Justin Bieber - Intentions ft. Quavo (Official Video)

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Directed by: Michael D. Ratner
Production company: OBB Pictures
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg and Andy Mininger
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Music video by Justin Bieber performing Intentions. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Mary Abram

    Mary Abram11 órája

    who disliked the video

  2. Mumuni Gyenko

    Mumuni Gyenko11 órája

    Justin bieber is an IDOL

  3. robert kennedy

    robert kennedy11 órája

    Is this fool finally maturing?

  4. Sketch It Out

    Sketch It Out11 órája

    I see a better version of him

  5. Aryan Jindal

    Aryan Jindal13 órája

    I used to hate Justin Bieber. I never liked his any songs and even criticized him. However when I heard intentions, my opinion towards him changed so drastic that I started loving his song. This song is beauty♥️♥️. I would love if I hear more songs like it♥️♥️

  6. Anisa Mardiana

    Anisa Mardiana15 órája

    Honestly, this is seriously so freakin cuteee and kind of justin, one of my fav song cuz it’s so good plus the meaning , I seriously don’t know why this only got 42M 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

  7. Ignace Papin Bizimana

    Ignace Papin Bizimana15 órája

    i can't beleive it .i'm crying 😢😢

  8. Fani Slim

    Fani Slim15 órája

    justin looks like an italian guy now lol

  9. John Mwitumba

    John Mwitumba15 órája

    the song is super lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Isaam Playz

    Isaam Playz16 órája

    Some one wrote 'fuck' over there in the right side that building <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>

  11. Chris Price

    Chris Price16 órája

    Disliked this man for so many years but just like that......I’m liking the Bieber! This song and the message is joyful

  12. Morning Wood

    Morning Wood17 órája

    A random person who likes this will die off television

  13. Derrick Sparta

    Derrick Sparta17 órája

    Love this song

  14. Crissy Black

    Crissy Black17 órája

    This just shows that only when you are happy within yourself can you then spread that love to the world around you. Justin is obviously very happy now. Bravo, good for him!

  15. Gamer Madden07

    Gamer Madden0717 órája

    Giving back and being A Blessing to people God Bless Justine Beiber in Jesus Name 🙏


    DOPE CUISINE18 órája

    My intentions right now Is to make the world a better place To end corona To end every threat coming our way 🙏

  17. Rita Aseke

    Rita Aseke18 órája

    How can anyone hate this video? What is wrong with people???

  18. RahKING SunGod

    RahKING SunGod19 órája

    This is powerful!!!

  19. Boy Masa

    Boy Masa20 órája

    Bieber is my idol interms of his attire and songs!

  20. David Martinez

    David Martinez20 órája

    dont lie, you dont care about them, and you shouldnt as the backgrounds are fake

  21. Nolson Jeudy

    Nolson Jeudy20 órája

    Drake did a music and a video like that and now Justin so The weekend is the only Canadian left to make a music and a video like that

  22. RRawat Rawat

    RRawat Rawat22 órája

    Best song forever....

  23. Angel Gillotte

    Angel Gillotte22 órája

    I love the song

  24. Soy tu gfa Bb

    Soy tu gfa Bb22 órája

    Pasen por Never Say Never que esta por llegar al billón de vistas!

  25. W.w.m.m

    W.w.m.m23 órája

    Amo esta canción 😌🎶🎶

  26. W.w.m.m

    W.w.m.m23 órája

    Yes !! My favorite song !🥰

  27. W.w.m.m

    W.w.m.m23 órája

    Cuarentena JUS-TIN 😁🔥🎶

  28. Soy tu gfa Bb

    Soy tu gfa Bb21 órája

    Cuarentena con canciones JUSTINI

  29. NTK _pnw

    NTK _pnwNapja

    Gorgeous song 💜

  30. tvtime2121


    My boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing... I said YES!!! This is my favorite song now. You can find my boyfriends music video by searching “Ry Lucky - Toxic”, he’s growing on here fast! Who else is here during corona virus?



    Blessed boy... Justin Bieber

  32. Landon Kepler

    Landon KeplerNapja

    I love this song

  33. Joao Paulo Meira Santos

    Joao Paulo Meira SantosNapja

    Here in Brazil there is also this ... very sad to see many people in the world going through this situation ...

  34. GiGi


    I F*#%s with this Justine the older and mature side of him. Music is better too...omgosh am I a belieber?! 😱🤣😂 not quite.😂

  35. Samanta Royal

    Samanta RoyalNapja

    I cant stand this guy anymore. Its on pause while I put my comment :)

  36. Lidiane Moura

    Lidiane MouraNapja


  37. LaVida Loca

    LaVida LocaNapja


  38. Brenda Tyler

    Brenda TylerNapja

    Im kidding youll be a ↪😔↩

  39. Brenda Tyler

    Brenda TylerNapja


  40. Claudia Urias-Enciso

    Claudia Urias-EncisoNapja

    Beautiful song on the radio, but it doesn’t compare to the video! Awe... the message is soooo strong! Made me cry of how moving this video truly is, seeing individuals receive blessings from people who can change things is a very beautiful thing to watch .. beautiful video Justin!!! ♥️

  41. Melissa Williams

    Melissa WilliamsNapja


  42. Alicia Dassa

    Alicia DassaNapja

    Come to Seattle and Ranir beach in Seattle

  43. Maya Quinn

    Maya QuinnNapja

    Here from the patapus bread video and I can’t hear this song the same way

  44. Mary Cornelious

    Mary CorneliousNapja

    Great video and message my intentions are to continue to be more positive and show more love to my family, friends and co workers✌🏾

  45. gojam anarky

    gojam anarkyNapja

    Kalo dasar suaranya enak si mau nyanyi apa aja tetep enak yah😅 nyanyi dangdut juga bakal enak kalo Justin mah😁

  46. Karla M Key Saez

    Karla M Key SaezNapja

    My intention is to represent those who are not represented the marginalized in society. Want to become an immigration lawyer/ disability lawyer. That's been my intention since day 1 of law school, thank God I am graduating in January and can't wait to start changing the 🌎

  47. Avtita Sabandy

    Avtita SabandyNapja


  48. AJ-Tiffany MONTEMAYOR

    AJ-Tiffany MONTEMAYORNapja

    I love you sister Bieber Justin BieberThat was a good movie you I love you and and and and I hope you want to marry you and I hope you post me because I like your son and you you seem petty and I wish you could come to Andrews and just Texas and and I wish you can please me and get me a big big teddy bear and a big big big candy end of

  49. guadalupe Rodriguez

    guadalupe RodriguezNapja

    Tengo al mejor idolo del mundo mundial te amo JUSTIN 😍🇨🇦💜💖

  50. Sonika Mukhia

    Sonika MukhiaNapja


  51. jovani cedro

    jovani cedroNapja

    Hit Like for the good intentions of our Healthcare Frontliners.. Stay Home. Be Safe.

  52. Máté Rédling

    Máté RédlingNapja

    Very good

  53. cristian duran

    cristian duranNapja

    Screw all the haters who dislikes the videos

  54. Jackson Kasongo

    Jackson KasongoNapja

    The best callaboration of the year

  55. Pano Panopal

    Pano PanopalNapja

    best video 2020 hu-gos.info/video/g9ZoiIKnqri1dGg.html

  56. Honeysuckle


    My intentions is to love myself more so I can do more for others too 💞

  57. lil vinzi

    lil vinziNapja

    This kind of Justin Bieber is what i've all wanted from the start

  58. Lunar Night

    Lunar NightNapja

    So Christ changed him huh

  59. Ashutosh Sati

    Ashutosh SatiNapja

    Anyone else here who thinks that justin bieber's intro is a bit too long?🙋‍♂️

  60. Jennifer Collins

    Jennifer CollinsNapja


  61. Fingering Things

    Fingering ThingsNapja

    Hopefully he releases a version without quavo.

  62. مازن علي إبراهيم عثمان العثماني

    مازن علي إبراهيم عثمان العثمانيNapja


  63. PrinceEric


    this makes me so happy i cried 😭 ure a good man justin ❤️

  64. xx


    Not a fan of him before. But after going through this vid and lyric, can I assign myself a fan of him? 😂

  65. Sarah Harmaini

    Sarah HarmainiNapja


  66. Winter Blossoms

    Winter BlossomsNapja

    I don't relate much of the music video to the Lyrics of the songs🤷🤷🤷

  67. Ashtonlee11


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> does any one hear the voice crack

  68. Maura Aziza

    Maura AzizaNapja

    Fav song:)

  69. Juan Lwetutte

    Juan LwetutteNapja

    So nice of them

  70. Ilvzn Mobile Clan

    Ilvzn Mobile ClanNapja

    David dobrik giving out cars w Justin now

  71. Brandon Windsor

    Brandon WindsorNapja

    Nobody will under what my Colorado means unless you been to the rocky's on the pow

  72. ToastySoap


    This dude looks like mozie from r6seige

  73. Tavale Travel

    Tavale TravelNapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>

  74. Julius Donasco

    Julius DonascoNapja


  75. MuzikaHD Lyrics

    MuzikaHD LyricsNapja

    Very nice bro. God bless you brother. You have my respect.

  76. **


    태태 노래가 이거였구나....

  77. Zukeina


    this song sounds like Kris Wu song called November rain😊

  78. Primanisa Ainun Barqi

    Primanisa Ainun BarqiNapja

    The vibes shows the mature side of him. He's not changed, he's just back.

  79. Tabata Assunção

    Tabata AssunçãoNapja


  80. Glenda Romero Hernández

    Glenda Romero HernándezNapja

    I loved the Justin's work

  81. Kimarly Life

    Kimarly LifeNapja

    Like this song

  82. Zamas El Dios De La Justicia

    Zamas El Dios De La JusticiaNapja

    #Coronavirus #Quedateencasa