ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Radcliffe, Thriller Movie HD

ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Radcliffe, In Cinemas 6th March
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Signature Entertainment presents Escape from Pretoria at UK cinemas from March 6, 2020
From the incredible true story imprisonment and escape in Apartheid era South Africa, Escape from Pretoria is a super tense prison break thriller. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) stars as Tim Jenkin - a real life ANC activist who was imprisoned in Africa’s maximum-security Pretoria prison in the late 1970’s. The ingenious and daring escape happened 40 years ago on 11th December 1979 using hand-crafted wooden keys 18 months into the incarceration. Also starring Ian Hart (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) and Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit Trilogy). Directed by British director Francis Annan.
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  1. John Graboski

    John Graboski19 perccel

    Don't have to go watch it anymore.

  2. Nick L

    Nick L10 órája

    Looks like Harry ended up in Azkaban

  3. Fitchio Bichio

    Fitchio Bichio13 órája

    Wont see. End of apartheid has made south Africa a literal shit hole.

  4. λtlas Plug

    λtlas Plug15 órája

    We don't sound like that...

  5. mak kolton

    mak kolton18 órája

    holly shit its that guy in glasses is Quirinus Quirrell from harry potter the guy ho had voldi back on his head, so its hp and prison of pretoria

  6. borgoat12

    borgoat1222 órája

    All they need is Voldemort laughing at the end to make it like that Star Wars trailer with the Emperor's laughing at the end. XD

  7. Kiris


    I feel like Daniel Radcliff is doing a lot of movies lately good for him.

  8. Binge Eight

    Binge EightNapja

    Where the Guns on his Hands?

  9. Devin Salmon

    Devin SalmonNapja

    It's too bad they managed to escape.

  10. Alexio Vay

    Alexio VayNapja

    That dude looks like Rick from TWD

  11. Joey J

    Joey JNapja

    Shit he's in like 3 films already this year. He spunked away all the Harry Potter cash or something.

  12. AuroraxShadow


    Harry Potter and Professor Quirrell are thrown into Azkaban.

  13. Ste McFreeman

    Ste McFreemanNapja

    What anti white nonsense is this twat peddling now?

  14. greyztone

    greyztone2 napja

    Harry has about seven whispered words in this trailer. His accent must be even worse than the others :/

  15. ekstasis

    ekstasis2 napja

    Oh god the accents are so bad

  16. SkinnyBoy

    SkinnyBoy2 napja

    I thought Black Panther had really butchered the South African Accent

  17. Pedrum Mazddiar

    Pedrum Mazddiar2 napja

    Escape From Tarkov ✔

  18. abadplanner1

    abadplanner12 napja

    My farts have a more authentic South African accent... and that's wirhout baked beans.

  19. Isak Ronestjärna

    Isak Ronestjärna2 napja

    Who's the actor at 0:17, I know him but he doesn't shop up in imdb cast either.

  20. Fade Orange

    Fade Orange2 napja

    No movie could ever illustrate how evil the Apartheid Goverment and the Afrikaaners were/are

  21. TheOriginalStandingGuy

    TheOriginalStandingGuy3 napja

    Feels like way too much of the movie is shown in this trailer.

  22. Matthew Swartz

    Matthew Swartz3 napja

    Jarre mense Herrie Potter is nou n Boer!

  23. Ryan Sampilo

    Ryan Sampilo3 napja


  24. Righteous Toaster

    Righteous Toaster3 napja

    Movie based in SA (South Africa), but filmed in SA (South Australia)

  25. Toby Ryberg

    Toby Ryberg3 napja

    I can't wait!

  26. Alex

    Alex3 napja

    the pacing for this trailer just feels a bit off..

  27. Freshman Junior

    Freshman Junior3 napja

    I assume Hogwarts didn’t work out so well for Harry

  28. De todo y para todos

    De todo y para todos3 napja

    like si viniste por q pensaste q era el de harry pother

  29. coin paradise

    coin paradise3 napja


  30. Franco Labuschagne

    Franco Labuschagne3 napja

    meitnaai movie

  31. shmaveyea

    shmaveyea3 napja

    His butt is a boat motor

  32. Lone Wolf Setz

    Lone Wolf Setz3 napja

    I know this actor. It;s a guy from Swiss Army Man.

  33. Methee Heephong

    Methee Heephong3 napja

    This is Harry potter 8

  34. Kaktus elis

    Kaktus elis3 napja


  35. Hira Kishore

    Hira Kishore3 napja

    Daniel Radcliffe has a lot of movies coming out in 2020

  36. Jofan Alfaj

    Jofan Alfaj3 napja

    Harry Potter x Shawshank Redemption

  37. Greg Hall

    Greg Hall4 napja

    Houdini Potter

  38. Alex Runhaar

    Alex Runhaar4 napja

    Really wish they spent more time on the S.A accent , sounds terrible

  39. Artyom Kanatov

    Artyom Kanatov4 napja

    О, приключения Егора Летова

  40. ЧТО и КАК

    ЧТО и КАК4 napja


  41. Extreme monster

    Extreme monster4 napja

    Si hablaran en español no seria una gran puta mierda la película 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  42. Nora Ali

    Nora Ali4 napja

    I love Harry very much❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Roman

    Roman4 napja

    Harry Potter Is the Prisoner of Azkaban

  44. Vytautas .J

    Vytautas .J4 napja

    Harry Potter and father Beoka



    I actually think this movie looks good

  46. Alfie Wearn

    Alfie Wearn4 napja

    All these comments about Harry Potter but not one mentioning that Professor Quirrell is there too!

  47. Lucy _ Gómez

    Lucy _ Gómez5 napja

    Me encanta ver a Daniel Radcliffe interpretando diversos papeles es un gran actor, y saliendo de quedar pegado en el rol de Harry Potter Esperando con ansias a ver la peli 👍

  48. Danielle Benzon

    Danielle Benzon5 napja

    Ag why can't they have used South African actors for this? If the accents in the trailer are anything to go by I'm going to be gritting my teeth through the whole thing. C'mon people!

  49. Dave Mitchell

    Dave Mitchell5 napja

    My wife started me on a New Years diet. This looks exactly what it is like to sneak out of the house for a burger.

  50. Feelsbadman

    Feelsbadman2 napja

    Is she physically fit or is she fat as well if so she needs to go on a diet as well

  51. MEanME

    MEanME3 napja

    So who's she banging on the side?

  52. Almighty Tyrone

    Almighty Tyrone5 napja

    I love trailers this long, now i don't have to see the movie ! Thanks

  53. Talking You To Sleep

    Talking You To Sleep5 napja

    is it a comedy? I cant tell.. really!

  54. D FS

    D FS5 napja

    Harry and professor Quirrel

  55. Andre Van Emmenis

    Andre Van Emmenis5 napja

    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot left one out. Reboot - Remake... and Bootleg. :p


    AMERASS5 napja

    Here I fix the name "Escape from Tarkov" np :)

  57. sss 888

    sss 8886 napja

    Хороший фильм 👍👍👍 буду смотреть

  58. I Gotcha Tuber

    I Gotcha Tuber6 napja

    People really never forget Daniel as Harry.

  59. Sirdiggar

    Sirdiggar3 napja

    Thanks captain obvious I would have never known.

  60. davidjustdavid

    davidjustdavid6 napja

    He's a good actor but he needs to ditch the specs all I see is Harry F**K face Pothead with a beard and long hair.

  61. rusty shakelfod

    rusty shakelfod6 napja

    Oh how cool, commie b.s.!

  62. Michael William

    Michael William6 napja

    Hyped for this one🔥🔥

  63. Tyler Dove

    Tyler Dove6 napja

    What’s Harry doing in Pretoria????