grown-ish Season 3, Episode 7 | Zoey Struggles To Balance School And Work | Freeform

Zoey talks to Jillian about the struggles of balancing her school life and traveling for work. Watch grown-ish season 3, Thursdays 8p/7c on Freeform.
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From black-ish executive producer, Kenya Barris, comes a contemporary take on the current issues facing both students and administrators in the world of higher education. Yara Shahidi portrays Zoey - Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) popular, entitled, stylish and socially active 17-year-old daughter - as she heads off to college and quickly discovers that not everything goes her way once she leaves the nest.
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grown-ish Season 3, Episode 7 | Zoey Struggles To Balance School And Work | Freeform


  1. Rachael Ononobi

    Rachael OnonobiHónapja

    Pls were can I watch the full episode

  2. Joy Chosen

    Joy Chosen2 hónapja

    Zoey never give up and by the way ur dope and hot💛💛💛💛💕🔥🔥

  3. Treyvion Webb

    Treyvion Webb2 hónapja

    Ion care how many shows “Ryan Destiny” was on she will still be Alex Crane

  4. Dena Newton

    Dena Newton2 hónapja

    zoey should have lied lol like forreal

  5. TJ

    TJ2 hónapja

    this script is maaaaad cringe. "less litty!!" They talk like they're reading tweets...

  6. Surviving The Journey

    Surviving The Journey2 hónapja

    What would really help this show is to make it an hour. Forreal

  7. Trinesha Lashon

    Trinesha Lashon2 hónapja

    I'm loving Zoey's outfit 😍😍

  8. S V

    S V2 hónapja

    Zoey has always been a selfish and spoiled brat

  9. Tashica Jones

    Tashica Jones2 hónapja

    Did nomi have the baby it looks like it

  10. Anne Day

    Anne Day2 hónapja

    QUESTION: The purpose of a degree is to transfer knowledge and skills that will enable you to make it in the working/professional world, correct? So... Why exactly does Zoey need this degree? She has already done the foundation courses, she has a semi-stable gig and contacts and resume experience that she can parlay into something more permanent if she so chooses... This degree will add absolutely nothing to her career trajectory but a framed piece of paper on the wall. It's not like you need to be licensed in fashion to work in fashion, like a doctor or a commercial pilot. It's literally the least important part of her skillset at this point.

  11. Thea Sharpe

    Thea Sharpe2 hónapja

    The shown kinda covered how people have to sit in a class and learn about a subject instead of actually doing it

  12. Birdie Wolf

    Birdie Wolf2 hónapja

    Yeah no. Y'all keep saying take online courses. But it doesn't work like that at all. Like y'all have been to college too. What the hell do you mean by take it online? Like sis is in her 3rd year . She is taking major specific courses. Those courses are almost never available to take online. So unless the school has an online degree program that has her degree as a part of that program, there is no way for Zoey to just do it online.

  13. Ambereigh

    Ambereigh2 hónapja

    Birdie Wolf there are a mill schools she can find one

  14. Birdie Wolf

    Birdie Wolf2 hónapja

    @chiraine1 Yeah certain programs at certain schools. I literally mentioned exactly that in my comment. Not all schools have an extensive online degree program and if they do, the degrees offered are limited. In fact most don't. Again, I know y'all know this.

  15. chiraine1

    chiraine12 hónapja

    You can do college from start to finish online...

  16. Pull Da Plug

    Pull Da Plug2 hónapja

    Nope... taking the final. Put in that situation before. School takes priority.

  17. khumo molosiwa

    khumo molosiwa2 hónapja

    the only thing that still interests me in this season is their outfits. they have some boring ass content these days....zoey's life is always so perfect we get shes the center of the show but come on..People like shows that they can relate to

  18. khumo molosiwa

    khumo molosiwa2 hónapja

    @Ya Sha exactly! I mean most of us right now are going through what Aaron is going through, I feel this is a story they needs to be told in depth and yea Nomi's pregnancy too. Now they are focusing on how Zoey is having a problem jag ling both school and work, like this isn't that big of a challenge at all

  19. Ya Sha

    Ya Sha2 hónapja

    Literally, i think Trevor's Jackson's life right now is more relatable, i mean Zoey is super privileged and her problems are literally superficial like dude, is thaat what you stress about like seriously, i think they should have made each season centre on a different person, because wat we relate to is not being shown as much with the other characters, we only saw a glimpse of the pregnancy journey, a glimpse of Aron not being able to afford school, heck! We wanna see Eran or Aron whatever's character's parents and how he deals with not getting support from them like the other casts have their parents there. Like arggg the show is getting so shallow, and pointless really,

  20. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy2 hónapja


  21. Tomato Banks

    Tomato Banks2 hónapja

    This season was terrible and luca with what's her girl? Is just cringe

  22. Innocentbuddafly

    Innocentbuddafly2 hónapja


  23. Fly&Thrive

    Fly&Thrive2 hónapja

    If she drops out of college she wasted her parents money 3 years like she should have went to a designer schoo or something and they already paying for 3 kids to attend private school and taking care of Junior and got a whole baby at home! Their only hope would be the Twins and Devante at this point... baby stay in school it’s just one more year like your parents have degrees that keep them secured

  24. isaiahs_youtube

    isaiahs_youtube2 hónapja

    why JILLIAN WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ZOEY seriously Iwant to know

  25. Innocentbuddafly

    Innocentbuddafly2 hónapja

    It's very weird and not realistic

  26. isaiahs_youtube

    isaiahs_youtube2 hónapja

    @Jordan Wright okay

  27. Jordan Wright

    Jordan Wright2 hónapja

    @isaiahs_youtube they're not enemies at all

  28. isaiahs_youtube

    isaiahs_youtube2 hónapja

    @Jordan Wright just seems weird or is it a case of keeping your enemy closer

  29. Jordan Wright

    Jordan Wright2 hónapja

    .....why is that even a question

  30. Starlin Peña

    Starlin Peña2 hónapja

    I have a very good source thats very close 2 the show and i was told that the big decision is that zoey finds out she has an sti and wants 2 infect cash or luka but is unsure which 1 she wants 2 FU their life

  31. Starlin Peña

    Starlin Peña2 hónapja

    @THAT GOES WHERE?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    THAT GOES WHERE?!?2 hónapja

    This the funniest thing I read all day

  33. Starlin Peña

    Starlin Peña2 hónapja

    @natz 12 ikr but wouldnt it be cool if that was the case.

  34. natz 12

    natz 122 hónapja

    Starlin Peña the writers wouldn’t do this🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂. U must b joking cause this sounds waaaaay off

  35. Jordan Vance

    Jordan Vance2 hónapja

    Or she just takes online classes which means she still gets her degree and gets to keep her job. Yes some courses dont have online course but a ton do


    NAIABLE2 hónapja

    Zoey is so self centered

  37. WomanOfYaDreams

    WomanOfYaDreams2 hónapja

    It’s pretty unrealistic that zoey is cool with everyone who dates ppl she liked/live first her friend liked Aaron now she’s besties with luka new gf. Nothing about these story lines are relatable

  38. Roxy The Jamaican Vegan

    Roxy The Jamaican Vegan2 hónapja

    I would be cool with it and have been. I feel everyone should date who they want and if I’m not with them anymore I don’t hold any animosity. 🤗

  39. Innocentbuddafly

    Innocentbuddafly2 hónapja


  40. Lorenzo Nelson

    Lorenzo Nelson2 hónapja

    😂 But if they weren’t cool, Zoey would get so much hate for it.

  41. C.C. Love

    C.C. Love2 hónapja

    @WomanOfYaDreams On point, I agree👌🏾

  42. WomanOfYaDreams

    WomanOfYaDreams2 hónapja

    mj j I’m simply voicing my concerns in hopes that they will do better. Obviously if I’m watching it means it isnt all bad. However just because someone doesn’t agree 100 percent with something doesn’t mean I am “hating”. It would be dumb of me to support by viewing and then going the extra mile to find it on HU-gos if I wasn’t a fan of the show. Just hoping it could become more realistic as I’ve been to college and this AINT it .

  43. isaiahs_youtube

    isaiahs_youtube2 hónapja

    so was Luca being nice by helping Zoey, and does he seem overly happy, Is it me or do my girl break them before shes through with um LOL

  44. Me'Sa Dyani

    Me'Sa Dyani2 hónapja

    I understand wanting to get that degree but Zoey's in a good situation right now where if she stays focused she could make a name for herself without it

  45. Alicia Pink

    Alicia Pink2 hónapja

    Nite Snake most billionaires of today don’t have a college degree.

  46. Alicia Pink

    Alicia Pink2 hónapja

    Nite Snake she can always go back to school.

  47. Jazzy Jonas

    Jazzy Jonas2 hónapja

    @Nite Snake lady gaga doesn't and she's very successful

  48. Jazzy Jonas

    Jazzy Jonas2 hónapja

    @Sage I agree with you 100%

  49. Pretty Gurl Rock

    Pretty Gurl Rock2 hónapja

    It depends, some people can find success without a degree, most people can’t. I think Zoey would be one of the people who can

  50. Deebah's World

    Deebah's World2 hónapja

    What course is Zoey studying?

  51. Teneele B.

    Teneele B.2 hónapja

    She was a fashion design major, but after going thru all of that mess with being placed on academic probation and dropping her Design course; she created and proposed her own major... "The Sociology of Fashion". It was approved, and that's what she's studying now.

  52. Kelsey M.

    Kelsey M.2 hónapja

    Honestly considering how many people reject going to college and the fact that you can make it on your own without a degree AND the fact that Zoey already has a pretty good job (and if she was smart is making good contacts) she could just drop out.

  53. Camisha Vilme

    Camisha Vilme2 hónapja

    Blue Doo she can take time off like hurt because you’re in college doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee like let her take a year off. So many people take gap years within college if she doesn’t want to leave it all together why doesn’t she take a break and take the stylist opportunity

  54. Blue Doo

    Blue Doo2 hónapja

    It would be smarter for her to finish college as she has spent years wasting her parents money to not finish. She’s a junior, or supposed to be so why quit when you’re so close to the end. She could never use her degree but it’ll show she’s a hard worker who follows through on things. Cause you know, zoey typically doesn’t do that on this show

  55. Camisha Vilme

    Camisha Vilme2 hónapja

    It would be smarter for her to drop out she already has a lot of experience and connects from her job. Her fashion degree is supposed to help her get the job she already has. She can always finish it at a later date if she wants the degree

  56. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie2 hónapja

    She should take a year off

  57. Lorenzo Nelson

    Lorenzo Nelson2 hónapja

    Nkasiobi Nwosu and can go unused for a lifetime. Js

  58. mj j

    mj j2 hónapja matter what Zoey does people will hate on her. I honestly don't get all the hate that she gets.

  59. TJ

    TJ2 hónapja

    She blows every minor inconvenience out of proportion and *complains* like no other....she's the most fortunate one out of her friend group but acts like she's burdened by trivial crap...

  60. Lorenzo Nelson

    Lorenzo Nelson2 hónapja

    Jaye_ ok? Other people’s problems aren’t her’s.

  61. Kay Simone

    Kay Simone2 hónapja

    Right she’s only in college and figuring herself out

  62. natz 12

    natz 122 hónapja

    For one she’s kinda selfish 🤷🏾‍♀️ but she’s still my girl

  63. mj j

    mj j2 hónapja

    @Jaye_ I guess ...but she is learning. She's had great moments with Nomi when she's been a good friend and this situation with Jillian. I just don't see her as getting off easy tbh

  64. Messiah ThomaZ

    Messiah ThomaZ2 hónapja

    She’s clearly going to stay in school 🙄🙄🙄 this whole season been so predictable and boring

  65. Zana Music

    Zana Music2 hónapja

    mj j i agree w/u this is just how college is , a disaster

  66. mj j

    mj j2 hónapja

    Its literally a 30 min show and a lot of college is focused on relationships/friendships. I don't get how people think this season was boring or that the show is a disaster..

  67. Indira Solis

    Indira Solis2 hónapja

    I like this show but i gotta agree with you on this season being boring. I just wish they focused more on the college stuff than relationship problems. They spent half the episodes based on relationships that no one really seems to care about.

  68. Grace x

    Grace x2 hónapja

    The whole show is a disaster

  69. Linda

    Linda2 hónapja


  70. Felicia Brown

    Felicia Brown2 hónapja

    i like their relationship

  71. Shanel Miller

    Shanel Miller2 hónapja

    Their outfits are so cute

  72. Sage

    Sage2 hónapja

    Shanel Miller lol hella unrealistic to college tho

  73. RiceAnd Chicken

    RiceAnd Chicken2 hónapja

    Zoey is gonna drop out of school, i can see ot now, the perfect child, is not so perfect

  74. Alozie Joan

    Alozie Joan2 hónapja

    Tot I was d only one who saw that coming

  75. Joshua McDowell

    Joshua McDowell2 hónapja

    @Maungo M Junior already decided not to go to school.

  76. Fran G

    Fran G2 hónapja

    It would honestly be a interesting turn for the show

  77. Maungo M

    Maungo M2 hónapja

    With Junior already "taking a break" I doubt the producers would do that

  78. Theo Allen

    Theo Allen2 hónapja

    All the designer stuff she touches she chooses to give her teacher a $20 shirt. Wow zoey! Why not take online classes? Especially since she is Ms Zoey Academic Probation Johnson.

  79. Jailah Wilson

    Jailah Wilson2 hónapja

    What school hoodie costs $20?? Them bitches cost like $40+ at my school😭 I'd love to get one as a gift

  80. Theo Allen

    Theo Allen2 hónapja

    @gmgmakeitrain06 I would be offended cause she comes to school in some nice stuff and to get a measly hoodie.

  81. gmgmakeitrain06

    gmgmakeitrain062 hónapja

    Theo Allen but the fact that she tried it with that hoodie had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Anisha Brisonette

    Anisha Brisonette2 hónapja

    Theo Allen 😂😂

  83. Kyra

    Kyra2 hónapja

    So when Jillian said gift, Zoe heard cheap hoodie from the school store?

  84. Peter Matthews

    Peter Matthews2 hónapja

    Adding insult to injury the professor will know exactly how cheap and available they are.

  85. Jeaux Moi

    Jeaux Moi2 hónapja

    Loving Zoey’s outfit

  86. John D

    John D2 hónapja

    I hope Jillian is given her own story later down the line

  87. bkstuntin1

    bkstuntin12 hónapja

    None of these characters do, not even Zoey! All the characters just have to be developed & centered around relationships, don't you know?

  88. SS SAGE

    SS SAGE2 hónapja

    jones ikr

  89. Lyric jones

    Lyric jones2 hónapja

    John D Factz cuz um the main character is annoying and talks like she’s reading

  90. Tashica Jones

    Tashica Jones2 hónapja

    I was glad to nomi miss her much and the future house baby lol



    Zoey always looking beautiful 😊😍😘

  92. GTA Boomin

    GTA Boomin2 hónapja

    Something told me Jilian was an aspiring film direct...