Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas) [Official Video]

Official video for "Rodeo" by Lil Nas X featuring Nas.
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Starring: Lil Nas X & Nas
Story By: Lil Nas X & Bradley & Pablo

Directors: Bradley & Pablo
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Cinematography: Pablo Berron
Production Design: Greg Allen Lang
Editor: Lauren Dellara
Visual Effects: Chimney
Strategic Partnerhips: Jen Frommer & Raquel Roberts
Producers: Megan Gutman, Candice Dragonas, Chris Clavadetscher,
Producer/Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz
LNX Stylist: Hodo Musa
LNX Hair/Makeup: Brittany Thomas
Choreographer: Jamaica Craft, Josh Smith, and Antonio Hudnell for Jam Session Ent.
Nas Stylist: April Roomet
Nas Hair/Makeup: Marcus Harvey
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  1. Epic Priced

    Epic Priced23 órája

    that scream tho ewww

  2. Gon Vegeta

    Gon Vegeta23 órája

    Where is that comment

  3. Artist Fox99

    Artist Fox9923 órája

    Are you actually working on a travis Scott remix?

  4. SmallNuttyBoy

    SmallNuttyBoy23 órája

    He's been in the past - Old Town Road Future - Panini And present? - rodeo

  5. Andrea Hodge

    Andrea Hodge23 órája

    He look like the monster from death note

  6. Zoey Blessed

    Zoey Blessed23 órája

    Lil nasx is like a super villain like of u agree

  7. Dominique Davis

    Dominique Davis23 órája

    Me crying laughing in the first 15 seconds 🤣🤣 the girl scream rlly took me out

  8. Shaun and Chaos Production

    Shaun and Chaos Production23 órája

    I'm confused at a rate like this

  9. B Legend

    B Legend23 órája

    A vampire turns into a bat

  10. Angela Johnson

    Angela Johnson23 órája

    What happened to cardi b solo. I liked that solo

  11. Kulxy

    Kulxy23 órája

    Here from Australia :) But I actually love you

  12. Jordan Nzuki

    Jordan NzukiNapja

    Where Klaus at😂😂

  13. Yt_SirCaramelz



  14. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite ClipsNapja

    0:32 when my mom/mum tells me to get off ps4

  15. Angelo Coll

    Angelo CollNapja

    Who didn’t tell him October ended 😕

  16. Roko Čović

    Roko ČovićNapja

    When lil nas was in black suit his suit looks like garbage bag

  17. Price Checker

    Price CheckerNapja

    This is the way it was always meant to be💯

  18. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite ClipsNapja

    0.42 the demons whos bin watching me from when i was 2

  19. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite ClipsNapja


  20. Kit U.D

    Kit U.DNapja

    Where is Cardi B though? Lol

  21. Ezekiel Ford

    Ezekiel FordNapja

    You look scary

  22. sam robinson

    sam robinsonNapja

    I didn’t believe it when I saw Lil Nas X feat NAS

  23. Dikr Djjdir

    Dikr DjjdirNapja

    Lil sis) can u take me somewere Me)If I took u everywhere then u wouldn't know how to walk Lil sis) my throat hurts can you talk for me? Me)If I spoke for your behind then you wouldn't know how to talk Lil sis) tells mom Me) IT WAS JUST A PRANK!!!

  24. I like anime ;-;

    I like anime ;-;23 órája


  25. Joey dott

    Joey dottNapja

    Ong I only put this song on first cause I saw nas😂🤣

  26. Lil Bloxer

    Lil BloxerNapja

    It sounded like "oooooooooooooooooooooreo" instead of "rooooooodeo"

  27. Gamer boy

    Gamer boyNapja

    old town road way better

  28. Peter Palmer

    Peter PalmerNapja

    This would go well with a movie

  29. emerson game

    emerson gameNapja

    2:4 ah and truth there is a Spike

  30. nehemiah tyler

    nehemiah tylerNapja

    this stuff fire

  31. Josh Sirko

    Josh SirkoNapja

    Why are you gay not to be mean but why you could date a girl that's hot 😈🔥 and have a really fat butt 😝

  32. emerson game

    emerson gameNapja


  33. constipated will

    constipated willNapja no one gonna mention Halloween came in February?

  34. emerson game

    emerson gameNapja

    0:51 i'm fucking crazy,

  35. El Chingon Manuel

    El Chingon ManuelNapja

    Look at me morty I’m nigga rick!!!!

  36. emerson game

    emerson gameNapja

    0:30 Satan leaves here. dwarf and a vampire, I need to take my stake, bitch that gave birth. * _ *

  37. Nigel the PS Gamer

    Nigel the PS GamerNapja

    The beginning of the song is so complex, and SOOOOOOOOO great, and the CGI is really amazing!!! AND I CAN'T FORGET THE DANCING!!!!!!!IT IS SOOOOOOOOO GA... I MEAN GREAT!!!!! 100/10!!!!!!!! Just hope he beats Kanye West in the next election!

  38. Amenhotep


    He should cut the western sh*t

  39. Trinity Steele

    Trinity SteeleNapja

    Drug addict much?

  40. Gamingwityourboi_Jr Jr

    Gamingwityourboi_Jr JrNapja

    1 human 2 demon 3 elf looking4 robot 5 bat wth😂

  41. Modathir Ibrahim

    Modathir IbrahimNapja

    Old town road: 1889 Panini: 2079 Rodeo: 2020

  42. Biggie Cheese

    Biggie CheeseNapja

    Bro this guy is a fucking legend

  43. Gamingwityourboi_Jr Jr

    Gamingwityourboi_Jr JrNapja

    When lil nas x says”we go home and have some sex” he talks quiet🤣

  44. theycravenayee


    he put alot of thought in this actually 😂🙃

  45. pp vacum

    pp vacumNapja

    2:39 this what y'all retards look like doing tik tok dances

  46. Madame Dinero

    Madame DineroNapja

    Did y’all peep the lyrics? And it has a demonic theme??? WOW

  47. Dxns


    This needs to be a movie or else sonic will take over

  48. Jordan Griffin

    Jordan GriffinNapja

    💓 the video

  49. Daniel Coronal

    Daniel CoronalNapja

    This is fire

  50. Bereket Gmedhen

    Bereket GmedhenNapja

    Teen wolf anybody

  51. bilisha coli

    bilisha coliNapja

    Recalled "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

  52. Amya Ward

    Amya WardNapja

    Watching this makes me wanna watch Blade

  53. Jose Acosta

    Jose AcostaNapja

    Make a new song and not a remake no wonder you get hate

  54. Jose Acosta

    Jose AcostaNapja

    @Rackedupri nobody asked for your trash mixtape neither

  55. Rackedupri


    Jose Acosta

  56. Ayden McGee

    Ayden McGeeNapja

    Rodeo is fire

  57. Rackedupri


    Ayden McGee

  58. Trixz


    Watching from Canada :)

  59. bilisha coli

    bilisha coliNapja

    Lil nax:cross ing old man:*jesus cross*

  60. Jahmarley Riley

    Jahmarley RileyNapja

    He rhymes with tomatoe and in his toes

  61. Rackedupri


    Jahmarley Riley

  62. TheMisFitToyCollector


    Why no cardi ? Is that his uncle seeking fame and only using the word Nas , because he sucked bad. Can you bring cardi b back please

  63. king lizard cma

    king lizard cmaNapja

    Cool song

  64. spectral luckky

    spectral luckkyNapja

    Guys I think he's sold soul

  65. Brendo Motta

    Brendo MottaNapja


  66. Rackedupri


    Brendo Motta

  67. radu_radu_radu


    lil nose x the lyrical genius to rhyme sex with cigarettes

  68. radu_radu_radu

    radu_radu_radu23 órája

    @Rackedupri ah hell no

  69. Rackedupri



  70. Richard rage

    Richard rageNapja

    he looks like a gay stripper with that black outfit on