Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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  1. Jack Craig

    Jack Craig10 órája

    I wish John could cover the ap exams and collegeboard

  2. Angela Rene

    Angela Rene10 órája

    I discovered this show last year and I got to admit.. I’m in looooove!! 😍 More John Oliver please!! 🙏 We need his honesty and humor!! 👍🏼🤗🤩

  3. humansRpepul2

    humansRpepul211 órája

    Lmfao Dilly Dilly Fuck Philly

  4. Sebastian Wardana

    Sebastian Wardana12 órája

    shit dude, i played with marbles when i was young... why did i move on???? this was a multimillion dollar opportunity!

  5. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui10 órája

    Marbles eh? 🎶i wish i was like you, easily amused🎶

  6. Rasp Berry

    Rasp Berry13 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> , this is gold

  7. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui10 órája

    Just waiting for the video on the protests!

  8. vshnu maneee

    vshnu maneee16 órája

    Is it just me that finds it awkward to watch this show without the laughs at the background?

  9. Andrew Wild

    Andrew Wild16 órája

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO'Rangers been a fan of that channel for awhile so happy to see it on here

  10. Evan Sargent

    Evan Sargent17 órája

    Is it weird I feel like I need to laugh because there isn't a crowd to laugh for me....

  11. Liana H

    Liana H17 órája

    John's grey hair is honestly a vibe

  12. Norbert Zillatron

    Norbert Zillatron17 órája

    Just don't lose your marbles ... Like

  13. Tom Kraemer

    Tom Kraemer18 órája

    It's really endearing how John thinks Dana White can be pissed off by him. LOL. By calling him dumb.. Dana White has thousands times more money than John.. John dickead.. oogabooga

  14. Zahid Al Nahid

    Zahid Al Nahid18 órája

    only way sports would be safe if you put an E in front of it

  15. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson18 órája

    The MARBLE LEAGUE?! Oh hell yes! I'd watch it cuz I think I might be losing mine, stuck here watching re runs of damn near everything I've ever cared ta watch in the first place. Aarrgghh!!!

  16. LittleMissOkamihime

    LittleMissOkamihime19 órája

    I'm totally not a sport's fan, but these marbles got me. #greetingsfromGermany

  17. Lostu

    Lostu19 órája

    John Oliver lookin a lil old

  18. Eve Nyamache

    Eve Nyamache19 órája


  19. Bhavana Dabir

    Bhavana Dabir19 órája

    I've never laughed harder. I had to watch this Dana white rename part over and was laugh-crying. Also, FUCK Tucker Carlson.

  20. ED Supay

    ED Supay20 órája

    Will there be a police brutality episode tonight?

  21. vanisheD saRah

    vanisheD saRah20 órája

    Can you do an episode related to riots?

  22. nontoxichorror

    nontoxichorror20 órája

    Just waiting for the video on the protests!

  23. Sean McCarthy

    Sean McCarthy21 órája

    Marbles eh? 🎶i wish i was like you, easily amused🎶

  24. SLAD

    SLAD22 órája

    Hey John stop watching the slapping sport on tv, and please upload more videos. Are you still there Johnny boy???

  25. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith22 órája

    The Running Adam Driver jokes are always a treat - "Is it sexual, or is it violent?" - "Yes" --- It will be a truly Epic Show when Mr Driver finally appears, even If it's only a 5 min segment

  26. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith22 órája

    So cool LWT is sponsoring the Marble League- before I even started watching the clip on HU-gos it popped a window up on the side and I was Intrigued- will definitley check it out

  27. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith22 órája

    OK- ya got me- already watched way too many races, totally into it, subscribed and everything-- Marble Races alone I'm in- but these are excellently concieved, shot, and presented

  28. Son vatan haini bükücü

    Son vatan haini bükücü23 órája

    Oorrreospu çocuğu fucking oliver shot fucking you are bitch oliver!

  29. Path Evermore

    Path Evermore22 órája

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, you got triggered like a @#$%& and cried like a pansy.

  30. John Tischer

    John Tischer23 órája

    John Oliveoily can even anyone that agrees with him stand to watch him? He's such a smarmy little punk shill professional liar, Like Kimmel, and the rest of the brainwashers. Vomit. Have a nice day.

  31. Path Evermore

    Path Evermore21 órája

    @John Tischer HAHAHAHAHAHA, crying about being a triggered @#$%&?!?!? THAT'S HILARIOUS, cry for me more!!

  32. John Tischer

    John Tischer22 órája

    @Path Evermore got cute and sad. Don't have an embolism.

  33. Path Evermore

    Path Evermore22 órája

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, cry for me more, snowflake!

  34. M'n'M'n'M

    M'n'M'n'M23 órája

    John Oliver is the definition of putting his money where his mouth is

  35. Eric Richard

    Eric Richard23 órája

    We need you John Oliver! Where are you?

  36. viddergrapho


    Catching up on LWT and this is how you can tell a good comedian; you still laugh without the audience prompting to. Why have I not been keeping up with these weekly news spots?

  37. hyun ae

    hyun aeNapja

    Are u safe? Just read the news of riots ...

  38. hyun ae

    hyun ae14 órája

    @SLAD sorry didn't knew where he's from...

  39. SLAD

    SLAD22 órája

    hyun ae that’s in Minnesota

  40. CrimsonEmpire


    Its really not that good without a laugh track

  41. Misery Lit Media

    Misery Lit MediaNapja

    OMG, if John can get Adam Driver to make an appearance on the season finale, I'm going to laugh my friggin' ass off ^_^

  42. Brandon's Vlogs

    Brandon's VlogsNapja

    This weeks episode ought to be interesting

  43. Myrodin


    You know what, competitive marble races sould fucking baller right now.

  44. Yurtle13 x

    Yurtle13 xNapja

    Aren't you that dude from community whose lawyer attends a community at the same school you teach at

  45. Sara



  46. Jay Tree

    Jay TreeNapja

    this show is lost it s mind.. i dont know how u 150k like this crap ass tv

  47. Ruben Gaspar

    Ruben GasparNapja

    esports didn't stop so f y'all.

  48. Harmon Swartz

    Harmon SwartzNapja

    As we side into Idiocracy

  49. Hello Other

    Hello OtherNapja

    A part of me dies whenever i check the channel and i find that there is no updated video

  50. Urbanlights


    When you are a millionaire professional pitcher, and you miss a giant net with a bullseye by a ton of yards omg

  51. Bambi the Bullet

    Bambi the BulletNapja

    Did Did you just call him a forlorn block A menacing Obstacle what

  52. Marq


    Yes! OMG marbles!!!

  53. Diane Oliver

    Diane OliverNapja

    I need John’s thoughts on this week STAT



    Fuck... sports... good riddance.

  55. Kate Carlisle

    Kate CarlisleNapja

    Girls around the world are still waiting for the day women's sports will just be called sports.

  56. Maria Ana Suarez

    Maria Ana SuarezNapja

    Subtítulos en castellano por favor!!!!

  57. Ian Christainson

    Ian ChristainsonNapja

    They removed all snaps from last night they are starting to find bodies. There's so much misinformation here in TC. I know axe gang bangerz from LAthey're the only people from California I've ever met that I can stand they come here and even in the hoddest parts of Minnesota they look around and they f****** love it here. we always talk about how Minnesota is the last state in the Union to be doing math property damage if we won the super bowl we would have the lowest amount of s*** destroyed and we've never won. I understand the unjustifiable killing but I don't see why the city had to be burned instead of just one man being thrown up in a tree. Everyone now has a gun we are a peaceful State and we never needed weapons before to keep the peace this is not us.

  58. Alexander Gordon

    Alexander GordonNapja

    Amazing stuff keep it up

  59. Loudin Krueg

    Loudin KruegNapja

    Dana White is using UFSea and admits he took the idea from John and won’t give him credit..... how do we force him to?

  60. Kelli McMillan

    Kelli McMillanNapja

    Let’s not forget that all the high school athletes are unable to train and be recruited by colleges because it’s hard to prove you’re good when you can’t even train.

  61. Lempwei Roiie

    Lempwei RoiieNapja

    John , you need to check with the Yahoo news if doctors of Italy have found out that coronavirus is not about virus, but it's a deadly bacteria... so Italy and few countries are suing WHO for lying to the world.

  62. Shenruss


    So _Nobody_ is gonna plug online multiplayer video game tournaments as possible sports replacement, then? Nobody? Hmmm.... alright, how about this: We get *A&E* to work _with_ the players, set up consoles at their house, and do *virtual league games!* I'm not even a sports fan, but I'd _pay_ to see some of the non-gamer athletes _try_ to play themselves in an online Team Collab!

  63. Ashish Shukla

    Ashish ShuklaNapja

    i left this episode in between to watch marble race.

  64. Сергей Бильмандо

    Сергей БильмандоNapja

    Jew Oliver

  65. Bobby Knight

    Bobby KnightNapja

    Yeah twitch has better marble tournaments. Its like Russian roulette but instead of dying you lose an eyebrow.

  66. lvhorndawg


    Not a sports fan, but awesome! John Oliver, You're the one thing I look forward to weekly!

  67. Mike Perkins

    Mike PerkinsNapja

    Trump is the Antichrist.

  68. Consuelo Suarez

    Consuelo SuarezNapja

    Consuelo youtube en

  69. Hosam ElAmin

    Hosam ElAminNapja

    John Oliver you are INCREDIBLE!

  70. Yousif Taha

    Yousif TahaNapja

    Hi JO. We have been waiting for more than 10 days for your weekly show. Hope you are in good health.

  71. Gretchen Fitzgibbons

    Gretchen FitzgibbonsNapja

    This is amazing. What a rollercoaster!

  72. Kings Dominion Network

    Kings Dominion NetworkNapja

    savage speeders have to win #SpeedisKey

  73. Aaron H

    Aaron HNapja

    I still think it's funny that they trademarked UFSEA after it was recommended here.

  74. Exothermic-Paprika


    This was a week ago holy shit things go haywire quick

  75. GuardingDarkness


    This video got me into Jelle's Marble Runs. As a non-sports fan this is, as far as I'm concerned this is THE sport. However, I can't help but feel like you missed a play here, John. Why can I not buy a marble with the Last Week Tonight logo in your official shop?

  76. angadpal singh

    angadpal singhNapja


  77. Kevin Wu

    Kevin WuNapja

    Cant wait for the next episode covering how shit of a job the police is doing keeping the people safe.

  78. Aquins Varghese

    Aquins VargheseNapja

    how did they not talk about esports. what what!

  79. Alex Karas

    Alex Karas2 napja

    Been watching the marble league for years now, no shame. #Goooooorangers!

  80. hello987b

    hello987b2 napja

    I enjoy not having sports on, less people telling me what some dude did and then telling me how crazy it is that I dont know what they know.

  81. Kathy Miller

    Kathy Miller2 napja

    John-please break down teachers going back to school in the same way!!!! PLEASE!

  82. ali 100

    ali 1002 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> that was uncomfortably weird

  83. Hardik Chawla

    Hardik Chawla2 napja

    Why isn't he uploading lately?

  84. Jalice May

    Jalice May2 napja

    You'd think the Adam Driver gag would be getting old by now. It isn't. I nearly pissed myself laughing.

  85. Alexis Nonya

    Alexis Nonya2 napja

    This gonna start one day after my bday. Gonna have to check this outt!!!!!!!

  86. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields2 napja

    Either cover George Floyd, Hong Kong, or whether the U.N. is going anything about Covid-19.

  87. phones email

    phones email2 napja

    There isn't audience, so the bad jokes fall flat. And it's no surprise John Oliver would be a vindictive wife. At least it isn't some twisted Phantom Thread situation.

  88. Ian Hommel

    Ian Hommel2 napja

    Thank you for thinking about all of us,

  89. Jim Coughlin

    Jim Coughlin2 napja

    John Oliver is stuck on stupid with his very strange and unfunny fixation on Adam Driver. The bit is tired and annoying. Imagine if this objectification was directed instead at an actress. Oliver would be compared to the grossness of Harvey Weinstein. I'll watch the show when it returns this Sunday but change the channel if Oliver goes off track again with his weird compulsion to force a "joke".