Junior and Jack Learn Home Improvement Skills - black-ish

After Dre (Anthony Anderson) find a hole in the wall courtesy of Junior (Marcus Scribner) and Jack (Miles Brown), he makes them patch it up themselves. When they reveal their work, Dre is not impressed, but Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) reminds him that his skills weren't exactly up to par either. From 'Friendgame,' season 6, episode 16 of black-ish. Watch black-ish TUESDAY 9:30|8:30c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


  1. Helen reigns

    Helen reigns3 napja

    My God looks diseased Bwaaaaaaaahaaaa grany kills me

  2. 앤서니 야

    앤서니 야7 napja

    Dang, I didn't realize that it's been 20 years since I've seen this show. WTAH? Jr. and Jack were little kids the last time I saw it, and now they could legit drive whilst I take a nap in the back seat. Geez. Meanwhile, Grandma (Auntie Jenifer) looking like she ain't aged a day since she walked on the set.

  3. qqrrd zitfvjj

    qqrrd zitfvjj12 napja

    he needs Botox I thought black don't ...... so what's happened with the father

  4. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel Penaloza17 napja

    And this is why America has lots of Mexicans.

  5. Antanasia Coleman

    Antanasia Coleman17 napja


  6. FF18Cloud

    FF18Cloud18 napja

    Okada would be proud

  7. christopher auzenne

    christopher auzenne21 napja

    the fact they went through the effort of making a photo realistic sliding screen for the revel but not fixing the wall themselves is kinda hilarious

  8. Exodus RD

    Exodus RDHónapja

    I'm here from loveliveserve XD ..

  9. Liliana Adriano

    Liliana Adriano2 hónapja

    how can i watch full episodes of this ? im not in usa or canada but i really wanna see it for free to cuz im poor

  10. rudy2fat

    rudy2fat2 hónapja

    Really sucks when kids grow lol. At least Junior somehow got funnier. The twins not so much. Miss them when they were lil

  11. kARl king

    kARl king2 hónapja

    His ring tone tho

  12. Raymond J Blaze

    Raymond J Blaze2 hónapja

    Them dudes got some cool hair. How do they get their hair like that???? I wanna rock a similar style

  13. Raymond J Blaze

    Raymond J BlazeHónapja

    @ching ching ching ching I am Cape Verdean and African American. Right now my hair is in braids.

  14. ching ching ching ching

    ching ching ching chingHónapja

    It should be easy if you're black Raymond.

  15. Wuri Prima Kusumastuti

    Wuri Prima Kusumastuti2 hónapja

    What happened with Jack voice? OMG I am not ready for it! He is growing too fast

  16. tarts n sweets

    tarts n sweets2 hónapja

    Lol and here I thought the boys would be learning something but it was just Dre preening and being annoying.

  17. Alex Magic

    Alex Magic3 hónapja

    Monday Free Match - Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay hu-gos.info/video/edSqqmScpcTOhWQ.html

  18. Yggh Gggh

    Yggh Gggh3 hónapja

    Dam when did this show become unfunny gd

  19. Nolo R

    Nolo R3 hónapja

    Jack is so big

  20. Adriana Hayford

    Adriana HayfordHónapja

    I know right

  21. ok person

    ok person3 hónapja

    Dude looks like Patrick mahomes 😂

  22. Boikanyo Leabile

    Boikanyo Leabile3 hónapja

    He does look like a dolphin😂🤣🤣🏃‍♂️

  23. Feliciatanktop

    Feliciatanktop3 hónapja

    When did Jack get old?? 🥺

  24. Latviska LTP

    Latviska LTP3 hónapja

    Can someone tell me please Which song was playing on jacks phone

  25. Black Struggles

    Black Struggles3 hónapja

    @Nehemiah Howard ahahaha I caught it instantly because the song is in my head 😂

  26. Latviska LTP

    Latviska LTP3 hónapja

    @Coleton k nope just heard it once when it came out and couldn't remember it's name

  27. Coleton k

    Coleton k3 hónapja

    You just heard about the box ...

  28. Black Struggles

    Black Struggles3 hónapja

    The box - Roddy Rich

  29. Juliet Kamaitha

    Juliet Kamaitha3 hónapja

    Dre looks really good in that moustache

  30. mathew azinaab

    mathew azinaab3 hónapja


  31. SARA

    SARA3 hónapja

    Juliet Kamaitha yes he does

  32. Victoria S.

    Victoria S.3 hónapja

    Jeez puberty hit both of them since the last time I seen this show. Must be nice

  33. Victoria S.

    Victoria S.15 napja

    Richard Ngata explain

  34. Richard Ngata

    Richard Ngata15 napja

    Hella pervy

  35. shooter

    shooter3 hónapja

    @Victoria S.haha but you still look good in that pic tho

  36. Victoria S.

    Victoria S.3 hónapja

    olivier oh, nooooo! I'm just saying they changed drastically (positively) versus me who hasn't changed since I was ten.

  37. shooter

    shooter3 hónapja

    @Victoria S. I thought you were attracted to jack my fault...

  38. Rachel Fox

    Rachel Fox3 hónapja

    I understand the lure of putting a time capsule in there, but it didn't help much, huh?

  39. SARA

    SARA3 hónapja

    Junior is fine as hell

  40. Raymond J Blaze

    Raymond J BlazeHónapja

    Junior looks cool af. I like his style. I want to rock my hair like dat.

  41. Blossom44100

    Blossom441002 hónapja

    @Nolo R I'm 26 too, but I SO want him to voice one of my characters one day XD

  42. Blossom44100

    Blossom441002 hónapja

    He's cute 😍

  43. alexander beryl

    alexander beryl2 hónapja

    Vanessa Kamera wait what? 😂🤣

  44. Nolo R

    Nolo R3 hónapja

    I'm 26. I feel like a pedo but damn

  45. Samuel Ojo

    Samuel Ojo3 hónapja

    These boys are stupid

  46. Ginger L

    Ginger L3 hónapja

    A Popeyes chicken sandwich 😆😆

  47. Looking Around

    Looking Around3 hónapja

    I mean, they tried. Æ for æffort.

  48. Amber Projects

    Amber Projects3 hónapja

    first. i had to once in my life