hi again


  1. Woodsy 13

    Woodsy 1318 perccel

    But.....are you still rowing?!!!

  2. Jeff Ritter

    Jeff Ritter23 perccel

    What a truly vapid and useless human being. The definition of an entitled narcissist. Sickening. I hope her parents both end up in jail.

  3. Jose Manzo jr

    Jose Manzo jr30 perccel

    Why don’t everyone just unsubscribe for this crap

  4. suzistar777

    suzistar77737 perccel

    Happy to see you back!

  5. Nellyyyyyyy

    Nellyyyyyyy39 perccel

    I enjoyed your content and want it back sis -go on and start making videos again. You like doing it and you have subscribers that actually want to see your content and can wait to hear about the “tea” later.

  6. Cris C. Castillo

    Cris C. Castillo42 perccel

    If you wanted to do right, drop out and go to community college and work your ass off and show us how you got in on your own. Stop youtubing now!!!!

  7. bccarla


    Come back if you want and the way you want sweetie until it makes you happy ❤️ we’ll be here, hoping you and your loves ones are okay

  8. dhruvi patel

    dhruvi patelÓrája

    Wtf. Leave her alone. If you don’t have any nice to say don’t say it period.

  9. Brittini Shaul

    Brittini ShaulÓrája

    No one was waiting for you

  10. Chichi R

    Chichi RÓrája

    please dont come back. We dont like you.

  11. Leila Arismany

    Leila ArismanyÓrája

    Sis straight savage for turning her comments on.... I applaud her

  12. Cheryl's Corner

    Cheryl's CornerÓrája

    hu-gos.info/video/rLWieIe8ddLMfJ8.html This s actually really good, Olivia is scamming for money! Wow! Greedy Olivia~!

  13. Cheryl's Corner

    Cheryl's CornerÓrája

    Please!!!! This I really don't want to work but just vacay & upload videos about how pretty pretty I am! Thank-you mommy & daddy for the money boost to accomplish NOTHING in my life!

  14. A Rosalez

    A RosalezÓrája

    Nobody missed you. Go fucking away.

  15. supreme gang

    supreme gang2 órája

    Good job buying those likes😬

  16. supreme gang

    supreme gang2 órája

    nobody gives af ab a bitch who’s so entitled that they make fake background ab you and how your a superstar ath lol and pay too get in lol go tf away😂

  17. ED Dro

    ED Dro2 órája

    BLESS you yur so dam Cute girl

  18. fallout3600

    fallout36002 órája

    Start a pornhub channel

  19. David

    David2 órája

    Olivia just said nothing worthwhile, she has no idea but with 139,000 dislikes I hope she takes that hint and disappears forever. This is one rich, spoilt brat that no one wants to hear or see again. I am a simple man but cannot believe how entitled and special this little brat thinks she is.

  20. Mckenzie Ripley

    Mckenzie Ripley2 órája

    I don't know why people have to make nasty comments? I get what her and her mother did was wrong. I get its difficult to trust her now. I even understand why a lot of people don't want to watch/support her anymore. If you don't want to then that's on you, but if you resort to nasty ass comments then you're not any better. I said what I said lol.

  21. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes3 órája

    Someone start a kickstarter to buy more dislikes. I’ll contribute


    LIL LOBSTER3 órája

    So before yall even try to gang up on her look at yourself first and think of what you're gonna say before you say it


    LIL LOBSTER3 órája

    And yall are saying stuff about her when this is not her fault she lost her job do to the things that happened


    LIL LOBSTER3 órája

    Please come back

  25. Valerie Bogaert

    Valerie Bogaert3 órája


  26. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes3 órája

    Valerie Bogaert no

  27. Abyzmyl

    Abyzmyl3 órája

    she never worked a hard day in her life and now she is gonna be hit with a huge dose of reality

  28. AwesomeAdam From 2099

    AwesomeAdam From 20993 órája

    You should come back.

  29. nsxpetes

    nsxpetes3 órája

    AwesomeAdam From 2099 no

  30. John Li

    John Li3 órája

    The whole video is fking empty as shit . You can literally summarize this video in 3 sentences. “ I am back.” “I miss you.” “ I can’t legally discuss my situation”. And you wasted this much time to say them? No wonder your parents got to pay 500 K for you to go to college

  31. Big Bird

    Big Bird3 órája

    Airhead Central.

  32. Bitking Ross

    Bitking Ross3 órája

    You need to be a role model but you cant anymore. You gotta show it when no one is looking. And for you that probably means giving up the public eye. Give up the likes. Go meet a man that will treat you right and give you all those millions of likes in one. Give up thinking you are ever gonna change anything thats happened. You gotta let go.

  33. Adam Morrow

    Adam Morrow3 órája


  34. Ana

    Ana4 órája

    with all due respect, and from my ignorance: why is it so terrible for you what her mother did or why do y'all hate her so much? for illegally entering a university? Is it so bad? I mean she didn't kill anyone..

  35. Skipper Van Nuys

    Skipper Van Nuys4 órája

    people like you are worse than the plague

  36. Hope Wines

    Hope Wines4 órája

    Karma is a bitch

  37. Ben Hastings

    Ben Hastings4 órája

    Your parents deserve to go to jail

  38. Ivette Ortega

    Ivette Ortega5 órája

    There was no point of you coming back least make a "comeback" do you even understand what you and what your parents did wrong? And the fact your mom is going to prison? There is no need for you on HU-gos anymore. You're a spoiled rich kid who thought your money will solve everything maybe grow some balls and apologize to your general public and admit its wrong. If you are not allowed to use your head and think for once your a waste of teenage life.

  39. M A.

    M A.5 órája


  40. Brian Haley

    Brian Haley5 órája

    She kept saying how she can’t talk about it for 1:30 long like the ending was the best part it was over

  41. Julia

    Julia5 órája

    Oh, please. Fuck right off.

  42. Jessica Melissa

    Jessica Melissa6 órája

    You’re an idiot