Bow Learns Rhonda and Sharon Are Engaged - black-ish

Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) tries to bond with Rhonda (guest star Raven-Symone) and her girlfriend Sharon (Elle Young), but has trouble getting them to open up after sharing some brewskis with them (minus the can of beer she accidentally threw through a window). Rhonda admits that she and Sharon are getting married, but is afraid to tell mom Ruby (Jenifer Lewis).
black-ish Season 1, Episode 22 "Please Don't Ask, Please Don't Tell"


  1. Phillip

    Phillip7 napja

    Okay idk why i thought she meant rhonda and sharon from too hot to handle

  2. Novel Dixon

    Novel Dixon9 napja

    Its true you have a joke or story with someone else Lol

  3. Dee Snutz

    Dee Snutz17 napja

    Was that a blooper at the end? You can hear somebody off screen laughing.

  4. Angelina Hudson

    Angelina Hudson29 napja

    You can hear the crew laughing in the background.

  5. Panda Mojo

    Panda MojoHónapja

    Major thats so raven and ravens home feels in this episode. Raven and her grandmother Viv and her son Booker. 🤯

  6. Downhollowfication


    Why is this show not on blu ray or DVD I would be buying the entire season I like this show seen few episode it’s good

  7. fredrika27


    I was wondering when they were going to get to this topic and tell the truth about homosexuality in the black community! All my sorority sisters who are lesbians are living a double life be cause of homophobia! It's sad and needs to stop!

  8. Ramata Conde

    Ramata CondeHónapja

    That looks like Raven Symone

  9. Have Faith

    Have FaithHónapja

    Jenifer Lewis ain't got a bit of sense! Slap the stew out of that banana!

  10. Markus Patients

    Markus PatientsHónapja

    Does she have to be on everything? Shoving it down our throats.. Oh. My Bad...

  11. Rick T

    Rick THónapja

    conditioning people something to do with mirror neurons

  12. Nyla Joseph

    Nyla Joseph2 hónapja

    Rhonda you are my favriote person in blackish and in my favriote tv show ravens home.

  13. bs4e

    bs4e2 hónapja

    Young dre is such a cutie pie!!! Great young actor!

  14. splitpitch

    splitpitch2 hónapja

    6 beer cans on the table at the end. I was relieved to see they rescued the thrown one. As an experienced beer drinker I myself would not have let its flight through a pane of glass stop me from drinking it.

  15. Zariah Webster

    Zariah Webster3 hónapja

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I LOVE this show 🚫

  16. Brendan.

    Brendan. hónapja

    Two women married isn’t marriage

  17. JONES

    JONES3 hónapja

    that's a great blue-toned red lip.

  18. Roas Runna

    Roas Runna3 hónapja

    This show is garbage , teaching blacks how to act .....Cosby Show 2020

  19. Lil Nicki

    Lil Nicki4 hónapja

    -Bow character here was too much...😂😭

  20. Danni Brandon

    Danni Brandon4 hónapja

    Raven and Booker Baxter

  21. Frost

    Frost4 hónapja

    Why does raven still have a career I thought she was cancelled💀💀😭

  22. Yesika Narvaez

    Yesika Narvaez6 hónapja

    Hi Raven!

  23. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith6 hónapja

    They got Raven playing her true self..

  24. Lil Nicki

    Lil Nicki6 hónapja

    -Bow 💀

  25. LittleGothGirl

    LittleGothGirl6 hónapja

    I'm confused... 😕 I thought Raven didn't want to be labeled as black....or gay.

  26. Charmed Kat

    Charmed Kat7 hónapja


  27. Gerardo Raygoza

    Gerardo Raygoza7 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> she should have said. "So not the drama." ;)

  28. Jessica Jefferson

    Jessica Jefferson7 hónapja

    I think that is disgusting

  29. Man 2 Man

    Man 2 Man7 hónapja

    I always remember the I know my body scene..and Bill Cosby was fooled

  30. S is for Syniah

    S is for Syniah7 hónapja

    Booker and Raven


    GOTZ DEAOMA7 hónapja

    Was that Raven's actuall girlfriend at the time?? Or is that her wife? Is she still married?

  32. Dedos Del Medio

    Dedos Del Medio7 hónapja

    ShaRhond-Ish might would be the name of a spinoff of Black-Ish for Sharon & Rhoda(?).

  33. goode gal

    goode gal7 hónapja

    My friend's son won't eat a sausage, hot dog, banana, or a popsicle without it being cut into pieces. He will seriously cry & say "Mom I can't." Cracks me up.

  34. goode gal

    goode gal7 hónapja

    My name is Sharonda....a mix of Sharon and rhonda...


    PALE FLESH7 hónapja

    Ask a real, Original star like Raven if shows like Mixed-ish are ANYTHING like they used to....and she will say NOPE. Mixed-ish sucks. Just another tv show with no true passion for its production

  36. cy p

    cy p8 hónapja

    Rainbow's laugh cracked me up so hard😂

  37. Crazy Chick Sheena

    Crazy Chick Sheena8 hónapja

    Great show 🙆

  38. Eugene Hicks

    Eugene Hicks8 hónapja

    Just remember the "ish" in black-ish, stands for black "like". Think about it.

  39. jim Moore

    jim Moore9 hónapja

    Son and new girlfriend haven't watched in a while but Ravens girlfriend this looks different than the last time then again I could be wrong I haven't watched it in a while

  40. flickchic238

    flickchic2389 hónapja

    Lool her mom played her aunt Viv in thats so raven

  41. Luwam Alem

    Luwam Alem9 hónapja

    Am I the only one who thinks Raven Symone resembles La la Anthony here??


    BENYJOSE110 hónapja

    Even this show can't make me forget how much I dislike Raven Symone...

  43. Felicia Brown

    Felicia Brown10 hónapja

    Bow is actually my favorite character

  44. Catries Johnson

    Catries Johnson10 hónapja

    👋🍌 not in my house 😂😂😂

  45. Buddha Fortune

    Buddha Fortune10 hónapja

    So cool ravens mom in here played her grandma on that's so Raven

  46. Marshun Record

    Marshun Record11 hónapja

    Why does dark skin woman always have to be the stud??? I mean damn can we get some corrective promotion and leading roles for the. Love interest ?? Tired of this off balance promotion !

  47. Jonas Blane II

    Jonas Blane II5 hónapja

    On the CW shows the black lesbians are feminine and their white girlfriends are butches.

  48. LizMarie2003

    LizMarie20039 hónapja

    SARA I agree!!

  49. SARA

    SARA9 hónapja

    Marshun Andrea yes and can we get more black lipstick lesbian couples? Why does one have to be the stud and the other a femme?

  50. Michelle H.

    Michelle H.10 hónapja

    Or the white man's bedwench

  51. Rita Aura

    Rita Aura11 hónapja

    You people love masculinizing darkskin/brownskin women huh? Just came here to say this show is stupid. Bye.

  52. GMSshineTHEGOspel

    GMSshineTHEGOspel11 hónapja


  53. Sharjjahn Aziz

    Sharjjahn Aziz11 hónapja

    Raven Symonè reminds me of Cece Peniston twenty years ago.

  54. kimibooc

    kimibooc11 hónapja

    Raven may not be my favorite person, but Raven is such a good fucking actress.

  55. shekiera6

    shekiera611 hónapja

    Why was this such a bad scene?

  56. alana terrel

    alana terrel11 hónapja

    One thing the lgbtq ppl like to call ppl homophobic eh so because ppl against all you nasty lifestyle they homophobic oh plz

  57. Jay Bird

    Jay Bird11 hónapja

    That banana shit was hilarious, thats my grandma for sure

  58. jaguar 41

    jaguar 4111 hónapja

    I miss the TV show Girlfriends. 😓

  59. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT3 hónapja

    jaguar 41 Loved that show!

  60. So So

    So So11 hónapja


  61. lil vic Winters

    lil vic Winters11 hónapja

    Is that the kid from raven home

  62. Ryan V.

    Ryan V.11 hónapja

    This show looks awfully cheesy 🤣

  63. Bree Bree

    Bree Bree11 hónapja

    “Dude not cool”😭😭😭

  64. writemedreams

    writemedreams11 hónapja

    Raven and Booker ahhhhhh more Raven plz!

  65. Tyrell Anderson

    Tyrell Anderson11 hónapja

    Ahhh, I'd always hoped Raven could get more work. But this.... 🤦🏾‍♂️

  66. Tyrell Anderson

    Tyrell Anderson11 hónapja

    @Andre Suston I'm sure.

  67. Andre Suston

    Andre Suston11 hónapja

    Trust me, Raven is not out anywhere begging for change.

  68. FreeStYLeMInd

    FreeStYLeMInd11 hónapja

    I can't watch this show.with Tracey, Raven and Jennifer🤔 my sides would crack.. they are hilarious and y'all got all 3 in one show.. no no nope. I cant

  69. A E

    A E11 hónapja

    Soo we're protraying those who don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle as "homophobic" now? So what if a parent doesn't want their child to grow up gay, it's not a natural lifestyle and not everyone has to agree with it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  70. Kai Evans

    Kai Evans7 hónapja

    Natural means occurs in nature, wand homosexuality very much does occur in nature. Find a new word

  71. Andre Suston

    Andre Suston11 hónapja

    One TV show does not a concensus make. This one show showed how THIS character dealt with it. Anyway, I hope you don't take your moral cues from a situation comedy.

  72. Fernando Armas

    Fernando Armas11 hónapja

    In real life: jenifer Lewis is a fruit fly! 🤣🤣🤣

  73. eprahs

    eprahs11 hónapja

    Why are there so many black lesbians on tv. Never see with a black man but always see them with another woman. Agenda

  74. busymike

    busymike11 hónapja

    Look at all that damn weave. 🤨

  75. Lina

    Lina11 hónapja

    I love Raven’s laugh

  76. Joseph Clegg

    Joseph Clegg11 hónapja

    Olivia turned out to be a beautiful woman.

  77. Ben Den

    Ben Den11 hónapja

    You can't escape it, it's everywhere, it forced upon us and our children.

  78. Kai Evans

    Kai Evans7 hónapja

    @Z B hurray!!!!

  79. Z B

    Z B11 hónapja

    Damion Copeland we were kids once too you know. I grew up surrounded by heterosexuals and yet here I am. Get educated please.

  80. Andre Suston

    Andre Suston11 hónapja

    People used to (and some still do) say that about anyone who wasn't white.

  81. Renae

    Renae11 hónapja

    Is that an issue with you ?

  82. Z AG

    Z AG11 hónapja

    This was a weak pride post

  83. Yandere Fangirl

    Yandere Fangirl11 hónapja

    Was Dre also not allowed to eat hotdogs and popsicles as a kid?

  84. Usha Morrison Channel

    Usha Morrison Channel11 hónapja

    Or icecream bars lollipops or corndogs?

  85. Faith Beema

    Faith Beema11 hónapja

    That's how every good show gets fucked up, gay shit!!

  86. William McAlpine

    William McAlpine11 hónapja

    I thought she was already married?

  87. Theresa Gipson

    Theresa Gipson11 hónapja

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 the way she walked up on him when he was tryna eat that banana.

  88. Nakia Richardson

    Nakia Richardson11 napja

    I died 😭😂

  89. Lady Heroine

    Lady Heroine7 hónapja

    Not in my house umph😂😂😂

  90. Steph Shania

    Steph Shania11 hónapja

    Oh damn I didn't know raven was her sister on the show or whatever

  91. Glamour101 Girl

    Glamour101 Girl11 hónapja

    Steph Steph lol not her sister her sister in law

  92. Sue Ann Brown

    Sue Ann Brown11 hónapja

    Raven looks good with the hairstyle

  93. Hodon Yassin

    Hodon Yassin11 hónapja

    TV is becoming more DIVERSE with the LGBTQ+ Community nowadays!

  94. Jemimah Ngu

    Jemimah Ngu11 hónapja


  95. Adovian Dones

    Adovian Dones11 hónapja

    "NOT in my house !...MM!" Jesus😂

  96. Hammy Anver

    Hammy Anver4 hónapja

    Adovian Dones dikembe mutombo style no

  97. Jerald Armstrong

    Jerald Armstrong11 hónapja

    Gay thats ok

  98. I'm thinking about a good username . . .

    I'm thinking about a good username . . .11 hónapja

    How many times is ravens character going to put that can down?