Car Causes Collision for Motorcyclist || ViralHog

Occurred on June 2019 / Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I had an incident with a car making a left turn from the far right lane and threw me on top of the roof.
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  1. Sis Jackson

    Sis Jackson3 napja

    The car can't turn left from the right lane but in case he was attempting to change lane If someone has already taken most of his car in the lane they want to take then you're the rear driver and you are responsible to keep enough distance and give way.. you have enough time and space to slow down.. If you are running to fast then it's your fault.. If you were really close and did not speed and suddenly he got in your way then it would be the cars fault.. But you had enough space to see and stop to someone in front that already has started to turn

  2. Vance Raven

    Vance Raven4 napja

    Its even worse than i thought before... she would have cleared the intersection if he had slowed down only a tad. He hit the rear quarter panel. Bad choices are bad i hope he got his insurance money after A town stomping.. she was in the wrong but he could have been better.

  3. hoe hoe

    hoe hoe4 napja

    Car at fault for illegals turning Bike at fault for speeding up In most case the biker would win but then his stupid ass gotta kick the front windshield. GG that won’t end well in court.

  4. Scare Bear

    Scare Bear12 napja

    lol love how it starts with him getting a boot removed from his bike which is a hint that he doesn't exactly follow the rules of the road, then he crashes into a person who also doesn't follow the rules of the road by turning left from the far right lane which is illegal to do.

  5. Frenchkisssss


    Well the dude stopped, he thought he d keep going

  6. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel GalarzaHónapja

    Those that keep saying plenty of time to brake... fail to realize you know whats going to happen. You fail to realize that the bikers focus is going straight. So put yourself in that mindframe and not see this as an accident video. As you put yourself in the bikers perspective... you're going straight. And no... he isn't speeding or going that fast as some have said, so unless you can prove speed limit and exactly how fast he was going, don't say speeding because that's a pure judgement call there. But think... you're riding or driving in the far left lane, you're going around the curve and you see you have a green. What do you do? Brake? You're dumb if you say brake because you know all too well, your foot isn't on the brake nor are you thinking of braking. That we can all agree upon. So as you're about to clear the intersection, a moron pulls right in front of you. They aren't in the next lane... they are way to the far right lane. With me so far?... How often do people cut through 2 or 3 lanes to make a left from way on the other side of the road? And top it off they have a green to go where? Straight. So you see, everyone that says he had enough time to brake, sees the sedan well before the accident occurs and knows exactly when to brake because again... you know whats going to happen. The biker at that moment, has absolutely no clue that he is about to be cut off by the sedan nor is his mind frame in the mode of braking. Hence, that's why he revved the engine. It was a reaction to his shock that the vehicle just pulled right in front of him. Also, the reaction time is far less than people think. You see what the camera records. You fail to see what the biker sees or notices. No one can say he noticed the vehicle right off the bat or could've predicted that illegal turn. To put it into perspective, the biker had a green, he went straight. No illegal infraction was made. The vehicle, was illegally crossing 2 lanes to make a left on the far left lane. Take out the maneuver, and there is no accident. The biker has no obligation to stop when he has a green nor is it really avoidable. There was an SUV just to the right lane of him. He is going too fast to make a sudden left turn. So going left or right isn't an option. He could try and brake but again, it happened a lot faster than people think. The biker wouldn't brake as the sedan is stopped on the far right lane. No one would think of braking during that curve. Even though some will say there was plenty of time, but put in that same situation... they would also hit the sedan just like the biker. Its about the mindframe and predictablity that pretty much a lot of people here fail to take into consideration. Its easy to watch the video and make that claim, but just watching the video doesn't mean you see the situation in the eyes of the rider. And again... you already know whats going to happen so your reaction time and predictability is far greater than the bikers. Vehicle is 90% to 100% at fault. Biker, just because of the revved up engine, though i believe it was more of a reaction than him intentionally getting into an accident, was the only thing i can think of but the accident was pretty hard to avoid

  7. Alan Dike

    Alan Dike24 napja

    If I'm riding in traffic.. I'm almost always covering my front brake. No, he wasn't expecting it.. he also was looking forward... not sweeping traffic ahead to see what is happening in the lanes next to him.. I noticed the cars wheels and odd movement first watch through.. You dont get nearly the same level of "vision" from the POV of the camera than you do from inside the helmet.. you see MUCH more when you're actually there. He had 6 seconds to react.. I twitched towards my brake hand while watching it.. and I was in a recliner. Yes, cars at fault.. but he had nearly 80 ft to stop... maybe more. At 30 mph (you are 100% correct in stating he wasn't speeding.. unless that road is 25, he wasn't speeding)... with a stopping distance of about 40 ft.. he had time to react (average is .25 to .5 seconds). at 30 mph, he'd be traveling about 45 fps.. so half a second is only about 22 ft. While we cannot blame him for NOT expecting a left turn on green across 2 lanes of traffic.. we can blame him for not seeing the car make the odd movement into the lane next to him.. Riders need to be always scanning up coming traffic. I've had situations similar to this happen (coming up a turn lane, stopped traffic next to me.. kid, with no head check, darts out into the turn lane from the stopped traffic.. Gave me about 12 ft to react, and about 20 ft to stop, and I was moving about 20 mph myself.... and I missed him by a few feet... Any way we spin this.. riders will recognize he wasn't paying as much attention to other traffic as he should have been.. and that he did have sufficient time to stop.

  8. RIOT co No.15

    RIOT co No.15Hónapja

    Where can i get the full video ?

  9. Flicity Rell

    Flicity RellHónapja

    Everyone is bashing the biker but they started turning and then stopped in the middle of the street. And you can’t just hit the brakes while leaning your bike or risk low siding

  10. Roe Jogan

    Roe JoganHónapja

    Can't even pick up his own bike

  11. Alan Dike

    Alan DikeHónapja

    To the folks saying that revving was down shifting.. Just no.. you don't need to rev to the limiter to down shift. The gear spacing is about 1000 to 1500 rpms difference between the gears. On his bike it's as much as 2k. If he was rev matching.. he'd be nowhere near limiter moving that slow in any gear that bike has. He'd clutch, rev a couple K, and then downshift.. takes about .1 second to do. To the folks saying he just panicked and let in the clutch.. I tested that last night on my k1200rs. 30 mph, 3rd gear, rpms about 2700 rpms.. Im in the city, I'm not revving her out to 12k rpm.. Driving along at 30 (what guy was doing at impact) and popped the clutch in, my rpms raised to 6k rpms in about 2 seconds.. No, he didn't just panic and clutch. He didn't speed up, even a gsxr cant jump rpm's like that in gear.. not unless his clutch is done for. He clutched and revved.. he never hit the breaks. The car driver is at fault.. making an illegal turn.. nobody disputes that. The biker could have, and should have prevented this though, with room to spare. I've been riding for almost 20 years... he had MORE than enough time to slow wayyyy down (and in my opinion come to a complete stop). His front end ever dips.. meaning he was not doing any hard braking at all.. he could have been down to under 10 mph by the time he hit that car minimum. counting the white stripes on the road.. he passed 5 of em. Those lines are 10 ft long.. he had 50 ft from when I saw the car in the video minimum.. Thats ignoring the spacing between the lines to stop. Lets be very generous and say those lines are only 6 ft apart (giving him the least amount of time to stop).. thats 4 gaps between the lines he passed.. or another 24 ft.. lest just call that 75 ft to stop, or 23 meters give or take. I first saw the car and it's odd angle and slow creep 6 seconds before impact.. That is well within that bikes stopping capabilities. Say what you want.. squidworth there may not be at fault for the wreck.. but he is the reason it happened.. he could have very easily avoided it.

  12. Dark Scorpion

    Dark ScorpionHónapja

    Idiot is speeding in the city, around a blind corner. Deserves what he got and shouldn't be allowed to ride. That car most likely shoulder checked, and upon seeing no incoming traffic at that particular point in time, started crossing lanes, but the speeding rider came up too quick, cause he was speeding like an idiot. All the other cars are travelling at a slower rate...

  13. Carla Vela

    Carla VelaHónapja

    It's the fault of the motorcyclist.

  14. Cailou


    Car was at fault , what an idiot driver 🤦‍♂️



    Dam reving a bad call

  16. uCam


    as usual, bikers are all moron and stupid..,

  17. braveheartbob

    braveheartbob2 hónapja

    fragile ego + butthurt = intentional accident hopefully this idiot does the same thing sometime when it could be a fatal accident and rather than brake to save his life, he gives a revboimb and dies. just stupid genes that should already be weeded out of the human gene pool.

  18. Mythik7

    Mythik72 hónapja

    People in these comments saying the biker is so bad and wrong for not braking, but they fail to understand that the whole accident could have been avoided if the driver didnt pull out when the biker had a green light.

  19. Tesu LetsPlay

    Tesu LetsPlay2 hónapja

    judging by the amount of "why did he speed up" comments im assuming 90% of people dont ride here so imma let you guys in on a secret: revving the engine while holding the clutch does nothing

  20. opichocal

    opichocal2 hónapja

    Video would have been much different if I were in that car

  21. breno Ricardo

    breno Ricardo2 hónapja

    Unfortunately you didn't die. Poor motorcycle, she leaves the factory to fall on your hands.

  22. erlejomo

    erlejomo3 hónapja

    No one gonna mention the phone the car driver threw onto the passenger seat?

  23. Beard Wierd

    Beard Wierd3 hónapja

    Do you know on another channel people praised this twat for being strong enough to cry, I sometimes think they should just drop the the f*****g bomb.

  24. Marty Miles

    Marty Miles3 hónapja

    1:00 bye bye window

  25. Mark Mitch

    Mark Mitch3 hónapja

    This clown is nothing but a GoPro poser ! What the F was that ? Any beginner rider that knows how to use the brakes avoids this minivan by a mile. But this Fool decides instead of using his brakes to bounce the throttle off the rev limiter and ride directly into her ? He should call his sister and trade her back for the Honda scooter and learn how to ride. Maybe learn how to use that lever on the right handle bar. I will tell you one thing . if this Bitch jumped on my hood and bashed in my window his ass would find himself flying over the top of my minvan as i punched the gas.

  26. Saygın Tezel

    Saygın Tezel4 hónapja

    kia drivers...

  27. Steven Campo

    Steven Campo4 hónapja

    This happened in Atlanta. Pretty accurate on how most ppl drive in Georgia 👍

  28. Izan Reality

    Izan Reality5 hónapja

    100% your fault. You should be charged with criminal damage to property for stomping the windshield.

  29. ATS

    ATS5 hónapja

    The motorbike guy is an idiot, because he did not do anything to avoid this, but he had a plenty of time to do that, and he does not know what does it mean use the brake.

  30. Motpats 1

    Motpats 15 hónapja

    You had time to stop. You are in the wrong. Hope someone hits you harder next time.

  31. All The Norm

    All The Norm5 hónapja

    You people are retarded he is turning while making that turn if he fully pressed the brakes he would lowside???

  32. Viix En

    Viix En5 hónapja

    STOP hating! At the speed he was going, it was probably to late to brake! It can take up to a full 15 seconds to stop a bike. Stop hating!

  33. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi6 hónapja

    People: Car driver makes a stupid mistake and caused an acccident motorcycle. Also those People: It's not the car driver fault its the motorcyclist.

  34. koolio0900

    koolio09007 hónapja

    the car didnt cause anything... take this channel off youtube

  35. Allen A

    Allen A7 hónapja

    wtf is this staged?

  36. Caz Penal

    Caz Penal7 hónapja

    Damn dude, car is at fault. But you must be the stupidest rider in the world. You could of stopped 100 times, but i guess you are a self righteous moron that should stick to bicycles

  37. Moto Buzz

    Moto Buzz7 hónapja

    He should drive a wheelbarrow instead ! Still glad that he didn't use the shoe-less foot to break the windscreen. :))))) The best example of an easily avoidable accident with plenty of time to take twice the evasive maneuvers.

  38. Alan Dike

    Alan Dike24 napja

    He's wearing shoes.. those are slip on covers to keep em clean ..

  39. Mahaonas

    Mahaonas8 hónapja


  40. nonomista dontwantto

    nonomista dontwantto8 hónapja

    hahaahahahahaha this rider would be dead in Greece if he rides with this attitude and poor skills!!!!

  41. Husky

    Husky8 hónapja

    I'm a biker and this is just stupid from the guy driving the bike. He had plenty of time to stop. sure the car was making an illegal turn. But as a biker always need to watch for other peoples mistakes. If he had just used to brakes instead of revving his engine he would have stopped fine.

  42. Phantombild -/

    Phantombild -/8 hónapja

    If he brakes hard in a corner like that he would smash his bike to the ground and no insurance company would pay for that now the company from the other guy must pay you already learn in the driving lessons in Germany if something like that happens brake but never circle around because you can hit bystanders and then you are in the fault.

  43. Alan Dike

    Alan Dike24 napja

    That wasn't a hard corner.. That was sweeping but he really wasn't that far over. start braking, straighten up and as you do so apply more brake.. It's a pretty common maneuver actually.. and it's practiced in MSF ARC courses.

  44. XJ9

    XJ98 hónapja

    He better try riding a kids tricycle first...what if this is a tank or a truck stealing your right of way? Are you still trying to scare them pulling the gas or use a brake they are always right and you have to look carefully as a bike driver.

  45. ATS

    ATS8 hónapja

    Idiot biker, typically an organ donor

  46. David

    David8 hónapja

    Pro Tip: Brakes first, horn second, and rev bomb third.

  47. Adrian Proniewicz

    Adrian Proniewicz8 hónapja

    you are moron sir

  48. Lorand Attila Szasz

    Lorand Attila Szasz8 hónapja

    I can't agree with the behaviour of the motorcyclist, but the car driver was slow too. If you look close at 0:55 to the video, I could think that the car driver wants to enter into the building, or maybe he wants to park the car. Still thinking that in this case both drivers needs to be blamed. But this is my opinion :)

  49. Trusca Silviu Stefan

    Trusca Silviu Stefan8 hónapja

    Dumb ass biker, hit the brakes, not the gas. You should be allowed only on the sidewalk from now on. Take a bus, you idiot!

  50. Cole Phelps

    Cole Phelps8 hónapja

    He had a good 2 seconds to brake. What a buffoon.

  51. Ferenc Miskolczi

    Ferenc Miskolczi8 hónapja

    Degenerate biker...

  52. Alexandru Carjan

    Alexandru Carjan8 hónapja

    You had plenty of time to brake or just go arround him. Faggot

  53. SzZsoel1

    SzZsoel18 hónapja

    Wrong title. Motorcycle causes collision for motorist.

  54. Richard Sládek

    Richard Sládek8 hónapja

    He probably mistook the clutch for the brake. Definitely the car driver has gone wrong.

  55. The Lazarus Xperiment

    The Lazarus Xperiment8 hónapja

    I saw the original videos today, its by a channel called "Uncut Motovlogs". The car driver was playing with his phone while driving. The moto driver bursts into tears after some seconds

  56. Grinix

    Grinix8 hónapja

    A. driving faster than traffic B. angry entitled motorcyclist C. no ABS and was that driver making a left turn from the right lane?

  57. Alan Dike

    Alan Dike24 napja

    abs wouldnt have made much a difference here if he knew how to ride and brake. ABS prevents tire lockup.. but in cases where a person can consistently ride the hairy line between lock and max braking, abs actually takes longer to stop. Dont get me wrong, I love my ABS on my bike.. but it's panacea for improper breaking technique.

  58. EVC


    That last question makes you a idiot.

  59. Tibor Füredi

    Tibor Füredi8 hónapja

    Genius... -_-

  60. Hossy

    Hossy8 hónapja

    Driver was wrong Rider is poor

  61. FSXFlyingNL

    FSXFlyingNL8 hónapja

    That biker is a moron

  62. Todd LP

    Todd LP8 hónapja

    Maybe if the idiot would have hit the breaks rather than rev his rice burning shit bucket he would have been able to slow down. If that asshole would have done that to my windshield I'd have shoved his head through it next.

  63. Mark Baken

    Mark Baken8 hónapja

    Stupid biker. Car did a dumb move but that biker sure as hell chose to hit that car... He could have prevented that by applying the brake instead of revving the trottle to make his point

  64. Giovanniwow

    Giovanniwow8 hónapja

    As someone who drives himself , you're a frigging idiot , had plenty of time to brake and countersteer. Hope they revoke your license.

  65. Abragini84

    Abragini848 hónapja

    That accident was perfectly avoidable... The biker should have breaked instead of opening up his damn throttle as to warn the driver of his presence.... Drive defensively on your bike. Not aggressively. And do not assume people will see you/hear your or even react correctly or in a timely matter.. He basically slamed into the damn car, while he had more than enough time to react and brake.... I am not sure what he was thinking. But it was definitely not a smart move... And shows a lack of both skill and anticipation. Better to not drive that bike anymore son... It won't do you any good. Take the bus or an Uber. That is safer for people such as yourself...