Dealing with a package thief once and for all


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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas18 órája

    "look at my skincolor its dar-" damn lmfao

  2. Mzperpl

    Mzperpl3 napja

    You suck! And I want my 6 minutes back.

  3. Randel Harford

    Randel Harford3 napja

    Obvious racism at 2:46

  4. Randel Harford

    Randel Harford3 napja

    Obvious racism at 2:04

  5. ZB Fire

    ZB Fire6 napja


  6. Stephen Rayner

    Stephen Rayner6 napja

    Absolute shit

  7. Kido

    Kido6 napja

    Dont waste your time

  8. Maverick McFarlane

    Maverick McFarlane12 napja

    A lot of normies have come on and here gotten triggered, lmao. This is probably the worst like/dislike ratio I’ve ever seen for an ODS video, thanks normies. 😂

  9. David Neely

    David Neely13 napja

    Are you guys kidding me I can tell that's one of your friends taking the package

  10. David Neely

    David Neely13 napja

    It's quite obvious when you see a fake package

  11. David Neely

    David Neely13 napja

    I've made a vow if I ever see your house and I see a package I'm going to crush it right there on your porch

  12. David Neely

    David Neely13 napja

    Seriously guys you have that much you deserve to get robbed

  13. Yeeterson75

    Yeeterson7513 napja

    bout to reach 1mil so proud of you!

  14. Clashing Images Productions

    Clashing Images Productions14 napja

    Man people cannot take a joke lol. This video had me cracking up the whole time.

  15. Anthony George

    Anthony George15 napja

    Why does the black baby have a gun

  16. viruzman vman

    viruzman vman16 napja

    worst video ever, talked more about the hoodies rather then the issue they are actually reporting on, BORING, BORING

  17. RyanSpacePinapple

    RyanSpacePinapple20 napja

    myth testers not meth tasters ahahahaha

  18. Brandon Butler

    Brandon Butler22 napja

    These guys are racist

  19. Vernon trickey

    Vernon trickey23 napja

    what crap ..just wasted 11 mins of my life for nothing wtf !

  20. Nando Edgar

    Nando Edgar24 napja

    Video sucks

  21. daily gaming

    daily gaming26 napja

    This is stupid people humor,boring and drug out.

  22. Telesphoro Pendragon

    Telesphoro Pendragon26 napja

    dont do it with the light you douche

  23. Mitch

    Mitch26 napja

    If I want to watch idiots, I'll watch c-span camera of the senate. These morons are probably smarter.

  24. Sovietpug 5342

    Sovietpug 534227 napja

    Add mustard gas that will solve everything

  25. Winter Lake Ode To Blue Dimensions No. 3

    Winter Lake Ode To Blue Dimensions No. 328 napja

    Stopped watching at 0:23.

  26. Ariella Hopfer

    Ariella Hopfer29 napja

    Wanna be edgy cringe lords who have clearly consumed all the alt-right trash jokes. I'm an attack helicopter guys. Boooooring

  27. Jim Beekman

    Jim Beekman29 napja


  28. All Real All Heart

    All Real All Heart29 napja

    i don't like this

  29. Zachary Devan

    Zachary DevanHónapja

    Lame AF.

  30. shark liquid

    shark liquidHónapja

    They are completely racist

  31. leeroy meza

    leeroy mezaHónapja


  32. samantha nu

    samantha nuHónapja


  33. do the knowledge

    do the knowledgeHónapja

    this video for surw had raccist tendencies all throughout the video 100%

  34. Gil Jr

    Gil JrHónapja

    Wtf waste of time is what it is. They not even funny so I didn't even want to finish watching it

  35. Gil Jr

    Gil Jr28 napja

    @S7ADOW no one cares about ur comment. 7 ppl liked mine so some do care. Stupid libtard

  36. S7ADOW

    S7ADOW28 napja

    nice no one cares :)

  37. some person

    some personHónapja

    Cool story

  38. Jake Stocker

    Jake StockerHónapja

    Ha ha ha racist jokes ha ha ha

  39. Puppeteer S

    Puppeteer SHónapja


  40. sara washington

    sara washingtonHónapja

    This video is mediocre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😪

  41. Naomi Flo

    Naomi FloHónapja

    Is he racist?

  42. Butt Butt

    Butt ButtHónapja


  43. Shelby K

    Shelby KHónapja

    Math book lol. . . I'm dead

  44. Cory Kacher

    Cory KacherHónapja

    Well that was a waste of my time...

  45. Anioł Údolívína

    Anioł ÚdolívínaHónapja

    11 minutes of pure rubbish.

  46. Who Gives a Shit

    Who Gives a ShitHónapja

    What a complete load of shit

  47. Zeke Will

    Zeke WillHónapja

    These motherfuckers racist

  48. Christopher Huff

    Christopher HuffHónapja

    11 minutes of my life that Im never gonna get back

  49. Girtis Holland

    Girtis HollandHónapja

    This is awful

  50. Warframe Warframe

    Warframe WarframeHónapja

    Love the race jokes hard to make them without crossing the line, but u pulled it off man not racist just funny

  51. Nicole Nixon

    Nicole NixonHónapja


  52. Nicole Nixon

    Nicole NixonHónapja

    this is sh*t

  53. Dewey Sines

    Dewey SinesHónapja

    You guys are racist assholes.

  54. Kimberly Di Dominicus

    Kimberly Di DominicusHónapja

    WTF is this BS? Your garbage channel got my hopes up for something actually happening. You stole 11mins of my life🖕

  55. Robert Felp

    Robert FelpHónapja

    So you make a video thats all bait click and has no real thieves. Your a bunch of clowns trying to sell hoodies to pay your rent lmao.

  56. Prophet Google

    Prophet GoogleHónapja

    This guy black one late the black one with a gun a Lynch rope I was about to subscribe I see what type of shit your on sad it’s about to be 2020

  57. Gayle Cheung

    Gayle CheungHónapja

    Not cool

  58. Native21Rogue


    The sweatshirts are perfect for them, this video is $h!t.

  59. T Rock

    T RockHónapja

    Thank god for fast forward option

  60. Isaac De León

    Isaac De LeónHónapja

    Guy#1:"Why does the black baby have a gun?" Guy#2:" Some comes with accessories" 3:10

  61. Alec Nguyen

    Alec NguyenHónapja

    7 minutes into this damn video and not shut has been done Just finished watching this what a huge fucking waste of 11 minutes. Don’t ever show up on my HU-gos again

  62. Hisui Ryu

    Hisui RyuHónapja

    nno point

  63. Sweet Lightning

    Sweet LightningHónapja