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  1. faux

    faux21 perce

    It's not funny unless it was real shit

  2. 鈴木ana

    鈴木ana14 órája


  3. Karina Jackson

    Karina Jackson2 napja


  4. Hunter Phoenix

    Hunter Phoenix2 napja


  5. profile_main info

    profile_main info3 napja

    Maybe that 2nd girl wanted to chk theres no drugs or anything...

  6. sleepytickle

    sleepytickle4 napja

    Great job!

  7. TheTTVCrew

    TheTTVCrew4 napja

    This is the fakest shit ever

  8. George Goddard

    George Goddard4 napja

    Had to be hired, if you got anything In your face. Your fave reaction is to wipe it off. Not one person did that.

  9. Informatique Grizzly Tech Montréal

    Informatique Grizzly Tech Montréal5 napja

    Dumb to use poor people as a trap. It was fun when it was the middle class asshole getting caught

  10. Okie Boi Smokee

    Okie Boi Smokee5 napja

    Ok but try this on your own people too.

  11. Microwave

    Microwave6 napja

    Why are all the hired actors black? just... why

  12. Katrina Kiko Halterman

    Katrina Kiko Halterman6 napja

    This is oddly satisfying

  13. enchantement sombre

    enchantement sombre8 napja

    Why would you ask a stranger to watch your bag? Maybe luggage if its a public place and there are many other people around but still don't trust anyone with your belongings.

  14. Fahmi Hasashi

    Fahmi Hasashi9 napja

    I cant stop laughing...

  15. David Neely

    David Neely12 napja

    Two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left

  16. David Neely

    David Neely12 napja

    By the way I'm not sure if you realize this but that guy look like he was incredibly hungry instead of making him feel like shit why not buy him a sandwich maybe he wouldn't steal kindness works better

  17. David Neely

    David Neely12 napja

    What would you guys do if I pick that purse up and gave it back to her and then opened it it's so easy to tell when people are acting and wen shit is set up fuck you fuck that girl fuck that purse!!!

  18. escape0007

    escape000714 napja

    Omg love this it’s hilarious

  19. Ezer Santiago

    Ezer Santiago14 napja

    Coño, it seems somewhat premeditated, Well, I don't know who knows, what I do know is that I've laughed a lot.

  20. Forrest Knox

    Forrest Knox15 napja

    Notice nothing about people just running off with it... bc I’m sure there are bloopers with that right?

  21. MR1chippyshopMAN

    MR1chippyshopMAN16 napja

    do yall realise that thease guys are doing it all around black guys! its ridiculous man

  22. Tony Christensen

    Tony Christensen18 napja

    Should have used real shit

  23. mark connor

    mark connor19 napja

    You harass poor and homeless people must make you feel like big men.

  24. Frank O' The Mountain

    Frank O' The Mountain20 napja

    Thanks for the laughs.

  25. MrMunozTV

    MrMunozTV20 napja

    Poor humor...👎🏽👎🏽

  26. Connor P

    Connor P21 napja

    You should ask white people to look after the bags Idiot's

  27. Ilya K.

    Ilya K.22 napja

    Waste of time, if I wanted to watch a movie I would do that.

  28. Fuze #

    Fuze #22 napja

    I like how they take the time to close it back like they didn't do anything. Haha

  29. Alpha Fort

    Alpha Fort23 napja

    obviously scripted, but the idea is good

  30. strategic services

    strategic services25 napja

    I don't know what town this is but its a town of thieves. Any honest people there???

  31. Rolando B

    Rolando B25 napja


  32. br k

    br k26 napja

    Always black always black...

  33. SpawnofSmoke

    SpawnofSmoke26 napja

    Like she would let a guy already sitting in front of her bag hmm

  34. (6D21) Yuyang Rao

    (6D21) Yuyang Rao26 napja

    This is funnier than the glitter, but also potentially more damaging.

  35. Caleb Fietsam

    Caleb Fietsam26 napja

    The second “victim” is an actor, pretty sure they were in booksmart

  36. Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time

    Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time27 napja

    he starts to puke, smells it again

  37. kathy Turner

    kathy Turner27 napja

    Love it. He steal he’s a shit head so he got what he deserved

  38. Michelle Harris

    Michelle Harris27 napja

    Loved it. I laughed so hard. You gotta do more of these

  39. mazzkulley

    mazzkulley28 napja

    wrong at all levels. the prankees are poor marginalized victims. Dear HU-gos, please never suggest any vid from this channel to me again. thanks.

  40. Alberto Giavani

    Alberto Giavani28 napja

    I hate Thieves send em all to hell I'm 13 and they stole my surface go ☹️

  41. French974

    French97429 napja

    Add powder dye please. *Thumb up if you are for it.* I can garantee you need tons of water to get rid of it ... NB: FOOD DYE (edible).

  42. danbanbam


    Is that the girl from Booksmart? 😂

  43. Lithus17


    You know the white people are actors. But good to see the black community continuing the stereotype

  44. Rose Waters

    Rose WatersHónapja

    I love how they just zip the bag back up after it exploded like nothing even happened. Like...

  45. Virgos R Us

    Virgos R UsHónapja


  46. LaneUSMC


    Chick was a hotty though.

  47. BenNuttinYahoosreel



  48. Steven Opolis

    Steven OpolisHónapja

    2500 burglar scum thumbs downed this video.

  49. Hughes Home Improvements SP

    Hughes Home Improvements SPHónapja

    Go Hawks!

  50. Keto - Walk - Get Fit

    Keto - Walk - Get FitHónapja

    love it. Would mind putting one of these on the prison yard

  51. Cinnamon Glow

    Cinnamon Glow28 napja

    Do you have a lot of purses begging gone through in your prison's yard?

  52. The Jackass Linguist

    The Jackass LinguistHónapja

    *Smells the stick and gags* “Hey let me smell it again” *Throws up* They just keep breeding don’t they 😐

  53. Laura Bullock

    Laura BullockHónapja

    People suck..that's fucking so sad I hate thiefs

  54. deth bounnhingyong

    deth bounnhingyongHónapja

    Where the hell is part 2

  55. Rod Meadows

    Rod MeadowsHónapja


  56. barbie telly family barbie telly family

    barbie telly family barbie telly familyHónapja

    Ok why would you do that

  57. Sergio Montes

    Sergio MontesHónapja

    Never again you fony azz fuxk do it for the unsuspecting viewers should have a better gimmick by now one trick pony

  58. Mehdi Doublali

    Mehdi DoublaliHónapja

    Please make another one

  59. Kari M

    Kari MHónapja


  60. Kari M

    Kari MHónapja

    Yeah at 3:13 it was cut, cuz when dude was going thru the bag that person by the tree just popped out of where Lol

  61. Eric Lieber

    Eric LieberHónapja

    So funny! Sad though how many people are desperate enough to need someone else's junk.