Dre and Rhonda Talk Favorite Parents - black-ish Sneak Peek

Dre (Anthony Anderson) questions his sister's, Rhonda (Raven Symone), choice in favorite parent.
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  1. Julian Tapia

    Julian Tapia8 napja

    Raven has such a wonderfully expressive face

  2. Shar Shar

    Shar Shar10 napja

    “You reachin “ 💀💀😂😂

  3. Queeny2012 diva

    Queeny2012 diva17 napja

    Pop cheated on her first😂😂.

  4. GEEN in all caps

    GEEN in all caps19 napja

    "She blew up his boat, shot him, blew up his other boat, shot him again." "You reaching" Now I'm dead

  5. Rock Fashon

    Rock Fashon19 napja


  6. xRae x

    xRae x23 napja

    “Now how u think u got a A in gym” 😂😂

  7. Sumeya Dahir

    Sumeya Dahir2 hónapja

    get a job Earl!

  8. Core Brute

    Core Brute2 hónapja

    How many boats does Pops have?

  9. The Mákala

    The Mákala6 hónapja


  10. n.p. l

    n.p. l6 hónapja

    Coach dad tho👌🏾

  11. An Ashley Time

    An Ashley Time7 hónapja

    I can't believe Raven is now old enough to play Dre's sister

  12. Open Chapman

    Open Chapman18 napja

    An Ashley Time over 15 age difference

  13. Autobot Diva

    Autobot Diva7 hónapja

    Shot dad twice 🔫

  14. Dorothy Crawley

    Dorothy Crawley7 hónapja

    Raven Simone get the f**k lost..You renounced being black..

  15. 3LW Cheetah Girls

    3LW Cheetah Girls9 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> LOL Raven said the a word

  16. Jarren Mckenna

    Jarren Mckenna9 hónapja

    I'm surprised this 2 didn't grew up with out their mother

  17. Edge Lord McCringe MK-3000

    Edge Lord McCringe MK-300010 hónapja

    Remember when Black-ish was a wholesome, funny and sometimes educational comedy show that turned into the absolute mess it is now. Every episode is black lives matter boohoo cry some more. Back then those lessons were good and came organically for us to understand and feel compassion for another of your average normal families. Now all they do is shove their propaganda down our throats every damn episode, every damn scene. And that's coming from a non-American non-white person. I miss it when the show was truly great. Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become garbage.

  18. loretta young

    loretta young10 hónapja

    Earl and Ruby could be Rhonda' s parents. Rhonda is too light.

  19. Tee LoLo

    Tee LoLo10 hónapja

    I love Black-ish!!!! When she yelled Earl, I heard Ike!😂😂😂😂 Tina Turner's mom and hubby together again 😁😁

  20. Sharonda Cooper

    Sharonda Cooper10 hónapja

    I thought Raven was not black that's what she said right than why is she playing black role that other black women can play

  21. Ms. R

    Ms. R10 hónapja

    Every child has had a version of this discussion.

  22. Tiffani Farrington

    Tiffani Farrington11 hónapja


  23. Abraha, Al-Rai

    Abraha, Al-Rai11 hónapja

    Nothing wrong with a dad asking his son for money

  24. Glenda Davis

    Glenda Davis11 hónapja

    How you think k you got a A in gym! Lol

  25. Ms M

    Ms MÉvvel

    How you gone be like its ok I know where the money at LOL!

  26. Keon Hicks

    Keon HicksHónapja

    Right! LMAO 😂 that's some backwoods nigga shit right there!… He was a trip for that 😁 .. just all up in his stuff in spite of him.. wow..

  27. Ghg majeeda Yfdd banda

    Ghg majeeda Yfdd bandaÉvvel


  28. Liche Christ

    Liche ChristÉvvel

    Funniest show on TV in decades! Cast is superb!

  29. Josh Flores

    Josh FloresÉvvel

    You have to show the end, “Momma can I talk to you for a moment”

  30. Dan Jakmel

    Dan JakmelÉvvel

    I thought she wasnt Africans American

  31. Winona Hamilton

    Winona HamiltonÉvvel

    🤣😃I knew her grandparents during my childhood. Trust me she's black. She can call herself what she want but negra lol

  32. Mona Hussein

    Mona HusseinÉvvel

    Lool my petty cash

  33. VCMarilyn


    funny on thats raven she was ravens grandmother and here she's her mother

  34. Sweet Cake

    Sweet CakeÉvvel

    Raven needs to stop

  35. SKky Gavin

    SKky GavinÉvvel

    No wonder. He had thanks giving with us

  36. Sylvia Nakacia

    Sylvia NakaciaÉvvel

    Now how you think u got an A in gym😂😂

  37. Kushie54321


    I love Raven. She is a legend and I wish her success.

  38. Tyisha Clyburn

    Tyisha ClyburnÉvvel


  39. Tyisha Clyburn

    Tyisha ClyburnÉvvel

    To all me Love 🎁💢💦✨🌹1 i miss 🎅🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋💔

  40. VioletLava83


    I died at the second shot 😹

  41. Ikram Hassan

    Ikram HassanÉvvel

    Plz tell me witch seasone

  42. Scorpio Bradley

    Scorpio BradleyÉvvel

    What- Ruby's face lol

  43. YoutubeOverTV


    How is I'm everything but black non-black Raven end up in the blackest show on ABC? I'm seriously asking and am seeking answer. Is she saved? She finally notice she black made of black and that's why she looks black and people call her black?

  44. Roots


    Excellent Question!!!!!!!!!!! They could have put so many other actresses in that spot!

  45. AJ Jezza

    AJ JezzaÉvvel


  46. Niko


    She’s gained weight

  47. K Plays

    K PlaysÉvvel

    Raven and booker from raven home in this

  48. Aleyamma Mathew

    Aleyamma MathewÉvvel

    He stoles those mattresses

  49. V Huff

    V Huff11 hónapja

    Aleyamma Mathew 😂😂😂

  50. Deer Heart

    Deer Heart2 évvel

    Ravens been on the cake

  51. Supreme Being

    Supreme Being2 évvel

    i'm mad Raven let herself go she was looking stunning slim

  52. Donae Morrow

    Donae Morrow2 évvel

    Thanks coach dad

  53. K.C. Star

    K.C. Star2 évvel

    Civil rights pioneer. Lol!

  54. Glenda Davis

    Glenda Davis11 hónapja

    Mentoring young gamblers!lol

  55. Marley Henry

    Marley Henry2 évvel

    Can’t believe that Ruby Shot Pops twice

  56. Cassidy Mantei

    Cassidy ManteiHónapja

    I can’t believe it was only twice

  57. Ally Harvest

    Ally Harvest9 hónapja

    I can!!! 😂😩

  58. Adejoh hojedA

    Adejoh hojedA10 hónapja

    Twice that we know of

  59. johny alamillo mendoza

    johny alamillo mendoza10 hónapja

    Have you met her!?

  60. V Huff

    V Huff11 hónapja

    Marley Henry .... I can believe it 😂

  61. Crystal Morrison

    Crystal Morrison2 évvel

    Shot him with a gun or std or both?

  62. Liche Christ

    Liche ChristÉvvel

    @TaD D - say shat?

  63. TaD D

    TaD D2 évvel

    Crystal Morrison: She, she...she have the gun in her ba-titi ti..mind she shoot you wid it...pow poe

  64. Jojo Alharbi

    Jojo Alharbi2 évvel

    What EP? Is that??

  65. Scitoons Animation

    Scitoons Animation17 napja

    EP, What Lies Beneath

  66. Queen Nes

    Queen Nes2 évvel

    I️ just realized Raven’s tv-son on raven’s home played young dre in blackish

  67. Elisabeth Fanfan

    Elisabeth Fanfan13 napja


  68. Cristina Vinueza

    Cristina Vinueza7 hónapja

    Thanks...! I wonder where a I see that kid!

  69. ericgreen179

    ericgreen1792 évvel

    Vanessa Jean Baptiste and her mom on blackish is her grandmother on that's so Raven

  70. Javon Stevenson

    Javon Stevenson2 évvel

    Isnt kid dre booker from ravens home?

  71. shevonnie salmon

    shevonnie salmon2 évvel

    Javon Stevenson yup

  72. Shortblock

    Shortblock2 évvel

    "now how you think you got an A in gym"? lol

  73. Bob St.Felix

    Bob St.Felix2 évvel

    People don't give raven credit for her comedic skills

  74. Phillip Jackson

    Phillip Jackson16 órája

    @Kenudice It might be more of a choice on whether people will member or not that she had her own show.

  75. Kenudice

    Kenudice4 napja

    Yeah, I guess no remembers that she had her own show on the Disney channel.

  76. Ella LovezPandas

    Ella LovezPandas2 hónapja


  77. Jen Manbegrot

    Jen Manbegrot6 hónapja

    @Untidy Echo u spoke my mind!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Ariazello Antoine Rozen

    Ariazello Antoine Rozen7 hónapja

    @Untidy Echo i'm weaaak

  79. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvb2 évvel

    Oh Snap! young Dre, is Raven's Psychic Progeny, just realized it.

  80. joel gottfried

    joel gottfried2 évvel

    I need to know what episode this is

  81. Scitoons Animation

    Scitoons Animation17 napja

    EP, what lies Beneath

  82. sychowalker

    sychowalker3 évvel

    Both bad as each other

  83. Onajite Taire

    Onajite Taire3 évvel

    What season and episode is this please?

  84. Scitoons Animation

    Scitoons Animation17 napja

    Season 3, What Lies Beneath

  85. Marley Henry

    Marley Henry3 évvel

    Dads allows free loads their son for $, Dre is weak at Gym and Dad love their daughters more than sons

  86. Jaison Jacob

    Jaison Jacob3 évvel

    man US is ok with anything....god bless them

  87. Ixon

    Ixon3 évvel

    Best comedy of all since episode 1!

  88. Eric T

    Eric T3 évvel

    lol this is too funny.

  89. The Death

    The Death3 évvel

    More pops

  90. victoria cancinos

    victoria cancinos3 évvel


  91. Mauricio Hernandez

    Mauricio Hernandez3 évvel

    this show needs more latinos....racist ass

  92. Ha !O

    Ha !OÉvvel

    you reachin'

  93. Nikkita DAVIS

    Nikkita DAVIS2 évvel

    Mauricio Hernandez What you need to do is educate yourself. Latino is not a race.How about you stop being racist.

  94. Lexy Laylor

    Lexy Laylor2 évvel

    You are the racist ass

  95. Lela Nhlapo

    Lela Nhlapo2 évvel

    aren't you satisfied with all the telenovelas you guys have

  96. Monica Chaniece

    Monica Chaniece3 évvel

    Mauricio Hernandez Ya had George Lopez on ABC stfu.

  97. Chenae White

    Chenae White3 évvel


  98. bklynkat23

    bklynkat233 évvel

    You reachin'...lmao

  99. arnold kengne

    arnold kengne2 évvel


  100. Sherrie Tanis

    Sherrie Tanis3 évvel

    bklynkat23 lol

  101. Summer Xo

    Summer Xo3 évvel

    My only criticism is that Blackish needs to incorporate more of Bow's hippie family that will be hillarious

  102. Summer Xo

    Summer Xo25 napja

    @some simmer Seems like I did!😂

  103. some simmer

    some simmer26 napja

    @Summer Xo you discoverd the future mixedish

  104. Michael Francis

    Michael Francis10 hónapja

    Bow's family is getting their own TV show

  105. Liche Christ

    Liche Christ11 hónapja

    @XLucifer MorningstarX - Both Raven and her 'character' are delightful! So sensible and thought-provoking.

  106. Liche Christ

    Liche Christ11 hónapja

    Didn't the writers terminate her father''s life? i.e. he died? On the other hand, her brother and her mother are not included enough. Once again, the casting is superb!