this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain


  1. icklenatzzzzzz

    icklenatzzzzzz2 órája

    I appreciate your candor.. but at the same time... oh honey. I'm a female skater and I kinda did the same thing when I was younger... and when that all went to shit and when I had the worst slam of my life knocking myself out, I lost confidence and then didn't skate again for 15 years.. which I regret immensely. I'm back skating again at 35, but this time there are no boys to impress, no peer group, just me wanting to progress and get good again. And I have to say it feels way better this time. But keep at it! Watch lots of female skaters on youtube... it's what got me back and I definitely recommend watching Rayssa Leal heelflipping down a 3 set in a fairy dress when she was 7.. its both adorable and badass ^^ Also find a group of girls to skate with.. you can ask in your local skate shop and they might point you in the direction for girls nights at skate parks :)

  2. V Valentine

    V Valentine4 órája

    At least she tried

  3. GG Vidz

    GG Vidz5 órája

    She was kinda good tho no cap

  4. Mario Milano

    Mario Milano7 órája

    For someone who have a bunch of penny board u r pretty bad pushing

  5. Angel White

    Angel White9 órája


  6. Wall Storm

    Wall Storm17 órája

    I’m 9 and can heel flip

  7. victoria petkovski

    victoria petkovski20 órája

    8:35 what you’re doing is known as “tic tac” luv x

  8. erica marie

    erica marie23 órája


  9. yung tanuki

    yung tanukiNapja

    Okay well us skaters definitely won’t be impressed by you learning to skate. The fact that you’re only skating to impress a “skater boy” is embarrassing asf and no real skater will ever fuck with you if he finds that out. If you skate for attention you are automatically a poser. And that dumb ass outfit you put on isn’t even close to what real skaters where. That outfit right there is the desperate eboy begging for attention look. 90 percent of skaters who do dress like that usually have the skill set of a beginner and only skate to fit their edgy ass look. You don’t know shit about skating idc how many of your little girl fans bitch about this but hop tf out the culture Bc you’re just making yourself look STUPID. Please please please do not mention skateboarding ever again you just do not belong 🤙🏻

  10. Mel Rodriguez

    Mel RodriguezNapja

    Her skateboard what Roddy rich used for the intro to "the box"

  11. saqib munir

    saqib munirNapja

    aron hull has entered the chattttt

  12. Leslie tona

    Leslie tonaNapja

    YOO what's up Bitch haaa Fuck you lol

  13. Kris Alombro

    Kris AlombroNapja

    Hey why did you tuck in your shirt babe😂

  14. RoseFighter


    Nice you are so amazing you go

  15. Thomas Gans

    Thomas GansNapja

    Wtf is this man, as a skater myself, this is the most dumb video ever. She is talking about skaters like their a special species. Like wtf is she doing. It’s not that skaters are like an other rase of fucking humanity. Like wat the fuck

  16. Mayssa Dk

    Mayssa DkNapja

    meeee xD

  17. Sadbagofbones


    Only the real ones will notice she was wearing her white vans


    AHEEHONK2 napja

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when some says skateboard multiple times as a verb. Just say skate. But it's fine cuz youre cool

  19. Sasha Belmore

    Sasha Belmore2 napja

    Did u get the boy lol

  20. stephanie music

    stephanie music2 napja

    Who does she sound like Like someone from a movie

  21. Interest and Fun

    Interest and Fun2 napja

    Not bad, keep it up

  22. Lucy Cannon

    Lucy Cannon2 napja

    Omh y is this actually me

  23. Anabelle batista

    Anabelle batista2 napja

    its oki wanna learn to skate to impress doja cat :3

  24. Angelo Curtice

    Angelo Curtice2 napja

    This scares me as a skateboarder

  25. Sofia Braid

    Sofia Braid2 napja

    took a break from ur videos for a while, glad to see the content has remained of supreme quality

  26. Vytil

    Vytil3 napja

    from penny board to....pickle board

  27. Tadpxle

    Tadpxle3 napja

    i dislike you greatly

  28. Darkrain aldo

    Darkrain aldo3 napja

    fucking poser


    JANIE RAMIREZ3 napja

    you dont say skateboard for example dont say , oh he skateboards nah nah oh he skates , oh i want to skate , oh damn he can skate , i think i could skate

  30. Anii_ _Squ11d

    Anii_ _Squ11d3 napja

    3:24 *_gamer boys_*

  31. Diispy F

    Diispy F4 napja

    I wish there was girls like this

  32. Itzel Lopez

    Itzel Lopez4 napja

    no one: emma: *jumps on skateboard lightly* tHaT wAS cOol😂😂

  33. Itzel Lopez

    Itzel Lopez4 napja

    no one: emma: i forgot to get my helmet meee the week i got my skateboard for christmas 😂😂

  34. Crisley GaMe

    Crisley GaMe4 napja

    This is literally me. I mean every single word she said I've said it in that way, like girl I got u, I feel u. 😂❤️

  35. John Le

    John Le4 napja

    Wtf, look at that Porsche!!😍

  36. MAD World

    MAD World4 napja

    boys are skateing to impress girls, why would girls skate to impress boy

  37. Branson Nielsen

    Branson Nielsen4 napja

    She likes Ethan from Dolan twins

  38. TR 3X72_

    TR 3X72_5 napja

    Pleeeeeaaze go to a skatepark

  39. _vega_ sk8_

    _vega_ sk8_5 napja

    SHE WOULD GET A RICK AND MORTY BOARD LMAOOOO not judging, it’s just a beginner stereotype. but i’m a beginner so wtf

  40. Andrew Foster

    Andrew Foster5 napja

    You just became an egirl for a day


    REAL MONSTER5 napja

    1step learn about skateboards and there parts then buy a board cz you will get judged by your board

  42. Floral

    Floral5 napja

    PiCkLe RiCk

  43. Spwnoll Hellcat

    Spwnoll Hellcat5 napja

    U prblee got rejected by the surfer cuz he thought ur a poser

  44. X D

    X D5 napja

    i like how she is driving that car like the one leg is just like . U know what i mean ok u dont ok

  45. Molly Clarke

    Molly Clarke5 napja

    Emma has pillows in her car *imagines her taking a quick nap on the way to coffee*

  46. Molly Clarke

    Molly Clarke5 napja


  47. Starry_Birdie

    Starry_Birdie6 napja

    soo shallow smh 🤦‍♀️

  48. Trey Smith

    Trey Smith6 napja

    Lmao do skaters drink coffee?

  49. OWEN yando

    OWEN yando6 napja


  50. C Monroy

    C Monroy6 napja

    I find it funny I have the same deck

  51. hjalt

    hjalt6 napja

    don’t skate just to impress people, skating is about having fun and enjoying it yourself, if you’re just skating to look cool and impress people don’t even bother skating

  52. Apolline

    Apolline3 napja

    Chill bro

  53. Lilÿ Soo

    Lilÿ Soo6 napja

    I’m in middle school and my school does not allow me to bring my skateboard to school... SO NOW I RIDE THE BUS!!! Smh so now I’m waiting for high school😁

  54. tufti*

    tufti*6 napja

    Hello my name is Aaron Kyro, and I'm a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay area.

  55. London Skateboarding

    London Skateboarding6 napja

    WTF did I just watched ??? POSER... go back and play with instagram...

  56. Ash Williamson

    Ash Williamson6 napja

    At All the skate I go to u would probably get teased if u brought a rick and morty board and dressed like a skater girl so pretty lucky u didn’t go to one

  57. WesteWer

    WesteWer6 napja

    Pretty shit

  58. Mey Lux

    Mey Lux6 napja

    I start skating cause i wanted to impress a boy too , but noooow i'm in love with the skatepoarding , and yeees i didn't get the boy but...who cares

  59. Entracted YT

    Entracted YT6 napja

    Does anyone else skate and found this hard to watch

  60. Entracted YT

    Entracted YT6 napja

    Does anyone else skate and found this hard to watch

  61. bat0x

    bat0x4 napja

    Exactly lmao

  62. Räggimies

    Räggimies6 napja

    7:50 that's one nice a** porche ;)