Follow Emma Chamberlain and Brad Goreski as they find chic and affordable looks at Target.


  1. K D

    K D49 perccel

    She looks different and it is weird I love her with make up but she is definitely better without make up and with a hoodie 😭😭😭😭

  2. S CP

    S CPÓrája

    The only thing I really wanted was the Rose they were standing in front of then I realized Emma probably can't drink

  3. damlasu öz

    damlasu öz4 órája

    ok but emma hates starbucks...

  4. Shina Omisanya

    Shina OmisanyaNapja

    I hardly shop in the men's section at Target; only exception, unless it's summer. You might, might find something that isn't done to death already.

  5. Raul Rios

    Raul Rios2 napja

    I love Target! I worked at Target last month but was let go cuz I was seasonal. Love Emma too!

  6. Stephanie Robertson Brown

    Stephanie Robertson Brown4 napja

    “What does it feel like to have 8 million people watch you?” On the inside she was thinking “like $8 million dollars.” Duh!

  7. Emma _lol

    Emma _lol4 napja

    @1:13 things that come with being the only child 😂

  8. my phone's dying

    my phone's dying4 napja

    Emma’s voice is like gone in this vid. Like where?

  9. Supersuxi

    Supersuxi5 napja

    I need target in Germany now please 🥺

  10. Faith Pruett

    Faith Pruett7 napja

    I love Emma’s outfit🤍

  11. Aurora Mittun Kvilekval

    Aurora Mittun Kvilekval8 napja

    Doesn’t emma hate starbucks lol

  12. jkvloggin’

    jkvloggin’9 napja

    her cheetah sweater is from target too :) $15 :p

  13. Liam Carley

    Liam Carley11 napja

    Brad is mad for plaid.


    BRAWL BOY11 napja

    but like emma hates sturbucks cofee :d

  15. Sophie M

    Sophie M12 napja

    you can NOT tell me they just met while filming

  16. Just a TROLL

    Just a TROLL12 napja

    She lowkey sounds like tana

  17. molly

    molly13 napja

    I would be frustrated AS HELL if my voice wasn’t coming through while being on camera on the job!!! 😂

  18. Free Lander

    Free Lander14 napja

    Doesn't she hate Starbucks? 🤣

  19. Maxime Ferri

    Maxime Ferri14 napja

    Who's watching this knowing that Emma HAAATES Starbucks ?

  20. devilish

    devilish14 napja

    Outfit 1,3,4 are bomb af ❤️

  21. Zoë K

    Zoë K15 napja

    but the og’s know Emma hates starbucks😂😂

  22. Gracie Herr

    Gracie Herr16 napja

    emma while she’s drinking starbucks: 🤢

  23. Lauren Leonard

    Lauren Leonard18 napja

    what's up with emma's voice????

  24. Laraib Khan

    Laraib Khan19 napja

    Emma said that she hate Starbucks coffee in her recent video SHE LYIN IM DYIN

  25. Kittygurl1223

    Kittygurl122319 napja

    Emma looks at the coffee- mind philzzzz Reality- s..ta..rbucks... okkkk I guess

  26. Leslie lopez

    Leslie lopez21 napja

    True fans know emma hates starbucks

  27. hope h

    hope h24 napja

    where can i find a target with this many cute items in it

  28. Annna Munoz

    Annna Munoz25 napja

    I know Emma is dying inside while drinking her Starbucks coffee

  29. Jess King

    Jess King28 napja

    It’s bc her body makes everything look fire

  30. Jess King

    Jess King28 napja

    “Who would of thunk it” bajajaj

  31. Mr. Spartan

    Mr. Spartan29 napja

    She’s such a snack ugh

  32. Kayli Juarez

    Kayli Juarez29 napja

    Emma hates Starbucks

  33. Swarali Doifode

    Swarali DoifodeHónapja

    Emma! Honey NO!!!! "Who would have THUNK it?" !!!????

  34. Nare Babakhanian

    Nare BabakhanianHónapja

    0:50 me knowing that emma hates starbucks

  35. Jenna Lemon

    Jenna LemonHónapja

    She’s saying the drink with him.

  36. Kenzie Genthner

    Kenzie GenthnerHónapja

    all i could think about is how much emma hates starbucks because it tastes like piss to her



    Emma doesn’t like Starbucks tho-

  38. Jasmine Marinez

    Jasmine MarinezHónapja

    I hate you guys I don't like the videos you make cuz you're stupid

  39. Jasmine Marinez

    Jasmine MarinezHónapja

    kiss your butt kiss

  40. kamilla


    emma hates starbucks lol

  41. mariam fathima

    mariam fathimaHónapja

    she's a grounded person , breathtaking really

  42. Pia Marie

    Pia MarieHónapja

    Oh oh Starbucks hahaha Emma hates Starbucks btw her look when she saw it was Starbucks

  43. John C

    John CHónapja

    Emma hates Starbucks he’s a clown

  44. Desmond Bull

    Desmond BullHónapja

    The fact that she doesn’t like Starbucks.

  45. kiai m

    kiai mHónapja

    bruh he has no idea she hates starbucks

  46. Ruthiel Roño

    Ruthiel RoñoHónapja


  47. Emma Schragel

    Emma SchragelHónapja

    Emma pretending to like Starbucks hahaha

  48. haley patterson

    haley pattersonHónapja

    funny he brought her starbucks when she thinks starbucks tastes like urine

  49. _ƨʋи-ғlσωɛя_


    the fact the Emma thinks that Starbucks tastes like urine lmao

  50. Mary Vee

    Mary VeeHónapja

    I cringed when I saw that Starbucks coffee cause I know she HATES Starbucks coffee

  51. Hannah Shshen

    Hannah ShshenHónapja

    Emma chamberlain hates Starbucks

  52. Claire Komosinski

    Claire KomosinskiHónapja

    emma: ok lets go to the mens section brad: ok..... WAIT I SEE CROP TOPSSSS.... DEEEETOURRRR

  53. lola crump

    lola crumpHónapja

    doesnt emma hate starbucks

  54. Olivia J

    Olivia JHónapja

    deadass thought that was Robert Downy Jr. in the thumbnail

  55. SURA


    All I learned from this is that Emma should not dress men. Still enjoyed it! 😂

  56. MoonlitPines


    I have those overalls and I literally wear them 5 days a week I’m obsessed.

  57. Rebekah Kallas

    Rebekah KallasHónapja

    Omg Emma you look so beautiful all though this video and just everyday

  58. ok buddy

    ok buddyHónapja

    no one : emma: yeeeEessss

  59. Tess Dakin

    Tess DakinHónapja

    I love how he matches the fleece blanket 😂😂

  60. dylan duncan

    dylan duncanHónapja

    I love how fake they are the whole time ❤️ love hem both btw

  61. kristen taylor

    kristen taylorHónapja

    omg i love emmas hair how did she do it l;ike that