Dua Lipa - Physical (Official Video)

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Directed by CANADA
Produced by CANADA
Producer: Laura Serra Estorch / Karen Saurí
MD / Executive Producer: Oscar Romagosa
Head of Production: Alba Barneda / Julia Carrasco
Director of Photography: Niklas Johansson
Production Designer: Anna Colomer Nogué
Production Manager: Dani Molina
1st A D: Luis Casacuberta Abril
Stylist - Dua Lipa: Lorenzo Posocco
Stylist: Adrian Bernal / Laura Vandall
Choreographer: Charm La’Donna
Make-Up Artist - Dua Lipa: Lisa Eldridge
Hair Artist - Dua Lipa: Anna Cofone
Make-Up & Hair Artist: Rubén Mármol
Casting: LANE Casting
Editor: Carlos Font Clos
Grading: Marc Morató @Metropolitana
Graphic Design: Folch
Sound Design: Angel Sound Studio
Post Production: EIGHTY4
Casting Coordinator: Noemí Montero
Wardrobe Coordinator: Itsasne Santos
Glam Team Coordinator: Maria Rubio
Production Coordinator: Marta Vega
Post Production Coordinator: Marga Sardà / Marina M. Campomanes
Production Assistant: Aina Salarich
Focus Puller: Dani Gallardo
Gaffer: Damian Halpern
Key Grip: David Arrés / Xavi Gordi
Sound Recorder on set: Jordi Salinas
Production Designer Assistant: Marina Blasi
Graphic & Concept Artist: Bea Márquez Picazo
Stylist Assistant - Dua Lipa: Raeanne Hayden
1st Stylist Assistant: Andrea Ramil
Make Up Assistant - Dua Lipa: Jessie Richardson
Hair Assistant - Dua Lipa: Anja Bont
2nd Hair & Make Up Artist: Alizia Moreno
Dancer - Dua Partner: Kane Horn
Charm La’Donna - Choregrapher Assistant: Alex Clark
Local Choreographer Assistant: Natalia Palomares

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  1. Roberson


    A melhor música do álbum!!!!!! - the best song on the album!!!!

  2. Tomislav Vucic

    Tomislav VucicNapja

    And Grammy goes toooo..... DUA LIPAAA

  3. Vincent


    *Who would you rather date,* *Dua Lipa or Taylor Swift?* *And why?*

  4. h al harbi

    h al harbiNapja


  5. TXANO


    you do not agree?...................

  6. Mattias Benitez

    Mattias BenitezNapja


  7. ma nizzle

    ma nizzleNapja

    i think after everyone ripped her apart for being absolutely lifeless on stage and her performances, she hired some incredible people to help her get better, and she's improved drastically

  8. Ideree and Javkhaa

    Ideree and JavkhaaNapja

    ♥️There’s no limit! 👌 Foreverrr

  9. Memo Torrejon

    Memo TorrejonNapja

    Please keep making this art is awesome ❤ The 80s vive is giving me chillings I love 😍 😍 Love you 😍 Dua Never Stop ♥🎧 🎶 This album will be the best

  10. Oh Sehun

    Oh SehunNapja


  11. Ideree and Javkhaa

    Ideree and JavkhaaNapja

    ♥️♥️♥️Dua Lipa is the most articulate example of New Era!!! I love that song ♥️♥️♥️ 90’s & Next century are all in one 👏👏👏I just wanna dance ...

  12. Greg Niedzwiecki

    Greg NiedzwieckiNapja

    This song and video is amazing. Thank you for everyone involved to make this work out to make magic.

  13. Hermione Jean

    Hermione JeanNapja

    No bra 😃

  14. No Noise

    No NoiseNapja

    The way she produced the song is phenomenal......

  15. NicaNix


    Sounds like something they'd play in Stranger Things. Especially the beginning.

  16. Pervane Aliyeva

    Pervane AliyevaNapja

    My angel Dua😍. I love so much💖💓

  17. RyRy Soekra

    RyRy SoekraNapja

    Best song ever

  18. Caitlyn Singh

    Caitlyn SinghNapja

    My colour and pattern OCD appreciate the rainbow order

  19. DB_Coldline


    80`s Flashback, endlich mal kein Hippi Hoppi!

  20. Wong


    The beats kinda similar to one of the korean girl group's song Love is A Move by Secret. Go check it out

  21. Arash Shadow

    Arash ShadowNapja

    Am I the only one that thinks this sounds like a high school musical song???

  22. Hanna Kurowska

    Hanna KurowskaNapja

    Its similar to Blinding lights

  23. bwnny



  24. Sunrises X

    Sunrises XNapja

    At 1:02 when she said got (I didn't know she was from London) but I automatically thought "There's no way she's American, she must be British or something" and yeah

  25. Aurora Noah

    Aurora NoahNapja

    No this is my jam. 😀💃💃👯💃💃💃

  26. Khryzel


    Can we just take a moment and appreciate how much her dancing skills have evolved 🙌🙌🙌

  27. Jym Buss

    Jym BussNapja

    Would have been cool for her to give Olivia a nod in the vid or in the mix.

  28. Raziel


    Bravo brkačooo brkataaa

  29. Cam B

    Cam BNapja

    Who else thought it was surgeon simulator 🙋🏻‍♂️😂

  30. Zxap Games

    Zxap GamesNapja

    Est bublis che untin arth funde muds flontuwu

  31. Santiago Rodriguez

    Santiago RodriguezNapja

    Yellow scene is like OMG

  32. carneyaugustine420


    i wanna guess all those words on the jackets are Canadian slags lol

  33. rach galang

    rach galangNapja

    video's good but I imagine it more like a flash dance (what a feeling) kinda music video ;)

  34. Martijn Bolhuis

    Martijn BolhuisNapja

    Dua I want my wig back!

  35. myra prudenciado

    myra prudenciadoNapja

    Damn...so good.ilove you DL!

  36. Heliacal


    We need more music like this and The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. New Synthwave is the next Pop and I can feel it. Also, who the heck his CANADA?

  37. Kani Navy3

    Kani Navy3Napja

    THIS is called growth.

  38. Meu Óculos

    Meu ÓculosNapja

    Só eu achei a capa do álbum parecido com a da Xuxa?

  39. Marcellos Alan

    Marcellos AlanNapja

    A song for workout session :)

  40. Starlla Ngirngotel-Anderson

    Starlla Ngirngotel-AndersonNapja

    Lets get physical geography books!

  41. simron card

    simron cardNapja


  42. Joel Vargas

    Joel VargasNapja


  43. SweatyWalrus


    Blame Canada

  44. royalkitana

    royalkitana2 napja

    this is literally the wolf among us theme! what

  45. Redemption 00

    Redemption 002 napja

    I did a cover of this song, listen to it if you want 🥺✨

  46. Lenka Hradiska

    Lenka Hradiska2 napja

    I love every second of that video.

  47. Shreya SP

    Shreya SP2 napja

    This can be a motivational video for a movie or something

  48. Anfal Mat ou

    Anfal Mat ou2 napja


  49. Sapling

    Sapling2 napja

    How did she get an entire country to make a video for her

  50. Redemption 00

    Redemption 002 napja


  51. Nilanjan Das

    Nilanjan Das2 napja

    Noone: Not even James Charles: My P. E. Teacher: LETS GET PHYSICAL

  52. Kawaii Girl #

    Kawaii Girl #2 napja

    Omg its very rare to see dua lipa with positive lyrics, this is even better than dont start now i swear🤩🤩🤩

  53. Inês Sousa

    Inês Sousa2 napja

    Killua??? Is that you??

  54. Tudor Miller

    Tudor Miller2 napja

    Love this Stranger Things inspired video. OMG! Where's Eleven and Mike ?

  55. raffa couture

    raffa couture2 napja

    finally found music good for running changing from slow to fast😀😀😀

  56. Vincent Obnial

    Vincent Obnial2 napja

    Looks like 80's vibe

  57. Bekk 3run

    Bekk 3run2 napja


  58. E

    E2 napja

    Ariana Grande: *aggressively fingers earth* Dua Lipa: *aggressively fingers heart*

  59. Jalil Bouhentals

    Jalil Bouhentals2 napja

    *i love her!* ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  60. milo santosa

    milo santosa2 napja


  61. ani K

    ani K2 napja

    This song reminds me about euphoria⚡️