Barcelona Tiki Taka That Shocked The World

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Barcelona Tiki Taka That Shocked The World
Fc Barcelona TeamWork & Tiki Taka Goals ● Teamplay Goals Beautiful Combinations Amazing Teamplays
Barcelona Tiki Taka That Shocked The World
This is a compilation of the best Barcelona tiki taka goals and best Barcelona tiki taka displays. A Barcelona Tiki Taka goal is a common feature in games involving the clubs, as in Barcelona tiki taka and goals have been merged masterfully. These are some of Barcelona Tiki Taka best goals
The Tiki-Taka style of football is a style that has been perfected at Barcelona. The Barcelona Tiki Taka football is one of the most regarded and feared approach to football worldwide. The style involves a lot of short and fast interpassing between teammates, gradually advancing into the opponent territory and denying the opponent possession of the ball for long periods of time. barcelona Tiki Taka
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  1. coronavírus

    coronavírus3 órája

    Nome da música?

  2. Fajar Sodik

    Fajar Sodik2 napja

    No no no, until 2 minutes i play this video. This is not tiki taka, this is just short pass 😁 You must know if you are barca fans what is tiki taka and what is short pass 😎

  3. Malik Hussain

    Malik Hussain3 napja

    I miss this style of play under guerdiola

  4. miasser miasser

    miasser miasser4 napja

    Tik tok

  5. ひむけん

    ひむけん4 napja


  6. Pii keng

    Pii keng7 napja

    I miss this form😢😢

  7. acapella6 khs

    acapella6 khs8 napja

    Iniesta pure talent

  8. Dinesh Verma

    Dinesh Verma9 napja

    Arsenal tiki taka was better under Wenger.

  9. Cano

    Cano10 napja

    remember when barcelona could survive without messi? yeah. now messi is the brain, heart and kidneys. when he is sick, the whole body is sick

  10. Felix Morales

    Felix Morales12 napja

    Hate this fucking song

  11. Leitanthem Pritam Singh

    Leitanthem Pritam Singh20 napja

    Second song name

  12. Ibnu mubarok

    Ibnu mubarok20 napja

    Selalu kangen era ini.. cpt banget sih pep out dr barca

  13. Hasan Amayrah

    Hasan Amayrah21 napja

    The best football club in the world

  14. Aaron torres

    Aaron torres21 napja

    Not only is winning if not also giving a good show for the fan

  15. Aaron torres

    Aaron torres21 napja

    Not only is winning if not also giving a good show for the fan.

  16. DANGER! Pyro

    DANGER! Pyro22 napja

    1:20 masterclass :O

  17. Arini Rosyidah

    Arini Rosyidah22 napja

    Lagu yg terakhir judul nya apa ya??mohon info nya🙏🙏

  18. Hudson Obai

    Hudson Obai24 napja

    Messi is at the very center of all these moves

  19. imlisashi aier

    imlisashi aier26 napja

    2:05 When you both don't want the responsibility

  20. Derakusan

    Derakusan3 órája

    Nice one👌

  21. Safrin Argen

    Safrin ArgenHónapja

    When Barca has tiki taka anymore guys😭i Miss their style

  22. Jono Lono

    Jono LonoHónapja

    Are U Barca fans..

  23. Knky Knke

    Knky KnkeHónapja

    C'est un petit fou du ballon ce dani alves net

  24. dae soto

    dae sotoHónapja

    The inventor and the ruler of tiki taka.

  25. Saacid Omar

    Saacid OmarHónapja

    Well it is good but MESSI did serious he want to Dribble while he can pass

  26. Pan Artur

    Pan ArturHónapja

    I Love it

  27. Live Concert Videos

    Live Concert VideosHónapja

    Who’s here after valverde sacked

  28. Mark Sentesy

    Mark SentesyHónapja

    1:12 is completely nuts

  29. Asim Sulaimani

    Asim SulaimaniHónapja

    I want this with setien..

  30. Bradster Rodríguez

    Bradster RodríguezHónapja

    Who's here after Valverde Sacking and Setién's introduction as new coach

  31. Zer prwon

    Zer prwonHónapja


  32. vishal


    And then came Jurgen Klopp and rest is history...

  33. galsz


    lol you act like liverpool are as dominant as this barca team. barca under pep won 6 titles in a year, try repeat that. on top of that they played the most entertaining football the world has ever seen.

  34. Yash G

    Yash GHónapja

    Nobody would have remembered messi till now if he wasn't selected for barcelona

  35. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek KumarHónapja

    F*cking...greatest invention in football history

  36. Godwin Jere

    Godwin JereHónapja

    Tik taka is indomitable

  37. Thecowboy



  38. Aryan Baraskar

    Aryan BaraskarHónapja

    messi scored most of them

  39. Alexandre Le grand

    Alexandre Le grandHónapja

    I dont konw why this song !!!!

  40. Raghvendra Pratap Singh

    Raghvendra Pratap SinghHónapja

    Barca💖💖 Btw what is the name of 2nd NCS??

  41. Alfisabilly


    Lol the thumbnail is a game

  42. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran KumarHónapja

    well yrained awesum sctivenes quick brain .they all trained maths as subj

  43. Bryan Ynf

    Bryan YnfHónapja

    The fact that this can be a Messi skills/goals compilation says a lot

  44. Stenley D'Nightmare

    Stenley D'NightmareHónapja

    When i saw this, in my opinion, this is the real art of teamworks in football ...



    Barcelona is all about unity

  46. Kunal Bhardwaj

    Kunal BhardwajHónapja

    Pep: Take the ball, pass the ball Valverde: Take the ball, give it to Messi

  47. AL Gifaris

    AL Gifaris2 hónapja

    return the old Tiki Taka❤️

  48. Neerav

    Neerav2 hónapja

    No one could have stopped one but a man called valverde🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. Renan Ferreira

    Renan Ferreira2 hónapja

    2:04 ridiculous, hahaha

  50. Renan Ferreira

    Renan FerreiraHónapja

    @Mr. Anonymous Thank you for the explanation. At first view that was funny, something like ''What are they doing?''

  51. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. AnonymousHónapja

    They were taunting the defender to step into their triangle. Brilliant.

  52. Ronan Jonker

    Ronan Jonker2 hónapja

    Echt leuk nummer hoor echt waar hoor zo mooi nummer zo leuk echt leuk zo leuk nummer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ROSWELL REAPERZ2 hónapja


  54. galsz


    well to be fair liverpool beat one of the worst barcelona side in the last 10 years, no way liverpool beat peak barca under pep.

  55. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. AnonymousHónapja

    Honestly, if Barcelona continued their tiki taka. Liverpool would have gotten humiliated in anfield just like they got in camp nou. Barcelona is in terrible shape.

  56. A AMIR STR

    A AMIR STR2 hónapja

    Leo emang yahut

  57. Alfin Sdr

    Alfin Sdr2 hónapja

    Love you Barca

  58. Aung Myat

    Aung Myat2 hónapja

    Love you barca

  59. fahmi abdillah

    fahmi abdillah2 hónapja

    This is my reason watching barcelona, now i have no reason to watch

  60. aguz Ramdani

    aguz Ramdani2 hónapja

    Tiki taka is not tactic tiki taka is art of football

  61. Jack Soccer Goal

    Jack Soccer Goal2 hónapja

    All those dislikes are Real Madrid fans

  62. Mia


    I'm a Real Madrid fan and i like this. So maybe it's just some ignorants 😁

  63. Suman Halder

    Suman HalderHónapja

    May be, or they can be people who don't understand football


    DARI TADI2 hónapja

    Mantap lah tiki taka nya😁😁😁


    XXFALCOONXX2 hónapja

    2019/2020 Barcelona formation: 1- Messi 2- Messi 3- Messi (cap) 4- Messi 5- Messi 6- Messi 7- Messi 8- Messi 9- Messi 10-Messi 11-MESSI Tatics Pass the ball for Messi and goal

  66. Juha Nieminen

    Juha Nieminen2 hónapja

    did you know: during Guardiola's time at Barcelona (2008-2012) in la liga they conceded 109 goals. 34 were penalties and 23 from Corners or free kick's. So 52.29% of the goals they conceded were from Corners,Free kicks or Penalties.

  67. galsz


    yeah barca's pressing and defense was so underrated back then, I mean sure they're great with the ball...but they're also as great without the ball. it bothers me that no one said that they're one of the best team defensively back then, they conceded very few chance under pep.

  68. Argaur Asylum

    Argaur Asylum2 hónapja

    Sometimes napoli played even faster tiki taka than this Sarriball was vertical tiki taka

  69. rayan moti

    rayan moti2 hónapja

    Futbol a la playstation Tiki taka playstation

  70. Ach illes

    Ach illes3 hónapja

    Only xavi and iniesta can do tiki-taka

  71. The Falco

    The Falco3 hónapja

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