHónapja

    Ice: YEAH!!

  87. SC Williams

    SC WilliamsHónapja


  88. SC Williams

    SC WilliamsHónapja

    I want another one not again

  89. nahir arguello

    nahir arguelloHónapja

    Los amo RM y a LIL NAS X

  90. Ƙιм민전 -

    Ƙιм민전 -Hónapja

    🔥Awww mis dos artistas, juntos no me lo imagine🔥

  91. pep the minecraft lava bucket

    pep the minecraft lava bucketHónapja

    admit it, we all saw this coming

  92. Tristan Sutton

    Tristan SuttonHónapja


  93. Lauren Stadler

    Lauren StadlerHónapja

    I love this it the best Old Town Road

  94. Logan Thomas

    Logan ThomasHónapja


  95. black hell

    black hellHónapja