Lil Nas X - Kick It (Official Audio)

Official audio for "Kick It" by Lil Nas X
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Director / Animator: Blunt Action (@blunt_action)
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  1. kaiyah minnie

    kaiyah minnie6 órája

    eminem and lil nas x

  2. Frank

    Frank9 órája

    the beat is truly monstrous, slept on and underrated



    My birthday is on April 9 too

  4. Super Deleto

    Super Deleto4 napja

    Am I the only one vibing to this since its qauritine and I'm just vibing to old songs?

  5. Game God

    Game God4 napja

    Wii nas x

  6. Juan Lwetutte

    Juan Lwetutte4 napja

    #Best faces ever

  7. the wolf

    the wolf5 napja

    They should add those as Mii characters

  8. Arthur Andrade

    Arthur Andrade5 napja

    Lil Nas X + 100000

  9. Arthur Andrade

    Arthur Andrade5 napja

    OPIDSFB ? 500

  10. Rune Yt

    Rune Yt5 napja

    Underrated song

  11. shadowninjagaming 326

    shadowninjagaming 3265 napja


  12. Qasim Abdullah

    Qasim Abdullah6 napja

    Why weed

  13. Vanessa Cooper

    Vanessa Cooper7 napja

    I like lil nas x #lil nas x

  14. Korina and Koraima Macias

    Korina and Koraima Macias8 napja


  15. EtherSkies

    EtherSkies8 napja

    My favorite song now.

  16. Tiny Tom

    Tiny Tom8 napja

    Human face: :) Robot face: :[ Kick it song face:

  17. Franco Frehm

    Franco Frehm9 napja

    Creo que saco un billete invisible :v

  18. Parker Russell

    Parker Russell9 napja

    what is this song??????

  19. Small peen treツ

    Small peen treツ9 napja

    This reminds me off my x

  20. Alaa Mahmoud

    Alaa Mahmoud10 napja

    Quarantine and Chill anybody?

  21. Neotyró X

    Neotyró X10 napja

    Please make a music video for this! I love this song!

  22. A23 S

    A23 S10 napja


  23. Dannybec

    Dannybec12 napja

    lil nas x is the bst damn

  24. Kara White

    Kara White13 napja


  25. Peggy Jackson

    Peggy Jackson14 napja

    This song is boring👎

  26. Peyton Playz

    Peyton Playz7 napja

    Peggy Jackson no u are

  27. JoKeR

    JoKeR14 napja

    Lil Nas X: The Beginning




  29. Gleydan

    Gleydan15 napja

    я один руский

  30. Z ZALDUA

    Z ZALDUA15 napja

    Lil nas just want lean

  31. khimberly Nauli

    khimberly Nauli15 napja

    deja vu

  32. 2k Tanky

    2k Tanky16 napja


  33. 2k Tanky

    2k Tanky16 napja


  34. 2k Tanky

    2k Tanky16 napja

    Ay there should be a music a video of this only because the beat is hard and song it's lit 🔥🚿

  35. Aisha Manaal

    Aisha Manaal16 napja

    Your the best

  36. Boogle Tape

    Boogle Tape18 napja

    I was one of the first 1000 people

  37. I'm The Guy

    I'm The Guy18 napja

    I appreciate old town this one and all his songs.


    TESSA GACHA19 napja

    Je suis choqué tu n'a pas plus d'abbo que SQUEZZI

  39. Jakedasnake Yeahboy

    Jakedasnake Yeahboy20 napja

    He say nigga now

  40. roddy rich 19

    roddy rich 1920 napja

    i love lil nas x songs

  41. Bryan Lima

    Bryan Lima20 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a>

  42. Bryan Lima

    Bryan Lima20 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>

  43. potatos tomatos

    potatos tomatos22 napja

    Make a music video from this please

  44. laurenbear18

    laurenbear1823 napja


  45. Xeiv Snipez

    Xeiv Snipez23 napja


  46. Simply_Gacha

    Simply_Gacha24 napja

    Wow guys the thing he showed lil nas x had me shocked 😮 😳

  47. Careway Transportation

    Careway Transportation26 napja


  48. HotGamingWith FortniteMastrr33

    HotGamingWith FortniteMastrr3326 napja

    The Deja Vu Scenes Tho

  49. Christian Henry

    Christian Henry28 napja

    White dude got roblox anger emote

  50. B1ue_ 4nims

    B1ue_ 4nims28 napja

    Sponsored by Human Fall Flat

  51. Sheriff Chris

    Sheriff Chris28 napja

    This is funny


    DEVIL JOBZ28 napja

  53. KaylonY

    KaylonY28 napja

    ClayMation Video :D

  54. Ihad Knowidea

    Ihad Knowidea28 napja


  55. Polaroidxx

    Polaroidxx29 napja

    *Game ads be like:*

  56. Molly McHale

    Molly McHale29 napja

    this music is so addicting!

  57. Sarah Alexx

    Sarah Alexx29 napja

    Ta bien loca la song

  58. Shumi Rahman

    Shumi RahmanHónapja


  59. Undertale Boss!

    Undertale Boss!Hónapja

    The characters look there face went threw the blender

  60. IsS4wy3r4 Playz

    IsS4wy3r4 PlayzHónapja

    i like the looped anime clip playing in the background

  61. IsS4wy3r4 Playz

    IsS4wy3r4 PlayzHónapja

    Why is there some 5 dollar budget animation playing in the background looped

  62. juan kovalczyk

    juan kovalczykHónapja

    buenardou yankee 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  63. Zearo


    *This guy went from Cowboy to Future robot to vampire to Black and with dolls....Bruh wtf*

  64. Gregory Reyes

    Gregory ReyesHónapja

    Instead of weed, Lil Nas X should've given out nigga passes

  65. XextremeX Zack

    XextremeX ZackHónapja


  66. Briangotbands TV

    Briangotbands TVHónapja

    F I R E

  67. DSW W

    DSW WHónapja

    This was made by lil nas x?

  68. XextremeX Zack

    XextremeX ZackHónapja

    I wish the song was better

  69. Bithika Thakuria

    Bithika ThakuriaHónapja

    Video-clip keeps playing again and again. Me- how much more Video- till I cant no more

  70. GirlHoldingOntoTheGrate



  71. Antony da Vision

    Antony da VisionHónapja

    Lil X Nas , Você é o melhor trapper

  72. The experiment channel

    The experiment channelHónapja

    Old town road: red ded redemption Panini: detroit become human Rodeo: the evil within Kick it: Roblox

  73. ghost.


    literally the best song on the EP idc....

  74. TheGoofyCyrus


    Lil nod x is always have my been favorite rapper You tube comants: yes

  75. PYTH0N


    I should’ve listened to this in Dubai

  76. MIGIX TD

    MIGIX TDHónapja

    I get how this song means not to always accept things like weed

  77. Sunil Kumar

    Sunil KumarHónapja

    Dont you guys get any stories

  78. Celarmie Mendoza

    Celarmie MendozaHónapja


  79. Walter Wentzlaff

    Walter WentzlaffHónapja

    327 yet 5PM 87

  80. Abdul-Raheem Rasheed

    Abdul-Raheem RasheedHónapja

    Anybody in 2020 came here because they thought it was a new music video but then realized it was in recommended..


    ŇiŇJA ŁIØYDHónapja

    White guy: *pulls out nothing* Lil nas X: nah man i dont want your hand ;-;

  82. Maria Montalvo

    Maria MontalvoHónapja

    I loooooooooove itttt🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  83. Tijh Patterson

    Tijh PattersonHónapja

    Is thid about selling weed or hanging out 😂