Coronavirus: China warns against travel to virus-hit Wuhan - BBC News

Chinese authorities have urged people to stop travelling in and out of Wuhan, the city at the centre of a new virus outbreak that has killed nine.
Those living in the city of 8.9 million people have also been told to avoid crowds and minimise public gatherings.
The new virus has spread from Wuhan to several Chinese provinces, as well as the US, Thailand and South Korea.
There are 440 confirmed cases, with the origin a seafood market that "conducted illegal transactions of wild animals".
"Basically, do not go to Wuhan. And those in Wuhan please do not leave the city," said National Health Commission vice-minister Li Bin in one of the first public briefings since the beginning of the outbreak.
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  1. jinke Wu

    jinke Wu2 napja

    The evil us government is killing millions of innocent people in the Middle East and accusing China of not having human rights? Chinese restrictions on HU-gos, facebook, Twitter, etc. those company is right, all these companies to work for the CIA, to subvert other countries regime, when America's invasion of the Middle East helped incite people to overthrow the government, the western media control of world opinion, play all kinds of tarnishing China's video and fake news. The Chinese people can at any time to check the number of virus infections and cure, American propaganda please stop lying! There is no real freedom of speech in the United States, as long as the speech against the United States and Google account will be deleted

  2. RELAX

    RELAX4 napja Wuhan

  3. vccv vccv

    vccv vccv5 napja

    There were hundred times of death than reported from China! The virus highly suspected synthetic, exactly in the same place in laboratory of the Wuhan city. The communist can do everything!

  4. Kartal Bakar

    Kartal Bakar10 napja

    Gooooood. Have vırus chına ıs CRIMINAL wıth Uygur müslüm allah gıve them vırus kıll all chına People good we are müslim chrıstıne happy

  5. Mahibe Alam

    Mahibe Alam12 napja

    Al Quran can never be changed.China should remember that the quaran is came from the Almighty Allah and hazrat muhammad (sm) is his prophet.Corona virus is a punishment from the Almighty Allah as they wanted to change quaran.

  6. jayant rawat Jaggu

    jayant rawat Jaggu19 napja

    Have you ever seen a Wuhan butcher market? It's a a valley of endangered , shittiest , yuck, filthy animal meat...It was bound to happen, when u eat every shit animal you can find.. Someone will eventually kill you, this virus is revenge of nature on china...You feel sorry for these people, just think about all these endangered species these people have butchered for fun....

  7. Mac McC

    Mac McC19 napja

    Eat bats. What would you expect. Chinese eat strange food then get strange virus

  8. Keenan LaVelle

    Keenan LaVelle24 napja

    I live in usa

  9. Harry dcp

    Harry dcp25 napja

    China deserve this I will suggest chine eat my shit 💩💩💩 the the they can fight with this virus fuck of China now you eat more animal this is the power of god

  10. luvsilly60

    luvsilly6025 napja

    Mother in law bookings are up to the province.

  11. Rajagopal Kamath

    Rajagopal Kamath26 napja

    I wish to suggest a simple remedy to prevent corona virus from aggravation. This remedy is very easy to use and the leaves are abundantly available in our country. Azadirachta indica, commonly known as Neem has antiviral properties that could prevent the corona virus from aggravating in humans. WHO has approved that Neem is useful in health care. the leaves contain highly complex compounds that are useful in prevention and control of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. USAGE: No non veg food during taking neem 1) Neem leaves three nos to be chewed and consumed thrice a day. 2) Taking bath in water boiled with neem leaves. 3) Washing hands with neem boiled water . This method can be adopted by those who are now contracted with the virus and those are in isolation. Health care workers who are dealing with this case must use this for prevention. Neem will ease out the symptoms. please note that this is not a cure for corona viral disease, but it can alleviate the symptoms by using the leaves for several days and provide immunity. This is a remedy which has been in use for several millennia in our country. Hope this is useful

  12. Sami Dibrani

    Sami Dibrani26 napja

    BISMILAHI RAHMANI RAHIM HARAKUN FEJEKUN ILAHI "And we will do the lenient punishment of the trials ##which #arenow##present ) before the greatest,##punishment in order to ##REPENT.TO HIM##ALLAHU that you committed with your mouth(HANDS) and crimes against yourself and separate crimes(##CRIMES THAT ARE PROHIBITED#THEY HAVE CREATED PROTECT IT# And DO NOT CONSUME THEM: ### THE##DOG## CAT AND MANY OTHER WILD ANIMALS## Those who violate Allah’s covenant after its confirmation, and sever what Allah has commanded to be joined, and commit evil on earth. These are the losers. ##IAM SAM_ISA_###DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!!????_1 LAST WARNING## before the greatest,##PANISHMENT###

  13. jel villa

    jel villa26 napja

    hey china now enjoy watching how you kill dogs and any exotic animals in yulin festival...corona virus is born nuh!!!!

  14. Leena Leena

    Leena Leena26 napja

    Let us pray for them😥

  15. ronald guindale

    ronald guindale26 napja

    That's the result of eating exotic or endangered species, why dont they just eat what is known or what is accepted to be eaten.. why people seeking for new taste of food and some claiming it as medicine or it just because of their culture or tradition...

  16. SwezziX

    SwezziX27 napja

    Fick China stop eating cats dogs

  17. Maqbool Chohan

    Maqbool Chohan27 napja

    Stop eating wild animals

  18. Zaii San

    Zaii San27 napja

    Guess what? My idiotic country is still taking in Chinese immigrant


    SELVA JOKER27 napja

    Here after, don't eat snakes ☹️😱😰😒😤😤😷😷😷😷😷😷

  20. Habeeba Khan

    Habeeba Khan27 napja

    Take itchabedenaat ayuvedic tablet its finish the coronavirus ends see the result No side effect

  21. andrew vart

    andrew vart27 napja


  22. andrew vart

    andrew vart27 napja


  23. Karloz Lunna

    Karloz Lunna27 napja

    reason to inforce the real i.d bullshit !!!

  24. MAITHA Best

    MAITHA Best28 napja

    No sh**t it spread to the uae just one day after new year I live HERE

  25. Shmulik Al Abdul

    Shmulik Al Abdul28 napja

    We are being punished.

  26. 아노작은

    아노작은28 napja

    This is gonna be one of the worst happy lunar new year And the Coronavirus might be spreading to Russia and Mongolia So is Korea And also Wear a Damn mask if you don’t want to go through this

  27. kein Zufall

    kein Zufall28 napja

    Punishment dir The genocite at Uyghurs

  28. Mariam MARIAM

    Mariam MARIAM29 napja

    ...My friends said they are coming to England and when I see someone look from China I’ll be like *AHHHHHH runs*

  29. Fairykhan Fairykhan

    Fairykhan Fairykhan29 napja

    Allah clean the china from this disease Love from pak

  30. naly naly

    naly naly29 napja

    Please China citizen don't travel to other people countries. Stop infected more peoples. Stop eating something weird😡😡😡😤😤😤

  31. 徐小迪

    徐小迪29 napja


  32. Roland Kevin

    Roland Kevin29 napja

    Oh.. shit.. Shawn brother & sister, and also The rock have to take responsibily for this problem.. They failed to keep the virus.. 🤦🤦🤦 They should entrusted that job to Doom..

  33. Fadma Settafi

    Fadma Settafi29 napja

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  35. wei ling

    wei ling29 napja

    Actually mers punished the most 35percent mortality rate from Islamic middle East country

  36. achik boy Momin

    achik boy Momin29 napja

    Now a days I scare to eat nonveg. ...I scared to eat meat,fork,fish etc

  37. rockstar sackboy

    rockstar sackboy29 napja

    There was something like this to 2001 - 2003 but it affected elderly. So where screwed maybe

  38. Anmol Sharma

    Anmol SharmaHónapja

    Nobody should fly of the countries were the corona virus is And nobody should fly in those countries . The countries with corona virus should have a lock down at the airport.

  39. celticlofts


    The irony is countries will spend billions of dollars fighting this virus and then spend billions more on weapons that kill the same people they're trying to protect. It's like saying to the Virus how dare you kill all those people, that's our job.

  40. celticlofts


    Wearing a mask is not going to protect you from that virus. The only thing the mask will do is help prevent the virus from spreading if you already have it.

  41. sun choi

    sun choiHónapja

    Sounds like zombie I'm sure that the statistics are fake . Actually at least 100000 is real number.

  42. PAULA mcDonalld

    PAULA mcDonalldHónapja

    Corona virus is in meat idiots!!! Hope most corpse eaters will die

  43. NazrinSaidin


    It looks like the reporter put a little more effort to breath and speak.. hope its not something bad.....

  44. Shoaib ms

    Shoaib msHónapja

    Such kind of virus are due to consuming forbidden and unlawful items as per Isam. So plz avoid eating food and eat or drink as per guidelines of Islamic. Everyone would b safe.

  45. Md Imran

    Md ImranHónapja

    It is result of oppressed of Xinjiang Uyghur Muslims of China. China was implementing a cure to get rid of Islam. However, today they have become mentally ill as they have been inflicted an unknown virus and they are absolutely clueless of it's cure. And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do Quran 14:42

  46. excuse_my_ R

    excuse_my_ RHónapja

    1.This virus came in time just before chinese new year. 2.Googled coroviruses wikipedia. 3.Humans (Not me), have been eating bats/cats/dogs for many-many years. = Back to 1st Question. NOW,I am thinking could this be man-made OR............................ *just my personal opinion.

  47. Little Dolly

    Little DollyHónapja

    If i was chinese i will faint and dead XD but i fell bad for other chinese 😢😭 and baby chinese the baby one need to be safe and adult 😥 when i go out shopping i were a mask so i cant get virus when i SAW a chinese I CLOSE MY MASK FAST so i wont get virus 😥😥😥 i wish u good luck

  48. Kyuzo Vepra

    Kyuzo VepraHónapja

    2020 CHINA TERRO

  49. blue sky

    blue skyHónapja

    china coronavirus or usa coronavirus ?! maybe new coronavirus from usa! they start war again

  50. Максим Галкин

    Максим ГалкинHónapja

    Virus from China, how not to get sick, prevention, 2020 &

  51. John Davison Cambodia

    John Davison CambodiaHónapja

    Why is your BBC reporter wearing a jacket with animal fur probably from dog or cat fur looks disgusting

  52. Duncan Crow

    Duncan CrowHónapja

    Coronavirus: The reason it "spread so fast" is that they ceased testing for actual cases, instead lumping every fever as corona, in the middle of an enhanced flu season due to immune systems being a tad low during the solar minimum. The reason the fraud enjoys a spot in the news is twofold: 1) The anti-meaters want to stop the Chinese meat trade entirely and its North Ameriocan import and are casting suspicion on any meat, even though disease can't jump species well or usually, at all, without being genetically engineered to do it. 2) The pro-vax group wants to force flu vaccinations of course. Agenda 21 looms large. Wash hands, take vitamin D and antioxidants, eat well, and don't assist the vectors, as usual.

  53. 이성민


    1720 great plague 1820 cholera 1920 Spanish flu 2020 ????

  54. Seiten I'm Buch

    Seiten I'm BuchHónapja

    Travel have fun and bring presents it's a joke not travel for chinese

  55. Seiten I'm Buch

    Seiten I'm BuchHónapja

    No travel for China it's not funny

  56. Biby riysha

    Biby riyshaHónapja

    China is under lock down? Family member who are infected are separated from the loved once, the world is shutting their door on Chinese travelers...wondering why it's sound similar to how they are treating the Uighur

  57. Shannon McCure

    Shannon McCureHónapja

    Ask China about the Uighur people

  58. Shannon McCure

    Shannon McCureHónapja

    Ask China about the Uighur people

  59. Dawn Martin

    Dawn MartinHónapja

    People need to read MATTHEW 24:7. This will explain everything you need to know.

  60. Cry Army

    Cry ArmyHónapja