J. Cole - Blow Up (Cover Image Version)

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  1. oEZ7


    boy u smart u kno it

  2. Deceased Prodigy

    Deceased Prodigy7 hónapja

    Nearly 10 years 🔥

  3. Be.Smooth Tv

    Be.Smooth Tv10 hónapja

    This makes me reminisce on them times stressing in my grandpas backyard not knowing how good I had it and much harder it'll get. R.i.p pops ☮

  4. David Estrada

    David Estrada11 hónapja

    Friday night lights is my favorite project ever...

  5. Miguel Diaz

    Miguel DiazÉvvel

    Anyone here listening in 2019??

  6. Ryan Spiker

    Ryan SpikerHónapja

    2020 👍

  7. [ Ᏼ Ꭺ Ꭼ ] मैं रहूंगा

    [ Ᏼ Ꭺ Ꭼ ] मैं रहूंगाÉvvel

    Yes!!! Brother.

  8. NotoriousJASS


    helll yeah!



    I promise you, one day I'll be known. Not because I want the fame but because I want people to respect my music. Not like J. Cole but respect me for being me. For being my ownself!

  10. Anthony Alexander

    Anthony AlexanderÉvvel

    Can't wait to say to my kids when I'm older that I got to witness J Cole prime greatness, and that I went to his dollar and a dream tour in Los Angeles a couple years back and got to witness drake and Kendrick Lamar also perform for a total amount of two dollars 😂😂😂😂

  11. Jovon Gaston

    Jovon Gaston6 évvel

    Bitch Im About To Up !

  12. GCarbs

    GCarbs7 évvel

    I think he actually says "... how money, chains, and whips make me feel free." XV used a similar metaphor in his song "Chains, Whips, & Bars"

  13. EcheverriaAlfonso

    EcheverriaAlfonso7 évvel


  14. Tyler Stavn

    Tyler Stavn7 évvel

    Jay-Z is lucky to have some one like cole, if he never signed him, someone else who have and he would of felt dumb. lol #coleworld

  15. Anthony Alexander

    Anthony AlexanderÉvvel

    Tyler Stavn still crazy to think that Jay z shined him and ignored him the first time Cole approached him then a year later he signs him, still kinda salty that Cole signed with him after he just ignored him but hey I don't think Cole is complaining anymore 😂

  16. It'sJustADayInTheLife

    It'sJustADayInTheLife8 évvel

    "Like Jehovas Witness when they showed up at yo door in christmas" Lmfao!!


    SNEAKYMARINE1238 évvel

    The beginning almost sounds like batman theme lol

  18. thewwedj

    thewwedj8 évvel

    what's the difference between original and this?

  19. maichmike

    maichmike8 évvel

    and gary coleman just died.....life is short...genius

  20. Tea Kell

    Tea Kell8 évvel

    @KhasieK101 He does a lot of his own beats...so I guess that makes him partially insane!

  21. Ladytwix206

    Ladytwix2068 évvel

    i think tht person who disliked this video forgot there glasses or juss ment dis i like :)

  22. KhasieK101

    KhasieK1018 évvel

    Whoever does J.Coles beats is insane

  23. Richie Zaragoza

    Richie ZaragozaHónapja

    Yeah J Cole 🕺

  24. DJSugz

    DJSugz9 évvel

    Love this song man, J.Cole's best IMO. But I had to make a remix of thiss, giving it a little UK twist, it's highly rated by several sites so I advise you to check me out! Droppin a huge mixtape soon featuring some of the best in UK so click my username and check it out!

  25. str8/300 PRODUCTIONS

    str8/300 PRODUCTIONS9 évvel

    feeling like the greatest...

  26. Nick Seawright

    Nick Seawright9 évvel

    J. Cole is the truth, point, blank, period. -Legend Rival

  27. G1Main

    G1Main9 évvel

    Cole on his way to being the greatest....I have a feeling his debut album gon be classic!

  28. amaz


    on god you was correct.

  29. ForeveraloneGP

    ForeveraloneGP2 hónapja

    G1Main Ey bro you still listen to him or?

  30. Deceased Prodigy

    Deceased ProdigyÉvvel

    U called it



    I find it crazy how he is now one of the greatest

  32. Abaha Wasss gang gAnGiEsTeR

    Abaha Wasss gang gAnGiEsTeRÉvvel

    Fax fam tsc damn near a decade u called it