Emma Chamberlain Is Speechless After the Latest Louis Vuitton Show

Louis Vuitton invited Emma Chamberlain back to Paris for the Women’s Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show. The internet star shares her excitement for Nicolas Ghesquière, her chartreuse Twist bag, the golden Paris light, and more.


  1. Iri

    Iri2 napja

    She was seating next to Itzy!!

  2. iffy content

    iffy content7 napja

    oh my gosh! She's sitting next to ITZY!!

  3. Paulina Pizaño

    Paulina Pizaño8 napja

    I still can't belive she was sitting next to ITZY like OMG, I would've been dying. :,)

  4. Michael Mehta

    Michael Mehta12 napja

    Why do people watch Emma? This is bizarre

  5. Baby Bonbon

    Baby Bonbon18 órája

    @Tīred Daily so you assume 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Tīred Daily

    Tīred Daily19 órája

    Baby Bonbon someone’s pressed lmao

  7. Baby Bonbon

    Baby Bonbon10 napja

    Is not your job to understand why other people do what they do

  8. Aless Mendoza

    Aless Mendoza12 napja

    I just love her and these videos

  9. J. Montrice

    J. Montrice16 napja

    Is she staying at the Bristol?? I wasn’t into this at first but she’s honestly starting to grow on me.

  10. better.øff'd

    better.øff'd17 napja

    Me: But, mom, I wanna go see Billie Eillish! Mom: We have Billie Eillish at home, honey!

  11. riona ri

    riona ri19 napja

    omg emma was sitting next to itzy

  12. Missprivina xoxoxo

    Missprivina xoxoxo21 napja

    I don't know you...

  13. amira sofea

    amira sofea26 napja

    so are we not gonna talk about how itzy was literally beside emma?? i would freak

  14. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya29 napja

    Yasss Queen, I love how the riches she earned didn’t take from her goofy personality. I still love her 🥰😍💗

  15. Bae Bae

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  16. Mia Cas

    Mia CasHónapja

    4:56 i see ITZY

  17. Mia Cas

    Mia CasHónapja

    2:44 i see ITZY

  18. santamonica


    She's louis vuittons baby

  19. syafira


    she sat next to itzy

  20. valentina manchola

    valentina mancholaHónapja

    omg ema was sitting next to itzy you can appreciate that in the minute 5:12

  21. Graham Plays

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  22. jungkook v

    jungkook vHónapja

    omghg she was sitting next to itzy, im dead....😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Julian Rime

    Julian RimeHónapja

    It’s thotumn

  24. allysseTV 엘리스TV

    allysseTV 엘리스TVHónapja

    Omg, did anyone notice she was sitting next to the kpop group iTZY?😱

  25. Brooke Acker

    Brooke AckerHónapja

    The little stain on the bed ugh that annoying

  26. Lucie Xx

    Lucie Xx2 hónapja

    i love her so much 💓

  27. It’z Itzy Everglow

    It’z Itzy Everglow2 hónapja

    10:19 she's talking about ITZY ;) She sat next to them the whole show, I wonder if they spoke a lot

  28. It’z Itzy Everglow

    It’z Itzy Everglow2 hónapja

    Who noticed she sat next to ITZY the whole show!?

  29. Anu Nair

    Anu Nair2 hónapja

    Wait is that ITZY?

  30. neo69121

    neo691212 hónapja

    some much cringe i cant take it ....

  31. libra 64

    libra 642 hónapja

    Great Video Emma keep doing you. I know you are not keen but actually think your hair looks nicer worn down and dark- makes your blue eyes pop.

  32. Chris Marcano

    Chris Marcano2 hónapja

    I cannot LOVE this enough :) :)

  33. Spotted Elephant

    Spotted Elephant2 hónapja

    6:32 your outfit is super cute on you!!

  34. Charalampia Loukatzii

    Charalampia Loukatzii2 hónapja

    Louis Vuitton has 20% off today!!!! I ordered my bag from this link: rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5575550470&toolid=10001&campid=5338618325&customid=louisvuitton&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FLouis-Vuitton-Artsy-Handbag-Monogram-Canvas-MM%2F123874689478%3Fhash%3Ditem1cd781c1c6%253Ag%253AR4MAAOSwD0NdVCs7%26_trkparms%3D%252526rpp_cid%25253D5d76b909d237ff68a71248ea

  35. LRakelle AK

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  36. he he

    he he2 hónapja

    2:39 ITZY YEJI❤😍

  37. iLLY IMMME

    iLLY IMMME2 hónapja

    Emma you have some rockn knee caps...Welp..That whole region; and so on.Etc ^_

  38. amara prameswari

    amara prameswari2 hónapja

    SHeS SiTTin NeXT To ItzY?!?!

  39. Zdravko Perkovich

    Zdravko Perkovich2 hónapja

    Talent is just not necessary anymore.

  40. Marilia evora

    Marilia evora2 hónapja

    Louis Vuitton need to have olds and big women's too fashion show its Allots big and Olds women very attractive, Elegante very sexy, u deserve to be a fashion model, not a Luis Vuitton, Like victoria secret etc, etc, if I have fashion businesses I will do that and Gay people too thank you to share a video God bless., Amen!

  41. Emily Culver

    Emily Culver2 hónapja

    cRyIng 🤣👏🏽

  42. Paul Order

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  43. Paul Order

    Paul Order2 hónapja

    What's wrong with the sleeves are they for flying , you going to have problems taking off with those.

  44. lame impala

    lame impala2 hónapja

    shes living the dream im sO envious

  45. Zoe

    Zoe2 hónapja

    I really wanna see youre cheerleader😂

  46. Lian Seldou

    Lian Seldou3 hónapja

    I unsubscribe Louis Vuitton 😀 channel after watching this show.

  47. San x Sana

    San x Sana3 hónapja

    Emma was sitting next to Itzy???????????? How cool

  48. Alexandra Allan

    Alexandra Allan3 hónapja

    not wearing my glasses but that looks like a bouquet of cauliflower behind her

  49. Sheyanne Barton

    Sheyanne Barton3 hónapja

    Love Emma

  50. Nahesa

    Nahesa3 hónapja

    I love Emma 😂😂❤️

  51. Casey Saballos

    Casey Saballos3 hónapja

    when Emma is sitting next to ITZY...

  52. Emily

    Emily3 hónapja

    I would be speechless too at 18. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's the most successful teenager (besides Billie eilish) on the internet

  53. pza

    pza3 hónapja

    that asian girl sitting next to emma tho.. who is she, she's so graceful!

  54. Anisbel Morales

    Anisbel Morales3 hónapja

    5:20 looked like they put all the girls with black boots together.

  55. beatriz jimenez

    beatriz jimenez3 hónapja

    She was next to Izone 😱😂

  56. - maju

    - maju3 hónapja

    im so proud of her. ♡

  57. Jinhit Entertainment

    Jinhit Entertainment3 hónapja

    She was litteraly sitting next to THE HWANG YEJI!!

  58. sukanya jain

    sukanya jain3 hónapja

    Lmaoo all the end credits were on a chartreuse background😂

  59. Jo new fresser

    Jo new fresser3 hónapja

    Who says that out of style last Season is gay No problem with gay people

  60. Equate Null

    Equate Null3 hónapja

    Another Stupid Clam!

  61. agedashi dubu

    agedashi dubu3 hónapja

    u mean charismatic?

  62. Jaz Z

    Jaz Z3 hónapja

    Emma doesn’t even know it but she’s sitting right next to Yeji from itzy

  63. Aymac unt

    Aymac unt3 hónapja

    The cat sitter is obviously his boyfriend