Emma Chamberlain Teaches Us How To Cheerlead

EMMA CHAMBERLAIN TEACHES ELLIE THUMANN AND HANNAH MELOCHE HOW TO CHEERLEAD... this video was so fun to make thank you emma for trying to teach ellie and i how to become cheerleaders. party in the comment section ur ~invited~
ellie thu:
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  1. malea

    malea12 órája

    this is so sad

  2. Dancing Girly

    Dancing Girly2 napja

    Emma looks like Bille Eillish

  3. YT_NataliaPlayz

    YT_NataliaPlayz3 napja


  4. Hayden Arntz

    Hayden Arntz4 napja

    I have some meat is genuinely hard because I do gymnastics hip-hop cheer stunts and Lifes and contemporary yeah with. You Emma is really hard

  5. minah Nazir

    minah Nazir8 napja

    I’m a cheerleader and I can barely do most of these.

  6. Lauren Caveza

    Lauren Caveza8 napja

    i was dying at “aunt ellie” “i respect it”

  7. Lauren Caveza

    Lauren Caveza8 napja

    no one: ellie: 🕴🏼🙆🏼‍♀️👏🏼

  8. Lauren Caveza

    Lauren Caveza8 napja

    ok that didn’t really make sense^^ it’s how she was doing the cheerjacks

  9. Delia Sandu

    Delia Sandu10 napja

    Emma was too nice with Ellie.

  10. Olivia Gracie Hamilton

    Olivia Gracie Hamilton13 napja

    2020 anyone

  11. Faith

    Faith14 napja

    Missing this rn

  12. Isabel Coe

    Isabel Coe14 napja

    I go Cheerleading to and I'm really good and Emma went to my Cheer place but she left but she was really good and she still is good and beautiful. 😘😘 (keep up the good work Emma and the other Cheerleader's)

  13. Mia Robles

    Mia Robles15 napja

    I’m a dancer and I’m way to tall for a ballerina lol 😂 and I can do that stretch perfectly fine... so that’s not a good excuse Ellie lol your just not flexible 😂 no hate just facts ✌🏼

  14. paisleydryan ryan

    paisleydryan ryan18 napja

    y’all i have a cheer competition January 11th, and a lock-in tomorrow!!

  15. Malaika Mustafa

    Malaika Mustafa18 napja

    im here in 2020

  16. Clara Asbury

    Clara Asbury18 napja

    who is here in 2020 when they don't even talk to each other 😭

  17. MaryKate Space

    MaryKate Space19 napja

    why was emma in the back??lolol she was the one that needed to be seen

  18. Ghala Alhamoud

    Ghala Alhamoud19 napja

    2020 sisss

  19. Mere Tiritabua

    Mere Tiritabua19 napja


  20. Norris nut Fan

    Norris nut Fan21 napja

    My cheer coach always tells us not to bend our legs when we clasp in jumps

  21. horse lover

    horse lover22 napja

    emmas eyes are so pretty

  22. Brookie Bird

    Brookie Bird23 napja

    who here in 2020 lol

  23. Keanna russ

    Keanna russ20 napja

    Brookie Bird not u

  24. inaseokjin -

    inaseokjin -23 napja

    ellie look very tall there tho

  25. Saadia Abdi

    Saadia Abdi24 napja

    Ellie’s body bothers me

  26. Ella Stanley

    Ella Stanley24 napja

    As a cheerleader I no everything she’s talking abt

  27. Cookies _121121

    Cookies _12112122 napja


  28. Dalia vorojnin

    Dalia vorojnin26 napja

    God bless you ellie 😂 lmao. 12:12

  29. Lucy Jarvela

    Lucy Jarvela28 napja

    I do cheer and I'm in middle school. that was good. I bet Hannah would be a really good flyer accept I have watched this video thousands of times and I just realized that the fact that they won't be safe stunting isn't the only reason why the can't stunt and its cuz u need at least 4 people in every stunt even a lib accept a one man. love u guys!!

  30. Theresa Odame

    Theresa Odame28 napja

    who else's misses this trio 😔

  31. emma Kavanagh

    emma Kavanagh29 napja

    who else is watching this at the end of 2019 wishing they were still friends 🥺

  32. A Sens

    A SensHónapja

    The fact that her toes are not pointed in the thumbnail makes me sad

  33. Kate Z

    Kate ZHónapja

    a hurtler? hurkey u mean?

  34. Genaro Borquez

    Genaro BorquezHónapja

    One of my favorite vlodgs no mamez

  35. Mulattopapi


    “Tall people flying means uh injuries for everyone” 😂😂😂😂

  36. Rabia Malik

    Rabia MalikHónapja


  37. RealizeTheRealLife


    I'm ellie when it comes to flexibility! Thats me!!! :D Love it

  38. Khlo Chipmunks

    Khlo ChipmunksHónapja

    Were is Elle and Emma now I miss the squad

  39. Grace Smith

    Grace SmithHónapja

    Emma chamberlain did cheer?? I never knew this!!

  40. Rebeca Carvalho

    Rebeca CarvalhoHónapja

    I miss them together sm

  41. Mr.steevie Boii

    Mr.steevie BoiiHónapja

    I only know this song from gta

  42. BluePenguin :P

    BluePenguin :PHónapja

    If u liked tumbling then why didnt you do gymnastics?

  43. hey it's me Zayra Martinez

    hey it's me Zayra MartinezHónapja

    Emma's eyes are pretty.

  44. Ceaira•Smith •••

    Ceaira•Smith •••Hónapja

    The bloopers are everything 😂😂

  45. April Spickard

    April SpickardHónapja

    Please make another one of these videos.

  46. iLizzie_xo


    emma's skin is so clear omg xD



    2 0 1 9 ?

  48. Wallace Mulls

    Wallace MullsHónapja

    Miss Chamberlain, can you explain why your eyes are so dilated?

  49. Gracen Peters

    Gracen PetersHónapja

    Why did I get a notification for this, haha this was one year ago

  50. Diane De Los Reyes

    Diane De Los ReyesHónapja

    i'm rewatching this for the third time damn i miss them

  51. Katie

    Katie2 hónapja

    watching this now makes me so sad

  52. Joanna Farrell

    Joanna Farrell2 hónapja

    I thought they said Ellie was the dancer

  53. Antonia

    Antonia2 hónapja


  54. Morgz Vlogz

    Morgz Vlogz2 hónapja

    Emma you are supposed to rebound after your roundoff

  55. Hi it’s Kai

    Hi it’s Kai2 hónapja

    3:58 did anyone notice that dog flinch 😂 I feel bad for laughing

  56. Ariella Young

    Ariella Young2 hónapja

    “Cheerlead” it’s called cheer😂😂

  57. Anthony Huerta

    Anthony Huerta2 hónapja

    Do stunts

  58. Luke Shearin

    Luke Shearin2 hónapja

    lucky you get to hang out with emma

  59. Jayla Simms

    Jayla Simms2 hónapja


  60. h w

    h w2 hónapja

    I could not tell which was which at the beginning of this video. They all look almost identical

  61. ASMR Exotic

    ASMR Exotic2 hónapja

    what song did she use?

  62. Kate Ashton

    Kate Ashton2 hónapja

    7:19 Emma’s eyes 👀!!!!!

  63. Myranda Heiser

    Myranda Heiser2 hónapja

    Did y’all know Emma is 5 5 I picture her like 5 2 or 5 3