J. Cole - Born Sinner

J Cole - Born Sinner


  1. Trey

    Trey3 napja

    j cole the greatest rapper alive

  2. Hanness Njuguna

    Hanness Njuguna20 napja

    Who is feeling this in 2020.

  3. olisedeme james nduka

    olisedeme james nduka2 hónapja

    - My Last Question - Who is Blanco ? - . -Dilemma- This is my new last memory.

  4. violette winslow

    violette winslow2 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>

  5. Ibou Samb

    Ibou Samb4 hónapja

    Nice sound and lyrics


    prisca ANDIANTAHIRINIAINA5 hónapja

    just here after reacting to during 2 years of BTS born singer.... i am not complaining its more great that i expected....

  7. Tyrell Williams

    Tyrell Williams5 hónapja

    Everyone talking bout the beat I willing to bet cole has it in the stash waiting to unleash it

  8. Fishing With Dom!

    Fishing With Dom!5 hónapja

    This was the last good album of my childhood. I remember listening to it on a Monday morning in September, where I made one of the biggest decisions in my life.

  9. Mykael Pontoon

    Mykael Pontoon5 hónapja

    Still wishing he used that beat

  10. Tšepo Thibankhoe

    Tšepo Thibankhoe5 hónapja

    2019 Wassup

  11. Makalea Burton

    Makalea Burton6 hónapja

    What was the date for ?

  12. Stacey Kahondo

    Stacey Kahondo8 hónapja


  13. 박니나

    박니나10 hónapja

    Came here to listen to the original Born Singer

  14. Lau Fiu

    Lau Fiu10 hónapja


  15. D Vader

    D Vader11 hónapja

    Yo man, this is a song. Just not rap. I enjoyed it

  16. peej


    I’ve been thinking about this too much lately I hope this gets used in the near future

  17. runni alfaridzi

    runni alfaridziÉvvel

    I'm here b'coz of BTS "born singer"

  18. Sheamus Fai

    Sheamus FaiÉvvel


  19. Tina Pan

    Tina PanÉvvel

    Here for Born Singer original XD. BTS brought be here. I guess they took the idea and made Born Singer.

  20. leonidas lazos

    leonidas lazos7 hónapja

    @saphael hockenhull fair point

  21. saphael hockenhull

    saphael hockenhull7 hónapja

    Well I don’t want no petty argument happening in this comment section so imma just say we wouldn’t be here if they didn’t want to appreciate the original...And just ignore the comments if they are annoying you, just enjoy the music😌

  22. leonidas lazos

    leonidas lazos7 hónapja

    @saphael hockenhull "just appreciating the original song". other armys: who IS heRe beCAuse of bts? jamming the comment section with that when they are not even in the video is just a disrespect to j. cole. also, armys seems to misunderstand how big j.cole is in america

  23. saphael hockenhull

    saphael hockenhull7 hónapja

    @leonidas lazos well yeah they ain't part of the video. Armys are just here because Bts took a sample from this song and used it in one of their songs. We Bts fans ain't trying to bother anyone we are just appreciating the original song :)

  24. leonidas lazos

    leonidas lazos7 hónapja

    @saphael hockenhull still, they're not part of the video

  25. Mtb Ridingog

    Mtb RidingogÉvvel

    This could be a movie

  26. ROBSKEET24


    I remember when this first dropped 😭😭

  27. Im Purging

    Im PurgingÉvvel

    Wow 🖤

  28. Older Spice

    Older SpiceÉvvel

    Bro still waiting for the end sample to be in a song in 2019!!!!!

  29. M M M 1/1

    M M M 1/1Évvel


  30. Jimin's Jam

    Jimin's JamÉvvel

    i'm a born sinner jom neujeobeorin gobaek, i swear~ 😂 i love the original too. ♡

  31. leonidas lazos

    leonidas lazos8 hónapja

    stfu bts is not even in the video. this is j. cole, not bts.



    This was beautiful J.

  33. Eduardo Ceja

    Eduardo CejaÉvvel

    bts is pure garbage

  34. Hobi uwu

    Hobi uwuÉvvel

    Omg you are a trash..and bts award bag is hella thick than your ass😬

  35. adore



  36. J. Amizola

    J. AmizolaÉvvel

    Prefiero BTS!!

  37. J. Amizola

    J. AmizolaÉvvel

    @LUISITO TERRORISTA Si....Pero prefiero esa!



    J Gon Amizola bts es mierda

  39. Luz De Fátima Abigail Campos Blanco

    Luz De Fátima Abigail Campos BlancoÉvvel

    gracias por ser inspiracion de BTS, para que crearan Born Singer , es maravilloso

  40. i have an avocado

    i have an avocadoÉvvel

    I remember BTS reached out the company of J Cole for they can remake this Born Singer

  41. taehyung's right eyebrow

    taehyung's right eyebrowHónapja

    Thats y i am here hehe

  42. Jonalyn Cabajog

    Jonalyn CabajogÉvvel

    Here bcs of bts

  43. Adam Playz

    Adam PlayzÉvvel

    Still here in 2018



    ARMY here?

  45. Its Kloudy

    Its KloudyÉvvel

    I came because of bts



    Who's here from bts?

  47. AlexReBOUT


    Me XD I'm a born singer :'3

  48. Arjun Kooner

    Arjun KoonerÉvvel

    Jevon - Redemption. He uses this beat

  49. RM_Crush


    Came here because of BTS

  50. Gnet Flix

    Gnet FlixÉvvel

    This man is a Legend.

  51. price tag narcos

    price tag narcosÉvvel


  52. Asia Sharmin

    Asia SharminÉvvel

    Deserves more views especially after ATM and Kevin Heart

  53. poetmm


    Damn beat is not on KOD lol oh well KOD dope as fuck

  54. poetmm


    J.Cole back at it again 4/20/ 2018 KOD can't wait hoping this beat is on it.



    Im here because its good im an army but it dosen't mean i come because of them and i think its disrespectful to say you came here for that reason only pls appreciate this song stfu

  56. Sandra HM

    Sandra HM2 évvel

    yep....BTS fighting!

  57. Cristescu Ciprian

    Cristescu Ciprian2 évvel

    Still listening this in 2018 .Here is a sample of the instrumental hu-gos.info/video/asSfmJe0f9Gun2g.html.

  58. Fatma Nadhilah

    Fatma Nadhilah2 évvel

    i came here bcs BTS. this is good

  59. Denver Watkins

    Denver Watkins2 évvel

    Still wishing this was a song in 2017

  60. J

    J2 évvel

    Dang man when the album gone drop. It’s 2017

  61. Star kook

    Star kook2 évvel


  62. fwench fryz

    fwench fryz2 évvel

    still beautiful in 2017

  63. Jadon Delpratt

    Jadon Delpratt2 évvel

    I still come back to this video just to hear that 10 seconds of flame 😪 it's 2017 & shit

  64. MISS L

    MISS L2 évvel

    At least BTS didn't let this song die

  65. Mr. Chex

    Mr. ChexÉvvel

    Propaganda Gerbil damn didnt know you were a doctor, thanks bro

  66. Mr. Chex

    Mr. Chex2 évvel

    they are not comparable to cole, and not even legends, just popular artists.

  67. Mr. Chex

    Mr. Chex2 évvel

    are u dumb J cole is the best lyricist right now, you cant compare BTS to him.

  68. Adriana C. A.

    Adriana C. A.2 évvel

    slick [brackets] Some Random Koreans? If you didn't know they are legends too.

  69. slick

    slick2 évvel

    this song wouldnt have died with or without you guys, we dont need you guys to know that J. Cole makes some music, that some random korean guys used. you just disrespected a legend lolllll

  70. Brains Jimmy Pascal

    Brains Jimmy Pascal3 évvel

    j cole man. he is something else

  71. Roberta Lomonaco Macchia

    Roberta Lomonaco Macchia3 évvel

    I love this song and I love J Cole.. jesus

  72. jonny p

    jonny p3 évvel

    I seriously thought this was going to be the "For whom the bell tolls" beat

  73. pkolls10

    pkolls102 évvel


  74. poetmm

    poetmm3 évvel

    J.Cole back at it again 12/9/ 2016 4 Your Eyez Only can't wait hoping this beat is on it.

  75. poetmm

    poetmm2 évvel

    He had a Q and A on reddit in 2013 someone ask him about this beat he said he got a song finish but did not like his verse

  76. Agent Steven

    Agent Steven2 évvel

    Никита Дукин I think he remakes the samples with a hometown local choir instead of raising pitches though. Don't take my word for it. Because both beats sound like similar choirs

  77. Никита

    Никита2 évvel

    Agent Steven i forget words bcs my english is on so-so level) I understand you. yea, "Rise and shine" sounds similar to this beat and I know about "Florida mass choir" very beautiful sample

  78. Agent Steven

    Agent Steven2 évvel

    Никита Дукин Sorry for the confusion lol. Yes I meant to say "this beat is a similar beat a part of a mixture of beats" when you type you forget words lol. But in Rise and shine he uses the synanon choir and for this he uses the florida mass choir and raises both pitches.

  79. Никита

    Никита2 évvel

    do you mean that this beat is a type of beat like in "Rise and Shine"?

  80. MyVideoDiary

    MyVideoDiary3 évvel

    Hello ARMYs 😁

  81. 이승미

    이승미3 évvel

    came here and searching for army.... i was right.

  82. Jesus Brito

    Jesus Brito3 évvel

    all these years later and I still don't get why it wasn't used on the album

  83. Mykal Fox

    Mykal Fox3 hónapja

    Sampling issues.

  84. EL Rayo

    EL Rayo3 évvel

    Does anybody knoow what this piano instrumental is from or who composed it or if its a sample or what?! And that choir at the end alsoo ?!

  85. DirectedByDonricky


    Florida Church Choir- Storm Clouds Rising

  86. Anime247

    Anime2473 évvel

    this album wasn't as religious as you'd expect it to be

  87. stephen white

    stephen white3 évvel


  88. Ada's Lair

    Ada's Lair3 évvel

    Well i am here because of BTS and in comments section, the whole this was litterally filled with BTS lol

  89. anon

    anon2 évvel

    LongMeatMarcus I hate ppl like you

  90. Hyuartz

    Hyuartz3 évvel

    ignore the haters XD , they think that they will get attention

  91. stephen white

    stephen white3 évvel

    L bitch

  92. Nibitw

    Nibitw3 évvel

    Fuck bts nigga

  93. Kychz Bagawisan

    Kychz Bagawisan3 évvel

    hi army's. we are everywhere

  94. taehyung's right eyebrow

    taehyung's right eyebrowHónapja


  95. Th1rt33n

    Th1rt33n3 hónapja


  96. mr vitr

    mr vitrÉvvel

    Yes right

  97. tewhalien


    why ar we even here lmao

  98. Pink Mochi

    Pink MochiÉvvel

    We're taking over!!

  99. Kieu nguyen

    Kieu nguyen3 évvel

    I'm an ARMY and i think both versions are beautiful :)

  100. KingLos

    KingLos4 évvel

    That instrumental was too fire at the end need to hear the whole thing

  101. Adila Afsara

    Adila Afsara4 évvel

    I'm also here for BTS....

  102. Tony Stank

    Tony Stank10 hónapja


  103. Edraliza Lavarez

    Edraliza LavarezÉvvel

    Mr. Chex she's just sharing that she is an army she came here because of 'BTS' know dat? So stop saying 'DISRECPECTING' ok? Well. I'm an army too so..pls stop hating the army's and pls stop commenting here if your gonna hate? 'Respect army's' and btw first of all. Her comment is,not dumb, *ASSHOLE* second of all she's not disrespecting *OK* third of all stop HATING the *ARMY'S* get it peanuts?😒

  104. debol


    Bobby Tarantino sequel?

  105. Yuju Waterbottle

    Yuju WaterbottleÉvvel

    Why you frustrated? J cole get more views and maybe even new fans... BTS's fans aren't dickheads like you...

  106. Kirk Arvin T.

    Kirk Arvin T.Évvel

    then you should get tfoh

  107. Holy Jams

    Holy Jams4 évvel

    am I the only one who is here because BTS used this fpr the song 'Born singer'?

  108. Tony Stank

    Tony Stank10 hónapja

    Get out

  109. Chandu Jacob

    Chandu JacobÉvvel

    Me too. I came here after watching bts "Born Singer"... its soo heart touching

  110. Meera Rynjah

    Meera RynjahÉvvel

    Who is bts

  111. It's just me Nakahara

    It's just me NakaharaÉvvel

    Holy Jams nopeborn singer was a sample tho

  112. REY


    me here for that too

  113. Kabaso Muya

    Kabaso Muya4 évvel

    I come back to this video all the time just to listen to the instrumental at the end.

  114. pri89

    pri894 évvel

    Man that ending should have been on the Album!!! COLE we need it!!!!

  115. damian gomez

    damian gomez3 évvel

    +MultiTechnoDog it probably will. He better release it this year😣😣

  116. Desmond Cook

    Desmond Cook3 évvel

    +damian gomez He got to, watch it be on his new album lol

  117. damian gomez

    damian gomez4 évvel

    he's saving it😉

  118. avonbarksdale91

    avonbarksdale914 évvel

    He can either fix this and put it on his next album or put it on the Kendrick collab album... Imagine him and Kendrick destroying this 🔥🔥🔥

  119. Xavier Pitter

    Xavier Pitter10 hónapja

    avonbarksdale91 there is no Kendrick collab album. J Cole has already confirmed this

  120. Jonaia Rahui

    Jonaia RahuiÉvvel

    2019 im still holding out for that album

  121. Nikk_ 500

    Nikk_ 500Évvel

    We still waiting that album to come

  122. Taihir Mcmurray

    Taihir Mcmurray4 évvel

    2 years later that beat popped up in my head randomly lol he really needs to drop that

  123. aPROcalypse 1

    aPROcalypse 15 évvel

    A full instrumental of that beat while smoking this joint would be perfect right now! That shit is cold as fuck, excuse the cold/cole pun

  124. Usmaan Bilal

    Usmaan Bilal5 évvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a> all my hairs stood up...

  125. Jens Diaz

    Jens DiazÉvvel


  126. Goopy AL

    Goopy AL4 évvel

    wtf mineß to i got scared

  127. Shameed101

    Shameed1015 évvel

    At the end when he said "Let's Go To Work"...Whooo!!!

  128. Guilherme Mallmann

    Guilherme Mallmann5 évvel

    2 years ago exactly, dope shit J cole. big fan

  129. Rose Smith

    Rose Smith5 évvel

    This is the video I blast in my car in the gym parking lot every single day, INSTANT MOTIVATION.

  130. Kid Jaap

    Kid Jaap5 évvel

    whats the sample at the end?

  131. Fed up

    Fed up4 évvel

    +Kid Jaap Florida Church Choir- Storm Clouds Rising

  132. Ferrucio Fernandez

    Ferrucio Fernandez5 évvel

    Would have been outro ever if he used it..

  133. Mykal Fox

    Mykal Fox5 évvel

    A beat like this could put him up there wit Timbaland and Swizzy

  134. christian johnson

    christian johnson5 évvel

    Wow man! Do you know who J Dilla is?

  135. Swankonia

    Swankonia5 évvel

    J. Cole was crazy not to use that beat at the end on the album. He better use it in the future or it will be a waste.

  136. Ron Williams

    Ron Williams2 évvel

    You are absolutely correct

  137. Mr Anonymous

    Mr Anonymous2 évvel

    I want that

  138. Cool Man

    Cool Man5 évvel

    @calvarius7 bruh like srsly you are so right