J. Cole - KOD - Album Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming album 'KOD' by J. Cole. Available 4/20/18 on Dreamville Records.


  1. Mert S.

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  2. Lawrance Ropati

    Lawrance Ropati2 hónapja

    This shit is like a horror movie


    IMAKELLY12 hónapja

    Made by Awge?

  4. SW1FT C0SM0

    SW1FT C0SM03 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> Ryan’s toys review

  5. Darren Mckeown

    Darren Mckeown4 hónapja

    This was actually disturbing

  6. Dunchmo

    Dunchmo11 hónapja

    No one else here... 2019! WYA????

  7. Victoria Lopez

    Victoria LopezÉvvel

    Smh I'm going through it . Emotional abuse is something that I want to come out of . I'm tired of arguing every damn day about nothing and I'm tired of thinking I'm never going to make it . Leading all this anger to insecurity . I feel like I scare people with my vibes and I have no damn support system got to do this all on my own till I find someone that wants to heal their wounds like me .

  8. Rameck-Junior Gadziso

    Rameck-Junior Gadziso3 hónapja

    Victoria Lopez how are you feeling now?

  9. Jose Cuervo

    Jose CuervoÉvvel

    Album of the year for the real ones

  10. zuberi sobers

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  11. Beautiful Blessing

    Beautiful BlessingÉvvel

    I wait up til' midnight for any J. Cole album or single 😤🔥 And after 3 songs, I bought KOD

  12. Mark Ellis

    Mark EllisÉvvel

    Cole is the man! Took me a while to realise

  13. Robbin Hatchett

    Robbin HatchettÉvvel

    A lost Soul can't lead the People.

  14. Subscribe to me for No reason

    Subscribe to me for No reasonÉvvel

    K.o.d ohhhh kids on drugs you know fuck drugs except for the medicine

  15. Subscribe to me for No reason

    Subscribe to me for No reasonÉvvel

    Matt J yes sir

  16. Matt J

    Matt JÉvvel

    CrAzY_killa 011 you just figured that out

  17. Brikxz


    Shits magical live

  18. I STONE I

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  19. Wawan


    J.Cole Bring me on tour !!!! lol no presure

  20. Angel Perez

    Angel PerezÉvvel

    rip mac miller

  21. Kenneth John-Okwok

    Kenneth John-OkwokÉvvel

    Damn this shit was raw tho. Even for a trailer.

  22. Joseph Perales

    Joseph PeralesÉvvel

    How can I get your help

  23. Anime Games

    Anime GamesÉvvel

    I thought it meant killer of demons not ours

  24. Justin Peterson

    Justin PetersonÉvvel

    Best album of 2018

  25. Rustin Young

    Rustin YoungÉvvel

    I got keys in the Louie v

  26. airhawaii23


    Kiss of Death

  27. Mr. Sclusive

    Mr. SclusiveÉvvel

    Yo this whole video was Maad deep bro



    I thought it meant king of dreamville judging by his crown on the cover

  29. L I

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  30. antnokmom thereitisthere

    antnokmom thereitisthereÉvvel

    Truth .

  31. sincere carter

    sincere carterÉvvel

    and thats a wake up nigga thats a wake up my dude j.cole you be slanging them out there I saw you at a beat 92.3 concert love the style KOD killing off demons you have to be.!

  32. sincere carter

    sincere carterÉvvel


  33. Mokgethwa Mosoma

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  34. Cameran Miller

    Cameran MillerÉvvel

    Upcoming artist from Pittsburgh, Pa. id love if you gave me a minute of your time to come to my page, thanks!!

  35. Mohemedi Seleke

    Mohemedi SelekeÉvvel

    J Cole is A legend

  36. Alicia Williamson

    Alicia WilliamsonÉvvel

    It’s so deep and genuine!

  37. Rai


    This HEre WAaT Yu CaaLll a FlIiP| this isn't cole talking, it's Edward 🤣

  38. Jay


    Just pray and you'll be straight bruh

  39. Juana Flor

    Juana FlorÉvvel

    Cole world 4L

  40. Zboy 115

    Zboy 115Évvel

    KOD Kids on Drugs King Overdose Kill our Demons

  41. Amen McMahon

    Amen McMahonÉvvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> whats this movie?

  42. meenu kitchen punjabi tadka

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  43. 他麦わらの海賊


    J.Cole is what I like to call a futurist, aka a revolutionist but in the sense that he's trying to help the kids are teens of this generation and he's doing that through his music. I find that amazing, it's more than just music, in a sense it's a movement, it's an art form, and it's what could change hip-hop and the way people think forever

  44. Flash Batman

    Flash BatmanÉvvel

    THIS album doesn't deserve to be downloaded illegally

  45. The Voice Of Reason

    The Voice Of ReasonÉvvel


  46. Mike C

    Mike CÉvvel

    j cole is generalizing and putting a negative light on things already known which is wrong in my opinion. He acts like everyone needs the same thing and basically belittles the people who like to do things the right way and have a little fun because it doesn't ever look like he is ever happy or having fun I think he needs help

  47. Temeka Patterson

    Temeka PattersonÉvvel

    When is the dam tour?

  48. Rated_ Truth

    Rated_ TruthÉvvel

    Lil whatever

  49. Chrizzomatrix


    Fuck, i don't want to spend my time meditating and thinking bout my inner demons. Maybe I am too young for this (16), but for example you don't fix confidence issues by meditating, right? I like Cole but I don't want to turn into an ultra-introverted person that overthinks everything.

  50. Black steel 99

    Black steel 99Évvel

    I’m re playing the Kevin Hart song.




  52. PARTY


    The album ain’t have shit to do with this 😂

  53. IDBD Motion Pix

    IDBD Motion PixÉvvel

    That's real asf

  54. Shanette Montoya

    Shanette MontoyaÉvvel

    G O A T 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  55. jeff alex

    jeff alexÉvvel

    A mf trailer !!!

  56. Dylan ye

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  57. marvin bowden

    marvin bowdenÉvvel

    My name is @troiyt and I hope you’ll check out my Instagram and my music

  58. Denise


    Such a powerful message!

  59. Golden Gal

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  60. ON_yyX


    Smoke thc only

  61. Courtney Stephens

    Courtney StephensÉvvel

    omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  62. younger_curry15


    Cole we need another documentary for this album... please!

  63. Tc_ Brayan

    Tc_ BrayanÉvvel

    Bro go watch Lost in Vegas reaction to the album bro they have the best reaction to this album cuss they actually understand all the lyrics n they explain some of them that have meanings

  64. Abraham Berhane

    Abraham BerhaneÉvvel

    I've Been saying this 4 years now (J.cole)

  65. Jasmine Quisenberry

    Jasmine QuisenberryÉvvel

    Whelp j Coles album just kicked xxxtentacion off of my playlist

  66. Karl Simmons

    Karl SimmonsÉvvel

    The youth of today needs this album....

  67. Karl Simmons

    Karl SimmonsÉvvel

    I generally feel as a Cole fan looking at him from 10 years ago to now he's grown massively, become one with the world, found his fame and realised what's important with it and it aint what the world wants you too think, flash houses,cars,girls & diamonds, it's to be happy within yourself to live a life and care about what really matters. End of the day natural talent will always outlive a trend...

  68. Jocari Peralta

    Jocari PeraltaÉvvel

    This is amazing!!!

  69. Triste X8

    Triste X8Évvel

    This is deeper then hell

  70. sonicoduh1125


    Clicked on the video faster than I bust a nut

  71. Shawnee Lucero

    Shawnee LuceroÉvvel

    Jermaine Cole, I love you!!!!!! You're the best!!

  72. drea farland

    drea farlandÉvvel

    Yes. Yes. Yes. We ALL need to support him, not just streaming his music but buying his music is important too! We need to get the message out there so less kids end up like Lillian Pumpernickle (Lil Pump) 😂

  73. P Turner

    P TurnerÉvvel

    She readyyyy. Tiffany haddish voice.



    Looks like R.L.Stine teamed up with J.Cole

  75. Nathanael Craig

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  76. Jackson Greenleaf

    Jackson GreenleafÉvvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> SURSUM CORDASsssss, another hood in D.C. being tore down cuz of gentrification, smh

  77. Big smoke Sage

    Big smoke SageÉvvel

    Choose Wisely

  78. Idree


    isn't that kid on the slide from Ryan's toy review? my lil bro watches his youtube videos lol wtf j cole

  79. tay stevenson

    tay stevensonÉvvel

    Bought this album min 2 of the release. I find new ish every time I listen. Ty

  80. It's Me Miss Ruby

    It's Me Miss RubyÉvvel

    “Whether you want to or not you’re gonna fuck your kids up some type of way, because you got fucked up in some type away, but the plan is to fuck them up the least way possible” LOL #SadButTrue

  81. Ghostmustard


    damn bro

  82. Zach ary

    Zach aryÉvvel

    Meditate, don't medicate

  83. Dekusu Chan

    Dekusu ChanÉvvel

    Kill our demons

  84. Kyle Rogers

    Kyle RogersÉvvel

    this is f u c k i n g real

  85. Kasandra Hinzo

    Kasandra HinzoÉvvel

    Okay but J Cole Is a GENIUS!!!