G-Eazy - Still Be Friends (Audio) ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga

G-Eazy ft. Tory Lanez & Tyga - Still Be Freinds out now!: smarturl.it/StillBeFriends
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  1. Angelo Ricalde

    Angelo RicaldeNapja

    I thought it's Post Malone

  2. Risherix


    Bruh this sounds like Bitches N Marijuana

  3. GgPérezR GgR

    GgPérezR GgRNapja

    Editor: how much autotune do you want. Him: YES Jk I guess this is fine u do you. You wanna rap about uh that stuff then go ahead.


    IDGAR LMDNapja


  5. Lj Avery

    Lj AveryNapja

    Why Tyga always gotta have the rack City 808

  6. G.M.S Great Men Succeed E.N.T

    G.M.S Great Men Succeed E.N.TNapja

    A condom wrapper with 3 guys name on it kinda suspicious

  7. Dmitry Montana

    Dmitry MontanaNapja

    Dope shit

  8. 12Inch Rasta Spliff

    12Inch Rasta SpliffNapja

    Tyga fix his hair tory gave him unlimited features.

  9. Master Beats Recordings

    Master Beats RecordingsNapja

    QUE PESOOOO!!! cade os brasileiros ??

  10. Mato


    ohh my god guys amazing work again all please drop "Official Music Video"

  11. Scribes for Subscribers

    Scribes for SubscribersNapja


  12. Tonz Veo

    Tonz VeoNapja

    I didn't hear young Gerald so it's not a g eazy song

  13. Jo N

    Jo NNapja

    Name of the intro part, sampled? 0:01

  14. issa issa

    issa issaNapja


  15. AnaRiita



  16. Roll The clip

    Roll The clipNapja

    This song gives me a vibe from summer of 2016 .

  17. Blake Panda

    Blake PandaNapja

    G we needed you to murderer the tracks.Let go to the fucking top

  18. Jeevant Jain

    Jeevant JainNapja

    G on fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Limbu Prabesh

    Limbu PrabeshNapja

    *need a music video on this one.*

  20. Ghaith Mostafa

    Ghaith MostafaNapja

    Is it just me or did someone steal the bass bit in this song before?

  21. Logan Witty

    Logan Witty2 napja

    Nah we just friends

  22. kevin Roush

    kevin Roush2 napja

    we need to have a oficcial videos of this bra ;)

  23. Rawr Rose

    Rawr Rose2 napja

    love the beat!!!! not complaining about lyrics either its fireeee!!!

  24. Das Reich 2nd SS Panzer Division

    Das Reich 2nd SS Panzer Division2 napja

    "Bit£h you can't be my girlfriend" mmm dope

  25. Gierluu

    Gierluu2 napja

    ona pyta czy znam taki raper Tony Lanez

  26. Razor jaw86

    Razor jaw862 napja

    Tyga ruins all the songs he’s in except for the songs he makes himself

  27. Baxi XD

    Baxi XD2 napja


  28. Cristcha Esareh

    Cristcha Esareh2 napja

    G is the real Mike Lowrey

  29. SxN_Godlay

    SxN_Godlay2 napja

    still be Friends LMAO

  30. Amanda Lewalska

    Amanda Lewalska2 napja

    Tyga smashed it

  31. Marcellus 0423

    Marcellus 04232 napja

    I want a YG x Tyga collab album 🔥🔥🔥 With a feature from Tory

  32. Skinniest Of All Legends

    Skinniest Of All Legends2 napja

    That photo looks very familiar.... 👀

  33. Megan Terrill

    Megan Terrill2 napja


  34. Gaming O'Driscoll

    Gaming O'Driscoll2 napja

    The comment below me is gay

  35. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow2 napja

    Eazy Condom

  36. BarryCreation

    BarryCreation2 napja

    Tory is easily my favorite part of this song.

  37. Jaiden Itis

    Jaiden Itis2 napja

    The clubs are going to be 🔥 this summer

  38. Inspired Official

    Inspired Official2 napja

    G-Eazy and Tyga are the dream team shiiiiit

  39. Profecia's world

    Profecia's world2 napja


  40. Dive432

    Dive4322 napja

    More dope than dope itself

  41. amit sharma

    amit sharma2 napja

    So this the song of the Spring/summer 2020 ?!??!! Tyga killed his verse once again. My God yall the curse truly left him

  42. Eyan

    Eyan2 napja

    perfect 😘😍

  43. Ducta Beats

    Ducta Beats2 napja

    Why the fuck would I be friends with you, if our relationship didn't work out.

  44. butterfly- effect

    butterfly- effect2 napja


  45. Emily Linares

    Emily Linares2 napja

    hu-gos.info/video/d6l-aInTgq3Qn5c.html I can totally see a G-Eazy verse on this track ??? “Money Anthem” by Genesis check her out !

  46. Kia Howard

    Kia Howard2 napja

    You know, I never expected a collab like this from this trio, but it FUCKING SLAPS

  47. Real REAL One

    Real REAL One2 napja


  48. New World Music

    New World Music2 napja

    Just friends? I don't think so.

  49. Rolexrilex VEVO

    Rolexrilex VEVO3 napja


  50. Andrzej Jarosławski

    Andrzej Jarosławski3 napja

    Tyga without bitches :O


    D.NIKITA #LHHTC3 napja

    Dope Track.. Crazy Collab

  52. RJ J

    RJ J3 napja

    G-eazy lyric "got a girl and my girl got a girl too" sound familiar? Stefflon Don - Hurtin Me ft French Montana

  53. kanal smeha

    kanal smeha3 napja

    top especially Tyga

  54. Vanlal Thlamuanpuia

    Vanlal Thlamuanpuia3 napja

    We all know Tory snapped on this one

  55. Simon Simeonov

    Simon Simeonov3 napja

    Wtf broo condom

  56. brundavani pallerla

    brundavani pallerla3 napja

    all the dislikes are from the non ideal feminists

  57. Fluffy Penguin

    Fluffy Penguin3 napja

    Oh my fcking god Tyga is fucking everywhere lol his verse is straight 🔥 tho

  58. Gia

    Gia3 napja

    Tygas part is just from his own song "Macarena"

  59. Ivan Chacon

    Ivan Chacon3 napja

    Im pretty sure theres another song that sound exactly like this. Just different lyrics lol


    ZACKY. BADFUJI3 napja

    Sent this song to my ex.. We’re still friends😏