Borussia Dortmund 2-1 PSG: Champions League Recap with Goals, Highlights and Best Moments

Full highlights as Erling Haaland stole the show with two goals in Borussia Dortmund’s 2-1 win over PSG in the first leg of their Champions League Last 16 clash at the Westfalenstadion.


  1. Malcolm Manns

    Malcolm MannsÓrája

    Great Game!

  2. WP BABY

    WP BABYÓrája


  3. WhyGames


    Can’t stop watching that second goal

  4. Frank Champion

    Frank ChampionÓrája

    Nice play by Reyna on the second goal. He moves without the ball and finds a pocket space, a good touch and then he stays positive and attacks the defense down the middle instead of playing the easy pass out wide 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  5. Nopal 6996

    Nopal 6996Órája

    Psg fan here and man that second strike was just clean

  6. YM NMG

    YM NMGÓrája


  7. Michael Nkansa

    Michael NkansaÓrája

  8. 5 PERCENT

    5 PERCENTÓrája

    Erling halland is just crazy

  9. Will Douglas

    Will DouglasÓrája

    Wow. 2-1. What a riveting game to watch

  10. King Jan123

    King Jan123Órája

    Number 1 trending?! :0

  11. joe B

    joe BÓrája

    guys check it out, you'd love it

  12. fantasista fantasista

    fantasista fantasistaÓrája

    Haaland reminds me Vieri

  13. Reza Bolouri

    Reza BolouriÓrája

    BVB on a alert to win 🚧

  14. Roger Stephen Roth

    Roger Stephen RothÓrája

    PSG with Neymar will have to step up their game in the second match to survive. If Neymar is really serious about becoming the world's best then he has to show his top game in the champions league and with the Brazil national team.

  15. Roidar RMCF

    Roidar RMCF2 órája

    The goal sound was like Rokit 🔭

  16. Sam Champion

    Sam Champion2 órája

    As a Man U fan I’m even more sad we couldn’t get Haaland

  17. DeLorean Flashback

    DeLorean Flashback2 órája

    Why does Neymar look 35?

  18. Team McBox

    Team McBox3 órája

    Haaland scores bangers meanwhile Penaldo is scoring tap ins and penalties assisted by VAR. Levels.

  19. Hi , bye

    Hi , bye3 órája

    This guy was made in a lab

  20. BigTimeSpider

    BigTimeSpider3 órája

    Haaland that 2nd strike OMG

  21. BigTimeSpider

    BigTimeSpider3 órája

    Let's go PSG

  22. Javyon

    Javyon3 órája

    Haaland times his runs PERFECTLY

  23. the annointed one

    the annointed one4 órája

    Nearly burst the net!

  24. Jonathan Gadzini

    Jonathan Gadzini4 órája

    this is f*cking crazy

  25. Eduardo Atiencie

    Eduardo Atiencie4 órája

    Let’s remember when conference asked. Who he admires? He said Cristiano Ronaldo Talent recognizes his Idol ✨💕💯

  26. Antoine Griezmann

    Antoine Griezmann2 órája

    Eduardo Atiencie Thats great, but what does Ronaldo have to do with this game?




  28. Claudia J

    Claudia J5 órája

    Psg with Neymar the same Barcelona with frionel! 😂😂😂

  29. Claudia J

    Claudia J2 órája

    @Antoine Griezmann Yesss!😘

  30. Antoine Griezmann

    Antoine Griezmann2 órája

    Claudia J Penaldo fan spotted!

  31. Alberto L

    Alberto L5 órája

    Haaland is the next Ibra.

  32. Alberto L

    Alberto L5 órája

    PSG will win the 2nd game.

  33. Mateo FC

    Mateo FC5 órája

    Haaland the young beast

  34. M@nio

    M@nio5 órája

    Mbappe: i will be the best in the future Halaand: hold my balon d or

  35. Fake Wei

    Fake Wei5 órája

    Haaland's 2nd goal reminded me of Inzaghi's goal vs Bayern back in 2007 uefa quarter finals 2nd leg

  36. xLeBLADEx

    xLeBLADEx6 órája

    Salah would have taken the shoot instead of passing it to neymar 🤐😹

  37. au caarloos503

    au caarloos5036 órája

    Great vision playing football🔥

  38. Kill Bill

    Kill Bill6 órája

    Yes that was a bullet but Navas also totally misjudged it. He is not as good as he used to be.

  39. xLeBLADEx

    xLeBLADEx6 órája

    FIFA 13 goal OP. 😂🤫

  40. FysiKs

    FysiKs7 órája

    PSG bullying Ligue 1 teams, until UEFA teams show up.

  41. Rome Grad

    Rome Grad7 órája

    Navas would have lost his hands if he touched that second strike from Haaland! Goodness me!

  42. Beast King

    Beast King7 órája

    "PSG is most likely to win the CL"

  43. xLeBLADEx

    xLeBLADEx6 órája

    Citeh or Bayern Munich or Barca will win it.nah Dortmund will win all 😈

  44. Rome Grad

    Rome Grad7 órája

    Where TF was Icardi? I don't understand why you let a major goal scoring threat sit on the bench the whole game. It's like PSG want to lose.

  45. KvnDWr

    KvnDWr8 órája

    Yo..... Haaland is a fucking monster

  46. Kasrany Boy

    Kasrany Boy8 órája

    BvB always One ❣❣

  47. Beeasa Saja23

    Beeasa Saja238 órája

    a “Yonko” in the making... 😳😳

  48. Aug

    Aug8 órája

    Still confident PSG will win. PSG are historically great at the Parc des Princes and Dortmund have been bad I’m away games this season in the CL. Neymar will be fully fit, and Tuchel should know to play the 4-4-2 with Icardi back in the lineup.

  49. Antoine Griezmann

    Antoine Griezmann2 órája

    Aug Plus they have an away goal, all they need is 1-0 and they advance

  50. SKP HMU

    SKP HMU8 órája

    Watch people praising about Haaland just because he have a good start, playing well and watch it later people going to talk about what a waste of money, need a new striker, etc when he have a bad season -

  51. AquiIrionsNous

    AquiIrionsNous8 órája

    Toujours la même merde 🤦‍♂️

  52. Diallo Weeks

    Diallo Weeks9 órája

    My guy Halaands shot power just went to 100 in FIFA player ratings.

  53. Justin Buritica

    Justin Buritica9 órája

    No one in here is talking about Veratti & Meunier missing the second leg due to yellow cards. PSG are in serious trouble.

  54. Jean Salazar

    Jean Salazar9 órája

    Matt Hummels had a horrible game. He needs to be benched.

  55. Victor Gonzalez

    Victor Gonzalez9 órája

    That run by Mbappe to set up the goal was amazing though Haaland goal was a banger the future of football is in safe hands 👏🏼

  56. Zaddy

    Zaddy9 órája

    i fucking kove this kid, hes so good

  57. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    Harlem Jvmvicvn9 órája

    The 2nd goals was so fast I couldn't see it. FUC*in rip the nett

  58. teller 23

    teller 239 órája

    The sound of the net!!! Magnificent

  59. Ash Geo

    Ash Geo9 órája

    Lol haaland will join Bayern as well



    I think psg is still going to win 🤷‍♂️

  61. Christian

    Christian10 órája

    I picked these two teams to win the champions league I want Dortmund to be the team to win it but seem like psg has good touches on the ball if Dortmund can't stop that in France it's over

  62. Hans Olsen

    Hans Olsen10 órája

    Just put that Haaland piss rocket on repeat please

  63. Thug Love

    Thug Love10 órája

    Something was making my uneasy about these highlights.. something wasn’t right.. somebody cheated..and the refs missed it. You all fucking missed it.. Not a single fucking comment about this moment anywhere on the internet.. But I saw it.. I saw it the first time I watched the clip but didn’t trust my instincts; watched 5 more times and that’s when I saw it for sure. Yeah.. I really need to make my channel and expose how this shut stillllll isn’t perfect.

  64. Abshir Ismail

    Abshir Ismail10 órája

    That net is in deep Coma after that 2nd shot 😂

  65. Zetino J.D.

    Zetino J.D.10 órája

    17 year old American Gio Reyna with the assist on his Champions League debut. He is living a dream a long way away from home. 17 years old, holy shit he should be playing in his senior year in High School.