Lil Nas X - Bring U Down (Official Audio)

Official audio for "Bring You Down" by Lil Nas X
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Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
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  1. กระดิกหาง หมานายเดียว

    กระดิกหาง หมานายเดียว13 órája

    ๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐๐๐ ๐๕ ๒๙ ๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐ *ก* " .กู. " .กู. ************************** 00/00/0000 "" . GTM- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="329">05:29</a> ... GTM- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> ... 0000/00/00 . ( . ? . ) .

  2. Lux


    This Sounds Like It’s A Old Song.

  3. Lux


    The Way He Stares At Me.

  4. Q McLeod

    Q McLeod2 napja

    Ima tell my kids this dude was thanos and billboard charts were trying to stop him


    BOSS _CLUNGE3 napja

    Good song love lil nas x

  6. iix_ Tropxical _iix

    iix_ Tropxical _iix6 napja

    Producer:how many times do you want the animation replay- Lil Nas: yes

  7. SeeN

    SeeN7 napja


  8. Night of the Living Meme

    Night of the Living Meme9 napja

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this song (especially the bass line) sounds like smells like teen spirit

  9. Idk nan molla

    Idk nan molla10 napja

    As a person that likes literally every genre, I approve

  10. Giuseppe Funaro

    Giuseppe Funaro15 napja

    Scary monsters mood

  11. Eduardo Chambilla

    Eduardo Chambilla15 napja

    from a boy cown .future man . vampire to Rock star boy ?

  12. Dylanerd

    Dylanerd16 napja

    Lil NAS x is turning better and better is only a matter of time before he breaks the billboards again

  13. ghramcracker142-roblox-player

    ghramcracker142-roblox-player24 napja


  14. ghramcracker142-roblox-player

    ghramcracker142-roblox-player24 napja


  15. The Dandelion Diaries

    The Dandelion Diaries28 napja

    This reminds me of Kid Cudi

  16. Ally Guerrero

    Ally Guerrero28 napja


  17. Zearo


    *Panni* *Rodeo* *Cowboy* *Are the best on his channel*

  18. Sapphire Storm

    Sapphire StormHónapja

    Yeah I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road I'm gonna ride till I can't no more I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road I'm gonna ride till I can't no more I got the horses in the back horse tack is attached hat is matty black got booster black to match ride'in on a horse hah you can't wip my Porsche yah

  19. Sapphire Storm

    Sapphire StormHónapja

    Rodeo please let me know off we go if I take you everywhere you wouldn't know how to walk

  20. kodi pz3

    kodi pz3Hónapja


  21. Jaylynn Kasanwirjo

    Jaylynn KasanwirjoHónapja


  22. Jaylynn Kasanwirjo

    Jaylynn KasanwirjoHónapja


  23. Dr. Phil Valentine

    Dr. Phil ValentineHónapja

    U on the right track....I love your style of music

  24. Pint Vin

    Pint VinHónapja

    Could some one tell him that he can’t animate

  25. Tie Your Socks

    Tie Your SocksHónapja

    Futuristic Rockstar ➡️ Cowboy ➡️ Robot ➡️ Vampire

  26. Julian Vieyra

    Julian VieyraHónapja

    Can we plewse get an lil nas and ilovemakkonen collab!

  27. ECST4SY.69 X

    ECST4SY.69 XHónapja

    Here before it gets famous

  28. Knox Popham

    Knox PophamHónapja

    this is a awsom song' and I don't no what's bring you down.

  29. UnluckyTaaru54


    --Old Town Road Remix and Video-- --Panini Remix and Video-- --Rodeo Remix and Video-- Bring U Down Remix and Video Kick It Remix and Video

  30. AlphaZueZ _gaming

    AlphaZueZ _gamingHónapja

    What’s up with the shitty 3D animation loops

  31. Kevin Escamilla

    Kevin EscamillaHónapja

    i like your musics

  32. G1US3PP3


    i like it : )

  33. stanley johnson

    stanley johnsonHónapja

    I love lil naz and he don’t strike me as gay if I were him I’d lie just to fuck with ppl cus he making a lot of money but if he’s really gay then shit he more straight than straight guys ! He really is what I wish I were if I did music . He just don’t care about doing what ppl like , he does what he wants to . And I’m mad the black culture disowned him for being gay and not supported him . But money talks and I’m still here for him . I want to see him prosper

  34. Zeanox



  35. Sparkful Sparrow

    Sparkful SparrowHónapja

    Reminds of black eye peas

  36. Rachel


    me plotting how to fuck over my abusive bf

  37. MsDaisyDivine Gaming

    MsDaisyDivine GamingHónapja

    Lil Nas X!!! I grew up on George Straight, Tracy Lawrence, Big N Rich, Etc. seeing Mr. Rucker had me feeling good. And I Gotta say it’s worth Mentioning Lil Nas X is my favorite Country artist of all time. So much love from Texas bro. I’m so proud to see you doing your Thing Lil Nas X. You’re such an inspiration to people like us. You’re making the south proud of something worth being proud of. ✌🏼🤟🏼🤩🤩 Viva La Vida Primo

  38. Danielle Brady

    Danielle BradyHónapja


  39. Momo Parks

    Momo ParksHónapja

    producer: “whats the genre that you want?” lil nas x: “yes”

  40. Dark Sky

    Dark SkyHónapja

    Producer:Which music genre would you li- Lil Nas X: *yes*

  41. raihanah hasan

    raihanah hasanHónapja

    Nothing to say .. just i 🥰❤

  42. ファゴット;


    Why is Lil Nas X trying to imitate Thanos with TF2 purple textures ?

  43. RS games [Official]

    RS games [Official]Hónapja

    When's the next album? Dang it

  44. zutrue


    Actually this is pretty good. Its got that classic rock vibe. we go again!!! Pop?? Soul?? Rock? Sold>>>>???

  45. green wanky studios

    green wanky studiosHónapja

    hes is so wierd

  46. yeet god

    yeet godHónapja


  47. Lemao


    Every audio that gets over 50 million views is an official video lol

  48. Austin Myers

    Austin MyersHónapja

    Good. Song

  49. The Infamous Melonhead

    The Infamous MelonheadHónapja

    Little bit of an 80s rock vibe, but I like it

  50. Daniel Kauan

    Daniel KauanHónapja


  51. Shakirioseats Cheerios

    Shakirioseats CheeriosHónapja

    This is 4919

  52. Not Nillew

    Not NillewHónapja


  53. p butler

    p butlerHónapja

    If u look at iron maidens animation in there videos It is much better

  54. mynameisdarkninja 2000

    mynameisdarkninja 2000Hónapja


  55. Joshua Harper

    Joshua Harper2 hónapja

    I'd consider this rock. but I'll agree he is basicly his own genre

  56. Jennifer Alfaro

    Jennifer Alfaro2 hónapja

    You r a fun

  57. Mary Thompson-Peavy

    Mary Thompson-Peavy2 hónapja


  58. Vincent Vega

    Vincent Vega2 hónapja


  59. Testin Jast

    Testin Jast2 hónapja

    I subbed to him at 40k subs... look at him now

  60. ReniRose

    ReniRose2 hónapja


  61. lala co

    lala co2 hónapja


  62. Lillan Thompson

    Lillan Thompson2 hónapja

    Damn he good

  63. Lillan Thompson

    Lillan Thompson2 hónapja

    He can do all kind of music

  64. Kenzie Kessinger

    Kenzie Kessinger2 hónapja

    Loyal Illustrious Loved Needed Amazing Significant Xo ❤️ Spells out LIL NAS X

  65. lil lil

    lil lil2 hónapja

    This is like 1990s vibes idk

  66. unikracoon

    unikracoon2 hónapja

    This is vibe. That moment after being broken and you realise you can fight back

  67. Starwars Experte

    Starwars Experte2 hónapja

    When I am fighting against the Ender Dragon in Minecraft Me: I don't know whats gonna bring you down , I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down

  68. luchi's recipe for awesome sauce

    luchi's recipe for awesome sauce2 hónapja

    2020 we gon' appreciate the diversity in this damn album!

  69. Drew Tea

    Drew Tea2 hónapja If you want to level the playing field for the African American community please watch this video at the link above. Dave Chapelle recognizes problems these issues and endorses Andrew Yang for president who actually cares about problems for all races.

  70. Hampus Trolle - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 4A

    Hampus Trolle - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 4A2 hónapja

    så jävla bra

  71. sky ler

    sky ler2 hónapja

    It's funny like all the songs bump but thier all a different genres

  72. Quentinrush

    Quentinrush2 hónapja

    Nobody: The bowling screen when you get a turkey:

  73. Noémy Prospérin

    Noémy Prospérin2 hónapja

    Is gode oid town riad🤩🤩🤩🤩🤟😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  74. shakeal peters

    shakeal peters2 hónapja

    Never know nas x is a rockstar lol

  75. Lauren Turner

    Lauren Turner2 hónapja

    I’m gonna go watch the Beatles come together music video

  76. TheMelodyCupcake

    TheMelodyCupcake2 hónapja

    is this the same guy that sings 'Old Town Road' and 'Panini'?! Really?! Its such a good tune!

  77. TheFridayVerse

    TheFridayVerse2 hónapja

    He sure is! He has an EP entitled "7" which this song is featured on.

  78. Declan Gripenstraw

    Declan Gripenstraw2 hónapja

    Hey this is something David would listen to while he's fighting Goliath

  79. Diana Musakaeva

    Diana Musakaeva2 hónapja

    My favorite song😍

  80. Rati Paty

    Rati Paty2 hónapja Cover 2020

  81. Dr. Cameron Rose SCPF

    Dr. Cameron Rose SCPF2 hónapja

    Lil Nas x's next song: *death metal: the fifteen second looped animation experience*

  82. xgnes#2907

    xgnes#29072 hónapja

    I don’t why but this sounds like a song you’ll find on fifa 13.