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  1. Deborah Madrid

    Deborah Madrid3 órája

    8:55 why does emma look like that one girl from that vine "have yall tried these bois hot " and then making that one face

  2. Caroline Weil

    Caroline Weil7 órája

    how are amanda and the traffic light dude doing?

  3. elsflynn

    elsflynn15 órája

    Imagine going to a festival and not drinking

  4. Leo

    Leo17 órája

    I never noticed Emma wearing those pants till now at the start

  5. Isabella Humphries

    Isabella HumphriesNapja

    why are they all so pretty

  6. Ellie Green

    Ellie GreenNapja

    what are these captions

  7. My cat butters my nuggets

    My cat butters my nuggetsNapja

    Emma: I’m not high Also Emma: 9:10

  8. My cat butters my nuggets

    My cat butters my nuggetsNapja

    Emma I’d definately high

  9. My cat butters my nuggets

    My cat butters my nuggetsNapja

    Ngl coachella looks pretty shit

  10. A. M.

    A. M.Napja

    Please, let's be friends.

  11. hope

    hope2 napja

    for this year maybe you guys should stick to more comfortable shoes rather than cute ones, also a dust mask to avoid the coachella cough (: just a thought so u guys could better enjoy it!

  12. Lily M

    Lily M2 napja

    AMANDAS SO PRETTY!!!!! I loved her day two outfit!!!!

  13. Sara Sara

    Sara Sara2 napja

    15:22 bruh that mannequin that was posing at the back has scared the shit out of me

  14. Sara Sara

    Sara Sara2 napja

    the question is if google maps just copy righted this vid

  15. Kritisha Thapa

    Kritisha Thapa3 napja

    Emma!! use 1/3 apple cider vinegar and 2/3 water in spray bottle for ur back acne , trusssss it helps so much !!

  16. Kylie Brand

    Kylie Brand3 napja

    Lmao 1:25

  17. Rachel Smith

    Rachel Smith4 napja

    the first day was wear lots of pink and don’t tell emma

  18. juana kogutek

    juana kogutek4 napja

    10:42 Emma and her friends look so high on the entire video

  19. Carol Delgado

    Carol Delgado4 napja

    Hii!!! some of you know what camera they use for their photos?? 🤗🤔 3:53

  20. Jessica T

    Jessica T4 napja

    Like not saying Emma looks bad but I look like her after coachella has racked her and I have for the past two weeks and I’m like why do I look like dis now PROBABLY CAUSE U STAY UP TILL 2:30 AND WAKE AT 7:00 YOU MORON

  21. mae phillips

    mae phillips5 napja


  22. Lilly Patterson

    Lilly Patterson5 napja

    11:45 she was next to Lil Huddy I think

  23. iAmHaza

    iAmHaza5 napja

    9:11 there’s no way she ain’t baked

  24. Em Vlld

    Em Vlld5 napja

    they all have amazing blues and green eyes...lucky

  25. Bryce Bloomquist

    Bryce Bloomquist5 napja

    i can totally disagree that this is not an accurate coachella vlog lmfao


    1000 SUBSCRIBERS IN A MONTH5 napja

    What do yall do for back acne??

  27. peachy keen

    peachy keen6 napja

    bitch wait im baby tho

  28. Rachel Elthea

    Rachel Elthea6 napja

    This is basically just 17 minutes of Emma questioning whether or not she's having fun😂😂

  29. ??

    ??6 napja

    Omg Emma we have the same blanket

  30. Katrin Baumgarten

    Katrin Baumgarten6 napja

    I love the part where she says she's not gonna film her doing her hair cause it's gonna be super exhausting and then next cut bitch has two tiny ponytails like lol i love that

  31. Brianna Vargas

    Brianna Vargas7 napja

    Why did I get a david dobrik merch add

  32. Charli Townsend

    Charli Townsend7 napja

    1:17 she looks muscular

  33. Panos Nikolako

    Panos Nikolako7 napja

    It’s so funny actually ridiculous how everyone pretends to not be mainstream and don’t care about Ariana

  34. Tahlia Tindall

    Tahlia Tindall7 napja

    Emma: I swear I’m not on drugs 10 mins later CHELLA CHELLA CHELLA CHELLA CHELLA CHELLA

  35. Mr Sid

    Mr Sid8 napja

    Imagine spending a lot on coachella and just skipping the third day 😭 (no hate)

  36. Regan Glenn

    Regan Glenn8 napja

    Emma: "I swear you guys *I am not high* " Also Emma: *eats ENTIRE fridge*

  37. Josh

    Josh4 órája

    Princess Val she’s got munchies

  38. Princess Val

    Princess ValNapja

    Regan Glenn she's binging...

  39. Gabby's Slime World

    Gabby's Slime World8 napja

    Why is Amanda like so pretty? I don’t think it’s possible not gonna lie!😉

  40. lavender jane

    lavender jane8 napja

    8:24 me in group chats

  41. dog

    dog9 napja

    9:11 is such a mood

  42. Sofia Gregory

    Sofia Gregory9 napja

    This is how many people didn’t go to coachella 👇👇👇👇👇

  43. VOdOxGaMiNg GL

    VOdOxGaMiNg GL9 napja

    Day 2 they look half naked

  44. Lojëra Shqipëtare

    Lojëra Shqipëtare10 napja

    You saw emma’s joggings or whatever at 1:20.The Hype House wears them😂

  45. Lopang Seele

    Lopang Seele10 napja


  46. Grace Haggarty

    Grace Haggarty10 napja

    im in class and when she said repost if u want a tutorial with that fliter and voice effect sent me 😂 and now im being starred at...

  47. Rachel Rondeau

    Rachel Rondeau10 napja

    1:20 that scooby doo movie when strong shaggy is evolving

  48. Sofia Escobedo Gomez

    Sofia Escobedo Gomez11 napja

    I really b needing friends like these 🥺😢

  49. TakeSushii

    TakeSushii11 napja

    Its crazy what makeup does..

  50. Leigh

    Leigh11 napja

    is no one gonna talk about how hard Amanda’s first outfit snapped like she went apeshit with that one

  51. Nathaniel Moralez

    Nathaniel Moralez11 napja

    2:53 🤣🤣😂😂😭

  52. Liv Erin

    Liv Erin11 napja

    That sausage looked like a tampon

  53. Piper Ogston

    Piper Ogston8 napja

    True tho💀

  54. Jason Shpijati

    Jason Shpijati11 napja

    Emma is so funny!!!

  55. Colin Burke

    Colin Burke11 napja

    she deff did molly look how much she eat

  56. Hala Malik

    Hala Malik11 napja

    Why i do keep coming back to this video

  57. devzer0

    devzer013 napja

    Lol you probably lost a star on Uber

  58. talaiya

    talaiya13 napja

    Okay anyone else think Coachella was more lively looks ded

  59. Burnt French Fry

    Burnt French Fry13 napja

    Did u see ari?!?!?

  60. Lia Perez

    Lia Perez13 napja

    My dad said: "she's high as fuck" Me: No that's how she is!

  61. Beanmaster73

    Beanmaster7313 napja

    Festivals are soooooo overrated

  62. Tristan Visoso

    Tristan Visoso13 napja

    emma: everyones gonna comment "emma is so fucking high right now" me: EMMA IS SO FUCKING HIGH RIGHT NOW!!! THATS RIGHT EMMA YOU SAW ME BITCH (lol jk i love you no homo)

  63. Corey Joe Hendricks

    Corey Joe Hendricks14 napja

    Please let me join your friend group