Dua Lipa - Begging (Album Visual)

Dua Lipa - Begging (Album Visual)
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  1. S D

    S D2 napja

    dont be lazy

  2. Edward Yeung

    Edward Yeung2 napja

    Go listen to Future Nostalgia

  3. Fabio Silva

    Fabio Silva3 napja

    Pela data dos comentarios ninguém mais ouve essa obra de arte da dua

  4. Fabio Silva

    Fabio Silva3 napja

    Pela data dos comentarios ninguém mais ouve essa obra de arte da dua

  5. Amir Bekolli

    Amir Bekolli5 napja

    Love this song!

  6. Tik Es Tok

    Tik Es Tok5 napja


  7. Dreaming Music

    Dreaming Music21 napja

    Then why did you walk away?

  8. Alondra Ramirez

    Alondra Ramirez26 napja


  9. Alondra Ramirez

    Alondra Ramirez26 napja


  10. Zelgaro


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> is the pinnacle of human achievement.

  11. DougCaraffini


    The intro is the same as "Chromeo - Night by Night" .

  12. Arman Azmi

    Arman AzmiHónapja

    I’m genuinely disappointed this didn’t blow up.

  13. IBAR


    This song has to have a videoclip!!!

  14. Katarina Bondar

    Katarina BondarHónapja


  15. Katarina Bondar

    Katarina BondarHónapja


  16. Katarina Bondar

    Katarina BondarHónapja

    Я тащусь от этой мелодии)) наверное миллион раз слушала )))🌹❤️

  17. Christine Baquiran

    Christine BaquiranHónapja

    a shade for the chef named isaac crew?

  18. Shekhar Kumar

    Shekhar Kumar2 hónapja

    Dua's hit music.

  19. Shekhar Kumar

    Shekhar Kumar2 hónapja

    Begging for your love is To save somewhere our surroundings.

  20. Mahyra Janjua

    Mahyra Janjua2 hónapja

    I’m just commenting here to get the comments number from 649 to 650 because it’s cringing me hard

  21. Atidza Dervanovic

    Atidza Dervanovic2 hónapja

    Postoji melek smrti kome je ovaj svijet kad ga posmatra kao posuda.svukuda stize kad krene I nikad ne kasni.

  22. Jaceeey Flores

    Jaceeey Flores2 hónapja

    AAAAAA i love u Duaaaa

  23. Madelyne Shockley

    Madelyne Shockley2 hónapja

    Dua Lipa takes me back to the 80’s and I wasnt even born in the 80’s 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Mia Nieves

    Mia Nieves2 hónapja

    I wish this one would’ve blow up

  25. Isabel Quiñonez

    Isabel Quiñonez3 hónapja

    Y si reaccionas a mi comentario DUA🥺❤

  26. Ari You

    Ari You3 hónapja

    This Is a good song❤️i love it

  27. Deutschland sucht den superstar

    Deutschland sucht den superstar4 hónapja

    I will a song with dua Lipa with the universe

  28. Deutschland sucht den superstar

    Deutschland sucht den superstar4 hónapja

    The best location

  29. dany venegas

    dany venegas4 hónapja

    Una de las mejores canciones!!!

  30. Thunder

    Thunder4 hónapja

    love U queen❤

  31. Aviral Singh

    Aviral Singh4 hónapja

    Come on Dua it's time for a video of this song. You performed this yesterday in Mumbai

  32. sad lil bean

    sad lil bean4 hónapja

    why this song is underrated??

  33. Romina Mata

    Romina Mata5 hónapja

    I just noticed that the beat of this song is almost the same as the ending of terrified by Childish Gambino

  34. Faiza Rahat

    Faiza Rahat5 hónapja

    Who's in 2019

  35. arcticpablom

    arcticpablom5 hónapja

    The world needs to know this song!!!!!! ♥

  36. Cloud

    Cloud5 hónapja


  37. chhoeun sandavitou

    chhoeun sandavitou5 hónapja

    i need this MV

  38. Neto Mendes

    Neto Mendes5 hónapja

    19/10/2019. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷😣🕪😎🤗😍👍

  39. Jhin Herlinton Cairuna Romayna

    Jhin Herlinton Cairuna Romayna6 hónapja


  40. kim min jung

    kim min jung6 hónapja


  41. Christian Rivero

    Christian Rivero6 hónapja

    La amo


    WGUELL BROS7 hónapja

    Is that the cover of Tears for Fear rule the word !!

  43. Belle Dantas

    Belle Dantas7 hónapja

    This is just so good

  44. Marvel Insd

    Marvel Insd7 hónapja

    you are the best singer ever.

  45. Lucia Montiel

    Lucia Montiel7 hónapja


  46. Ishan Tripathi

    Ishan Tripathi8 hónapja


  47. Maryam Bagasheva

    Maryam Bagasheva8 hónapja

    Dua lipa beste

  48. James cortez

    James cortez8 hónapja

    Alguien en español?

  49. abigail

    abigail8 hónapja

    satisfaction. satisfaction is to find this song again . is seriously I did not find her for months :(

  50. Antfly P

    Antfly P8 hónapja

    659 people don't deserve to have ears

  51. Antfly P

    Antfly P8 hónapja

    I discovered this on an airplane and it is good for anything i do it's the best one of the album and it's one of the best songs ever

  52. CharmandoYT

    CharmandoYT9 hónapja

    La escuche en mi colegio y me encanto la cancion!

  53. Denny mousebeutyful

    Denny mousebeutyful9 hónapja

    How are you doing it? that you sing so beautifully ...

  54. Karthika Gurram

    Karthika Gurram9 hónapja

    Anyone else think this is her best song

  55. Zacharias Wells

    Zacharias Wells9 hónapja

    Still listen to this album on an almost daily basis. So well constructed and produced and performed everything came together for a truly amazing and underrated album.

  56. Cekku-W-9 GFO

    Cekku-W-9 GFO9 hónapja


  57. dani cid

    dani cid10 hónapja


  58. dani cid

    dani cid10 hónapja


  59. Micaela Clifford

    Micaela Clifford10 hónapja

    This song makes me wanna wash my dishes and sweep the house while dancing to this music 🙌

  60. Katy Perry

    Katy Perry10 hónapja

    my fav

  61. Brenda Quijano

    Brenda Quijano10 hónapja

    This is Moon Square Mars culture and if ya know ya know

  62. Ezequiel Gutierrez

    Ezequiel Gutierrez10 hónapja

    🇲🇽 2019!?🎶🎶

  63. rob w.

    rob w.10 hónapja

    Love this song! Dua Lipa will be an ICON!

  64. Daniel Gutiérrez

    Daniel Gutiérrez11 hónapja

    Hermosa canción 😍😍😍

  65. shazk21

    shazk2111 hónapja

    Built different, built to last. #builtforextremesurvival

  66. merliana tesya

    merliana tesyaÉvvel

    This song make me soooooooo daebak

  67. Lauren Bomke

    Lauren BomkeÉvvel

    Best song off her album and I’ll never get a music video. 😭

  68. Tiago Fernandes

    Tiago FernandesÉvvel

    Musica chata

  69. Ola Goke

    Ola GokeÉvvel

    where's the video for such cool song?

  70. merliana tesya

    merliana tesyaÉvvel

    yowyowwww dua!

  71. Don ́t Subscribe!!!

    Don ́t Subscribe!!!Évvel

    I´m here cause I love u too much. I´m your brazilian fan number ONE. You´re fantastic. Wish u as my birthday´s gift. " When you´re gone, all the lights go out" !!!!!!!!!

  72. Cristhofer R. Miranda

    Cristhofer R. MirandaÉvvel

    Swear you'll never stop to sing, Dua. We need your voice! You literally lit ♥️

  73. regina phalange

    regina phalangeÉvvel

    I feel with her songs so much

  74. Rafid Risun

    Rafid RisunÉvvel


  75. M J

    M JÉvvel

    Still my favourite on the album 💖

  76. A H

    A HÉvvel

    Who else is triggered by the planet turning backwards ?

  77. Ella Cabillon

    Ella CabillonÉvvel

  78. It's coronatime

    It's coronatimeÉvvel

    I LOVE

  79. ellie holmes

    ellie holmesÉvvel

    Wow what a great song to get over your ex well done dua lipa but I still like shout out to my ex by little mix but I like this aswell

  80. aesthetic rose

    aesthetic roseÉvvel

    here from a kitten vine (kitten doing a praying position whilst standing on their hind legs)

  81. lauryn marcucci

    lauryn marcucciÉvvel

    i am for sure thinking the same thing !!!!! she is beautiful real not fake and has a unique AMAZING TASTE AND VOICE I LOVE HER!!!!