Bow and Dre Have Lost the Twins - black-ish

Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) have sent Jack and Diane out into the world alone because they felt they needed to toughen up a bit and get some experience and some street smarts. But when the tracking devices on the twins' phones go to unfamiliar places and then shut off, Dre and Bow begin to rethink their plan. From 'Adventure to Ventura,' season 6, episode 14 of black-ish. Watch black-ish TUESDAY 9:30|8:30c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.


  1. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones3 hónapja

    My son’s tracker once told me he was at departures at the airport when he was supposed to be in class. That was a fun call to the school 😂

  2. John Smith

    John Smith3 hónapja

    The most racist show on tv

  3. Sephora Zanze

    Sephora Zanze3 hónapja

    can someone pls explain me the difference between blackish und mixedish. is it the same show? or two different shows?

  4. Aaron Golden

    Aaron Golden3 hónapja

    Sephora Zanze mix ish is when Rainbow was a child

  5. Inez Qtaish

    Inez Qtaish3 hónapja

    inez Qtaish dreamed a guy who seem to be my husband and I went to look for an apartment in a nice building and was told by the woman who rents the apartment, him and I could only get a one bedroom apartment and him and I accepted the one bedroom apartment and I woke up.

  6. M T

    M T3 hónapja

    Why the fifth and sixth aren’t in Prime ?

  7. Eze Jennifer

    Eze Jennifer3 hónapja

    What happened to devante

  8. Ella Mhlongo

    Ella Mhlongo3 hónapja

    I'm so happy I'm not the only crazy mom in this world😂😂

  9. NewStyle Modeling

    NewStyle Modeling3 hónapja

    I read Traci Ellis sleeping with the producer of the show and he left his wife. Now you know why she is the most successful from the Girlfriend's cast

  10. Chyde Stewart

    Chyde Stewart3 hónapja

    My family and I use life 360 and my lil sister literally spies on our parents. Like they got the app so the could keep am eye on you, not so you could keep tabs on them

  11. Bao Han Huynh Pham

    Bao Han Huynh Pham3 hónapja

    When Devante is old enough, I wouldn't be surprised if the kid had a chip implanted

  12. Dollie

    Dollie3 hónapja

    With how the world is today, with all the crime, child trafficking, etc, etc, etc... you bet I am gonna track my future babies!!!!

  13. sld1776

    sld177616 napja

    The world is safer than it has ever been. There's less crime, war, child trafficking, etc. than there has ever been in the history of humanity.

  14. Rossy Sánchez

    Rossy Sánchez3 hónapja

    With my parents it's the other way around 😂

  15. Lisa Ellis

    Lisa Ellis3 hónapja

    No, way in hell, would I let my kids go on adventure in L.A, It just too dangerous..

  16. qqrrd zitfvjj

    qqrrd zitfvjj3 hónapja

    Omg only old people use still notebooks nothing is better than smartphones you don't need to press this complicated Buttons

  17. qqrrd zitfvjj

    qqrrd zitfvjj3 hónapja

    @mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen i go to the computer store they make all things what you need

  18. mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen

    mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen3 hónapja

    qqrrd zitfvjj what if you have to type a paper?

  19. Richiey H

    Richiey H3 hónapja

    We low jack all the babies. And they know it.

  20. CraftingKaria

    CraftingKaria3 hónapja

    If yo name is on a phone bill that I’m paying YOU WILL BE TRACKED!! Don’t wanna be tracked pay your own damn bill!

  21. Kim Hoffman

    Kim Hoffman3 hónapja

    My mom tracks my family and once when I was in class my dot was in the reservoir next to my college. She called me to ask me if I was in the reservoir. No mother. I’m in class. Do you want a picture of the computer in front of me?

  22. sylvia deme

    sylvia deme10 napja

    Kim Hoffman lmao

  23. Juanita Peters

    Juanita Peters3 hónapja

    Why when i read twins i thought they had new kids... I keep forgetting diana and jack suppose to be twins

  24. a totally random chick on the internet

    a totally random chick on the internetNapja

    @ImNotCallingYouALiar same

  25. Stephenie Cook

    Stephenie Cook23 napja


  26. Pls Subscribe, thanks!

    Pls Subscribe, thanks!3 hónapja

    same! 😩

  27. Oyindamola Kareem

    Oyindamola Kareem3 hónapja

    OMG me too

  28. Hyou Vizer

    Hyou Vizer3 hónapja

    This...exactly this lol

  29. Kerra Johnson

    Kerra Johnson3 hónapja

    Also if they named their kids after a John Cougar Mellencamp song then I can understand why they gave the last kid a ghetto name like "Devante". Gotta have that balance 🤣

  30. Ya Ya

    Ya Ya3 hónapja

    That was unkind and uncalled for, that is probably someone's name irl...

  31. Dee J

    Dee J3 hónapja

    sounds kinda French

  32. LoveCompassionPurity

    LoveCompassionPurity3 hónapja


  33. My Cousin Skeeter

    My Cousin Skeeter3 hónapja

    Theres no proof that they named their kids after that song. Some names are coupled names according to Like Jack and Jill, Jack and Diane, Austin and Dallas, Amber and Diamond, Lili and Flora. I'm guessing that they used the most popular coupled names for biy girl sets of twins to come up with their names and chose jack and Diane over jack and jill because their fathers name starts in the letter D.

  34. Kerra Johnson

    Kerra Johnson3 hónapja

    @gRaMmAR dyNaMiTeIf there was ever any proof that I don't watch the show, that was it.

  35. Kerra Johnson

    Kerra Johnson3 hónapja

    They're twins??? I've never watched this show so this is news lol

  36. Jamie Blue

    Jamie Blue3 hónapja

    The younger boy and girl are fraternal twins.

  37. gucci haha

    gucci haha3 hónapja

    Forget the twins, what have they done with Devanté???

  38. Bimmerbabe

    Bimmerbabe3 hónapja

    Exactly. Had a baby plot line for a whole season the don't even write him in the new season. Wtw lol

  39. Aisha Turner

    Aisha Turner3 hónapja

    gucci haha He must be with Ruby 😂😂

  40. Halibugz

    Halibugz3 hónapja

    My entire family uses google GPS to track each other lol. When I was in college I got out of a class super early and was on my way home when I got a text from my mom saying "you aren't where you're supposed to be" 😂She was trying to spy on my dad but saw that I was not in school.

  41. Alex Sam

    Alex Sam4 napja

    oooh bad luck

  42. Halibugz

    Halibugz3 hónapja

    ​@Mari My sister lives in Japan and apparently she was talking to my mom in the middle of the night and was telling her that my location said I was in the middle of the woods, so my mom called me at 5am and I just had to tell my sister that I'm at home and not in the middle of the woods 😂

  43. Mari

    Mari3 hónapja

    Same! My mother still texts me when I stay late at work to ask me when I plan to get home. She even checks traffic and lets me know which streets have some sort of flooding or accident so I avoid them. She's in Houston, I live in Seattle. It doesn't bother me, the woman loves me and provides me traffic updates.

  44. PurplePuffs

    PurplePuffs3 hónapja

    Got that ass lmao

  45. Samantha Dorlus

    Samantha Dorlus3 hónapja

    I love that! 😂😂

  46. Anitta Vinter

    Anitta Vinter3 hónapja


  47. RiceAnd Chicken

    RiceAnd Chicken3 hónapja

    Men deserve to be tracked

  48. mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen

    mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen3 hónapja

    Mondo O not really. A lot of men just aren’t as suspicious and insecure as women so we don’t feel the need to track our wives or go through their shit unless they give us a reason. Plus men are smart enough to appreciate blissful ignorance.

  49. Mondo O

    Mondo O3 hónapja

    Why? Women are the sneaky ones. Ijs

  50. Mizlin Jay

    Mizlin Jay3 hónapja

    Are you okay??

  51. kaykay69

    kaykay693 hónapja

    🙋🏾‍♀️ Guilty.

  52. My Cousin Skeeter

    My Cousin Skeeter3 hónapja

    Why do I watch this before watching the full episode? Hulu here I come!!🏃‍♂️

  53. bwalto21

    bwalto213 hónapja


  54. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law3 hónapja

    OMG. academically smart diesnt equate to common sense .

  55. gucci haha

    gucci haha3 hónapja

    @Naturalbeauti78 It is so unrealistic, the show in general has gotten dumber.

  56. Glamour101 Girl

    Glamour101 Girl3 hónapja

    Naturalbeauti78 they did they didn’t answer

  57. Traj Mar

    Traj Mar3 hónapja

    Naturalbeauti78 They didn’t want to break down and call the twins because they encouraged the twins to go out “on an adventure” in the first place. They made them go out when they just wanted to stay in.

  58. Naturalbeauti78

    Naturalbeauti783 hónapja

    They can't just call the kids????

  59. Naturalbeauti78

    Naturalbeauti783 hónapja

    Why are they such idiots...I use to watch this show, but it seems like the parents got dumber. Its unrealistic 🤦‍♀️

  60. Taleah Moore

    Taleah Moore3 hónapja


  61. Ng'endo Mutahi

    Ng'endo Mutahi3 hónapja


  62. danwal33

    danwal333 hónapja

    This was funny!

  63. Harsh S

    Harsh S3 hónapja

    And this is why you should not have tech savvy parents....😂

  64. Arushi Singh

    Arushi Singh3 hónapja

    M 5th then I guess

  65. Noora Khan

    Noora Khan3 hónapja


  66. lazybanana Emma

    lazybanana Emma3 hónapja

    I am third

  67. Nasaka Zahra

    Nasaka Zahra3 hónapja

    am the second

  68. Sarah Justice

    Sarah Justice3 hónapja

    Am the first here 1