Billie Eilish - bad guy (Live From Saturday Night Live)

Listen to the #1 single “bad guy” from Billie’s multi-platinum debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”:
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  1. Енотик Орео

    Енотик Орео3 órája

    Руссо туристо?

  2. Mike G

    Mike G10 órája

    One hit wonder

  3. Luke Beatty

    Luke Beatty13 órája

    How do people not find this extremely obnoxious??? 1: the matching band pattern on potato sacks is just ugly and unflattering. 2: a 3-4 year old often does similar dances to music like Koko kangaroo 3: she may be able to sing but whisper talk is about to shit the bed.

  4. Scholarly Cat

    Scholarly Cat18 órája

    Billie knows how to control her chakra. Watch her start walking on water next.

  5. Sneeuwwolf

    Sneeuwwolf23 órája

    Shiiit music. If this is good music than I'm Napoléon Bonaparte.

  6. lucky43113


    She is horrible

  7. sendmecatbeans


    You can hear the live audience murmuring and getting excited right before the stage turns/she walks on wall

  8. ً


    Jolyne what did I say about transforming into Billie eyelash

  9. Mohamed Wafy

    Mohamed WafyNapja

    this isn't how physics work

  10. Veronica Boerks

    Veronica BoerksNapja

    Not one thing I don’t love about this genius girl 🖤

  11. Pp 890

    Pp 890Napja


  12. Adéle Lanhartové

    Adéle LanhartovéNapja


  13. Joe Turnip

    Joe Turnip2 napja

    That little girl is an example of Living Art. Marvelous......

  14. 徐某人

    徐某人2 napja


  15. Siyyam Sarfraz

    Siyyam Sarfraz2 napja

    Her voice is so low or music is so high??

  16. Fredric Jacobsen

    Fredric Jacobsen2 napja

    Flink du 🍀👽🍀

  17. Milindkumar Rathod

    Milindkumar Rathod2 napja

    Jolyne Kujo - bad guy (Live from Florida Prison)

  18. TheJukeboxhero15

    TheJukeboxhero152 napja


  19. Darth Panda

    Darth Panda2 napja

    I honestly don't see the appeal for Billie fish. Sure she has a nice voice and yes she, and her brother certainly can write songs/music but her performances.. WTF Honestly they make me feel like I am on drugs or I need to be on drugs to enjoy it.

  20. Charles Rodriguez

    Charles Rodriguez2 napja

    New Title: Jolene Kujo forgets about stone free

  21. rip your soul out

    rip your soul out3 napja

    does she knows how to sing? seriously........ all time just whispering the songs.. and all along she s a billionaire.. is all the people with real talent is a joke to u????? blooody eilish

  22. Soumil Sahu

    Soumil Sahu23 órája

    Yes she can sing. She can sing really, really well actually. This song in particular lacks any vocal substance, so you're understandably underwhelmed, but don't generalise everything she's accomplished based off of ONE song. She's quite surprised herself by the popularity of this song. She's stated quite a few times that she didn't expect this one to go viral, but it did. And about being a billionaire? Don't say it like it's her fault or something. People buy her music because they like it, so she's earned the money she has. Still, she never acts super glamorous or full of shit like she's better than everyone because she has money. She's incredibly mature for a 17 year old, give her a break.

  23. pinkfloyd1967

    pinkfloyd19673 napja

    Nice ... this is a better example than Miley Cyrus at least

  24. Chris Schneider

    Chris Schneider3 napja

    Incomparable? Dreadful garbage.

  25. Bella Engalla

    Bella Engalla3 napja

    omg she's so out of breath

  26. Gwan Gwan

    Gwan Gwan3 napja

    Cool billie

  27. danny Ray

    danny Ray3 napja

    Hmmmm over marketed dribble

  28. angryheb1

    angryheb13 napja

    Lip sync, with a rotating Lionel Richard room? Talent? Duh?!! 🙄👎

  29. Sergio Valdivia Medic

    Sergio Valdivia Medic3 napja

    Great efect

  30. deadpan80

    deadpan803 napja

    Fred Astaire did this back in the 40s

  31. jeff chapman

    jeff chapman3 napja

    what can i say "duh" Love it


    DARREN MILLEN3 napja

    Shite music. The new programming frequency sux. Hail Satan

  33. jonnyQuest

    jonnyQuest4 napja

    So the chorus is, "Duh! I'm a bad guy..."?? Music these days 🙄


    DANDY DJ and PHOTO BOOTH4 napja

    I watched a video of hers a few days ago to see what the big deal about this kid is. Found out there is no big deal, just a kid with weird fashion sense and no talent. Now the videos won't stop showing up in my news feed. I will say one thing for her; at least she's not raunchy and as far as I can tell, not doing anything that would be a bad influence on her tweenage fans. Sort of a modern Avril Lavigne except Avril actually has talent. Duh.

  35. ambrosia

    ambrosia4 napja

    fun fact: billie purposely wears the clothes she wears to try to avoid being sexualized, as it makes her extremely uncomfortable. you people who are sexualizing a minor are absolutely disgusting and scumbags

  36. Christian Scharl

    Christian Scharl3 napja

    Give it a rest. Among her first lyrics in this track are "bruises on both my knees for you." She's sexualizing/selling herself sexually...just like all garbage pop singers.

  37. Nicholas Carroll

    Nicholas Carroll4 napja

    You know you’ve hit sicko mode when you start to dance on the celling

  38. Clarissa

    Clarissa4 napja


  39. se7en deVilz

    se7en deVilz4 napja

    *All of HU-gos:* All comments look like this *Me:* So tired of the ubiquity & unoriginality of this format. .....seriously.

  40. Bryann Marie

    Bryann Marie4 napja

    You will always be the best

  41. fudge budge

    fudge budge4 napja

    We need more 17 year old girls who try to seduce our dads.

  42. Nicholas Carroll

    Nicholas Carroll2 napja

    Ya think really hard about what seduce means lol

  43. Jerry91

    Jerry913 napja

    Think about that sentence again

  44. Lyle/Kelli Morris

    Lyle/Kelli Morris4 napja

    You need a real bitch to show u how to move at the end...