How To Restore a Rusty Knife

Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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  1. Crystix

    Crystix5 órája

    Why can i smell the things in the video?

  2. hyp3rno

    hyp3rno5 órája

    For april fools imagine He just uploaded a legit tutorial

  3. A E C

    A E C5 órája

    i will try to be

  4. Dharmender Kumar

    Dharmender Kumar5 órája

    You waste too much food what will we eat in our future if you do like this

  5. Th3oPlays

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  6. minikittenom

    minikittenom5 órája

    Egg man

  7. zombie alex

    zombie alex5 órája

    I found this in my recommended... I don't think I'll be using youtube for a while

  8. Mxrcy

    Mxrcy5 órája

    It actully works but i don't have any arms anymore

  9. Fxllen Plague

    Fxllen Plague5 órája

    Imagine he did all of that but it wasn’t recording

  10. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer5 órája

    Umm I do about you guys but I think this guy is oobsessed with eggs?

  11. Chicken Sperm

    Chicken Sperm5 órája

    Next time onwards, I’m going to check the name of the channel.

  12. _ sidemail _

    _ sidemail _5 órája

    Guys I need help... what temperature do you cook the sauce at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>?

  13. Paul Petrik

    Paul Petrik5 órája


  14. mifigor 19

    mifigor 196 órája

    I want to know why it appeared exactly under Chara's theme remix

  15. Zombie_Slaya_66

    Zombie_Slaya_666 órája

    These videos are even better if you have never seen a how to basic video

  16. KingBaldi

    KingBaldi6 órája

    Imagine if retarded people actually think these are real lmao

  17. Waylan Aune

    Waylan Aune6 órája

    Karen gonna be like why did it not work

  18. SnailOink

    SnailOink6 órája

    Plot twist: *that isn’t rust on the knife, it’s actually dried blood.*

  19. Andris

    Andris6 órája

    Not working😔

  20. thats a bruh moment

    thats a bruh moment6 órája

    This video actually set out to do what it said it would do

  21. Pervinder Singh

    Pervinder Singh6 órája

    Please make a video on How youtube recommends

  22. Angery Bear

    Angery Bear6 órája

    there are two types of people pasta jelly and jelly pasta

  23. rabdi pugatrahidayah

    rabdi pugatrahidayah6 órája

    Wow it works!!!!!

  24. Jonathan Lugos

    Jonathan Lugos6 órája

    Thank you very much this served me a lot xd


    MĀŇØ MĔŁÏØĐÅŠ6 órája


  26. Phresh Jeff

    Phresh Jeff6 órája

    If this actually works I will cut a testicle with the blade

  27. thmuffinslayer

    thmuffinslayer6 órája

    Came to learn how to derust a knife left knowing a bagin recipe for spaghett

  28. EmaTheZTEFanStarLover 2020

    EmaTheZTEFanStarLover 20206 órája

    Good job!

  29. Justin Smit

    Justin Smit6 órája

    This channel isn't what it used to be

  30. Amber of chibi world9

    Amber of chibi world96 órája

    😐......well least the knife looks good😅😌

  31. XF3DE

    XF3DE6 órája


  32. Ginger Joe

    Ginger Joe6 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> scared the crap out of me; I just didn’t expect it

  33. robina Kauser

    robina Kauser6 órája


  34. JesseJesse

    JesseJesse6 órája

    10/10 aim

  35. Soul Punkfoxy

    Soul Punkfoxy6 órája

    Karen’s probably disliked the video lmao


    RACER PRO ZAFER7 órája

    Because of it I have 2 knifes

  37. Echo

    Echo7 órája

    In some sort of way he actually showed us how to restore a knife

  38. AngryBirdNate06

    AngryBirdNate067 órája

    Troom troom life hacks:

  39. Sans

    Sans7 órája

    Well it was knife to meet ya

  40. ZK The Pc Gamer [AMV]

    ZK The Pc Gamer [AMV]7 órája

    Shit i was following him step by step.. Shit man shit real shit 😠😡

  41. Intellectual Gaming

    Intellectual Gaming7 órája

    For me it actually worked no cap

  42. Jatt da Mukabla

    Jatt da Mukabla7 órája

    His neighbors- oh fuck he is recording again 🤦🏻

  43. Azzambie

    Azzambie7 órája

    Instructions weren't clear ended up killing myself.

  44. Liam

    Liam7 órája

    Wow ;_;

  45. rothanak suon

    rothanak suon7 órája

    The fact that this is messed up but I still watch it...

  46. Jacob Herdman

    Jacob Herdman7 órája

    Pls 😀

  47. Jacob Herdman

    Jacob Herdman7 órája

    Next video can u do a proper video without crazy egs and stuff I would like to say for you make a very proper video just once

  48. Jacob Herdman

    Jacob Herdman7 órája

    U do crazy stuff but I have 1 thing to ask

  49. Jacob Herdman

    Jacob Herdman7 órája

    Michael Stevens can I ask you something

  50. Hideri Kanzaki

    Hideri Kanzaki7 órája

    Imagine this guy make a legit "how to" for April fools lol

  51. Saitama

    Saitama7 órája

    Imagine a random boomer aunt who just wanted to clean her knife and saw this video!!!

  52. KittyCatMeowArf

    KittyCatMeowArf7 órája


  53. KittyCatMeowArf

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  54. OwO

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  55. Alberto Esponera

    Alberto Esponera8 órája

    those knives could have been sent to children in Africa

  56. Cajo Lefler

    Cajo Lefler8 órája

    Thank you this helped me so much😀

  57. NoobGyver

    NoobGyver8 órája

    Nice tutorial now I can finnaly use my great great great grandfather's nordic execution axe!

  58. Wolf Bergmann

    Wolf Bergmann8 órája

    The actual normal sauce and Pasta is quite tasty i must say (tested)

  59. Jaden OP

    Jaden OP8 órája

    Hold UP IT actually WORKED

  60. Norman

    Norman8 órája

    or buy a new one at walmart for 2$

  61. Crystalpotato 10

    Crystalpotato 108 órája

    Wise for me to think that I was clicking on a normal video.... But then I saw the eggs

  62. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide8 órája

    Well, we just learned about how to make knife pasta

  63. Kurochan

    Kurochan8 órája

    Or you can use rust stain remover and a polishing cloth.

  64. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide8 órája

    Is i am the only the guy that clean up knife on my own?

  65. Moonlight Wolfie

    Moonlight Wolfie8 órája

    That knife has seen some stuff.

  66. Wadie El Houdaigui

    Wadie El Houdaigui9 órája

    It's serious shit

  67. PhantømJ Gaming

    PhantømJ Gaming9 órája

    howd that actually work

  68. Karyl Sabrina Javellana

    Karyl Sabrina Javellana9 órája

    Its cool until he cooked egg in the knife

  69. ren stick

    ren stick9 órája

    this man is crazy his not fixing it his destroying it

  70. Dragica Stojanović

    Dragica Stojanović9 órája

    After video -59201 Dollars

  71. megaboy 64

    megaboy 649 órája

    This is so dumb

  72. Monarch

    Monarch9 órája

    I tried it and it worked!!! Thanks man.

  73. Lukas Espinosa

    Lukas Espinosa9 órája

    Shut up

  74. DaniLOL xd

    DaniLOL xd10 órája

    Oh! Thank you :)

  75. kev kev

    kev kev10 órája

    Are you sure that works

  76. Antonio HrV

    Antonio HrV10 órája

    I wish that he makes one normal video this things are becoming boring

  77. bdsh dhwhdb

    bdsh dhwhdb10 órája

    He did everything but clean the knife

  78. Lukas Espinosa

    Lukas Espinosa10 órája

    And subscribe

  79. Huy Cường Nguyễn

    Huy Cường Nguyễn10 órája

    I tried this at home and i burnt my knife and my kitchen and it took me a day to clean up

  80. Kurochan

    Kurochan8 órája

    Congratulations for being an idiot. 👍

  81. Ko_hengki

    Ko_hengki10 órája

    Is i am the only the guy that clean up knife on my own?

  82. Alex Son

    Alex Son10 órája

    Well, we just learned about how to make knife pasta

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    SCOOP 18 سكوب X10 órája

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    Roni10 órája

    the sad thing is it looks so good

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    Springlock X10 órája

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